‘Amazing Spider-Man’ 2 & 3: Chris Cooper Hints at Norman Osborn Green Goblin

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Amazing Spider Man 3 Chris Cooper as Norman Osborn Green Goblin Amazing Spider Man 2 & 3: Chris Cooper Hints at Norman Osborn Green Goblin

Amazing Spider-Man 2 is still almost half a year away, but Sony has managed the weird accomplishment of creating hype for everything that comes after the sequel, while not necessarily blowing fans’ collective socks off with the initial Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailers.

Now that we know that Venom and The Sinister Six supervillain team will be the features of their own respective films (and maybe involved with one another’s franchises), ASM2‘s offer of a villain trifecta – black Electro, a mech-suit rhino and a David Bowie-style Goblin – looks rather mundane. However, actor Chris Cooper – who stars in the sequel as the new Norman Osborn – wants to remind us all that the happenings of the future Spidey films will also include a part for him to play.

Earlier this year Cooper made the cryptic statement that Amazing Spider-Man 2 is but an introduction to Norman Osborn; now, he’s following that statement up with some additional hints, telling Moviefone:

Um, well, when you see [laughs], when you see “Spider-Man 2,” you’ll realize this is the introduction to Norman Osborn, and apparently it’s going to lead to other things down the road…All I can is this is a very strange introduction for Norman Osborn. I just can’t reveal why it’s that way, but this is not the beginning of Norman. It is the introduction, but it’s not the beginning, and I think that’s as far as I can go… I’m under the impression that this is going to carry on.

When pressed for information about possible green screen work, Cooper added that while he hasn’t done much (just Peter Berg’s The Kingdom), it could indeed be in the cards for Amazing Spider-Man 3.

chris cooper amazing spider man 2 Amazing Spider Man 2 & 3: Chris Cooper Hints at Norman Osborn Green Goblin

Chris Cooper

We’ve been all over the mysteries of Amazing Spider-Man movie universe since the beginning, and one of the central mysteries we seized upon was actor Dane DeHaan’s casting as Harry Osborn. DeHaan is a rising star, and it stood to reason that Sony was grooming him for something major – maybe even to headline the longtime-coming Venom movie.

If that were the case, DeHaan would be Venom, leaving Cooper’s Norman Osborn to once again take up the mantle of the Green Goblin. Such a storyline wouldn’t be outside the range of continuity, either: In the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon series, Venom is created by Doctor Octopus working for Oscorp, and the symbiote is based on Peter Parker’s genetic material. The suit takes hold of Harry Osborn, who uses it to aid his father, the Green Goblin, to battle Spider-Man. Spidey eventually cures Harry and defeats Norman.

Ultimate Spider Man Harry Osborn Venom Amazing Spider Man 2 & 3: Chris Cooper Hints at Norman Osborn Green Goblin

Harry Osborn as Venom

I’ve always been dead-set on the fact that this cartoon version of the story could heavily influence the film series, since it has all the relevant themes of father and son legacy, and the tragic friendships that define Peter Parker. It also incorporates the gene-research angle that drives this rebooted Spider-Man mythos, and make significant use of Harry in a way fans haven’t seen yet (key words). There was just one hiccup: rumors kept pointing to DeHaan playing the Green Goblin.

The same teaser images that suggested the Venom-Harry connection also teased Harry’s presumed transformation into the Goblin. Actress Felicity Jones – one of several major actors in the film whose role is still unknown – dropped the ball this summer, revealing that she is playing “The Goblin’s girlfriend” in ASM2, almost directly pointing to DeHaan with her reference. Finally, recent official promotional materials – like posters or trailers – have pretty much confirmed the theory, with scenes of DeHaan in Goblin armor riding a glider and seemingly standing within a transformation chamber:

Amazing Spider Man 2 Teaser Photo Image Gene Chamber Green Goblin 570x379 Amazing Spider Man 2 & 3: Chris Cooper Hints at Norman Osborn Green Goblin

Amazing Spider Man 2 Goblin Transformation Scene Amazing Spider Man 2 & 3: Chris Cooper Hints at Norman Osborn Green Goblin Dane Dehaan Green Goblin Amazing Spider Man 2 & 3: Chris Cooper Hints at Norman Osborn Green Goblin

…But hold on, there’s more!


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  1. Hopefully Flash will be Venom. They introduced him early and brought the character more life than Raimi’s. Flash and Peter already have a stronger relationship.

    • I agree. I’d like to see the Flash military version of Venom on the big screen.

      • Hell yeah! Bcuz in this movie, time has passed and Peter’s in College. Now they can reference that Flash has joined the military.

  2. Man, I want Hypno Hustler. And Scorpion, he’s been long overdue for this series.

    • We all know that Cooper’s Norman Osborne is actually the Hypno-Hustler. That’s why they went with the Jamie Foxx version of Electro…to control the fallout of the Hypno-Hustler twist.

      • Aaaaaaawwwwwwwww sh*t. If only.

  3. Cooper finally becomes the Goblin as he steps out of the “mist” as psychobNorman it is a younger actor hair slicked back. As he looks up he straightens his tie. You see John Hamm as Normans “enchanced” enhanced self. Im purely writting this cause I want Hamm as Osborn/Goblin lol.

  4. I think that Harry dies in this movie, and Norman, full of rage for Spiderman, takes a stronger dose of the Goblin serum his son took and becomes the ULTIMATE version of Green Goblin, which he get to see in a post credit scene, at least a hint of him doing so.

    ASM3 will have him (with the other members of the Sinister Six) going up against Spider Man (and maybe Spiderman gets a friend to help him out? Agent Venom aka Flash Thompson? Eddie Brock Venom? Black Cat? Spiderman clone? IDK?)

    • That would be the most logical way to go without making Harry venom. Cause yea he was venom, But I rather see Eddie brock as venom so maybe just maybe they can add a carnage spin off later down the road. :D

  5. Still not giving up on the Harry/Venom theory I see. Kudos for making a bold prediction, but I don’t think it holds much anymore since the trailer and all the teasers have cone out.

  6. I had this thought while reading page one of the article and assumed page two would have a theory of Harry’s Goblin being seen as a failure, thus putting father and son at odds with each other when Norman decides to become the Goblin himself to do what his son couldn’t.

    I’d still like to eventually see Eddie Brock (maybe bring Anti-Venom to the big screen?) and Flash Thompson get their due as Venom too.

    I also can’t understand the complaints about Rhino’s mech suit. It makes sense that a Russian would be in a huge Soviet tank style vehicle and Giamatti himself said it’s only phase one of the Rhino look, meaning he could eventually find himself inside a bipedal mech suit similar to the loader from Aliens but with more versatility and agility.

  7. am I seriously the only one who doesn’t give a toss about Venom?

    • Probably.

      I mean, Venom is to Spiderman what Joker is to Batman and General Zod is to Superman. His dark half. His opposite number. The “what if?”.

      What’s not to like about that?

      • I want to see the Eddie Brock Venom

        • Me too.

          • me three

      • The what if of batman is hush

      • Disagree.
        Joker – Batman, Lex – Superman, Green Goblin(Norman Osborn)/Dr.Octavius – Spiderman.
        Bane – Batman, Doomsday – Superman, Venom – Spiderman. While Venom can bring more complexity than Bane or Doomsday his role is an ultimate obstacle that can block any hero move and bring him down.

    • Tossity-toss #2! I am not a Venom fan, either. Would rather see Mysterio and Scorpion.

  8. sorry if i offend any Spidey fans but they need to drop Green Goblin…it’s a ridiculous character, i understand he is central to Spidey but come on

    • Green Goblin’s cool but I agree largely due to the fact that he was in all 3 of Raimi’s movies to an extent. They should have done the Jackal or some other underrated Spidey villain.

  9. Hmm… how ’bout Norman Osborn as Venom? Think about it, instead of Peter & Eddie Brock’s fathers developing the symbiote suit to cure cancer (like in the Ultimate comics line), Oscorp gets their hands on some of Peter’s DNA to fashion one for Norman in his frail condition (cue fanboys getting irked at the notion).

  10. I like these ideas, but they should tease more. Stop hinting so much, and just tease. Hint hint hint, teasy teasy tease. Don’t give out info of any kind, because we’re all herd mentality idiots LOL.
    Hint in the article, tease in the trailer, and if you are Mikey Bay, just lie through your teeth. Just make it easy on yourselves, and send them your money without leaving home. Saves time, trouble, and may save you that two or three extra IQ points as well.

    Nope. Probably not. Can’t wait for the next hinty tease!

  11. Who ever said that that was a Venom easter egg in that twitter pic? Does anyone else realize that it could ve been an easter egg for just Doc Ock!?

  12. This movie is getting way too crowded.
    Dehaan doesnt even look like a Goblin. They should cast David Bowie for that role.
    Instead of Electro, Rhino, or Venom I think they should use Typeface, Big Wheel, and Kangaroo.

  13. I would LOVE Vin Diesel, with hair ofc, as Venom. Same kind of personality, body, voice.. Just that.. DeHann as Green Goblin pls!!

  14. Can’t quite picture either the Sinister Six carrying a movie (who wold they fight? The ice cream vendor, pizza delivery man, and newspaper boy if there were no super-heroes in the neighborhood) or Venom carrying their own movie. Would like to eventually see Scorpion and Mysterio tho.

  15. I’ll give you a “Goblin”! I am currently gonna be “gobblin’” a couple big delicious sandwiches I have sitting on a plate on the desk right here in front of me!

  16. Cooper mentioned that this isn’t Norman’s beginning but his introduction. What if Norman was already the Goblin pre Spiderman and that’s why he’s sick. He was looking rather green in the trailer. That would then make Harry the second Goblin. Heck for all we know Peter’s parents could have died at the hands of a glider riding Goblin Norman Osborn in that plane crash. Makes sense if you think about it. I mean why is Norman so sick in the first place? Perhaps toxic goblin serum

  17. I honestly think everyone’s overthinking this. It may just be that Norman as a character is introduced on his death bed, but that the majority of his scenes will be in the third Amazing Spider-Man movie, in flashbacks covering Peter’s parents’ backstory.

  18. I would love to see Venom but only so they could introduce the far superior Carnage later on


    • Aren’t they supposed to cameo Jim Carrey somewhere in here also??? I do vividly recall hearing about this.

      • That was barely a rumor. Venom won’t be appearing for a couple years so it’s doubtful that they have an actor picked for Carnage.

  19. They may have their eyes on some actors to portray certain roles we won’t see for 2, 3, or 4 years from now. That is if they EVER make to film after sometimes things not “working out”. You never know I guess…

  20. I always find it funny when people complain about too many characters in a comic book movie. It’s like people have Attention Deficit Disorder or something. If people complain about too many heroes or villains in any movie, how in the world will they be able to focus while watching group films, like X-men, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, or Justice League? Just don’t go, or watch WWE if you’re looking for a one on one confrontation.

  21. Here is how I see it playing out…

    *Spidey 2 will cameo a lot of character villains that will play into movies down the road
    *Harry will be defeated as GG in this movie
    *Spiderman 3 will deal with Spidey’s struggle to maintain goodness cause of symbiote and trying to keep good reputation because of Chameleon framing him. Spidey 3 will also have another villain hired by Norman. Probably Scorpion created by support of Osborn and J.Jameson. Movie will end with an angry, defeated, and frustrated GG (father or son) kiddnapping Gwen leading to Gwen’s death.
    *Spiderman 4 will actually be a spin-off about Venom’s story as Flash Thompsons Agent Venom looking into the illegal activities/ creation of Sinister 6. Parkers role will play backseat throughout movie and show him dealing with Gwen’s death and meetig MJ. Spidey will show up at the end to help Venon and Lizard take down Sinister 6 which will be Mysterio, Doc Ock, Kraven, Rhino, Electro, and Vulture
    *Venom will then get his own spin-off movie

    • In fact, a cool Venom movie could involve Eddie Brock as an investigative reporter investigating the Sinister 6 when he stumbles upon the symbiote. Spidey shows up at the end of the movie when Venom is fighthing them. Spidey does something to piss off Venom and BAM there starts the famous hatred Venom has of Spidey.

  22. How cool would it be to see Flash Thompson step out to help Spidey by punching GG in the face with a few good hits. Flash was a boxer!