Chris Cooper Says ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Is ‘An Introduction to Norman Osborn’

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chris cooper amazing spider man 2 Chris Cooper Says Amazing Spider Man 2 Is An Introduction to Norman Osborn

Most of the ongoing Amazing Spider-Man 2 discussion here at Screen Rant of late has been less focused on Peter Parker’s (Andrew Garfield) plight within the film, and more on how the sequel will flesh out the universe established in the first Amazing Spider-Man installment; that is, via the introduction of new antagonists and shadowy institutions that will become more relevant and central to the overarching narrative in the third and fourth movies (both of which already have official release dates).

In addition, director Marc Webb’s sequel will pick up the biggest thread (no pun intended) that was still dangling by his previous superhero film’s conclusion: the deteriorating health of the Oscorp Industries founder, Norman Osborn. Not to mention, whether or not Dr. Curt Connors’ newly-gained advancements in human-animal gene splicing will be enough to prolong his (ex?) bosses life.

Oscar-winner Chris Cooper, who plays the ailing Osborn in the Amazing Spider-Man sequel, made a brief appearance during the sizzle reel footage unveiled during the film’s panel at the 2013 International Comic-Con in San Diego. However, in the actor’s interview with Access Hollywood at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival – which he attended in order to promote the awards-friendly August: Osage County play adaptation – Cooper sheds more light on what to expect from his role in Spidey’s new adventure. To quote him directly:

“['Amazing Spider-Man 2'] is an introduction to Norman Osborn, and, apparently, this leads to better things in ‘Spider-Man 3′. I think it’s fair to say that he’s on his last legs and I don’t know if I can say anything more.”

Norman’s bed-ridden status in the ‘Con trailer, when considered in combination with rumors about his playboy son Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) being the one who is enhanced with Green Goblin powers in the sequel, seemed to suggest that his father’s untimely demise – which Peter theoretically might’ve been able to prevent (just add that extra heaping of drama on top) – could be the tragedy that pushes Harry to become a super-villain in Amazing Spider-Man 3 (and beyond). It would seem that we can discount at least part of that scenario now, based on Cooper’s indication that Norman will still be alive and kicking by the time the end credits start rolling on Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Ultimate Green Goblin Amazing Spider Man 2 Chris Cooper Says Amazing Spider Man 2 Is An Introduction to Norman Osborn

Admittedly, it is a bit difficult to envision the 62-year old Cooper with spiky Goblin hair or donning a Power Rangers-esque getup similar to Willem Dafoe’s Goblin costume from the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy (then again the actor did perform a rap number in The Muppets). That doesn’t rule out the possibility of Cooper transforming into a more purely animalistic Goblin, like in the Ultimate Spider-Man animated cartoon series; that is, along the lines of Connors’ Lizard form in the first Amazing Spider-Man installment.

Either way, the suggestion that Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 won’t mark the last (or, rather, only) time we see Cooper as Norman Osborn makes sense, based on the director’s previous comments to us - with regard to how the movie will go about structuring and further mapping out the Spidey world:

“… Part of the fundamental concepts, the conceit of the universe that we’re making is that it started… in that first movie we tease up, for example, Norman Osborn. He was an entity, he was around but you didn’t see him onscreen. That allows you to unfold stories over a longer period of time and so you can create a sort of nuanced and complex world… “

Amazing Spider-Man 2 will introduce the aforementioned new onscreen versions of Norman and Harry Osborn, in addition to mystery characters played by actresses Felicity Jones and Sarah Gadon, as well as Jamie Foxx as the electrician-turned supervillain Max Dillon/Electro and Paul Giamatti as the Russian bruiser Aleksei Sytsevich/Rhino. However, with the exception of Harry and Electro, all of these new character additions are expected to keep relatively quiet in the background in order to lay the groundwork for developments in the future – the most intriguing being a potential Sinister Six appearance; which, in the past, Webb has teased as being a legitimate possibility for down the line. “Better things,” indeed.

Drop us a line in the comments and let us know your own theories about Norman Osborn in Amazing Spider-Man 2 & 3.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in U.S. theaters on May 2nd, 2014, followed by The Amazing Spider-Man 3 on June 10th, 2016 and The Amazing Spider-Man 4 – which may not be a straight-forward Spider-Man sequel – on May 4th, 2018.

Source: Access Hollywood

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  1. Defoe was awesome.

    • Dafoe IS awesome…

      …kinda makes me want to riverdance…

      • Boondock saints reference nice :)

    • You Got That Right William Dafoe Was The Thing in the first Spider-man Installment (and James Franco Too.)

      • He was The Thing?

        I thought he was Green Goblin.

    • Dafoe was the best part of the first Spider-Man film for me.

      • Fight scenes between Spidey and Goblin & Spidey and Doc Ock (Spidey #1 & #2) were some of the better battles in superhero movies shown on-screen so far.

        Rhino, Ho-hum, but Electro nice addition. Would rather see Scorpion and Mysterio as next villains in next installment after Electro. If Sinister Six comes in, Spidey is gonna need some help from another hero…just too many villains for one hero to handle (even if it works in the comics).

        If you like DaFoe, check out the movie, “To Live And Die In LA”. He plays a counterfeiter, and it is a pure adrenaline rush at times. Lot of good talent in that movie! Well worth the watch if you like action flicks.

        • Also liked Sandman as a villain in Spidey #3, wish his part had been even bigger. I fantasize about seeing Sandman back with the rest of the Frightful Four (Medusa, Trapster, and Wizard) some day fighting the Fantastic Four, altho I can see rights problems as a possibility with the Medusa and Sandman characters between studios. But if it were doable, now that would be a heck of a superhero movie!! (For reference, check the early years of the Fantastic Four comics…some of their best storylines in the 60s!)

        • I’m definitely not looking forward to Rhino. As much as I like the actor (and love the fact that, a few years ago, he was asked what his dream role would be and he said Rhino, his favourite comic book character!) I just can’t see the fight being good. Anyone who’s ever played a Spider-Man game knows exactly what it’s going to be. Annoy him a bit, dodge when he charges and runs into something, hurting himself, repeat.

  2. I know this is a different “universe” from Rami’s films, but I hope they don’t completely disregard it and just kill off Norman right away. He’s such an important character in the Spider-man universe.

    • I wouldn’t mind seeing J. Jonah Jameson in there, but they will never find as good of a spot-on actor for that part of Jameson as they had in the first 3 Spidey flicks (with Maguire).

      • He said he’s happy to play JJJ in the new Spider-Man films. Fingers crossed, eh?

        • He also voices JJJ in the Marvel cartoons

  3. Norman as Goblin and Harry as Venom is a far better option than killing Norman off.

  4. What’s with this talk of killing Norman in these comments? I took this article as evidence that he WON’T be dying. He’s “on his last legs” and teased as sickly, all the more reason to implement some risky experiment that goes awry but keeps him alive, albeit not the same exact person.

    • Maybe like a Two-Face version of Norman and The Goblin?

      • Sounds more like the Vulture than Green Goblin.

  5. Dark avengers just kidding

  6. Really can’t wait for this film, I’m just not a big fan of them continually hyping people up for future plans instead of the movie just ahead. I mean we got Electro coming yet I’m more looking forward to Venom possibly making an appearance in a future movie and Webb’s Green Goblin interpretation. Not to say I’m not excited for Electro but, I kinda wish all the attention was on that. Either way, I’m really looking forward to all the sequels.

    My guess is Normal Osborn will transform into the goblin or show that he’s about to, at the end of the movie. I’m also hoping he turns into the beast similar to Ultimate’s Goblin instead of wearing a suit. I’ve always wanted to see that interpretation on the big screen.

    • Sometime in the movie, Osborn is moved into “emergency procedure” when coming close to dying during the movie.

      Post-credits shows the bottom of a steel containment door opening and smoke billowing out, followed by a large green creature’s foot stomping onto the floor and a guttural, animalistic roar.

      Something like that?

      • Maybe not even show that much. Just show him holding the serum and head into the containment chamber or something. Though, that may not be climactic enough for the audience to get excited about. Maybe the beginning of his transformation? Head twisting and ears, eyes changing then just cut to black?

  7. Someone please correct me but in the “Ultimate” story arches didn’t Harry become Venom from the lab? I have to go back to the older books to refresh my memory. That is what I would expect from ASM 3

    • No, Harry became the Ultimate version of the Hobgoblin. Eddie Brock was also Venom in the Ultimate universe, but in that universe, Brock’s father worked with Peter’s father to develop the symbiote as a means to cure disease.

      • Yep.

        The image of Venom on the right is Flash Thompson when Venom is a part of the US military task force that I think was charged with bringing in Frankencastle, weren’t they? Maybe I’m wrong but that’s definitely the Flash version of Venom.

      • I don’t entirely remember ASM1, but isn’t this introduction of Venom still plausible? Wasn’t Harry’s dad involved in some mysterious science projects before he was killed or something along those lines?

    • In the animated Ultimate Spider-Man tv series Harry is Venom, so yea, you’re right if you’re talking about that. You never know what Marc Webb and his writing team might be drawing from. He has hinted Venom and the rumor did say that Harry becomes a villain. Maybe the sources were wrong and it’s not Goblin, it’s Venom.

  8. They could reverse the outcome in Sam raimi first spider-man with Harry Osborn dying and Norman Osborn plotting revenge on spiderman

  9. From the first movie, I thought that either Norman’s wife was seriously ill and he pretended that he had the issue so he had an excuse to work ’round the clock on a cure, but it seems that it’s not so. Either way, he’s going to end up creating the ‘Goblin serum’ or whatever its called in an attempt to cure an illness and it’s going to be tested on him first, right?

  10. I was a huge fan of the Sam Raimi/Tobey Maguire spider man flicks but the amazing Spider-Man blew me away. Mr. Garfield did a great job and so did Marc Webb. I’m super excited to see what they have in store with all of these other movies. I’m not too thrilled about Jamie foxx playing electro because I don’t really like him as an actor but ill hold off on the hatred until user how he does. But I am stoked about it nonetheless.

  11. Like I stated before and will again, I think Sandman should empty his sandbox right up your you-know-what, and Spidey should seal it with his most super-glu-ish webing, for posting these spam ads on this website!

  12. I hope they have some mystery around who the Green Goblin is, like Spectacular Spider-Man. The Goblin could potentially be Norman, Harry or even Felicity Jones’ character.

  13. I will say this:

    Green Goblin does not equal The Joker. It’s not like anyone would be dying to see another interpretation, Spider-Man (IMO) has had much more intriguing villains than the Goblin like Mysterio, Carnage, Venom, Kraven the Hunter, etc. I don’t really consider him to be the biggest threat both physically and mentally to Peter Parker anymore.

    SPOILERS (perhaps?)

    He kills Gwen Stacy…and that’s about it. There was even a comic that shows Norman in a bar full of past Spider-Man villains, each of them recounting times they came close to killing their worst enemy (BTAS, anyone?). He seriously walks up after everyone is finished, says that he killed Peter’s girlfriend, places an empty Pumpkin Bomb on one of the counters, and leaves everyone in shock. To me, that means nothing. It’s more or less one of those old guys who have to stretch back into their past in order to regain glory.

    • Norman Osborn has had more effect on the Marvel Universe than the Joker has on the DC Universe. Siege, Dark Avengers, etc. As far as just an antagonist toward Spider-Man, I’ll give you that the Joker outclasses him emotionally. However, the Joker outclasses EVERY comic villain in that way. There is no hero/villain dynamic in comics that is as iconic (some might say overused) than Batman and the Joker.

      I for one am looking forward to seeing a new Norman Osborn, but I also agree about Kraven, Venom, Carnage, and Mysterio, along with Scorpion and Jackal. They would be great to see.

  14. I am so lookinf forward to what Webb creates with this universe. I stopped reading comics long before the Ultimate universe began, so this is all new to me. Unlike a few posters, I am excited for another Green goblin sighting. Sure, I would be fine with other villians from Spidey’s world, and William Dafoe did an outstanding job with his interpretation of the character, but…… dang it- it is Spider-man VS. Green Goblin. How can you NOT be excited???

  15. i refuse to accept anyone but dafoe as the goblin

  16. Oh Lord, I pray they don’t turn this Norman Osborn into the Ultimate version of the Goblin. I prefer my Green Goblin to be flying around on a glider, throwing pumpkin bombs, and cackling insults at Spider-man. Not roaring and leaping around and crushing cars like the Incredible Hulk.

    Oh, and call me crazy, but I would love to see J.K. Simmons return as J. Jonah Jameson. Yes, I know it’s a reboot in a “different universe,” but the dude is hilarious and was perfect in the role.

    • +10000

  17. I think they’re going to make Norman Osborne the Vulture. Unless they introduce Toomes, I haven’t seen the movie yet….

  18. !!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!!
    Norman was shown to have died, but of course, he did not. He played an important role in the Marvel comics.
    An evidence that he did not die would be when a scene was shown of his room being cleaned up. A nurse could be seen putting make-up on him, but that’s not just it. There’s a laser seen passing through him as if it was scanning him, and it might just be doing that. Maybe they made a corpse decoy of how he looked on his deathbed. I am not sure though, but I think that fits well to the story.