‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′: Mary Jane Won’t Appear Until ‘Amazing Spider-Man 3′ [Updated]

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Mary Jane in Amazing Spider Man 23 Amazing Spider Man 2: Mary Jane Wont Appear Until Amazing Spider Man 3 [Updated]

UPDATE: Apparently the Role of Mary Jane Could be Recast. READ ON for details. 

There has been so much intrigue about The Amazing Spider-Man 2, in major part because of director Marc Webb’s steady stream of teaser photos, as well as multiple photos from the NYC sets where the film is shooting. With the amount of speculation regarding storyline, villains and even multiple love interests for Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield), some fans have been vocal in their worry that this sequel is suffering from the sort of overstuffed mania we got in Spider-Man 3.

Well now comes word that Amazing Spider-Man 2 is going to be trimming some bits from its storyline – specifically in regards to the iconic character of Mary Jane Watson, who was set to be played in reboot continuity by Shailene Woodley (The Descendants).

CBM points to an article in EW, in which Shailene Woodley outright confirms that she won’t be appearing in Amazing Spider-Man 2:

Of course I’m bummed. But I am a firm believer in everything happening for a specific reason…Based on the proposed plot, I completely understand the need for holding off on introducing [Mary Jane] until the next film.

For those who are not yet caught up, Sony has already scheduled release dates for Amazing Spider-Man 3&4, which suggests that the larger Spider-Man universe this reboot was supposed to build is in fact coming to fruition. Given that Amazing Spider-Man 2 could have some major developments for Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) and his girl Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) – and the fact that Peter could have romantic competition in the form of Felicia Hardy/Black Cat – it is indeed understandable why the filmmakers might not want to marginalize Mary Jane’s importance to the mythos…

Shailene Woodley Mary Jane Watson Amazing Spider Man Amazing Spider Man 2: Mary Jane Wont Appear Until Amazing Spider Man 3 [Updated]

Woodley only had a bit role in the sequel, so her character being left on the cutting room floor this round isn’t the biggest loss in the world. As CBM points out, it’s yet unclear whether or not the footage of Woodley from ASM2 will be included in ASM3, or simply re-shot. However, there could be some drastic changes taking place by the end of ASM2, so Mary Jane’s entry into the story could in fact need revising.

UPDATE: Hold on, CBM has also pulled together notes from several sources all indicating that Woodley’s rising career (she’s starring in  the next would-be Twilight franchise, Divergent) could move the studio to recast the role entirely. As there was division amongst fans when Woodley was first announced (the usual ‘hot or not’ bickering), there will understandably be number of people who will be glad for this second chance.

We’ll continue to keep you updated.

As it stands, the next film will see Spider-Man battling the threats of Electro (Jamie Foxx) and The Rhino (Paul Giamatti); it will include subplots involving a superhero prison (Ravencroft), Peter’s friendship with Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan), relationship with Gwen, and the introduction of mastermind industrialist Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper). Yeah, that’s enough material without getting into the whole Mary Jane saga.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be in theaters on May 4, 2014.

Source: EW (via CBM)

Update Source: CBM

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  1. I hope she gets recast, I think it’s time we get a proper gorgeous supermodel type MJ as she should be. Woodley is more of a girl-next-door cutie, just like Kirsten Dunst.

    • Would you rather have someone who can’t act than someone who can?

    • Would you rather have someone who can’t act than someone who can? Tell me.

      • Stupid question. Is Woodley the only actress in the world who can act?

  2. I liked woodley, she is a really pretty girl and showed talent in the descendents. most people who complain about her looks would probably stutter and trip over themselves if she was standing right in front of them. its easy to talk a big game when your on the internet, gentlemen. the only person i could see them recsting her for is mary elizabeth winstead. otherwise keep her.

    • Mary Jane, in the comics, is a model. Her “looks” are part of the character. Don’t get me wrong. Woodley is pretty but she isn’t *model* pretty. Someone like Emma Roberts would’ve been a better choice, or possibly discover a new actress all together. Spider-Man is a brand. You don’t need big names to fill theatres.

      • Exactly. Then again, they changed so many things in TASM 1 that feeling the need to show an accurately portrayed MJ is probably lightyears away from their minds.

      • Emma Roberts? Heck no she can’t act. And yea you definitely need a big name to opposite Emma Stone. Can you see Emma Roberts out shinning Stone as MJ? Um…no. MJ is suppose to outshine Gwen and if the actress can’t beat Stone then she doesn’t deserve to be cast.

      • Have you guys ever seen models up close? The difference between “pretty” and “*model* pretty” is makeup.

        • woodley wouldn’t be a bad choice she is a good actress and would fit well playing mary jane next to andrew garfield, he is kinda awkward and they are in highschool so you cant expect them to cast some hot model to play mary jane it would look awkward (like shia lebouf and that hot girl in the transformers 3).

          • Yeah, like there’s no hot teen… In case you didn’t know, models often begin their career when they’re around 15.

  3. They should replace her with either Lyndsey Fonseca or a real actress like Emma Watson for sure would have every fanboy and film lover happy,.

    • Emma Watson! Fu*k yes!!

    • Emma Watson, what? NO!

      That is the worst MJ casting idea I’ve heard yet.

      • Reason?
        She’s an immensely talented actress, can do an American accent and she’s gorgeous.

        • Watson’s supposed gorgeousness is not a universally accepted trait. Many people, including myself, find her somewhat boyish.

  4. Emma Watson.

  5. I’d like it if Dr. Connors teamed up with Spidey down the road of the series. He came back to his regular stuff at the end, and it seemed like he cared about protecting Peter.

    • He does in the game. Just saying…

  6. Would you guys admit it already.Megan Fox should play Mary Jane.She’s what you guys describe.

    • In looks, yes. The problem is she’s a terrible actress. And she might be a bit too old for the part.

  7. if they really do recast her because the fans don’t think she’s pretty enough, that’s just stupid. First off, Shailene Woodley is BEAUTIFUL. and a fantastic young actress. She could make for a great addition to this new Spider-Man franchise. And to all the fanboys saying “GOOD. SHE’S SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE A MODEL. BLABLABLA.” SHUT UP. While I don’t read comic books very often, I do love all comic-book characters and know quite a bit about a lot of them as well as many different comic-book story lines. I’m familiar enough with much of the material to consider myself somewhat of a comic-book fan. I couldn’t care less about what Mary Jane is SUPPOSED to look like. She can be black for all I care (not trying to be racist, just trying to make a point). This is the MOVIE version of Spider-Man, not the comics. Sony/Marvel has the right to make any character changes that the want! I’m praying that she is not recast. Although I am somewhat glad to hear MJ is being pushed to TASM3. We don’t need this movie to be overstuffed with too many plot lines.

  8. If they play their cards right they could at least put 9 films together with this Spider-Man. I’m stoked that Rhino is in this one. He really should just be in an opening fight scene though. Show off Peter’s maturation as a superhero and then focus the rest of the film on Electro.

    • I would be happy with three really good ones over nine rushed and easily forgotten ones. Sadly, I think they’ll likely go with the latter.

  9. She.

  10. It’s a good thing he was a jerk. If he wasn’t, there would be no character development in the coming movies. He needs to be cocky as hell by the point Gwen dies. Cocky to an extent that makes him partially responsible for her death. This way, we can see him develop, AND som sweet uncontrollable rage-beating of the guy who kills MJ! Yes!

  11. I hope Andrew Garfield bulks up little more. He looked too scrawny to me in the first film.

    • I liked that he was a bit “scrawny”. It made it even more clear that his fighting style is entirely dependent on his ability to dodge (unlike the Spidey in Raimi’s films…).

      • Also, his scrawniness makes him look more spidery when in tights.

    • What fantasy land is this where spiderman is characterized by bulk?

  12. Can someone please tell me which comic was that first photo taken from – Mary Jane with Spider-Man in the background? Thanks

    • Amazing Spiderman #601 :)

  13. I am stoked that Chris Cooper is playing Norman Osborne. I love his villainous portrayals

  14. Christina Hendrick or Liv Tyler if they were ten years younger, would be perfect.

    • Yeah, but whe’re looking for the perfect actress NOW.

  15. Definitely recast her. I read earlier someone wrote Lindsey Fonseca and I totally agree, or Evanna Lynch, or Emma Roberts. I think either one would quiet all the fanboys

    • Evanna Lynch is ugly. Emma Roberts may lack some curves, though it seems models are back to being skinny these days.

      • Lily Collins?

        • Nah, they’re sticking with Woodley. :(

  16. They should cast Deborah Ann Woll from true blood as MJ. She has a perfect mix of super hot and girl next door innocence, Plus look at that red hair…. Perfect casting, pay me Hollywood.

    • I’ve always seen MJ as more of a stunner but Woll would be fine with me. Hair aside, she has the right height for a model.

  17. Nina Dobrev my shout :P

    • Yeah! Nina Dobrev would be perfect for the role!

  18. @Bfg666

    You’re forgetting the part where he saves Gwen (accidentally killing her), and he’s like “No problem, I’m Spiderman, of course I’m gonna save her ’cause I’m the flippin best!”. Remember?

    • I don’t see cockiness in this event. He just did the one and only thing he could have tried to save her. Either that or she would have been a pizza. At least this way she had a chance to live. Thinking it could work can hardly be seen as cockiness, rather as last hope.

      • He wasn’t thinking “I hope this works”, he was thinking “No problem… Duh!”. Kind of a big difference.

        • To be honest, I haven’t read old Spidey in a while and I don’t remember all the specifics. Anyway, back to the topic, it doesn’t change my point that he was cocky for a very brief period of time. Do we really need to see him like that again in TASM 2? I don’t think so.

  19. I think it’s sick that a good portion of comicbook fans bashed Woodley for not being attractive enough for the part. The girl has charm, personality and is a babe. Grow up.

    I hope they recast her though, and I hope they find someone even less attractive just to piss all you adolescent fanboys off.

    • Oh, so it’s sick now to want the original material to be respected? Huh!

      Finally getting an MJ who is the MJ we’ve known for nearly half a century is not too much to ask, especially in this rebooted franchise that the creators seem to enjoy discarding its canon. If they should respect one thing, it’s her, since she was already messed up with in Raimi’s version.

  20. Couldn’t care less…never fan of this character. So bland and boring and not to mention completely useless.
    I hoped they would drop the character completely…and maybe give Felicia (Black Cat) the spotlight.

    • Bland? Boring? Completely useless? May I suggest you actually read the comics before talking nonsense?

  21. whom ever posted this is a liar!!!!!

    • ?

  22. If you want a relatively unknown, it should be Molly Quinn from Castle. It should probably be Molly Quinn even if you don’t want a relatively unknown.

    She has the perfect look and has the acting chops to pretty much “be” MJ.

    • Molly Quinn is cute but definitely not in the stunner league.

  23. When I read the comics back in the day, I always pictured a red-haired Denise Richards as a live action Mary-Jane. MJ needs to be H.O.T. HOT. Not like Megan Fox-hot. That’s just slutty. Like dangerously hot but unattainable.

    Oh, and don’t forget the classic quote this time, ‘tiger!’

  24. Nina Dobrev, PERFECT!

  25. Everyone stfu just get an adult star. Everyone happy then. LOL

  26. Everyone seems to forget, these movies are following the Ultimate Spider-man series more than the classic Amazing Spider-Man series started in the 60s. In addition, Mary Jane didn’t become a model for years, she started out dancing and acting in Off-Off broadway shows. She became a soap star and actress-model much later. The other thing I wonder is didn’t anyone see the pic of Shalene with the red hair and makeup? She is gorgeous and she CAN act…so why wouldn’t anyone want her in that role.

  27. good im glad she wont be in the next one shows they are following the comics more than the others, loved the amazing spider-man and cant wait for the next one

  28. ND would be absolutely perfect for the role.. Her portrayal would be spot on. Plus, she’s an experienced model in real life. ;-)

    • This whole discussion is preposterous now that we know they’re sticking with Woodley. :(

  29. Miley Cyrus. We all know she can act, and she has a very versatile look.

    • Did you fail to see the comment just above? Also, aaaAAAAaaAaaaAAAAAArgh!!