‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′: Mary Jane Won’t Appear Until ‘Amazing Spider-Man 3′ [Updated]

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Mary Jane in Amazing Spider Man 23 Amazing Spider Man 2: Mary Jane Wont Appear Until Amazing Spider Man 3 [Updated]

UPDATE: Apparently the Role of Mary Jane Could be Recast. READ ON for details. 

There has been so much intrigue about The Amazing Spider-Man 2, in major part because of director Marc Webb’s steady stream of teaser photos, as well as multiple photos from the NYC sets where the film is shooting. With the amount of speculation regarding storyline, villains and even multiple love interests for Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield), some fans have been vocal in their worry that this sequel is suffering from the sort of overstuffed mania we got in Spider-Man 3.

Well now comes word that Amazing Spider-Man 2 is going to be trimming some bits from its storyline – specifically in regards to the iconic character of Mary Jane Watson, who was set to be played in reboot continuity by Shailene Woodley (The Descendants).

CBM points to an article in EW, in which Shailene Woodley outright confirms that she won’t be appearing in Amazing Spider-Man 2:

Of course I’m bummed. But I am a firm believer in everything happening for a specific reason…Based on the proposed plot, I completely understand the need for holding off on introducing [Mary Jane] until the next film.

For those who are not yet caught up, Sony has already scheduled release dates for Amazing Spider-Man 3&4, which suggests that the larger Spider-Man universe this reboot was supposed to build is in fact coming to fruition. Given that Amazing Spider-Man 2 could have some major developments for Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) and his girl Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) – and the fact that Peter could have romantic competition in the form of Felicia Hardy/Black Cat – it is indeed understandable why the filmmakers might not want to marginalize Mary Jane’s importance to the mythos…

Shailene Woodley Mary Jane Watson Amazing Spider Man Amazing Spider Man 2: Mary Jane Wont Appear Until Amazing Spider Man 3 [Updated]

Woodley only had a bit role in the sequel, so her character being left on the cutting room floor this round isn’t the biggest loss in the world. As CBM points out, it’s yet unclear whether or not the footage of Woodley from ASM2 will be included in ASM3, or simply re-shot. However, there could be some drastic changes taking place by the end of ASM2, so Mary Jane’s entry into the story could in fact need revising.

UPDATE: Hold on, CBM has also pulled together notes from several sources all indicating that Woodley’s rising career (she’s starring in  the next would-be Twilight franchise, Divergent) could move the studio to recast the role entirely. As there was division amongst fans when Woodley was first announced (the usual ‘hot or not’ bickering), there will understandably be number of people who will be glad for this second chance.

We’ll continue to keep you updated.

As it stands, the next film will see Spider-Man battling the threats of Electro (Jamie Foxx) and The Rhino (Paul Giamatti); it will include subplots involving a superhero prison (Ravencroft), Peter’s friendship with Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan), relationship with Gwen, and the introduction of mastermind industrialist Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper). Yeah, that’s enough material without getting into the whole Mary Jane saga.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be in theaters on May 4, 2014.

Source: EW (via CBM)

Update Source: CBM

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  1. Kinda bummed about this but we’ll be seeing her in the third installment anyway, and if it benefits the story I’m all for.

    • Yeah, and when they said “the whole Mary Jane saga” they really mean it.

      Mary Jane needs a whole movie dedicated to her character to start but only AFTER Gwen dies. Then the rest of the MJ arc can be expanded in the next movie or movies.

      Gwen deserves to shine in this one, especially if she’s killed off by the end of ASM2.

      • Exactly, if they end up killing her off, I’d like the movie to focus on that instead of going on the next love interest so soon.

        • Preach^^^

      • MJ originally appears way before Gwen dies and there’s even a sorta love triangle situation at some point, so no, she doesn’t need to be introduced only after Gwen’s death.

        • Well, seems that’s what Sony/Webb were originally thinking, then they changed their minds.

          So either Gwen doesn’t die in ASM2 and they introduce MJ in ASM3 or Gwen dies in 2 and they wait to introduce MJ in 3.

          • OR they could not kill Gwen in 2 and wait until 3 to kill her AND introduce MJ! Or maybe they recast and she still DOES show up in 2 but played by another actress!!

            Whew… my brain hurts. So, who cares either way? Not me. MJ will show up when they think it’s best, I just wanna see what they do with the next movie.

            I was kinda hoping for a little more action anyway…

            • I honestly think they should wait to kill Gwen Stacy in three. Maybe they could use this movie and ASM 3 to build up to the part where Gwen Stacy dies on the bridge, just like in the comics, and it would make sense due to the introduction of Norman Osborn. Also, Mary Jane could show up and get a proper introduction in ASM 3 as well with Gwen alive, because they become friends.

  2. so what the heck has she been doing? seems a waste of money for them too because she would have had to be paid for her time.

    • They just went in a different direction as the movie evolved.

      I wouldn’t worry about money, they’ll make it all back and then some. Even thought that last movie wasn’t perfect, they still raked in some substantial profits (over $750M worldwide).

      I think the next one could easily hit the 1 billion mark if it’s a even a slightly better movie.

      • +1

        The sequel has the potential to be pretty massive.

  3. I agree, shaileene woodley is a sweetheart one of the nicest actressea i have ever had the chance to talk to.

  4. Hm… what if they decide to recast her?

    • i was kinda thinking that too because of all the hate she was getting a couple months back because of the pictures of her probably not long out of bed and no make up on. i hope she wont be recast because i think she would be good not to mention the bad publicity the studio would get for it.

      • +1

        I wouldn’t want her to replaced either, she sounds great for the role.

    • @ The Avenger
      I’d be surprised if they did.
      I have no way of actually knowing this but I’d assume that when she signed on for this movie she was also signing on for sequels.

      • Signing a contract isn’t a lock though. For example, Marvel signed Edward Norton for multiple movies and recast him with Mark Ruffalo. I believe most of their actors sign multiple picture contracts, whether they end up returning or not.

        Personally, I’m curious to see what Woodley can bring to the role. She’s not really a bombshell, but she is cute and a very talented actress.

        I’ll admit i was just thinking out loud, and the chances of it happening are very small, but still, it’s odd to cut all her scenes after having filmed some of them already.

        • There was a reason for Norton being a replaced, I think there were troubles behind the scenes with him wanting to write part of the movie or something. Don’t remember exactly. Woodley is an up and coming so don’t think there would be very many issues with her, you never know what may end up happening though. Chances of her leaving are slim nonetheless.

          • Yeah, Norton left because of “creative differences” and the fact that he “wasn’t a team player”. Terrence Howard left because of money issues and the dude who played Fandral left because of other commitments. All of them had multiple picture deals. But the reason for leaving isn’t really the point I was making.
            All I’m saying is contracts can play in the studios’ favour depending on what’s stipulated: in this case, the studio can choose to recast if they want, despite having drawn up a contract with the original actor.

            Looking at the article update, it seems recasting is a very real possibility after all… :(


            • Brilliant, eating my own words right now.

        • case in point: Hugo Weaving not appearing in The Avengers 2 along-side Loki.

          I’m guessing (on the money) that that was the plan all along until Hugo turned himself away from that type-cast (interestingly, though, he did a commerical for TV as his most famous role, Mr. Smith)

          He was a good RedSkull, but he could have been more menacing. It would have been great.

          Wish he didn’t hate the role.
          Stuff happens.

  5. This is a great decision. Peter & Gwen need more time together. If I had my choice, I would cameo her in the third film, and then bump her up to lead in the fourth film.

    • Agree with the Gwen part, they established her character very well in the first film and really hope they flesh out the relationship between her and Peter for this film before moving on to Mary Jane. Hell they announced release dates all away up to the 4th installment so Mary Jane definitely doesn’t need to be rushed. Also Garfield and Stone had great chemistry in the Amazing Spider-Man, which gave the film a lot of heart.

      • Agreed. I wish that these filmmakers could stop rushing with introducing things too quick. It took a good amount of issues for Mary to be fully introduced, she shouldn’t be rushed.

        • +1

          If Mary Jane is done right and not only played out as the damsel in distress, though she’ll most likely need saving at least once, she can definitely be one of my favorite characters in the series.

          • Definitely. Mary Jane is very confident and not the damsel in distress type. But now I’m hearing that Shailene Woodley is reportedly being replaced. I’m kinda pissed now because fanboys caused this all because they were acting like immature 10 year olds.

            • Damn, hopefully that doesn’t happen.

              • I hope it doesn’t too, but it seems like it’ll happen. Although Marc Webb states that he wants to focus on Gwen and Peter, Mary Jane had a few scenes, so why would they cut very minor scenes?

                • Precisely because these scenes are minor and they need the screen time for more relevant stuff.

            • Wow that’s ridiculous, recasting because a couple of fanboys didn’t like the decision? There’s too many reasons to count for how dumb this is.

              • I really hope this is just a rumor. I bet this is a studio decision, a dumb one at that.

              • It’s more likely they recast her because Woodley had other commitments. When has a studio ever listened to the fans? Otherwise we would have seen more true-to-source-material movies. Even Raimi who made a very faithful adaptation did make some changes.


  6. More eveadence to support my theory that Gwen won’t die yet.

    • Possibly, or she may die at the very end of ASM2.

  7. Only furthers my belief that Gwen will die in this one. I’m hoping a symbiotie is brewing somewhere, or the cancer suit depending on Ultimate or ASM.

    I’d like a Sinister Six in TASM 4 following a movie with Black Suit Spider-Man because I feel a beating from him would make one villain believe that they need back-up against a power like that. The death of Uncle Ben and Gwen Stacy would fuel the rage to an almost unstoppable state, making the villain think more towards a team AND also adding more danger to a new Venom. And part of that Sinister Six would be a fresh Venom as it would test to see how determined Peter will be for the rest of his life. A test to prove his love for Mary Jane. A test of his responsibility as Spider-Man.

    Just my 2 cents

  8. Good news, Mary Jane just gets in the way, she was one of the problems with the last set of movies, there are only so many times you can see her in peril, screaming needing to be rescued, yawwwwwwn!

    • You know when Mary Jane isn’t screaming in peril, there is some other girlfriend (like Gwen) that needs to be rescued, right?

    • I would blame the writers of the first movies more on that. Yes there is a certain amount of romance in a Spider-Man story. But the extent they went in the first trilogy was just ridiculous. I bet they were doing it to try and get females into the theater to see a comic book movie.

      • I feels like the problem with Spider-Man is that it’s not relevant with the current phase of superhero movies, both Marvel and DC are focusing more on the science fiction elements of their comics because they know that you can only see a hero take on a foe in so many situations before it becomes repetitive, Spider-Man has a fight in a factory/school/skyscraper/office building etc things get blown up, cars get flipped over, stuff falls down, people need to be saved, it’s all been done, that’s why there was no rush to make a Daredevil, it’s just another guy in a fancy suit!!

        Man of Steel has now set the standard in my opinion, it’s the Gone with the Wind of comic book movies!!

      • Raimi’s MJ was actually a mash-up of Gwen and MJ, with a personality more inspired by Gwen than MJ.

  9. Hopefully they’ll recast her and make MJ a more attractive actress

    • -1


      • No, it’s not shallow, it’s canonically correct. The version of MJ I grew up reading was a confident, sexy model. Neither Dunst, with her unflattering rust colored hair that changed each film, or this new teeny bopper fit that role in my mind. Dunst’s performance was tragically hollow, and I haven’t been impressed with new girls soap opera on ABC Family at all. They found someone who could act and was attractive in Emma Stone, and you’re going to tell me that MJ will be less attractive compared to her? No no. Recast and move on

        • It is shallow and you’re starting to sound even more ridiculous. It all comes down to having a narrow mind and wanting something so much, you’re willing to pass on a perfectly fine actress because she isn’t sexy enough for you and she isn’t exactly what you imagined. Get over yourself. And you say version as if there’s only one, this is a new version, that’s all there is to it. It grabs several ideas from the comics but still stands on its own. Pass on the movie for all I care, I’ll be enjoying it and several others will too.

          • -1 for your entirely bizarre and overblown emotional reaction. It’s okay if you disagree with me, but please don’t make the mistake of assuming anything about me. When did I say I was passing on the movie? Not once. You need to reevaluate the point that you’re trying to make here. I’ve stated why I feel the way I do, but since you must be the one with a narrow mind, ill reiterate. 1, in what I’ve seen her in, she’s a terrible actress. Secret Life is an abomination. 2, she bears NO RESEMBLANCE to the MJ from the Amazing Spider-Man series that I grew up reading. You’d think she would at least bear a passing resemblance to her, considering this film derived its name from that series. I want continuity.
            Are you Shailene? Don’t answer. It doesn’t matter. Either way, You seriously need to get your head out of your arse. It is not unreasonable to want an actress to be both talented and attractive when playing a character in any medium that is specifically described in that manner. I’ve explained why I feel the way I do. Get off my jock about it.

        • You obviously haven’t seen The Descendants, nor have you seen Shailene’s portrayal of Amy Juergens in SLOTAT. It’s not Woodley’s fault that the show had terrible writers. She’s getting rave reviews for her new movie Spectacular Now and has a Golden Globe nomination, an Independent Movie Award and an award from the Cannes Film festival. And Shailene Woodley is attractive. If you’re looking for a big-breasted blonde-haired, blue-eyed type of girl, you’re watching the wrong genre of movies.

        • Jeez, what a whiner!

    • I find Woodley very attractive too, but that’s not what a director is looking for in an actor.

      • It all depends on the role. Of course they might change everything about MJ, but though Raimi’s Spider-Man was very faithful to the original material, he totally effed her up. Is it too much to ask for a finally faithful version of MJ?

    • Why not make a more attractive actress? We already know that most superheros are cast for their superhero looks over their acting abilities. I’m sure there are some extremely hot girls out there who can act as well. It’s not about them getting a chance, it’s about us seeing what we want. Shailene’s a cute girl but not sexy. We had enough “cute girl” (if I may be liberal about it) with Gwen. I want someone in between Shailene and Megan Fox, but without Fox’s terrible acting. No Transformers BS

      • All the shallow people…

    • @Voodoo – Shallow much?

      • Thank you, Paul Young, for your original and thought provoking commentary. It really added to the discussion.

        Anyways, what about Evan Rachel Wood? She’s talented, is no stranger to genre work, and was even originally cast as MJ in the Spider-Man musical. She might be too old now though.

  10. Cameo should be just like in #42 (i believe thats the issue) with her at the end. Peter finally agrees to meet her, door opens “Face it Tiger……You just hit the jackpot” end of movie cue credits. Then give us an amazing mid-credits scene.

  11. Good idea. If Gwen does bite it Peter will need some time to grieve before focusing his attention on MJ. Time passed between films would allow that. One way they could go is have Aunt May throughout Amazing Spidey 3 continuously try to introduce him to the niece of a friend of hers. A smart girl with a wonderful personality. His reluctance to do so causes Aunt May to have MJ ‘drop by’ unexpectedly. Peter opens the door and bam! B-E-A-utiful Mary Jane Watson.

  12. They should really fire whoever edits these movies. I liked Amazing Spiderman, but my biggest issue was that it wasn’t edited very well. More importantly, there were several VERY critical scenes that were completely cut! It looks like they’re having the same problem here.

    If there are too many characters and they’re just holding back, well that’s a problem with the script. Deleting scenes for one character isn’t really going to matter now that Rhino, Harry Osborne, Norman Osborne, Vulture and maybe even Black Cat are ALL getting introduced in ONE movie. I really hope this will be good, but I’m having serious doubts.

    • Dont forget Electro.

      • See? So many characters introduced in this movie I forgot about the main villain! I don’t see how getting rid of one character is going to make this work. It sounds like they screwed themselves over when writing the script. I still have hope, but I’m not sure how I’m the only one nervous about this (and let’s not forget how deleting serious scenes in the first movie ended up HURTING that movie).

    • I don’t think they’re necessarily going to full out introduce several of the characters you mentioned. I think Harry, Electro and Rhino are the only ones they’re really focusing on while the others may just have a presence. Before becoming the Vulture, the character may just have one or two scenes, sort of to give nods of what’s to come, same with Felicia Hardy and Norman Osborn.

      • True, but one or two scenes for ALL the side characters being introduced means a LOT of scenes with… side characters. It’s kind of hard to focus on your main cast when there are SO many characters introduced. And let’s not forget that two characters who DIED in the first movie are coming back (probably flash backs). I just think they are trying to go TOO big with this movie (like Spiderman 3).

        Again, I could be wrong, but my other problem is that cutting out big scenes from the first movie made it feel disjointed. The same problem might happen again in this movie. And if her character really isn’t that important, then why did they give her a big role in the first place? This makes me question if these other side characters being introduced even need to be here.

        • They didn’t give her a big role in this movie. It even confirms that in the article above:

          “Woodley only had a bit role in the sequel, so her character being left on the cutting room floor this round isn’t the biggest loss in the world.”

          • Which makes me think WHY was she even in the movie if there are so many characters in the first place? Mentioning the character is one thing, but I’m just nervous that there are going to be a lot of other side characters with “bit roles” making the film longer than it needs to be.

            • Evolving story to see which direction they want to go. Wouldn’t be surprised if a few more get cut or have their roles reduced significantly.

              • I guess, but the script was written a while ago. I guess they didn’t realize how over the top they were going with it until they started filming.

    • Wait, Vulture??? I want to see Vulture! Where did they say?

      • Yes, the Vulture. That’s Colm Feore. A bit too young for the part IMHO.

  13. I’d like to see Spiderman actually end up with Black-Cat, since it’s never been done before and I’ve always loved their romance.

    • Yes to this! I love the Black Cat character. In Web of Shadows I played as Black Suit SM and she was the love interest for that path. It would be interesting to see them take that angle

  14. I just hope they’re making the right decisions. I do feel like the relationship between Peter & Gwen deserves a little more fleshing out. My prediction is that Gwen will die at the end of TASM 2, which will make sense that Mary Jane is introduced in the third film. I do think they should introduce her at the very end of TASM 2 though.

    • But doesn’t Goblin suppose to kill Gwen or something? Im pretty sure Norman won’t make his transformation until at least the next film.

      • It Could be Green Goblin, OR like in Ultimate Spider-Man it could very well be Carnage that kills Gwen. Though I doubt they would turn her into a Mummified Corpse in a Movie. That was Just Creepy in the comics.

        • Yes it was. I can still remember that image vividly.

        • Apparently there are no short term plans for Venom in TASM, so if Carnage ever shows up, it probably won’t be until TASM 5 or 6 at best.

  15. Wow, a little unexpected, but at least they’ll bring her in in 2016 right? Hopefully that means more Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat?

  16. I need to watch The Descendants. But from what I have seen of Woodley has been deadpan and terrible. She looks the part but I don’t want this movie to suffer from Hayden Christiansonism.

    • I’ve seen it and I don’t think she’s nearly THAT bad. Plus, it takes a pretty good actor to shine spouting Lucas’ drivel… I mean dialogue. Hayden just wasn’t up to the task.

      • Wasnt she nominated for the descendents

    • Umm no, she doesn’t look the part. MJ is (was) a supermodel.

  17. Kinda “bummed” for Woodley, I think she wouldve nailed the role. But now in search of a MJ with a bigger rack :). Oh and lets see some Rhino CG pics!

    • Bleh…I don’t care much for huge racks as much as tight (but not anorexic) body with good curves.

      • Lol yeah that too!

  18. Well i am in no rush to see M.J. i pray to god that this rebooted Spiderman will last a good few movies, in order for M.J. to have the meaning she needs to have, Gwen must first have the meaning she needs to have.
    How would his great love M.J. ever have full meaning without the loss of his first love, and no not just a brief fling, propper first love.
    M.J. can wait, she can come into the picture in the last installment for all i care

  19. Since they may recast, I’ll hope for Mary Elizabeth Winstead for Mary Jane.

    • I think I would have to agree with you on this.

  20. Well I was whatever about woodley. Never really cared for her acting but since they may recast

    Lyndsy fonseca.

    • I’ll have to agree! #LyndsyF #MJW

  21. I’m pissed that Shailene is being possibly recasted, but I hope they do MJ right. She’s a more interesting character than Gwen, which is why I believe they killed her. I hope they don’t make her the typical damsel in distress type, and overly emotional like she was in Raimis films. MJ was super outgoing, always energetic, always went back and forth with Gwen over Peter, and even extremely effed up at times. Don’t screw her up again Sony.

    • If you hope they do MJ right then you shouldn’t be pissed about the recast.

  22. I really think MJ should be introduced and gotten used to BEFORE Gwen is killed (I really like her, but for the sake of the story she needs to die), so that she can comfort Peter after Gwens death. But before that happens, we need to see some sweet uncontrollable rage beating of the guy responsible for Gwens death (this should be in the third movie…). That was one of the things that really bummed me about IM3, there was no “you killed my girlfriend and now I will kill you”-rage. This film needs it. (Have we seen that in a movie like… Ever? We need it.)

    • Agreed

  23. Looks like Sony decided to go the Hobbit route and spread their planned plot developments over more movies.

    This makes me wish Man of Steel 2 will give some screentime to Clark’s other love interests(like Lana Lang) and save the Clark-Lois relationship development for 3 or 4.

    • I don’t think it’s anything like The Hobbit situation. There’s a lot more story to grab from for Spider-Man and I’m pretty sure they’re creating their own story too. The Hobbit is a small book, which in my opinion, should’ve stayed just 2 movies.

      True, would’ve been cool to see Lana Lang in a couple more flashbacks, wish there were more flashbacks in general too

  24. Wait a second…wasn’t she already seen on-set filming scenes for the film? I’m sure I saw on-set photos with her playing MJ…and I know the pics had nothing to do with Divergent. Are they just going to cut those scenes now? Or, are they going to weave those into the next film, if she keeps the role?

    • Discarding film footage because of a recast is not unheard of. Furthermore, all it costs nowadays is pressing a button.

  25. I actually want to see this film now since she isnt in it anymore. Was the wrong Mary Jane in the first place plus she isnt a very good actter

    • Well you aren’t a very good speller.

    • So one actor – with a VERY minor role – made you want to pass up the movie? That’s some messed up logic.

      • +1

  26. I cant wait for this sequel. I have a question though, do we think that the person who kills Gwen will be introduced in this movie and kill her or introduced in 3 and Gwen dies by another’s hand?

  27. At first I didn’t think She would fit the role but after seeing that shot of her with red hair I change my mind. She could be MJ. I think we hit the jackpot.

    • No she couldn’t. We need the real MJ at last, the supermodel bombshell, not another girl-next-door.

  28. They can’t have peter/Spidey moving on to Mary Jane right after his girlfriend dies, he’d look like a total insensitive and uncaring Dick for doing that.

    • Yeah, like Garfield’s Peter Parker hasn’t behaved like a jerk in the first movie… Anyway, time needs to be somewhat condensed in the movies compared to their comics counterpart, I think everyone understands that by now. Otherwise, Gwen wouldn’t be offed until TASM 12.

      • In the comics, he was only cocky for a very short period, that is from gaining his powers up until Ben’s death, and we’ve already seen that.

        • You’re forgetting the part where he saves Gwen (accidentally killing her), and he’s like “No problem, I’m Spiderman, of course I’m gonna save her ’cause I’m the flippin best!”. Remember?

  29. By the time they hit number 4, it will be time for a reboot. Round and round she goes and where she stops, nobody knows.

    • People please stop wanting reboots over and over again! Why stop at only 3 or 4? James Bond lasted a few decades before being rebooted and I’d like studios to follow this example for a change, even if there are things I dislike in this new version.