‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Trailer Teases Doctor Octopus & Vulture

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Jamie Foxx Teases Sinister Six for Amazing Spider Man Amazing Spider Man 2 Trailer Teases Doctor Octopus & Vulture

The trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is now online (watch it HERE), and among the many things implied or outright spoiled by the footage, there were a few new surprises in store, as well.

By now we can confirm that there will be three villains in the film: Electro (Jamie Foxx), Russian thug turned evil mechsuit Rhino (Paul Giamatti), and finally, an official confirmation that the new Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) will be suiting up as the Green Goblin. However, with the road to a Spidey vs. the Sinister Six movie clearly before us, this ASM2 trailer didn’t waist time introducing us to even more villains.

Did you spot this at the 1:14 mark?

Amazing Spider Man 2 Trailer Vulture and Doctor Octopus 570x237 Amazing Spider Man 2 Trailer Teases Doctor Octopus & Vulture

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Amazing Spider Man 2 Doc Ock Vulture 570x313 Amazing Spider Man 2 Trailer Teases Doctor Octopus & Vulture

A Closer Side-by-Side

That’s right! Those Oscorp harnesses belong to none other than Doctor Octopus and Vulture, respectively! Both have been members of the Sinister Six in the comic books – and both have actually been hinted at by prior Amazing Spider-Man 2 marketing: 

  • Vulture - It’s since been pulled, but for awhile there actor Colm Feore’s IMDb page had him listed as playing “Adrian Toomes” in ASM2. That’s the alter-ego of the Vulture. Feore was also seen in a teaser image as being part of the Ravencroft Institute for criminals. Is he an inmate or an Oscorp plant?
  • Doc Ock - In the ASM2 Comic-Con teaser trailer, Jamie Foxx’s Electro is gaining his powers through an Oscorp procedure, having a dialogue within an unseen figure he refers to as “Doc.” Could it be Otto Octavius behind these new gene experiments? Wouldn’t be surprising.

That’s potentially a full Sinister Six lineup right there – Lizard, Electro, Rhino, Goblin, Vulture, Doc Ock – would that be YOUR chosen roster? Should this storyline end in Amazing Spider-Man 3 and give rise to that Venom/Carnage saga staring in Amazing Spider-Man 4? What do YOU want to see?


Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be in theaters on May 2nd, 2014.

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  1. There’s just so many good villains! Kraven, Mysterio, Scorpion, Venom, Carnage, HOBGoblin, Morbius, Kingpin, Hammerhead, Spider-Slayer! We’ll never get to see all of them unless they move into a miniseries, as well!

    • I don’t think all those guys are showing up.

      • He’s talking about other movies that could have those characters. He’s not saying they’ll be in ASM2.

        • Still. A lot of those guys don’t seem like major villain material.

      • That doesn’t mean he’s going to show up, just that he’s been referenced

  2. Also Tombstone, Shocker, Kaine, Jackal, Chameleon, and Mister Negative!

  3. I really like the roster, but I would The Lizard. I’d prefer someone like Mysterio.

    PS: Ehmm… You wrote ”respectively” while talking about the harnesses, though you mentioned them the other way around :P

    • *Change The Lizard

  4. Mysterio & Venom is all I ask for. And make sure they get the whole “he speaks in plural” thing that SM3 completely screwed up on.

  5. I’m totally in looks like got a bunch of villains but that’s how the comics are and it looks like they are doing it right…awesome

  6. So it looks like Osborn’s Oscorp company is building an army through genetic and robotic engineering! I hope in this movie has Spiderman destroy Oscorp building. Maybe that happens through Electro battle.

    Maybe Osborn or someone sneaks in and steals/saves the wings and tentacles (along with whatever other artifacts) as the building is brought down which will foreshadow the creation of those villains. Or military gets a hold of it.

    Part 3 Main plot should be about Spidey’s reputation being on the line. Villains should be J. Jameson, Osborn, Chameleon, and Mysterio. Side plot should involve Doc Ock and Vulture becoming their characters. (Possible death of Gwen at the end?

    Part 4 Sinister 6- Rhino, Electro, Vulture, Doc Ock, Mysterio, Kraven (wanting to avenge Chameleon from part 3 and promised the ability to hunt big game Spidey and Lizard) as villains. Spidey, with the help of Lizard and maybe Venom (as anti-hero), shut down the Sinister 6 then an angry Goblin comes out of hiding and we get death of Gwen (if not in part 3)

  7. With all this… Audacity from the producers,
    I wonder if Monster Ock from PS1 Spiderman game will be a reality some day…

    • Hell yeah!! It would be awesome to see that monstrosity on screen!

  8. Sinister Six in ASM3, defeated by Black Suit Spider-Man leading to Venom/Carnage in ASM4?

  9. Easy. He’s the g****** Spiderman.

  10. i see alot of love so far…its amazing to me…all the flaws and liberties being taken and no one says a word but man of steel gets s*** on…i dont get it

    • Thats because Man of Steel has already been released. Plus, MOS gets a lot of love and equally a lot of hate. I for one thought it was decent but not great

      In regards to “a lot of love…” for this so far…Its because all we’ve seen is the trailer and it looks good!

      By the way, what are your thoughts on the flaws? What do you see that is bad?

        • Yea it is a little much but it is a simplified way to introduce villains without having to spend 1/3 of each movie introducing them. That way we can get a bigger universe for Spidey (spin-offs).

          I do agree Goblin looks dumb. I hope they give him a mask to wear too.

        • I like that the villains are Oscorp creations. How many freak accidents can you have? Not to mention the countless coincidences that plagued the first trilogy (ex. Sandman kills Uncle Ben; Venom chooses SpiderMan and his rival at the Bugle as hosts; Doc Ock kidnaps Aunt May; the Goblin is the father of Pete’s best friend; etc.). I know some of this stufff sprang from the comics, but you have to re-work it to have a semi-plausible movie. I guess Raimi wanted it less Christian Bale and more Adam West.

    • iam with on this bro, this movie is being overhyped and its overrated. Sony made the foolish mistake of letting ghostrider go without giving any thought that they could have used him to help spidey battle all these villians. man of steel took some liberties but
      very little. sony is butchering this franchise and making it worse with each passing
      movie and this is just a desperate attempt to try to match the billion dollar figures
      that marvel and warners have accomplished. amazing spiderman 2 is a redbox rental for
      me. i hope this movie falls short of its financial expectations because spiderman
      belongs back at marvel so my hope of seeing a mature 35 plus year old parker may come to a fruition. iam tired of a young parker with emotional problems. i want a confident and
      mature parker for a change.

  11. Trailer observations:

    1. When we see the metal bay doors opening up I think that is near the end. Harry looks a bit beat up in that scene and it may be his last move at getting help for the next movie. 1:23 seconds or so in the trailer.

    2. Who is the dude in the hat and it ain’t Norman or Harry. Seems like the same guy who was in the jail cell with The Lizard. This man walks with a purpose and a plan.

    Is he walking past “his” creations; going down the elevator w/ Harry to bring out 3-6? Making 1 = Rhino and 2 = GG?

    4. Who asks “what is all this?” “The future.” That ain’t norman; that is someone else.

    5. How did Rhino get the mech outfit?

    6. What happens to Peter? Norman’s response [along with monitoring him] dares to suggest that Peter was all part of the plan. I mean how did he just stroll into a high security area WITH NO CAMERA’s and get bit by a spider anyway? Please. I’m just gonna stroll around in a high security research facility for a bit and see how long it takes to get caught…uh yeah right.

    7. At 1:28 who is looking at the vials with the orange stuff? His face looks more like Green Goblin showing at 19 seconds than Harry. Someone is standing off to the left of him. Who? Admittedly at 1:32 Harry’s facial expression and mannerisms look and act more like Will Defoe/GG; but his face doesn’t match @ 19 seconds.

    8. 1:42 seconds looks like Peter’s dad in the airplane.

    9. 1:50 – anyone have a close up of that face? GG looks more like Andrew Garfield than anybody.

    10. Can’t tell who is screaming at 1:57 but 2:01 Dane’s eyelashes look like GG.

    • Eyelashes really!? Eyebrows, yes but who the heck looks at Eyelashes!?!?!?

  12. I’m thinking the guy with the trench coat and hat is the “doc” Max Dillon mentions in the first preview trailer and the guy in the prison at the end of part 1 and probably is doc oc. Just saying

    • I can definitely see that. He could be Norman’s prized employee who designed the tech and bioweaponry. When it all goes south and Oscorp is essentially no more, he will take his designs and his experiments (who have nowhere left to go), and form his own “family”.

    • I seriously think that’s The Gentleman. Its the same guy from after credits of the first movie. With the hat and all. But neither Doc Ock nor The Gentleman have powers to go through walls..

  13. YESS !! finally a glimpse of VULTURE

    • Guy at 1:28 looks like our Goblin, maybe he is the ‘cured’ version of Norman, meaning cured of whatever he is dieing of. First glance I said, “EDDIE BROCK IT’S YOU NO WAY!”
      Then my brain told me to shut up.

    • The glowing eels are electric eels and part of Electro’s transformation. It’s in the trailer shown at Comic-Con. And the Goblin is almost certainly Dane DeHaan’s Harry Osbourn. The serum gives him a lame hairdo I guess.

  14. Spidey needs help to face all those baddies. One or two could almost defeat him. Who could he get, other than Black Cat? Maybe the studio doing Spidrman needs to negotiate to get another character from Marvel, like Moon Knight or somebody.

    • That’s the perfect way to introduce Black Suit Spider-Man. That’s how he takes them out. Maybe also Black Cat.