Amanda Seyfried To Play Cinderella?

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Disney is moving forward with development of a new live-action version of Cinderella and may have already found their golden-haired princess in the form of actress Amanda Seyfried.

Most everyone is familiar to some degree with Disney’s 1950 animated adaptation of Cinderella – the comical mice, the tune “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo,” and the evil stepmother that makes Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep from The Devil Wears Prada) look like Mother Teresa.

As it happens, Disney has already hired Prada screenwriter Aline Brosh McKenna to pen the script for their new take on the classic fairy tale (see what I did there?  Ha, ha, wheeze, moving on now).

It comes as little surprise to hear that Seyfried may be Disney’s choice to play the lead.  The actress I knew for the longest time as the ESPN-powered blondie from Mean Girls has made a name for herself these past few years, with roles in flicks like Mamma Mia and Dear John.  She has even demonstrated some variety in her film selections, ranging from the girl-next-door romance of Letters to Juliet (see the photo below) to her upcoming Girl with the Red Riding Hood, a darker spin on the famous fairy tale. And of course there was the teen horror film Jennifer’s Body (though it’s ok if you choose not to remember that).

Amanda Seyfried Amanda Seyfried To Play Cinderella?

Clearly the Mouse House is taking the blockbuster success of its 3D version of Alice in Wonderland to heart as it moves forward with both this new take on Cinderella and the in-development Maleficent movie we keep hearing about.  Whether these projects will deviate as significantly from their respective source material as Tim Burton’s Alice did – with regards to plot, at least – remains to be seen.

There is, of course, an even more pressing question for now – namely, do we really need or want yet another version of Cinderella?  We’ve already had popular actresses like Drew Barrymore (in Ever After) and even former Disney Channel star Hiliary Duff (in A Cinderella Story) appear in direct variations of the fairytale, with mixed to utterly forgettable results.  Isn’t it time for something more (gasp!) original and creative?

What do you think?  Would you like to see Seyfried play Cinderella?  Does the idea of yet another movie re-imagining of a fairy tale sound appealing?  Sound off in the comments section below.

Source: In Case You Didn’t Know (via Collider)

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  1. you forgot the sequal to Hillary Duff’s movie, Another Cinderella Story staring Selena Gomez… a superior movie when compared to A Cinderella Story in my opinion…

  2. Please hire someone who has an original idea floating around in their brain. This is getting beyond ridiculous! I did really like Ever After even though it wasn’t a spectacular movie but still…come on already!

  3. I’m actually surprised by this after she had a lesbian (or bi-sexual, whatever your preference) scene with Julianne Moore in “Chloe”…not to mention the scenes of (partial) nudity in that and “Alpha Dog”. I thought Disney usually shied away from exposure to controversy like that.

  4. boooooooooo

  5. ugghh.

  6. Crap :-p

  7. Let’s not forget the movie Enchanted. ugh.

    • Chris O,

      What? Enchanted was great fun. I enjoyed the heck out of that movie.


      • I second Vic’s comment, I too quite liked Enchanted. At the least, you have to give it credit for doing something new with the Disney princess story arc.

        • Yeah “Enchanted” is pretty cool. My daughter loves that one as well as “Ever After”.

  8. Enchanted was pretty awesome. Great songs, great fun, especially with some of the characters poking fun at the cliches.

  9. If they’re going to modernize a Disney princess, I think they should pick one of the other 6- Cinderella is a little obvious, and like previously stated, a little over-done in recent movies. What about Snow White?

    • Modernize Snow White? They already did that with Sydney White (2007, starring Amanda Bynes)!!

  10. what is next? Live action lion king? Thanks disney for taking movies from my childhood and ruining them, no thanks to tim “i need to stick to puppets” burton. As long as they don’t make a live disney robin hood (with woodland creatures) or sword in the stone, I will be semi displeased, if they do, I will only watch disney marvel.

    • I 100% agree with you. There is no need to create live action movies of these fairy tales, especially when they will not be better than the classic animated films. This is really – as you said – ruining my precious childhood memories. There is no need for this.

      Since they are doing this I would prefer another actress to play the role of Cinderella. Amanda Seyfried is already playing Little Red Riding Hood, lets not have her be the “fairy tale girl” now… -_-

      I will really only consider watching Diney’s Marvel films since they keep coming out with ridiculous films and always turning to Tim Burton to make everything ten times worse.

    • after what they did to 101 dalmations it would not surprise me… i am however looking forward to the 3D re-release of Lion King coming soon…

  11. I wouldn’t mind a retelling of the old classics if they re-written to omit some of the misogynist elements from the Disney animated versions. Maybe they go could go darker like the Grimm Brothers version or do something interesting. Perhaps its just wishful thinking to hope for a strong heroine in this story…

  12. -________-

  13. Isn’t Cinderella supposed to be a beautiful girl turned princess? Just look at Seyfried’s first picture up there. She’s hideous. I don’t like her and I don’t like how she acts. Enough with her. Man, there are so many other actresses.

    • Amanda Seyfried can look gorgeous with a little makeup. You should have seen her in Chloe. She was at times really ugly, and at others absolutely stunning. She would make a perfect Cinderella. She can be convincing as a raggedy plain drudge or a beautiful princess. All it takes is a little makeup, and voila! Magic! Anyway, millions of little girls who are not beautiful will have their fantasies fulfilled by Amanda Seyfried better than most actresses I think.

      • Lmao! I agree with Alex, there are so many better actresses to play the part of Cinderella, why is seyfried getting so many movies to ruin? Give some other actresses a chance, seyfried is annoying.

  14. This is totaly off topic but what is it with everyone dissing Tim Burton! Really, has anyone actually sat down and watched Vincent? It’s a great short film and one of his first. What’s say everyone here, myself included, make a movie and see how well we do? And Disney chose him to make his version of Alice In Wonderland, and he did just that. He came up with something new. It was something that no one as seen or read before. Give the guy a dang brake.

  15. I think that Amanda Seyfried fits the character of Cinderella perfectly. I think that what might be needed is a little tradition with a modern twist instead of pathetic attempts at originality. I’ve watched almost all of the cinderella remakes or spinoffs and a few i have enjoyed like Ever After and A Cinderella Story. My thoughts are if they are smart and stick a hot guy to play prince charming it will get the attention it wants but may lack quality.

  16. I think that this should be a little darker than the original, But not Tim Burton dark. And maybe more songs, Set up more like a stage musical. Meryl Streep would be wonderful as Lady Tremaine in My opinion. Her or Barbra Streisand. Maybe Lady Tremaine should get a solo.

  17. I love Cinderella, so I’d love to see another adaptation!

  18. I do like Amanda Seyfried, but I think being in Ridinghood AND Cinderella will be a bad career move. I’m surprised that the author of this didn’t mention Brandy’s version of Cinderella that had Whitney Houston as the Fairy Godmother – that was a great rendition.

  19. Ugh! so sick of this actress, why is she in so many leading rolls lately? I remember her playing the dumb friend in Meangirls! Even raChel mcadams said that siefred was ugly. can’t stand her, she ruined dear John with her bug eyes.

    • Why would you want to publicly insult her? Did she do something to harm you? If she reads this it will hurt her feelings, for nothing. Moreover, you make her your enemy. What’s worse, you make everyone who loves her your hated enemy; me for instance. That’s just subhuman of you. Grow up. Get a life. Get laid.

      • Yeah, I apologize, just watched “Chloe” and you are right, she was great in that movie! It was rude of me to say that crap about her, sorry to Amanda seyfried, she’ll do a good job i’n Cinderella and Tim burtons movies are always amazing. Actually think if Amanda acts like she did i’n “Chloe”, she will be perfect i’n this movie, completely changed my mind about her , she is beautiful.

  20. Just wondering why this actress is i’n alot of leading roles all of a sudden, I remember she always played the so called “dumb” friend i’n movies. This site asked “how we felt about her playing yet another leading role” and that was my opinion and it still is. When your i’n the public eye, you are going to get criticism. By the way, that was hella rude to say “get laid” haha. Channing did an amazing job on dear John, too bad she was in it.

    • @ Amanda,
      Well, I’m sorry I told you to get laid. I should have said get laid again.

      • lmao @ Larry aka amanda seyfried

        • LOL @ “Amanda;” aka *Jealous Fat Chick.*

          • Hahaha :) the fat chick is Amanda Seyfried, you’re right! look at that first pic of her next to Cinderella, she does look fat and hideous :) ugh, cast her as the homely step sister

            • Scarlett Johansson would be perfect for the part of Cinderella or someone new, but not Seyfried “again” yikes, besides she just did Red Riding Hood.

          • By the way, that was a good comeback by you, “Larry”, lol

  21. Maybe they could cast her as one of the “ugly” stepsisters, but NOT Cinderella!!!! Loved Alice i’n Wonderland, thankfully seyfried wasn’t near that movie!!!!!

  22. Well reading back over my original comments, maybe a bit harsh against seyfried, but I don’t think she should be cast as Cinderella. She just did red riding hood, so why not Scarlet johansen or someone new for Cinderella. Let some others have a chance at leading lady roles!!! (I agree they should cast seyfried as one of the stepsisters

  23. Just watched “Chloe” and I think seyfried was
    Great i’n that movie, sorry, Amanda seyfried for my earlier rude comments about you….

    • Aw. Now I’m sorry I was rude to you.

      • I deserved it! I wish I could delete all of my previous rude comments about her. Again, I think she did such a beautiful job as “Chloe” and her acting was great too. She will be perfect as Cinderella, I am sure Tim Burton’s version will be amazing!

        • Oops it’s not Tim Burton, is it? Oh well whoever is directing Amanda seyfried in Cinderella, I am sure it will be amazing :)

          • Watch Red Riding Hood. You’ll go back to hating her in the first ten minutes of the movie. She is the most annoying actress in Hollywood right now.

            • Yeah, I know. I used to think that too before my sex change operation.

  24. Well Disney has been taking a detour lately in the level of the films they are producing. It seemed at first they are trying to be more like Pixar (especially with that idiotic Mars movie) but I think that after the success of Tangled they have decided to do what they do best, fairy tales. You guys are trying to defend the original story but you forget that it came put over 60 years ago. Major societal shifts have taken place since then and in the 50s the tale of a girl waiting for her prince to come rescue her may have been more appropriate but it is obvious that the time has come for a reinventing of the story. They have already done that with Tangled, Rapunzel takes her life into her own hands and is much more assertive. I hope they give Cinderella a more powerful message then the original.

  25. Hollywood directors/screenwriters need to stop with the “Cinderella” sequeled movies. They all have the same message “Bippity-Boppity-Boo, You’re dreams can really come true!” Seriously, Cinderella? Come on, what about the other disney princesses? They’re being neglected!

  26. I love Amanda Seyfried! I think she’d do well. But I don’t think we need another Cinderella movie. Disney needs start doing animated movies again.

  27. If they’re going to make another film version, I don’t think it should be Amanda seyfried. Agreeing with someone above, the fact that she has already been red riding hood I think would deter a lot of moviegoers. They need a completely new face to refresh the ‘fairytale’ nature of the story. If it’s someone the audience doesn’t recognise then they’re more likely to become immersed in the world and enjoy it more.

  28. amanda was perfect in the gone she is realy beuty i love her very much