‘Alvin & the Chipmunks 3′ Trailer Can Read Your Mind

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alvin chipmunks 3 trailer Alvin & the Chipmunks 3 Trailer Can Read Your Mind

Every time a new CGI/live-action hybrid based on a beloved cartoon hits theaters, be it Yogi Bear or this week’s The Smurfs, the finger of blame is inevitably pointed at the Alvin & the Chipmunks movie for having demonstrated to Hollywood executives that these sorts of films can actually turn a tidy profit.

This winter marks the arrival of a third installment, Alvin & the Chipmunks: Chip-Wrecked. Surprisingly enough, even the teaser trailer for the movie seems to be aware of how most adult moviegoers are going to react when they watch it (re: not well).

Like previous Alvin & the Chipmunk flicks, Chip-Wrecked features Jason Lee as the eternally flustered Dave (the human) and celebrities like Justin Long, Jesse McCartney, Matthew Gray Gubler, Amy Poehler, Anna Faris, and Christiana Applegate as the voices of the Chipmunks and Chipettes, respectively. Not that it matters, though, seeing how their voices are altered beyond recognition in order to reach that familiar high-pitch known as a “chipmunk voice.”

Chip-Wrecked was scripted by the writers behind Alvin & the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel and directed by Mike Mitchell, the man responsible for films like Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, Surviving Christmas, and Shrek Forever After. But does any of that information really shock you?

One thing that might surprise you is how self-aware this theatrical preview for the new Chipmunks movie appears to be. Forget about having to lodge insults at the trailer – the footage does that for you.

Find out what we mean by watching the Alvin & the Chipmunks: Chip-Wrecked trailer (via iTunes Movie Trailers) below:

See? There’s no need to whine about Chip-Wrecked featuring painfully dated pop-culture jokes like a Titanic reference, or how you want to puke after watching the clearly-not-real CGI little critters “get jiggy” with a bunch of kids aboard a cruise liner. Heck, even after the tiny creatures offer their own rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” near the end, we immediately cut to the hauntingly silent image of a lonely isolated island – clearly, a metaphor for how every adult who watches this trailer will feel afterwards.

Yes, that is a bit harsh, and chances are good that if your kids loved the previous Chipmunk pics, they’ll love this one too. Everyone else can just roll their eyes and continue to ignore the existence of these movies, like they have in the past.

Alvin & the Chipmunks: Chip-Wrecked arrives in U.S. theaters on December 16th, 2011.

Source: iTunes Movie Trailers

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  1. The hostility towards this trailer tells me someone had an idea for a movie that got turned down.

    • Really? That’s what you got from that? Cuz all it tells me is that someone had to sit through a crappy annoying and unfunny film cuz the kids wanted to go. You really think the chipmunk films are good? they’re horrible.

  2. Oh Sandy, your not being harsh at all. I can even sense you holding back and I can tell you that that is a unhealthy thing to do.

  3. simon put it best I’m going to puke.

  4. Ha! I am a showband musician for carnival cruise lines I hate my job even more now.

  5. Scream,howl, curse in vain! The same stuff I hear from Trolls hellbent on Derailing The Chipmunk Franchise! Give up! There is nothing you can say that will stop the rest of the world from watching Chipwrecked! You may as well soil your shorts and Die! The film was not made for your narrow minded pleasure. No one is putting a gun to your pinheads. As long as there are children there will be Chipmunks. Alvin,Simon,and Theodore shall continue doing what has made them famous. Irritating pompous,childless,and grossly over rated critics. If you wish to end your misery. Try drinking Rat Poisin!

    • Thanks you should write a book. You do know that even though these films are made for children adults are the ones who have to take them to see it right? Children’s movies don’t have to be painful to watch (Toy Story, Cars, How to Train Your Dragon, Rugrats, Up, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Finding Nemo, etc.). The Chipmunk films are not smart funny or heartfelt at all. They are downright annoying. So no, I wont eat rat poison (good logical suggestion though), but I will have to decide whether to sit through this despite how terrible it will be or whether to tell my kids flat out NO when they jump around and ask if I’ll take them after the tv spot shows up in front of them. I love my kids, but they don’t know the difference between a great family film and a flat out abomination that uses children to reel in profit. And apparently, neither do you.

      • I’m banking on a tidy profit myself. By the way you are right about one thing. I am an author.. Of Alvin and the Chipmunks stories! So bellow on you high and mighty bag of Baloney. Eww! Did you just soil your shorts?

        • So you admit you are biased. Thank you!!!! You can’t even write a proper response to me without a lame 10 year old statement like: “Eww! Did you just soil your shorts?” Haha you’re an author?? Don’t make me laugh (as if you could make anyone)

          • Right now we are working on part 4! Son of Alvin vs The Troll Pharoah! In 3D!

            • Sounds like the kids will love it. Stop acting like you have trolls attacking your movies. Just accept the fact that people don’t like your work.

      • Love the Chipmunks. The films are straightforward, don’t hurt anyone, and teach the classic family morals like most Disney films usually do. I honestly don’t know what’s not to like. I think the CGI’s are actually quite good
        and seem fairly solid. Rugrats, seriously?

  6. This makes me hate humanity more.

  7. People if you don’t like these movies, or don’t have plans to watch them, don’t watch the trailer and then troll on the comments section below. Grow up, people.

    • So you think this looks good?

      • It does look good to me and my kids. Ones that have not been tainted by South park, the retarded Family guy,American Dad, and the mindless drek you may call entertainment. So you can complain all you want! Pharoh of TROLLS! May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits and I recommmend taking your dose of Rat poisin with a shot of Gin!

        • Yea try responding to me when im actually addressing you (like I did above Ramona). Also, I have said nothing about south park, american dad, or anything “mindless”. I already know this looks good to YOU Ramona, but I’m asking Dani about what he or she thinks. Again, like I said, rat poison is a bit extreme for me. You must actually be an actor in the film because only a horrible parent would tell people to consume rat poison for not liking a film that he and his kids want to see. Your not a parent, Ramona. Your obviously involved in this film somehow.

        • Phantanos, take a chill pill or something.

      • It looks like it’s going to be on the same level as the second one, which I thought was entertaining. So, I do think it looks like it’s gonna be funny and entertaining. Sue me.

        • Good for you. You and I have different taste in humor. I agree with the author of the article. So why don’t you sue ME for speaking my opinion?

          • No. I think about producing more of these Chipmunk movies. Just to see you foam at the mouth and rant away. I think we’ll make $750,000,000 this time! Perfect! Soon the toys will be out and we can finally release the new cartoon on TV! We’ll introduce a character based on you. A Bigot named Pharoah! Thanks for The Inspiration!

  8. there was a second one?

    • Unfortunately, there was a first one. :-)

  9. Sorry, I like the Chipmunk films. I have no kids too, so when I go see the films, I go for myself. The first was the best but the other was not as bad as Transformers 2 or 3.

  10. LMAO!!!.. haahahahahah.. the end with “Bad Romance” was hilarious ..

  11. The only reason I’d watch this is to stare at the Chippets… yeah you heard me.

  12. Chipwrecked…
    I didn’t think it was possible to make a word that was more lame than “Squeakquel”, but they’ve done it. Chipwrecked.
    I have no reason to live anymore.

    • Here have some RAT POISIN with Gin!

      • It’s “poison”.

        • If thine eyes offend you,pluck them out!

  13. Why is everyone complaining? If you don’t like a film, GET A LIFE, YOU CAN’T STOP SOMEONE ELSE FROM LIKING IT!!
    I can’t wait for the the third one!

    • They are self-centered Trolls, who think they can dictate the likes of others. They remind me of the Communist, who thought the same way. May They continue to make Alvin and The Chipmunks movies. I like the looks of shock on the faces of the Trolls, just before they soil their shorts and DIE!

    • I know, right? Why do people hate these movie so much and say there are for retarded 4 year olds? They’re not! I love them!!! And I’m 11! What’s wrong with that?? And my 43 year old dad loves them just as much as me!! :-D

  14. Can someone explain to me what the hell a “troll” is and where that term came from? This Phantanos guy uses it like crazy and I’m already sick of that word. Seems to have replaced the word “epic” on this site.

    • A Troll is a vile individual, hellbent on causing misery. They lurk on the web waiting to bad mouth something or someone! A Troll targets those who happen to like something, the Troll hates! They are the ones who complain in excess. Example: Pharoah constantly Complailed the most when others dissagree with him! The term TROLL fits him!

      • …Like you?

        • NO! More like you! Care to complain? Then prepare to be troll bashed Like all the others.

  15. Geez people, if you dislike the film you haven’t even SEEN yet, how about you bottle it up inside yourself, because I’m most certain that none of us Chipmunk Fans want to hear your childish rants…God, how old are you again???

    • They sound more like pimply faced little 12 year olds. Trolling on stuff that wasn’t made for their ilk. Yet attack their favorites and see them cry foul. They’ll all soil their shorts when The Chipmunks come in December. I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

      • You’re a weird guy, Phantanos. Weird guy.

        • Even weirder are people, who immediately attack a film. Without even seeing it. Then there are others; who get paid by rival studios, to badmouth it. I smell a Rat in Orange County. That big rat has been doing for years. Putting smaller animation companies out of business. The Bagdasarians have been around for some time. They and The Chipmunks aren’t going away anytime soon. I’ll defend a chipmunk over a rat anytime.

  16. Look, would everyone just calm down???
    I AM a Chipmunk fan, I will admit, and my own sister is a Chipmunk hater, so I hear all this all the time.
    On one hand, there is the fact that the Chipmunks aren’t real, and, hey, they never will be. I’m not crazed enough to deny it. And their voices are annoying to some people.
    On the other hand, these guys have been around for over 50 years and they have obviously made their mark, otherwise they’d be cancelled. There songs are fun and their movies are well made.
    I wish all the controversy would stop. There are always two sides to a thought, so respect each other’s opinions… please..?

    • It is sad that there are corrupt and jaded minds among us. Who fume with arrogance. Fan or not! no one has the right to determine what one wishes to see. The Trolls are the worst of the offenders. Some wish to corrupt the young with garbage on television. The stuff is usually a half hour commercial for a crappy toy. The chipmunks only promote music and some life lessions. They do it in a easy not too moralistic way. The majority of these Trolls never even saw an actual episode of the show. They complain the most about the films content, by claiming the humor is raunchy and not appropriate.

      • Phantanos, seriously. Stop. I keep getting e-mails with your asinine comments. I enjoy reading people’s thoughts on different subjects but your rants are way past the borderline of ridiculous.

        • Oh, come on Phantanous, there’s no need to snap! I’m simply trying to lkift the tension between all of this. I agree, Pharoah has gone a little too far with the hate comments, as have a lot of people on this site, but, honestly, if you’re that sure that the movie will be a hit, then leave it alone.
          And if you’re THAT sure that the movie will be horrible, the Trolls should leave it alone, too.
          And, Phantanous, you are perfectly right in your argument – no one should determine what another wishes to see or not. So you, in turn, should not be directing anyone’s decisions.
          - ha! and neither should I :D

          • No truer words have been written. I’ll drink a Fosters in your honor mate!

            • Thank you :D

      • I have too agree with you 100%. I find it really sad how some people waste their valuable time with stuff like this…We get it!, you don’t like The Chipmunks/The Chipettes!. These films aren’t meant for you anyways!, there for us FANS who grew up with them!. Just face it!, their going to be around for a VERRRRRRRRRY LOOOOOOOOOONG time & there are going to be more movies & maybe even another T.V show. DEAL WITH IT!.

  17. phantanos

    • Stuff we personally like and enjoy – or hate and enjoy hating – can be a really touchy subject. I mean, my family doesn’t really like the chipmunks, and I have to deal with that, but when someone makes a direct complaint about it, I get embarresed or angry. Same with things I hate: Twilight, I can’t stand it, but, I have to deal with it. If I want other people to deal with my crazy “fanaticness” then I should deal with other people’s. Right?