Alternate ‘I Am Legend’ Ending Is Far Superior

Published 7 years ago by , Updated February 17th, 2012 at 2:38 pm,

alternate i am legend ending Alternate I Am Legend Ending Is Far Superior

This alternate ending to I Am Legend is (IMHO) far superior to the abrupt version in the theatrical release, and fits in better with something that happens in the film about midway through.

At one point in the movie when Will Smith’s character took the lead zombie’s mate away from them, the zombie reacted with extreme rage, indicating that there was some vestige of humanity left in them. But throughout the rest of the movie we never saw any more hint of that, which felt… “unfinished.”

Well this clip addresses that very nicely, plus ( —— SPOILER ALERT —— ) doesn’t have that nihilistic ending with Will Smith dying. I don’t know why they didn’t go with this ending… maybe they thought it was too cliched for Will Smith to survive – but in this case I think it would only have made the film better.


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  1. I’m incredibly late to this game, but WOW, yeah, so much of a better ending this one have made.

    • Not later than me lol. But yeah, much better. Not just bc Will Smith’s character survives, just with the bleakness of the movie, I feel this ending was way more satisfying.

  2. Wow! I am impressed! That indeed seems like an a lot better ending!

  3. They should have pulled the pin on making the movie in the first place.

  4. Love this movie and there is no doubt that this is the correct ending. May the original producers live in eternal shame.

  5. I’m sorry but this ending is silly. C’mon. These diseased creatures all of a sudden sprout emotions after they kill everything around them? Nah, screw that. Even if they did, I’d still blow them all up to alpha bits after extracting that cure. Again, sorry.

    • You do realize this was the original ending of the book? And the whole point the author was trying to make, don’t be blinded by hate and fear. Will Smith’s character had this one track, stubborn mind that “OMG VAMPIRE ZOMBIES ARE BAD!!”.

      The irony is at the end of the novel, he himself had turned into monster against the vampires. All of it could have been avoided if he took the time to understand they did have humanity.

      • I agree with guy above, if message was that these monsters had humanity why did it take wiping out nearly 6 billion people for it to ever show up for them to be reasonable at all. They might have showed small signs of humanity but how would that change anything when nearly wiped out human population and rest of them don’t even care. Not sure how any of it would have been avoid if vampire zombies are still trying to kill him at end. This ending goes over top of corny ending when doesn’t necessarily mean it was humanity the monster showed. No different than animal and species that live in packs protecting there own, doesn’t mean they won’t turn on person in a second to still hunt there prey, its there nature. I wasn’t big fan of original ending with grenade exploding thought could have done smarter better end but sacrifice of will smith seems essential. It is only in his sacrifice that truly can be viewed as legend, surviving alone as long as he did while being obese with finding cure and go as far to die for humanity if it means saving it. Him delivering cure staying alive is nice ending but just feels too generic, he lit up the darkness for humanity, like bob marely mention still performing despite getting shot he was willing to do what he thought need to be done.

        • Well it’s the food chain. We don’t realize this but we humans wiped out certain population of animals because we need to fill our tummy and provide for our loved ones. The only difference is that we have farmers and people with the capability of using science in harvesting more animals aka food for us (i.e. farm raise salmon, farm raise tuna, etc).

          If let’s say there is no human that sits on the top of food chain and carnivorous animals such as lions are in the top of the food chain. All they can do is eat and hunt food for their family, but they don’t have the ability to raise crops and animals for them to eat. However, as scary looking a lion is, they feel love for their cubs and the lioness.

          What’s my point? Basically I think the Dark Seeker are just animals that is in the top of the food chain. Animals do feel love. Will Smith’s dogs showed love and loyalty to him, my dog does too. Also, my dog only knows he wants food and he will eat whatever food is in the house if he can eat them. Another thing is that, it said since the beginning that the virus isn’t just through bites like regular zombie movies. It was airborne. The population wasn’t just wiped because of the Dark Seeker eating each other, people were infected through airborne virus.

          The question that I do have for this movie is that I know Will Smith is immune to the virus (airborne or through bites) and it said that the reason why the safe zone is in the north it is because it’s colder and the virus doesn’t survive in the cold. But how about Ana and Ethan? How have they survived until now and not be infected by the airborne virus?

          • I believe it may have fazed out of the airborne state, so that people can’t be infected by breathing. Yet it has infected wild life and plants, which is the reason they need a cure to be able to spread out from the colder regions.

            Or, they two are immune, but they never bring it up. I’m pretty sure Will Smith’s character is less concerned with how they’re alive, and more with “omg other people, I am so happy to see other people.”

            Even if it doesn’t seem that way at times.

      • When you say “original ending of the book” do you mean Matheson changed the original ending of his novel? Because I just finished the novel (for the third time, it’s one of my favorites) and that is definitely NOT the way the novel ends.

        • he means thats the way the novel ends in the sense that the main character realizes that the vampires aren’t mindless monsters. Thats the only real similarity.

          Even IF this was the ending in the final cut of the film, its still hardly a solid adaptation of the film. there aren’t enough seeds planted earlier to show that any vampire other than this big one is intelligent. And in the book, it was much more extreme. the “vampires” put him in prison, sentenced him to death, could talk and looked human, ect. Even in this ending, they still can’t speak and don’t appear to be quite as intelligent as us (for instance, the main vampire headbutts the glass rather than looking for a weapon, throws other vamps around with no empathy, ect).

      • This was not the ending of the book. I loved the movie and the book but they are completely different stories. The end of the book was him finding out that these “vampires/zombies” were intelligent and had a complete underground society. They end up deciding to execute Neville in the end.

  6. wow, so much better. in addition to eliminating the whole “the last hope for humanity kills himself for no good reason”, it shows that despite everything, humanity still exists somewhere inside these beings, and it is worth saving.

  7. alternate ending is a load of sentimental crap…the original is better. BLOW THEM ALL TO HELL YEAH!!!

  8. OMG this would have definitely improved the movie! Honestly, of the three films (last man on earth, omega man and I am legend, all based on the Legend book), this was certainly not my favorite, but the cinematic release ending was just plain dumb.

  9. Much better and closer to the original movie.

  10. No, neither ending was good. It is completely not believable that creatures that were so revenous for blood that they tortured their own families and bled their own children dry and fished for humans with manequins like baiting a hook would then allow him and the other two to get away at the end just because he let them have the girl back. What SHOULD have been the ending was that Will Smith should have transfused himself up with the cure, then let them all- the big horde- get him at the end- given himself as a sacrifice – but turning the tide on the disease by essentially giving them all- everyone who bit him would injest some- the cure. In a few days, the entire lot of them would start to revert to human and if they were later bitten again, they would already be “infected” with the cure, thus curing their attackers. As a back up plan, the same thing would have happened as the original ending with the woman and child leaving, but it would be understood that if everyone still uninfected was vaccinated with the cure, the cure wold automatically spread even if the uninfected were bitten. That is the logical way it should have ended- with the cure spreading the same way as the disease first started, essentially. Since the entire movie was about the extreme inhumanity of these creatures, it was too late in the last five minutes of the movie to try to make them seem as though they had feelings and cared about anything other than getting blood.

    • You do know that ingestable cures aren’t delivered using the same bodily mechanics as injectables, right? Same goes for inhalants. Just because it goes in your body doesn’t mean your body treats it the same way. It’s more likely that the sick’s digestive juices and intestines would just rip apart the curing agents. This is more likely with more complex things like viruses that aren’t selected for strange pHs or destructive vesicles filled with enzymes.

      • You do know zombies don’t exist right? What a stupid comment you made.

    • It wasn’t a vaccination. An injection does not have the same affect on a patient when ingested. This ending was beyond dumb but your idea is completely fictional. No chance of scientific basis. The theatrical version made the most sense. Sorry to those who can’t handle the protagonist dying but it did make the most sense in the story.

  11. This ending while satisfying for people who loves good endings, unfortunately totally sucks, becouse it takes the sacrifice away from the protagonist and makes a huge plot contradiction as far as the state of the world goes. I didnt wathced this movie in a theater, instead i had seen it first time in DVD with the extra features and animations. Prior to watching the film the first time (this was one of my most favorite movies by the way, and yes the original ending made me totally sad) I watched the animations packed with the DVD, those animations presented the patients as seeing humans as monsters (kind of the reverse situation. So those patients that are assaulting the doctors basement are actually trying to save the girl from a monsters den and they would have ripped the doctor apart as soon as he stepped out. In the original ending you get that meaning and doctors sacrifice becomes much more powerfull. Becouse the doctor already knew that these “monsters” he is fighting against are actually “patients” and he is a doctor, a devoted one, keen on saving these people. So when he pulled pin on that hand grenade he made a huge sacrifice out of choicelesness, he was desperate and had no alternative, he had to kill all those patients to save the rest of the world, he had to protect the cure he had developed. And he died to protect the cure that would save the world from this epidemic.

  12. I am so happy to have found out about this. After all these years thou!! I read the book after the movie came out, and did not enjoy the ending then, but this one feels better and complete.

  13. Holy crap! Yes, I was so disappointed by how they screwed up the ending to this film. If this is what the filmmaker had orriginally intended, then my regard goes back up a couple of notches.

  14. Finally, some closure for a not-so-great movie! I’m even later to the game, but thank the sweet baby raptor for filmed alternate endings because we have paint-by-numbers simpletons making the big decisions in Hollywood. Yes, may the original producers live in eternal shame.

  15. I hadn’t actually seen this alternate ending (shocker, right?) until now, but yes, this ending is so much better. And this way, “you’re not alone” has more meaning.

  16. I liked the original ending better. Not that either one is “great.” THIS one seems silly to me. The infected were just trying to get their girlfriend back? Come on. Or is it a “deep down they just want to be loved” thing? Yes, Will Smith survives. Obviously everyone would want that. But this isn’t about what’s nice a cuddly. People b**** all the time about how there are no “original ideas” in Hollywood. That’s because stupid people want to see the same ending EVERY TIME! “The good guy CAN’T die,” “Zombies are people too,” “Bob and Sarah just HAVE to end up together…they just HAVE to”…..Probably would have been better to just follow the book all the way to the end. To me, the original ending made more sense.

  17. Yeah, I’d buy the Blu Ray with that ending… :)

    • No your wrong. The leader evolved to understand and learn from the human because he was once human too. At the end when will Smith sees the darkseeker is the cure the leader learned that will Smith was just trying to save them, so they came to an understanding…. btw the leader set up that snare for will Smith to get caught when he saw Fred. The leader learned that technique when will Smith trapped and caught one of their darkseekers with that same technique.

  18. Wow after I’ve seen the alternate version of the ending I was really surprised and pleased. I thought it was going to be the grenade exploding ending. I think I’ve enjoyed the alternate version of the ending better because it gives me in depth on the darkseekers and their leader.

  19. This ending is stupid. All of a sudden Smith knows they aren’t going to attack him? What a joke.

    • Look at his face. He didn’t “know” anything. It’s hard to see, because of the low resolution, but at one point his eyes are closed and his head is down, and he’s probably praying for his life, or just completely terrified and not wanting to face his demise head on. He did it because he thought it was the right thing to do, not because he thought it was the best way to survive.

      It was probably still a sacrifice in his mind, but it just happened to turn out better, because those “vampires” clearly had something else going on in their heads, and they weren’t just mindless killers.

  20. I can honestly say that I like both endings. I like the butterfly part in both endings and in the theatrical ending I like the part when the woman (can’t remember her name for the life of me) says that this (the cure) is his legend. But this alternative ending does touch my heartstrings, but I wish he would’ve cured the girl and shown her partner that he could save them. But that is just me. I enjoyed this movie either way :)

  21. This ending is completely stupid. He said earlier that the infected killed the immune. Feeling, thinking, and good people don’t do that. Killing them was not evil or bad. It was self defense. This ending takes a complete U-turn on everything that the movie has shown and described. At the outset of any outbreak the CDC would quarantine any infected. They wouldn’t just kill them so the infected got violent first. This ending showing them as a sort of hive or pack group that is only protecting its own is completely out of place in the whole story of the movie.

  22. Definitely a better ending. Less gung ho and more personal.

  23. Wrong. Alternate ending is dumb. Zombies suddenly become nice for his girlfriend? I don’t care if this was the book’s ending. It’s dumb. Was this the “let zombie’s” live version and have kids?!! Take the cure away so the cute zombie couple can go home together? What came out in the theaters was correct.

  24. The main “Dark Seeker” is already shown to be different from the rest. He is clearly shown trying to enter the sunlight and he has risen to a level of leadership in a zombie community of apocalypse. I believe this is an effort to show there are simply no absolutes. That even the worst disease can suffer some kind of genetic evolution. Whatever has driven this one zombie to rise even slightly above the former savagery is at the very least… a beginning of hope. It is also worth noting how many times Neville states throughout the movie “I can still fix this”… yet the wall of his laboratory is plastered with nothing but death and failure. Who is the monster? The science? The cancer cure? The insistence of the human to see himself as the righteous? I believe the long shot of death’s wall in the lab is critical to the “alternate” ending… and therefore my vote goes in favor of it.

  25. I have yet to read the book but am planning to now. But it seems to me that the producers made an epic fail. I thought these guys were all about vision. How did they not see that this ending guaranteed a sequel or two?? Sure it is a little ridiculous. Maybe tweak the part where they have him in the room and don’t eat him. But I thought it was a great film that ended too abruptly. They could’ve had a series going, like the 28 Days Later franchise. Shame.