‘Almost Human’ Reveals 2nd Missing Episode in Week 8

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almost human season 1 episode 8 you are here Almost Human Reveals 2nd Missing Episode in Week 8

[This is a review for Almost Human season 1, episode 8. It contains SPOILERS.]

It’s the second episode made and the eighth to air, but Almost Human has finally started talking about Kennex’s girlfriend Anna again, albeit briefly, in its final episode leading before a 3-week hiatus. Though Fox’s new future series is on-point and a thoroughly enjoyable watch, it’ll be “to each his own” when the series returns February 10, as it’s still a bit difficult to get a sense of this series’ direction.

In this week’s missing episode, ‘You Are Here,’ written by creator J.H. Wyman & former executive producer Naren Shankar, technology takes over and an assassin no mark could ever hide from is created. As Kennex and Dorian attempt to track down its source before more lives are taken, Maldonado looks deeper into the incident that cost Kennex his leg (not to mention his partner), revealing a much larger mystery that could ultimately take down the entire precinct.

Like last week’s episode (and most, really), ‘Simon Says,’ this week’s is a fun and compelling looking into the future of technology and, in the case of “You Are Here,” assassinations, which are now able to be completed with bullets meant to track the location of their intended target, no matter where they are. What’s most impressive, though, is the fact that this is the second episode made and, barring a few out of context scenes, reveals the true strength of the series’ foundation.

almost human season 1 episode 8 you are here lilly taylor 570x294 Almost Human Reveals 2nd Missing Episode in Week 8

More so, a few questions that fans have been looking for answers to – like Kennex not making use of other synthetics while in the field or Richard’s general feelings toward the famed duo – were legitimately addressed, proving that, though the series has been aired out of order (thanks to scheduling), an earnest intent was made to fully develop the series early-on in its existence.

Unfortunately, Almost Human has been muddied by shifting schedules and a second-helping of hiatus, and this episode (as well as others) – no matter how thoroughly enjoyable – never truly develop into anything more complex than its 8pm timeslot will allow – which isn’t much, but it sure is more than most.

This, in addition to the weak and generally sparse storyline involving Kennex’s ex, or even Dorian’s desire for mortality to make sense, makes it difficult for much of the series’ hard-earned appeal to ingrain itself in the minds of those watching. The show is entertaining, and the cast is honestly too good for network television; however, outside of a few truly brilliant moments, there’s still no reason to care about what’s going on – and network television isn’t superficial enough to survive on potential alone, no matter who is in the cast.

almost human season 1 episode 8 you are here mx 570x294 Almost Human Reveals 2nd Missing Episode in Week 8

Still, at its core, Almost Human provides for an enjoyable watch; it just doesn’t tempt you to tune in again. If you do, however, you will be entertained. But at this time when television is evolving and true storytelling is occurring in the medium, shouldn’t audiences ask for more? Should they require more?

This, it seems, is where Almost Human is having a difficult time defining itself, and it’s going to be what will make or break the series in the future (if that time hasn’t already come, unbeknownst to fans). Though a show so full of potential like Almost Human can simply be a 8pm series with no real drive (e.g., CSI), the modern viewer should demand more – or else the cast should go their own way, as everyone could be out making films which easily fulfill those wishes.

J.H. Wyman has done a spectacular job with creating a follow-up to the cult-loved Fringe, and in almost every way Almost Human is better. It’s the “almost” which is key here, and it’s truly one element which feels missing from this wonderful exploration into the future. Whatever that element may be – or who may be the cause of it (or its absence) – Almost Human needs to find it, because while Wyman’s new series truly is the show Terra Nova attempted to be (and at a fraction of the cost), there’s still an empty soul currently inhabiting it. But the potential – it’s palpable!


Almost Human returns Monday, February 10 @8pm on Fox.

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  1. I still really really like this show. Its entertaining as hell, but I agree it needs more substance other than Karl Urban and Michael Ealy being awesome.

    • At least it has that…i.e. Karl Urban and Michael Ealy being awesome.
      It works!

      But yes. It needs a master plot-line to hold it together.
      Too episodic at the moment.

      • I stopped watching cause the lack of substance. I prefer shows with a continues story.

        • but don’t all shows start that way?

  2. This was a lenient review of the series thus far, which is grateful because now that more people are getting wind of the episodes being out of order, they can at least see that the show deserves attention and encouragement. I really like the show and instantly became a fan because it is character driven, I am quite fond of character building first and arc second. However, I know that many who are not ‘fandom’ types want more from it and that means getting back to the raid and getting an antagonist. In this case, 13 episodes work for testing reasons but they don’t work if more episodes are required to build the other characters and revisiting the themes from the pilot. I am crossing my fingers that FOX will at least allow for more episodes to be ordered.

  3. Good episode using the Runaway bullet idea. Interesting that this was supposed to be aired second seeing how it does mention the whole missing girlfriend angle and Kennek’s anger issues. A knock against this show has been a lack of an recurring storyline, but as the review stated due to the mixed up airings and the constant breaks it would be hard for the show to gain any momentum.

  4. I hope Almost Human gets renewed and not in the same way as Human Target did (Never forget).

    I watched it because of Karl “Cooper*” Urban and Michael Ealy.

    * RED, at least he missed that squeal.
    P.S. Mike was good in Common Law

  5. Maybe the reason a story arc is missing as FOX likes to play episodes out of order !
    Now guys imagine how that would be having a story arc playing out of order !
    They did this back then with Firefly and did this with so many other great shows !

    @Chad,Human Target was such a great show..and utterly destroyed in its second season !
    Haven’t seen such a radical change so often ! Loved the first season and what followed killed it all ! So sad !

  6. Every week I look forward to this show.
    Karl Urban and Michael Ealy have great chemistry!

  7. Does anyone know what the song is called that plays while the guy is running at the start of the episode?

    • Gary Num had a song in the episode called I Am Dust. Not sure if that’s the song to which you’re referring.

      • Sorry about that, my fingers got lazy. The gentleman’s name is Gary Numan.

  8. I think a balance of 60%/40% episode to narrative can work, if the episodes continue to serve as a nice sci-fi anthology of contemporary issues. I actually lie the idea that the majority of narrative would come on the back end of the season, both to give the overall season time to breath, and to condense and intensify the impact of the narrative portion. For all the merits of modern narrative based television, a lot of narrative elements get shoehorned in to otherwise episodic sections of a show’s run. Better to dispense with the obligation to a narrative arc, and instead focus on handling character driven episodic television and plot driven narrative separately.

  9. Thank gosh this wasnt the second episode, it was terrible. The bad acting of the girlfriend of the suspect really made it painful to watch – underacting with her expressions, overacting with her dialogue – never seen such horrendous acting in a while. She would have fit well on Intelligence.

    • Yes!! I was hoping someone else would mention that! She was truly abysmal and it unfortunately seemed to rub off on those interacting with her but only in the scenes that were with her. I had guessed this was an early episode out of place before confirming that here…. it just seemed odd and nowhere near as good as the last few eps.

  10. Maybe the point is that “empty soul” mentioned to be lacking. It could be an idea built upon the statement at the end of T2 where Sarah Connor mentions a robot being able to find its humanity signaling that there’s hope for mankind. (A poor paraphrase on my part.) Having Dorian restore the humanity in the precinct, or in Kennex specifically, wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination.

    When did Naren Shankar step down? I haven’t followed the behind the scenes on this show.

    • He left early-September.

      • Ah. Thank you.

  11. Good episode for the character moments, slightly bland plot aside from the general cleverness of the central gimmick.

    I can’t say I can see how this show is being so much better than Fringe yet, not because I don’t like Almost Human, but because of how much I loved its predecessor. Still, since season 1 of Fringe was definitely the weakest in the lot (which still made it better than most other shows), hopefully we can expect Almost Human to start soaring in a few weeks’ time, provided the higher-ups don’t ground it for good.

  12. Reading the review reminded me of the compliment that really isn’t….”She’s really pretty….for a fat girl”. I mean with every plus there was a big negative

    One thing about most series….Unlike movies they usually can be played out of sequence without the story line getting too harmed. Unless there’s a two part segment played a long time apart I think most viewers can roll with the flow

  13. i like this show…i just have a bad feeling about it being cancelled

  14. Almost Human started off fantastically. I thought it was going to blossom into an enjoyable sci-fi-technological wonder, but how wrong I was. The show has gotten boring and lame. The constant banter and badgering between the two main leads are getting really annoying. Where are the sci-fi elements? Wow! So Dorian is a walking computer! How imaginative? I want to know how the new technologies evolved, who made them, who abused them and I want them to be the focus of the show. The ‘bromance’ will come naturally as they work on the cases together. I was hoping for so much more than a buddy-buddy cop procedural. What a let-down, especially from a superb first episode.

    • This would be my example of someone who would watch the show but not be a ‘fandom’ type. I prefer the technology to be in the background and subtle, and if you check out some interviews by the producer that was one of the purposes. The show is mainly about connection and not about dazzling you with tech you probably seen in a high budge movie. The year the show is set alone should be a given that somethings changed and somethings stayed the same.

      • I think what the article pointed out was that many of us were lured to the show anticipating something a bit more like Fringe that had a real futuristic feel to it without an over abundance oh CG. Something with an on going story line. What we got is basically just another run of the mill cop buddy story….You know….Like Turner and Hooch…..Only this Hooch talks and does almost as many cool tricks.

        That might not be fait. I don’t dislike the series, but that’s primarily because I like the really strong cast. They just need better stories and direction to get that cast to take it above the usual buddy movie

  15. I agree with the show needing a great arc to carry the season along to renewal. Its a common practice for Fox to play episodes out of order in favor of their mindless programming. I remember them messing up Sliders like this back in the 90s. Took them years to recover with a quality show. I love Almost Human so far and I hope for a season 2.

  16. I love this show and it does not seem too episodic to me. I like shows with a storyline that carries through, but it isn’t a necessity to me either. Besides, I think Almost Human has storyline throughout, but Fox isn’t airing the episodes in order. Also, with only 13 episodes in the first season, and no idea if Fox will go for a second season, I can see why the writers are keeping the arc to a minimum. Why delve into it if there isn’t another season to carry it through? Think of the Sarah Conner Chronicles where Season 2 had an arc, but it just ended with no wrap up to the story, and there was no season 3 t finish it. Personally, I don’t think the arc is the most important thing. Characters matte rmost, and I love the chemistry between Kennex and Dorian. I love this show. It has action, humor, and sci-fi. I’m sure that if there is a second season, then well get the overreaching story line.

  17. I have a question to Sci-Fi geeks…Any idea what kind of force those little blast containment gadgets could generate that could actually do something like that? I have the feeling there’s other examples of something simular in other storied

    • @Tundrabeast:

      If you’re talking about the shield used in the previous ep to contain the banker’s neck bomb… it reminds me of Under The Dome.

      I wish Almost Human showed more connections to Fringe.

  18. I absolutely LOVE this show — best new scripted drama this year IMHO — and I am devastated that it will probably be canceled. Too bad Fox has done everything in its power to sabotage it!

    • I agree I love the show and have been a huge fan of Karl Urban’s. I look forward to watching him every week and the squabbles between the 2 of them make me laugh. Unfortunately, i have found that every time I like a show it gets cancelled right away unless it’s a reality show. I’m not a sci-fi person but I don’t mind it with this show. I do want to see more on Kennex and the girl he likes (I forgot her name on the show) but I like the chemistry and I think it’s a decent show compared to some others that really suck.