‘Almost Human’ Continues to Shine in Episode 3

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almost human episode 3 570x294 Almost Human Continues to Shine in Episode 3

After last week’s two-night premiere event, all eyes are on Almost Human for their next installment, to see if the new series can maintain the high bar it set for itself. Thankfully, 2048 appears to be alive and well on Fox, as this week’s episode, “Are You Receiving?”, reveals that J. H. Wyman’s futuristic tale has no intentions of slowing down. (But will it?)

In this Dredd-esque adventure – written by former Fringe writer Justin Doble – a shape-shifting twist on the familiar game of cops and robbers forces Kennex (Karl Urban) and Dorian (Michael Ealy) to combine their powers with the LAPD “home team” – Maldonado (Lili Taylor) and Stahl (Minka Kelly) – in order to save many hostages from a promised execution. When what’s thought to be an attack by the Holy Reclamation Army turns into case of mistaken identity, Kennex and Dorian must figure out what the real target is – and fast.

If the Almost Human series premiere helped sell the concept, then the second episode helped solidify the partnership between Kennex and Dorian. Now, in episode 3, an earnest justification for Reginald’s expanded team at the LAPD is provided – and with it, Fox has unequivocally secured itself a hit series for the foreseeable future, further putting more pressure on the other networks, which have far more scheduling options available to them.

almost human episode 3 kennex dorian 570x294 Almost Human Continues to Shine in Episode 3

As Kennex and Dorian slowly ascend the building’s (almost) empty levels, in (almost) constant communication with Maldonado and Stahl, to their inevitable showdown with the hostage takers, the series, as well as everyone watching, is able to briefly pause and assess the show in its true form. In many ways, AH has surprisingly been able to crack the impossible code of bringing a big-screen adventure to network television – a code which Fox unfortunately got wrong with Terra Nova. Still, Almost Human is network television series through and through, and it (slightly) shows.

For every beautifully shot piece of advanced technology, there’s also – at times – a slightly-blurred CGI background which appears to be just out of grasp of the series’ television budget. Such slights are almost impossible to detect, however, which is a testament to how the series’ writers and producers are able to use their imagination and creativity to sidestep the complications that arise from working within a medium with so many limitations. The only question now is: What’s next?

almost human episode 4 kennex dorian 570x294 Almost Human Continues to Shine in Episode 3

In this episode, Maldonado and Stahl finally received the justification that they, as well as the series, needed in order to step above and beyond what previous buddy cop tales have instilled in viewing audiences. What started off as just a partnership between Kennex and Dorian has since evolved to include the two team members who appear to have a mobility issue, thus accomplishing the seemingly impossible task of creating an earnest team in  a world where everything is more fascinating than teamwork – something that ABC’s 8pm counterpart, Agents of Shield, is still attempting to perfect now, in episode 9.

For all intents and purposes, Almost Human is a network show of such quality that, as each episode passes, it becomes more and more difficult to ignore the pessimism that a lot of viewers are saddled with as they navigate television’s vast landscape of many generic and/or poorly-realized “gotcha” tales, while maintaining some semblance of sanity.

Now three episodes in, the chances that next week’s episode will disappoint are statistically high, as a network show can only be so good, right? Of course, if J. H. Wyman’s follow-up to Fringe has taught us anything, it’s that statistics are a thing of the past, and this series is, if anything, an anomaly, both in-front-of and behind the camera. And even if it wasn’t, Karl Urban and Michael Ealy surly are.


Almost Human returns next Monday with “The Bends.” @8pm. You can check out a preview of next week’s episode below:

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  1. Immediately asked myself if this episode would be referred to as ‘Dredd’-esque. It was, and it was.

    Upon reflection, it seems almost purposeful that episode one was so blatantly stating its primary influences, a “Yes, yes, yes, it is that show/movie. Now how about you sit back and give it a shot?”

    Clever move. The only thing I am waiting for is the long game. Took ‘Fringe’ three seasons to settle on such a thing (after an initial aborted attempt). Other than that, for what it is trying to be (smart, efficient, funny with a tinge of thought provoking), so far it has been hard to find fault with it.

  2. Another great episode. Wow, this is how a series is meant to be. I love the way they handle the plots in the show within another plot within another plot. It makes the storyline complex and very enjoyable. Usually a show that starts strong starts to decline within the 3rd-5th episode but with last nights episode I only see things improving. Mondays are just epic now with Sleepy Hollow, Almost Human, and The Blacklist. If the Blacklist was on Fox I would say Fox would own Mondays. Lets see how AOS does tonight. Hopefully they improve this episode because they are about 2 episodes away from where I can start evaluating the series based on what Arrow has provided from S1

  3. another enjoyable episode, they need to take it easy on the cheesey jokes, it s a good balance, but i feel Urban is forcing it sometimes

  4. Great show! Did anyone else notice the Star Wars reference when Kennex says to Dorian after the call with Maldonado… Kennex says boring conversation anyway. Exact quote from Han Solo in Star Wars. JJ Abrams show…hmmm. Karl Urban might be up for playing Solo in spin off movie.

    • YES! I noticed straight away haha “Boring conversation anyway..”

  5. I’ve enjoyed every episode. This one felt a bit like a futuristic Die Hard with the inclusion of an “almost human” partner. (I don’t consider that a bad thing.) I kept waiting to see Nakatomi Plaza on the outside of the building. Even had the elevator/duct scenes. I like Urban a lot. Kennex and Dorian are a good fit. Here’s hoping it sticks around awhile!!

  6. Favorite show. Amazing. Love it.

  7. Minka Kelly is so freakin’ cute…

    But anyway, I am hoping that this show keeps up. Nothing more disappointing than a show with so much potential to start going downhill in its first season…

  8. This show combined with sleepy hollow make monday night feel like movie night.

  9. Despite the many Die Hard similarities, this was a decent episode; even it if was something of a throwaway. It did little to propel the story or the show forward but was still entertaining enough even though it dragged a bit more than the first two episodes. That’s in no way a complaint, just felt a little less developed than what we’ve seen so far. Plus, seems like these shows unleash the hostage episode later in their first year run.

    One other thing: They’ve been pushing Urban and Minka Kelly’s characters together, but I see her choosing Michael Ealy’s Dorian instead.

  10. I’m really digging this show. Great world-building and some really neat ideas of how technology might be used both by law enforcement and criminals alike.

    The chemistry between the leads is compelling and so far the stories have been solid. But what I really appreciate is that the writers seems to be thinking about this world and how the people act in it. The criminals seem genuinely smart and competent, not the nincompoops which typically inhabit these kinds of things.

    It usually takes a TV show, partilulary those in this genre a few episodes or even a season to hit stride but they are off to a strong start. Hope this show makes it… it deserves to.

  11. Well, FOX owns Monday nights.

    Solid episodes so far, really liking this show.

    • Are the ratings ok so far ?
      Or do we get it canceled to soon ! It’s on Fox :(

      • Unfortunately the ratings have been dropping with each episode. I hope the audience finds this show. People would rather watch stuff like “the Voice”.

    • I should add that Fox probably thinks that the Sleepy Hollow audience will tune in early for Almost Human but I really think there’s a better day and time for Almost Human than Monday night.

  12. It was the kinder, gentler version of Dredd (starring the same guy)–and still very enjoyable!

  13. Reminded of Dredd and thats awesome.

  14. I rarely jump on the boat but I gotta agree with everyone else, the show is nothing but good thus far. I only hope they can continue to keep the quality at this level for the life of the show.

  15. A Dredd comparison is always a good thing!

    Can’t wait for Almost Human to make it over to the UK!

  16. 3rd episode and i am still happy, yup this is a keeper.

  17. I can’t wait till Fox cancels this, this show is garbage.

    • “I don’t like it, so I don’t want anyone else to be able to enjoy it, because the world revolves around me!”

      And I thought my niece was spoiled, lol.

  18. I like Karl Urban, but this episode was writers going, “ok, let’s borrow every element from the first Die Hard movie and then put some future stuff on it”. Criminals pretending to be political fanatics? Check. Characters talking over a radio (phone) entire episode? Check. Someone thrown out a window to the “shock” of the police downstairs? Check. The storyline has been done, and the 20 minutes spent going up the stairs was a lot of nothing going on.

  19. I really like the show, but was disappointed with the one where the undercover “cook” for the drug BENDS was brought in. He was so rude and mean to him and the guy just took it like a doormat. It’s one thing when he is a bully to a robot, but this was a real human who had just helped out. Showed a lack of character by both of them. I want to see people stand up to bullies, even if they are the star of the show.

  20. I haven’t watched the pilot (yetbadly want to! ) so I don’t know how authoritative my comment will be, but it strikes me that maybe the association you’ve picked up between black “almost human” android = how blacks have historically been viewed/treated is intentional. It seems to me that the subtext of the show is that the (hero) android is capable of showing more humanity than the (anti-hero) human, thus demonstrating his right to be an equal partner. That Urban’s character has an artificial leg is an additional commentary that none of us is purely, 100% “human” (white? In order to function, ) and that’s something one must reconcile.