‘Almost Human’ Finally Pushes Kennex’s Girlfriend Storyline Forward

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almost human season 1 episode 10 dorian kennex Almost Human Finally Pushes Kennexs Girlfriend Storyline Forward

[This is a review for Almost Human season 1, episode 10. It contains SPOILERS.]

In this week’s episode of Almost Human, “Perception,” written by executive producer Sarah Goldfinger (Hawaii Five-0, Grimm), Kennex and Dorian investigate the simultaneous death of two students who were taking a new, custom drug. As hackers, pill makers and unrequited love complicate the case at hand, a scornful mother slowly reveals her true nature. Meanwhile, Kennex visits a recollectionist to help him remember his girlfriend Anna, and it’s revealed that a certain special someone is still keeping a watchful on him.

“Perception” is a perfect example of Almost Human running at full power. The case of the week was interesting and somewhat complex; the facts of the case – even if they eventually turned towards the romantic – were compelling enough to keep you tuned in; and the long-overdue story of Kennex and his girlfriend is moving forward. Is it too late, though?

There are now 3 episodes of Almost Human left, as far as everyone – including those who make the show – is concerned, yet it still feels as if the show has just began. Whether it be the multiple breaks throughout its initial run, or the lack of actual through-story for the majority of the episodes, or both, there’s an inherent disconnect between the show, its story and its viewers. Though people seem to enjoy the show, it’s difficult to explain why – which translates equally as poorly when one attempts to explain why the show should come back next year. At this point, saying “to see what’s actually going on” feels uncomfortable and unfortunate, yet this is where the series currently stands.

almost human season 1 episode 10 dorian Almost Human Finally Pushes Kennexs Girlfriend Storyline Forward

There are many reasons why Almost Human is enjoyable; unfortunately, the overall story isn’t one of them. The world is fun, new and unique, and the episodic stories – especially this week’s – always make great use of its setting; the actors involved are too good for network television; and the amount of care taken with each episode can be seen everywhere except the overall story which, from time to time, will pop up. Until audiences are able to easily define what it is they love about Almost Human, and why they’re excited to tune in to more episodes, whenever t may be, the series will remain like Dorian: soulless, but with a lot of heart.

Even so, Almost Human’s episodic entrees are more than enjoyable, in their own right, and there aren’t many new TV shows which can say the same. While some new shows are struggling with intricacies, in order to make their week-to-week adventures work, Almost Human excels when it comes to minute details adding to its weekly installments. And this isn’t the first week that items which have just recently been talked about – like a pill maker – have appeared on the show, as if they always existed.

Kennex’s girlfriend Anna is back in the picture, however, and perhaps this inclusion will allow the series to grow as quickly as it needs to in the few episodes it has left. We now know that Anna is still monitoring her former beau, so it’s likely that this could be used as a way to quickly track her down. If not, at least fans know that her story is finally moving forward.


Almost Human returns next Monday @8pm with “Disrupt.” You can check out a preview of next week’s episode below:

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  1. I LOVED this episode. So great! This show is going strong!

  2. There are at least 3 over arching plots now with Kennex’s ex, The Wall, and the Dorian’s “dad” and his robot army. Please don’t get cancelled.

    What do people think? Any chance at a second season?

  3. this was a great episode…i have missed a couple but did i hear it correctly that Valerie is a chrome?

  4. So wait, just to make sure Im understanding this right

    There are really only 3 episodes left of the season? I was hoping this would have a full run of 20 or so episodes. It sure seems that way with all the stand alone episodes. And I am not complaining about the episodic nature, its only the first season. And I am happy with shows being more episodic for the first season just to let us get to know the characters better before diving in to more arcs and ongoing plots.

    I really hope this gets picked up for a second season. Its my favorite new show from fall 2013 besides maybe sleepy hollow.

  5. While I’m enjoying the show immensely, and appreciated the bits of “bigger plot stuff” that we got in this episode, I was a bit put off while watching, as this is the first time I felt like the absurd out-of-order episode airing was a real detriment, as someone who’s really keeping up with the show.

    This episode is episode 4, and after so many later episodes have aired at this point, it’s really distracting and off-putting to have a version of Dorian walking around in this episode that hasn’t warmed up to Kennex yet, when we’ve gotten so used to seeing that in already-aired episodes.

    Whether the show gets an extension or renewal, or not, I’m still looking forward to rewatching this first season in order on Blu-ray, because I really do feel like it will work better.

    • I think one if the shows positive attributes is the chemistry between the leads. But the out of order showing ruins that as done episodes they seem close and other episodes they seem mistrustful and distant.

    • THANK YOU!!!! These episodes are messing this show up BIG TIME!!!!!!!!! i cant stand how they are airing these! Its so distracting to see Kennex and Dorians relationship go coco every week!!!!! The character development is all wrong!!!!!!

  6. “Almost Human” is one of my favorite shows of the year, but I’m a little nervous that the American public won’t watch it. Too complex,etc.(insert favorite word). I don’t know how it’s doing in the ratings, but I find it one of the best written shows on tv. And who can believe that it’s on Fox. Everyone who enjoys the show, tell your friends or else we’ll be forced to watch more shows like “Mike & Molly” and it’s ilk this coming year.

  7. I was not sure at first if I would like this show, but I am finding it mildly entertaining and will watch it all the way to the end of the series.

  8. I really like this show, but I have a bad feeling that it is going to get cancelled. There is so much of the world they created left unexplained. I’m crossing my fingers for a second season.

  9. Fox aired the episodes out of order. This is actually episode 3. That’s why there’s a disconnect between Dorian and Kennex.

  10. I really hope they pick Almost Human up for another season… and air them in order, it kinda helps when you have plots that span several episodes (Or set everything up [Firefly anyone])

  11. So it seems fox is doing the same they did with firefly

  12. I have to catch this online, Fox’s staggered scheduling threw me off (seems to be worse this year all around though). I have a bad feeling this show is going to be cancelled and the way they showed the episodes out of sequence really did not help the show build the bigger story arcs that have become a bit clearer as they aired the earlier episodes they showed out of order.

  13. Great episode. But did we forget that just last week the scientist went “Over the wall” Sooooooo that just happened or nah? Would have like some explanation of that wall and whats on the other side of it. So I get what there saying. Even though each episode by itself is good. Theres no story to follow. Its just bad guy of the week.

    • There is no Story to follow because the creator knew what would happen to his show ..shown out of order !!!

      Now,imagine he had a Story and imagine out of order showings…GOD !
      He did the only thing he could,he tried to show the network he has a strong show so that he can have a second chance in season 2 and make a story arc ! Hope it works 1
      Sad that fox is so blind and no brain in treating the show like this !
      Firefly was canceled because of it !

  14. Very little to no continuity between episodes makes this show a “save on the dvr for a rainy day” type show. Not that it’s bad but there’s no incentive to watch it.

    I sort of doubt there is going to be a season 2 for this show, at least not on tv. Maybe on Netflix or something similar.

    • There’s no continuity because these last few episodes were supposed to be shown earlier in the season.