‘Almost Human’ Airs Its First Missing Episode as Mid-Season Finale

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almost human season 1 mid season finale Almost Human Airs Its First Missing Episode as Mid Season Finale

It may not be the Almost Human mid-season finale that many fans had hoped for, but it sure is a strong end-of-the-year finish, nevertheless. With two DRNs (Michael Elay), an annoyed Kennex (Karl Urban) and a never-before-seen crime, creator J.H. Wyman is tempting audiences to tune in next year, to find out the full story behind a certain Detective’s mysterious ex-girlfriend. The question now is: will you?

In this week’s episode, “Arrhythmia,” written by Alison Schapker (Fringe, Alias), Kennex and Dorian take on a case of a man who somehow knew the exact time of his own death, which leads television’s new duo into the highly-evolved world of black market organs. As the source of the bio-mechanical organs begins to be revealed – and Dorian’s new friend, DRN 494, rejects a return to service – it’s a rush to find out who, exactly, is behind all of these transplants before the rest of their clientele is “switched off”, once and for all.

For a series filled with as many hidden gems (read: actors) from the big screen, it can’t be easy to highlight a character story without sacrificing the overall quality, or pacing, of whatever the task is at hand; and it’s almost impossible to do it without introducing new characters that would likely have to return, at some point. So what Almost Human pulled off by doubling Michael Elay is quite ingenious; how they pulled it off – both visually as well as logically – is even more so.

almost human season 1 mid season finale kennex dorian 570x294 Almost Human Airs Its First Missing Episode as Mid Season Finale

Both Kennex and Dorian haven’t really evolved all that much from the beginning. Their ability to work as a team, however, has, and yet the series still relies on Dorian carry much of weight, as far character development goes, to push Kennex (or himself) in to revealing more about the man (or machine) we now watch each week. In this episode, Dorian finds a like-minded friend in DRN 494, so now many of the internal conversations that Dorian would merely have in his own mechanized mind are now presented outward, to himself, or at least a version that could have been, if things would have been different.

Synthetic or not, Dorian truly is the heart and soul of this series and, as the series title suggest, is the only one looking inward, as well as outward, to better understand his place in a world filled with humans who, while being able to feel and emote, largely do anything but. Still, much of Dorian’s way of thinking can be considered idealistic, and in world where anything is but ideal, there are some harsh truths that he must come to terms with. Dorian’s earnest intent in reviving a decommissioned DRN allowed him to connect with an alternative version of himself, to see that, though intent is everything – even in saving a little boy’s life – the rules and laws that are put upon synthetics can quickly result in the loss of the life he was built for, and which he’s interested in pursuing more of.

almost human season 1 mid season finale kennex dorian 2 570x294 Almost Human Airs Its First Missing Episode as Mid Season Finale

The story of this week’s episode, too, built the series up even more. Though we’ve see a few instances of futuristic crimes in past episodes, this is the first one that felt as if it could have supported a feature-length runtime, and it’s a terrific example of how creative minds can use a television budget to continuously create familiar, yet unique, futuristic tales with striking visual effects. After all the wondering of what may come from the airing of Almost Human’s missing episodes (2, 3 & 4), it now appears to be more calculation-based than anything conspiracy-related.

“Arrhythmia” may very well be the sixth episode to air, but it is actually the third episode to be film and perhaps the series’ strongest episode yet. Whether it be because of the additional visual effects needing more time, or J.H. Wyman’s calculated scheduling of episodes – or both – the mysterious case of missing episodes has all but come to end. It’s now very unlikely that episodes 2 and 4 are being hidden away because of issues relating quality, but because the series’ is not yet ready to delve into the weighty story of Kennex and his ex-girlfriend.

Next month Almost Human will take part in some confusing scheduling shenanigans, thanks to Fox, and will have to wait-out the Sleepy Hollow season 1 finale and The Following season 2 premiere before making a full return to the air. With another 2-week hiatus in the cards for Fox’s new series in late-January, it’s likely that Kennex’s forgotten tale will return to help ease the new series through a challenging obstacle that can’t simply be dismissed by citing the holiday season. Whether or not audiences will around to stick around until then is another question – one that unfortunately won’t be answered until February.

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Almost Human returns Monday, January 6, 2014 @8pm on FOX for a 2-week run, then returns again on February 3.

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  1. Hey Anthony, it’s Michael Ealy. Not Michael Elay. hahaha just wanted to help out.

  2. Also, I have no idea what the title of this article is referring to as far as “First Missing Episode” is concerned.

    • They showed the episodes out of the order in which they are numbered.

      • They did the same back then with Firefly !
        Really bad !

  3. I’ll definitely be returning, love this f*cking show.

  4. I’m a bit puzzled by ScreenRant’s coverage of this series. The reviews of the first couple episodes were glowing, and prompted me to check the show out to my enduring satisfaction (despite the pretty confusing plotline about the psychic character last week), but then it seemed to go downhill from there despite the show having been consistently good so far. What gives?

  5. This article is littered with spelling and grammatical errors. I can’t think what pressing information is in here, which might require it to be rushed out in such a shoddy way.

    I’ll be returning to watch the show, as it is inventive enough to lift it out of the mire of mediocrity that it so closely resembles.

  6. Sadly, the series is gone; it’s been cancelled.

    • And the Fox’s saga of ruining sci-fi series continues… When somewhere it was pointed out Fox was broadcasting the episodes out of order I already had a bad feeling

    • No it’s not. I dunno where you got your information, but it’s false!

      • Get my information from the sets here in Vancouver.

        To reiterate, the show is done and won’t be going back into production. Most of the crew have transferred to other projects here in town.

        • From what I’ve read online last night they said nothing about being cancelled. The creator of the show was even going into details as to where the show was heading and the importance of Dorians role in the upcoming episodes. I don’t know what set you were looking at but it might have been just a wrap up for ending the season.

    • Ha, this guy

    • Slink on back to your cave, troll.

      • I’d love to know how you feel about calling this guy a troll considering what we know now about the show definitely being cancelled (and yeah, the show only debuted here in the UK in early April but I’ve been watching online sporadically, still have the season finale to go after having just seen episode 12).

  7. another great episode, i am sick of cop shows but Almost Human gives it a fresh twist along the lines of Continuum

  8. Fox has not officially cancelled the show yet. The few websites that are saying it’s “likely to be cancelled” are basing that on 2 reasons. The first being the ratings slip since the pilot episode and the second being the comparison to Firefly which was also aired out of order.

    If Fox does let Almost Human go, I wouldn’t be surprised if SyFy picked it up, or maybe Netflix. Either way it’s a little too early to start writing it’s epitaph.

    • Yeah, I saw that and I would be shocked if they cancelled the series considering they have already filmed much of the first season already. I know from what the producers have come out and said is that the first half of the season isn’t really in any order but that the 2nd half of the season will be done in order as it all follows a storyline(Feb. 3). Yes, the ratings has dropped but then again so has AOS but there is no talk about that series being cancelled unless it’s from the actually disappointed fans. My guess is that season 1 is safe and we shall see with season 2

    • Well, the crew who’ve been working on it here in town are saying it’s gone. Fox not “officially” canceling it yet is a moot point.

      I suspect the network will play out the episodes already in the can … but it’s not going back into production after the break. That’s what I’ve been told by those closely attached to it.

      Frankly I’m not surprised. The writing was flat and derivative.

      • That’s interested because Fox is vested for a full season so if they do cancel they would be dumb for doing so because they would loose out on that money spend. Now if they are saying it will be cancelled after season 1 I might believe it but from what I’ve read on some articles and some sites online this show is about as safe as AOS is if that helps any, LOL

        • Well, at the risk of tarring myself with the same brush, I’ll just say you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet.

          I know many people in production in Vancouver, some of whom are highly positioned, and I can tell you that the crew is always the first to learn about these sorts of things. And I’ve been told in no uncertain terms that this show is done.

          All the other Internet reports could be anything from third-party speculation and hearsay to network and/or producer disinformation.

          As to wasting money, not really. They’ll likely air what they’ve shot and finished in post. But Fox also has to decide if selling advertising space on a show that isn’t performing well (despite how much they’ve already spent on it) makes any sense. Better to write it off as a loss and put a better performer in the same time slot.

  9. I’ve been impressed with Almost Human enough that I get pass my on own disdain for cop shows, at least this isn’t Law and Order 2075 or such . . . to which that will be the finale of that show. I like the chemistry of the Almost Human cast, and would hope for at least 3 seasons.

  10. This show continues to deliver with strong writing and the ability to seamlessly integrate themes that could easily feel otherwise hokey.

  11. love this show!!

  12. I like this TV series. But, for me, its lack of a story arc is getting frustrating.

    *Gasp* “Help!” *Choke!* “I need plot! Please, plot!” *Cough* *Gasp!*

  13. I think this series has potential but showing episodes out of order is a recipe for disaster. I love Karl Urban in anything he does. That’s why I’m watching. But like the early days of Star Trek (TOS) the characters took a number of episodes to finally settle in to personalities. I definitely want to see more back story on Karl Urban’s character. It’s his struggle with being human that would be a great counter-point to Dorian’s trying to be human. Their relationship is what matters most. Clearly this police series has a new approach that is appealing. Let’s hope they stay on network tv and show the episodes in order from now on. I have no desire to spend my hard earned $ on cable tv.

  14. This would be a great blog if the posts were proofread, edited and revised. It is painful to have a degree in journalism and read otherwise decent writing that is littered with grammatical, syntactical and other conventional errors. For example, most of the words that have been hyphenated in this post should have been hyphenated (i.e. “calculation-based,” “conspiracy-related” and “calculation-based”). Typically only compound modifiers, except for those beginning with an -ly word, and commonly hyphenated composites should be bound together by a hyphen. Of course we all make mistakes, but, with a website that looks as good as this one, it’s always sad to see unedited copy. Congrats on the proper semi-colon use, though! [I'm breaking my own rule and using an exclamation point:]

  15. I can never have enough mac and cheese recipes for some reason. Every time I make it I use a different one. Not sure why since they’re all perfect and heavenly in my book given enough cheese. But I’m happy to add this one to the collection! Reply

  16. I think this show has changed TV quality for the good just like Breaking Bad did. There’s no decent Sci Fi on TV anymore since Battalestar Galatica and we all know about Star Trek.
    This show holds strong to the cyberpunk themes and still manages to be relavent with today’s tech. Artificial hearts being sold on the black market ? Right and wrong ?
    Fox would be stupid to drop this show.

  17. The show has’t been cancelled, it’s been ‘shelved.’ However, shelved is not exactly good news either, but it’s not quite as bad as being cancelled…yet.

  18. FOX ruins another great SciFi series. ¡¡¡Browncoats Forever!!!