‘Almost Human’ Takes Best New Fall Show of 2013 in Episode 2

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almost human episode 2 kennex dorian 570x294 Almost Human Takes Best New Fall Show of 2013 in Episode 2

With a one-two punch, J.H. Wyman’s new series, Almost Human, is effortlessly stealing the thunder of all the new fall shows that came before it. In the second installment of Fox’s two-day premiere event, Dorian (Michael Ealy) takes us on a fascinating journey through beauty and tragedy in the near-future, breathing more life and spirit into television’s new favorite synthetic.

In this week’s episode, ‘Skin,’ written by Southland writer and producer Cheo Hodari Coker, a surprisingly complicated tale is weaved through the underbelly of society’s sex bot trade when the most famous inventor of romantic companions is found dead.

And because Whyman and Coker decided to prove that 60 minutes is rarely used to its fullest on network television, or that all the awe-inspiring technology and advancements in weaponry and toys isn’t enough to keep us entertained, the futuristic tale of the mechanized working girl is masterfully transformed into a powerful and heartbreaking conversation about mortality and legacy.

almost human episode 2 kennex dorian 2 570x294 Almost Human Takes Best New Fall Show of 2013 in Episode 2

Coming off of the much-talked-about, much-loved series premiere, all eyes are on what may be J. H. Wyman’s opus in its second episode, to see whether or not the impressive size and scale introduced in the pilot can be consistently repeated without sacrificing the plot, or worse, its two acting juggernauts, Urban and Elle.

Even so, no one could have – or should have, thanks to the unreliability of network television – expected Almost Human to push aside any interest in simply maintaining their (already elevated) status quo and, instead, raise the bar on itself – which it cleared and them some.

Wrapped in the artificial elegance of synthetic companionship, an earnest question about mortality and “being remembered” is posed by Dorian, which brilliantly (and every so sneakily) inserts the one thing the show was missing but audiences haven’t had the time to notice: heart.

As Dorian’s quest for meaning – or the knowledge of it, at least – continues, both he and Kennex (Urban) are able to slowly their layers of humanity through conversation and situation, now giving viewers a good look at the heart (as well as the imagination) that’s driving Fox’s new primetime darling.

almost human episode 2 kennex dorian lom 570x294 Almost Human Takes Best New Fall Show of 2013 in Episode 2

In two nights – two episodes, really – Almost Human has already gone above and beyond what is truly (perhaps unfortunately) required of a new series to succeed on network television; it would have been safe if it were to simply stand as a sci-fi police drama – for a few seasons, at least.

Instead, Wyman appears to pull out all the stops in his new series, making sure to build a solid foundation from which a strong series can be built upon for years to come. But can Almost Human be that perfect? The answer, as it turns out, depends on how far you look ahead.

Right now, Almost Human has proved its concept and proved that it has heart. What’s next is for Kennex’s “team” – Maldonado (Lili Taylor), Stahl (Minka Kelly) and Lom (Mackenzie Crook) – to be required to step out from the confines of the bullpen, come together and rely on each other while in action, in order prove their worth as a group.

But of course, if you’ve already watched the preview of this season of Almost Human, you know that’s exactly what’s going to happen down the line.


Almost Human returns next Monday with ‘Are You Receiving’ @8pm on Fox. You can check out a preview of this season below:

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  1. This show is honestly amazing. I had extremely high expectations while awaiting the premier throughout the summer, and I can say with ease that I was not disappointed at all. Everything to this point has been simple spectacular, and I can’t wait for more!

    That preview looks so good btw, next Monday couldn’t come faster.

  2. How can this go wrong? It has Karl Urban!
    Can’t wait til he goes mental and starts shooting everyone ala Dredd.

    • Gotta love the Urban!

      I’m really happy to hear the series is good, but is it too much to ask for a Dredd sequel too!?

  3. I am so on board with this show. I’ve always loved Karl Urban. Even in some of the sh*ttiest movies he’s been in, Urban is a standout. I hope this show puts him and Michael Ealy on the map. Almost Human FTW!!!

  4. Do the sex-bots have machine guns in their jubblies?
    But yeah, awesome show. Karl urban is the man!

  5. You know, in the 90s there was a similar show called Total Recall 2070. Because the main detective had an android partner, similar to this. It had a Blade Runner feel, but it pretty much was just another boring scifi TV show which the 90s had many of.

  6. I like karl urban very much, except for in star trek. Its very possible that my lack of star trek knowledge is to blame, but he seems overly hammy in those 2 films. He doesnt really deliver his lines well compared to pine and more so zachary quinto. Is this how bones is suppose to be? Can someone clarify.

    • I am pretty sure there are episodes of the original show and movies with the first cast floating around for you to compare the newer stuff with. Bones was always the more grumpy of the main characters, but none of the cast could ever come across more hammy than Shatner who ate the scenery in every scene. Urban played it pretty much like Kelly did, but the new Spock and Kirk are not like the originals so it may not fit as well.

    • @Trey

      If you look at it in a vacuum, then yes, but if you compare him to the original Bones, Urban channels the original Bones quite well. So you kind of have the original actor to blame for that. But for me, it actually shows Urban’s acting skills.

  7. ”You scanned my balls?” Hahahahaha, I really hope this show continues, great buddy cop vibe, pleasantly surprised by so far.

    • i laughed so hard i was crying at that scene lmao “you scanned my balls?” loool

  8. Awesome show so far. I hope this puts Urban on the map and maybe pushes a Dredd sequel even more… :-)

  9. Its actually one of the most formulaic cop shows I’ve ever seen, and it’s getting almost universally panned by critics.

    • Universally panned by critics? It has 15 positive reviews and only 2 negative on metacritic.

    • This show has received some great reviews dating back from the early screenings especially from the comic book fan base. I didn’t want to give me hopes up but when those fans turned out to be right in calling AOS a huge letdown then I got really excited for Almost Human and it has so far exceeded all my expectations (good storytelling, has that Dredd feel, visual effects are nicely done). 2 episodes in and I am hooked. Both episodes have been great and they have produced what I consider a “can’t miss episode”. This is how a series should be done and I can’t wait for Mondays episode.

    • Everything on television is formulaic in one way or another, that’s kind of where the whole genre label comes from.

    • Yah, I also would like to see where this is “universally panned” by critics. I know you don’t like it and you want to feel like you’re part of the majority (since being an individual now is so uncool) but that doesn’t mean you have to make up things to accomplish that… So far every review I’ve read have been positive… So, please enlighten us on all of these universally bad reviews you’re talking about…

      • He said almost universally which kind of makes it an oxymoron.

        • @Slayer

          LOL, pretty much, but even if you give him the benefit of the doubt, that suggests at least a majority of reviews have been negative. But I’ve tried doing a search for reviews, and pretty much every result has been positive. So I’m wondering where he got this “statistic” that the show is “almost universally panned” by critics…

  10. I liked the first show, but the second one…not so much.

  11. This show gets better and better!

  12. Great show! If you like sci-fi and you like action then this is for you. I happen to be a Karl Urban fan (the reason I tuned in) but this was just a nice surprise. It has a great cast and the writers don’t hold back. I’m looking forward to future episodes/seasons.
    Did anyone notice that first Sexbot? She looked just like Smallville’s Erica Durance (aka Lois Lane). Can anyone confirm?

  13. I liked it but its 100% Irobot meets robocop

  14. karl urban could play every role of every movie all at the same time and they would be the greatest films in the cosmos

  15. Was this show any good?

    • YEEESSS!! This show is very good. :)

    • I’m actually fairly picky when it comes to the shows I watch since I don’t really have the time to sit and watch a whole bunch of them. But this one is definitely added to my schedule. :-)

  16. How do you really feel though?

  17. I hate to be the first one to start comparing, but 1 minute into the premier I paused the show and said to me wife, “This is how intense Agents of Shield” should have been”. But it can’t be because it’s on ABC. Ugh.

    • Right, LOL. I had soo many people tell me last night, “How can a show like this that is not very well known create such great storytelling, action, visual effects, and has hooked me in the first 5 minutes of the first episode and AOS still hasn’t hooked me into the series 7 episodes in? This is what I actually expected AOS to be like with it’s storytelling and action sequence.”

  18. More Ghost in the Shell stuff i’ll be a Fan forever !!!!

  19. Way to ruin the episode! They just had to put the vioice of an idiot explaining every frigging detail right?

    • That was my only complaint about this episode. If they take out the narration then it will be perfect for me

    • I take it you guys were watching a pirated version (from eztv)? The actual episode had no narration. You guys downloaded a version with audio description meant for blind people or those with impaired vision…

      • Burned… You guys realize that Fox put both episodes on their website to be seen for free the day after they aired right? So yes, you could have LEGALLY seen the show without the narration…

      • I was mostly implying at the beginning when the title scene comes on. I guess it eventually will go away as the episodes come

        • @JaredDac

          So, throughout the entire one-hour episode, you were thinking to yourself how much you hated the narration during the opening credits? Is that how that little bit of narration in the first 30 seconds of the show ruined an entire episode for you? I’m just curious…

          • Not the episode exactly. It’s my OCD side that just keeps telling “God that’s annoying as ****”. I found it to be the same way when I first started watching Grimm too LOL

            • @JaredDac

              Next time, just mute your tv during the opening credits, lol. :-P

  20. FOX wins this year, for sure. Both Almost Human and Sleepy Hollow are the best new shows of the year.

  21. Oh why oh why didn’t Whedon make AoS this good.

  22. I always hoped for Asimov’s Robot series, with R. Daneel Olivaw, be made into a TV series. This is close.

    • In regard to Asimov, can robots really be used as police officers since they are not allowed to harm humans?

      Almost Human = Breaking Asimov’s Laws… blasphemy!

        • i don’t think they mentioned anything about Asimov’s laws, why would they have to follow it? thats someones theory

  23. As a whole, the second show wasn’t as good as the first, but I did like some parts in it, particularly the mortality thing (and Dorian trying to deal with it), Kennex’s uneasiness with kids (but he is actually quite good at it), and the relationship between Dorian and Kennex (the matchmaking barbs).

    Still waiting to see some overt Fringe references… the bot with the big hair kind of reminded me of Astrid’s big hair.

  24. I have now also seen the 2nd episode and yup it has taken my top spot of shows to watch.
    Mind you when I watched the scene in the car I nearly choked to death as I didn’t see that coming and was bloody funny.

  25. Hurrah! All is wonderful in the tv kingdom! Let there be a feast, with many cheerings! I declare this, the most fantabulous new series in the history of awesomedom! Today is a red letter day!

  26. another good episode…i really enjoy the chemistry of Urban and Ealy, and the nervous scientist with the bang bots was jokes

  27. When will this air in the UK?

    I’m getting restless here and wanna see this show on my own TV instead of having to seek it out online.

  28. I like this show.
    IMO, it is like an Hollywood answer
    to the Canadian Show Continuum

    • I haven’t watched Almost Human yet but, what naration is the worst: Episode 2 of this or the intro of episode 1 of AOS. Because having a someone with a high-school-valley-girl accent explaining post-Avengers world to me… that was pretty annoying.

    • Haha, yeah I got that one too. The narration isnt a part of the show, thank god! There should be a repack out now minus the narration.

    • Hey, from what I know, you can watch the show LEGALLY on their website. So, no need to download crappy pirated versions with narrations for the visually impaired…