Is ‘Almost Human’ on the Verge of Cancellation?

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almost human season 1 episode 4 bends kennex dorian 2 Is Almost Human on the Verge of Cancellation?

Fox doesn’t exactly have the most solid history when it comes to bringing science fiction to the small screen. Fans no doubt still haven’t forgotten that the network was responsible for prematurely cancelling a perennial fan favorite in Joss Whedon’s Firefly (a series some are still hoping to revive, twelve years after it went off the air).

So Fox’s latest sci-fi offering, Almost Human, had an uphill battle ahead of it to begin with. The series may share some of the creative team as the network’s cult hit Fringe, including Star Trek Into Darkness director J.J. Abrams as executive producer. Furthermore, it has Dredd‘s Karl Urban and Think Like a Man star Michael Ealy as a human and android police team solving crimes in a compelling futuristic setting. The show was destined to be a hit, right?

According to TV by the Numbers, Almost Human actually may be on its way off of Fox’s schedule altogether. The site has brought its prediction for the show’s fate down to “likely to be canceled,” indicating that its chances of being renewed for a season 2 are slimmer than ever. While ratings haven’t been extraordinarily low, the show isn’t cheap, and the fact that the network hasn’t ordered any additional episodes beyond the initial 13-episode order doesn’t bode well.

almost human dorian kennex Is Almost Human on the Verge of Cancellation?

Even worse, it seems that Fox is moving proven hit Bones back to its original timeslot and pushing Almost Human out. This shift could imply that the network has lost faith in the show’s ability to draw an audience and simply intends to burn through the remaining episodes by plugging Almost Human elsewhere in its schedule. Of course, this should be taken with a grain of salt, as Fox has yet to issue an official word on Almost Human.

After a strong narrative start, it’s unfortunate that the prospects for Almost Human are slimming. There’s still a chance that the series could hang on for another season, but perhaps the writing was on the wall to begin with. After all, the series lost a showrunner before it even aired, and Fox hasn’t aired its episodes in the intended order (another sign of network neglect).

While some may believe that the network’s failure to extend Almost Human‘s maiden season to a full 22 episodes is just another example of the short-and-sweet approach Fox is taking with Sleepy Hollow, the fact is that the show’s more episodic tone makes that far less likely. As always, time will tell.

Do you think Almost Human will make it to season 2, Screen Rant readers? How do you think Fox can help boost the show’s profile? Let us know in the comments section.


Almost Human airs Mondays @8pm on Fox. Stay tuned to Screen Rant for updates on the show’s status.

Source: TV by the Numbers

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  1. Why would any company cancel this show? It is only the first season, so I’m sure it isn’t too widely known yet. It was only thirteen episodes. Once that second season starts up I’m sure it will really take off. Plus, I am tired of waiting for more episodes.
    There are way too many questions I need answered for this thing to end already! This is one of my favorite tv shows on right now! I will be completely heartbroken if it cancels. I mean, this is the only show I even watch on fox. Bones isn’t horrible, but it isn’t anywhere near as amazing as Almost Human! The characters in Almost Human are so fleshed out and unique, and there is only more fleshing out to be done! Literally, this show has my favorite character conversations ever. It feels so natural and realistic, where most shows are just good.
    Not only that, but the plot lines have so much potential. I feel like the first season was just an introduction to the true potential. Kind of like a teaser to what was to come. What’s over The Wall? Where is John’s crazy exgf and the Insyndicate? Are they over The Wall? Is the doctor building androids to be part of their army? Is there war coming?! Plus I want to know more about the chromes. Even if they are just a bit of extra knowledge. So much potential! >_<

    • Thank you for saying everything I feel about this show so well!
      It’s just getting started! We’ve barely scratched the surface! Most shows clumsily shove 10 episodes worth of plot down your throat in the first 1 or 2 episodes. They hand everything to the audience all at once and completely miss the whole point of storytelling. Almost Human is subtle and has the wisdom and courage to hold things back. That’s what keeps us coming back for more: the questions.
      And come on; Karl Urban and Michael Ealy are just about the most genuine, charismatic team on television! Seriously, I will be so heartbroken if they cancel this show. It is the best show of its kind I have ever seen (better than movies of its kind, for that matter) and has so much potential to get even better.

    • I totally agree with you!! Almost Human is THE BEST season I’ve watched so far! If it gets cancelled I am definitely going to be heart broken no doubt about it. The story is original and the cast is the best!! It’s really interesting.

    • i could not agree more with you, i think it’s disappointing if there only going to come one season, start to give it one more season, and then you can take it from there, about you gonna continue, or end it.
      but just to say it, i was sitting there and watching the show, and suddenly the historie behind the tv show just end, with 13 god damn episodes,
      sorry my languages, but my point is, that this show is to good, and observing, that it’s just being cancelled like that, and im sure that other people think the same as me, about it’s a great TV Show

  2. I love this show. This show is the reason I decided to get cable instead of only watching netflix. I can’t believe there is even a question of it being cancelled. The graphics are awesome. The dialogue is believable and there is a standing hook throughout the series but at the same time it’s ok to miss an episode and not be totally lost.

  3. this is the best sci-fi series i have watched for a loong time .i think maybe FOX should advertise it a litle better cause i found this series on the web by accident and WOW what a nice accident :D i realy hope that FOX gives this series at least a second chance and tries to advertice it better


  4. This series is fantastic, a cross between Blade runner and I Robot. I waited each week for the next episode, there are few decent sci-fi programs out there. If Fox cancel this then they deserve to fail, sorry but this is an awesome series

  5. I don’t know why so many good sci fi shows are treated like that. Caprica, Enterprise(star trek reboot), this show and many others.

    I’m sad that i already started seeing it, i promised me to only watch Sci-fi series after season 03.


    • I hope so KT!

  7. My comment is late as I understand that this show is cancelled. An excellent show. I wonder who it is at Fox making a decision like this. Efforts to cancel Bones have been going on for years in the face of high ratings. What is the matter at Fox that such decisions seem so stupidly random and out of nouns as far as reason goes.

  8. The show’s amazing, I’ve been waiting for more episodes since forever, and I get online to look for it and see this article! PLEASE don’t cancel it!

  9. Welp….Saw that the series got cancelled…..Not totally surprised….But that’s Hollywood and the history of things the way that they are.

  10. I love this show. The cast is great. There’s no other show on TV like this. They should bring back bones and almost human to Monday nights. they should cancel the following.

  11. Really hope they bring this back. One of my favorite parts of the show that probably occasionally bothers others are things like the cars which are clearly 2014 models with “futuristic” hubcaps. If you strip that down, it focuses your attention of the ideas of what can take place in the future like human cloning, biological engineering, and of course, everyone’s favorite hope for the future, escort bots.

    Bring it back. It’s really a great show.

  12. Typical fox…This is why I stopped watching anything on fox. I forced myself to watch almost human despite where it was aired…fell in love with it and as per fox standard it got cancelled. Thanks a lot fox!

  13. All you said is correct. It is a great show and is number 5 of my favorite shows. It should stay on there isn’t enough shows like it. I loved the show firefly now this is my new favorite. Please keep it going! I’m begging keep it going.

  14. Sad but it’s done? I really don’t understand American networks!

    It’s official. FOX has cancelled Almost Human after only one season.

    Per Deadline, the network has decided not to move forward with a second season of the J.H. Wyman sci-fi drama.

    Originally posted:

  15. I absolutely love this show and the relationships r so funny, a bromance. The episodes r brilliant and is one of the few shows that I don’t get bored and hop on facebook LOL

  16. I am so bummed!!! This was a clever show with totally likeable characters. They keep so much garbage and cancel something so cool…… So wrong!!

  17. Please Fox RENEW Almost Human!!!

  18. I loved this show, and I had gotten several people to watch it that didn’t know it was on but once they did love it as I do. It’s a shame that its not coming back. Yes canceling Firefly was a huge mistake as well. I have other friends including me that would love for them to bring that one back.

  19. Man, I love this show. Please bring it back. I just move to Thailand and Fox is the only channel that I get from the US. I could just get diffrent one if I know this show will end.

  20. Almost Human’s leading man, Karl Urban needed more main character developement. So he had a girlfriend that did him wrong and he has a fake leg, what is underneath it all. The writing was all superficial. And they should have had more of the weird scientist character developement. The show could have been so much better. I love Karl Urban. I hate to see it go also.

  21. dont worry netflix put blockbuster out of business along with any video rental company it wont be long until reed hastings puts comcast timewarner and cox out of business

    • wich will put a stop to good shows getting cancelled

  22. If you don’t want this show to go then sign the petition!!

  23. I can’t understand why a network would cancel a show at the beginning of It’s run, before the audience has a chance to really understand the plot. The characters are still developing, The actors are really working exceptionally well together, and the story line is great. So what’s the problem?. Remember “STAR TREK” It was cancelled after only a few episodes and then came back to be the most successful series ever. Smarten up FOX and start thinking with your brains in stead of something else.

  24. There are few shows with gripping storyline, esp. in SF there is little to nothing…
    When my friend told me about AH and mentioned, it was already cancelled, I thought: ok, give it a try, only the first ep should do it.
    It did – I caught fire immediately!
    But again: a great, very promising show with decent actors, pretty good dialogues and fancy ideas (yes, like Firefly… sigh!) was killed by FOX.
    Now, the big question is: why do these “manager” and “experts” start with such series at all if they are not willing to make it right? Pull it through, guys! Success will come – and as this means more commercial break money, this should be in your very interest.
    Obviously not.
    Well, it seems to be a FOX disease… actors, writers and producers should keep this in mind when thinking to start a new project.
    All in all: another – sadly and unnecessarily – missed opportunity to make a good show.

  25. Unbelievable! We finally get a decent show on TV that isn’t a reality or talent show and you’re going to cancel it? I recorded the whole season so I didn’t miss an episode. I looked forward to watching it every Monday. Please reconsider Almost Human. I think it’s the next great hit. Give air a second chance. Please!

  26. they always get rid of the shows that are actually interesting and different. so tired of shows all being the same, the same crime drama, the same reality tv. this show was awesome and has so much potential!

    • Agreed, Barbara.

      Every couple weeks I jump on google to see if there’s any change in the fate of Almost Human. Fox is simply the WORST when it comes to prematurely canceling shows. (see Firefly, Tierra Nova and Family Guy x2).

      While I understand that shows like this are expensive to produce (especially compared to reality TV), computers make it cheaper EVERY day, you had a growing star in Karl Urban locked up, and Sci-Fi based shows always attract a “tech-minded” audience that prefers to watch on DVR or On Demand (skewing ratings).

      I don’t watch Glee, but I hear it’s pretty popular. They had similar rating numbers thru 13 episodes, and I think that worked out well for FOX. If NOTHING ELSE, make your money in syndication. No one wants to re-watch Ep7 of Season 3 of American Idol, but I’ve watched Almost Human’s entire season at least twice already.

      Two words: Short. Sighted.

      Agents of SHIELD is still on the air and it’s half as good. Comparable price tag and lower ratings for similar demos… But Marvel has a long-term vision. Unlike FOX execs (I think Seth MacFarlaine would agree).

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