Grant Morrison Calls ‘All-Star Superman’ Animated Film Epic

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grant morrison calls all star superman animated movie epic Grant Morrison Calls All Star Superman Animated Film Epic

All-Star Superman is, in this Screen Rant writer’s opinion, the greatest single comic book of the last decade. Mark Millar (Kick-Ass) has talked for years about his desire to write the perfect Superman book, but unfortunately for him, Grant Morrison already did. And it’s called All-Star Superman. Man.

Indeed, Grant Morrison is not only one of the greatest living comic book writers, but he’s also – again, in my opinion – the greatest writer working in mainstream superhero comics today. From Animal Man to Justice League of America to New X-Men to Seven Soldiers of Victory to, more recently, Batman. Almost everything the man touches is gold. Which is why, when he says something is awesome, my ears perk up and I take note.

Next month, the animated All-Star Superman film will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD and the special features will include a documentary with Grant Morrison and Co-Publisher of DC Comics Dan Didio talking about the behind-the-scenes of the All-Star Superman comic book. In it, Morrison talks about his love of the upcoming animated feature:

“It took only a single viewing for All-Star Superman to become one of my all-time favorite superhero movies. The adaptation by Bruce [Timm], Dwayne [McDuffie] and the team is quirky, epic, and heartbreaking and I don’t think I’ve seen anything else quite like it. A triumph, as they say!”

Like I said, when Grant Morrison says something is good, count me in for giving it a chance. Having said that, the trailer for the animated movie doesn’t make itself out to be as quirky, epic, and heartbreaking as Morrison does. Indeed, the acting seems sub-par, the animation seems…well, par at best, and overall, the feature just looks like a generic episode of Superman: The Animated Series.

Check out the trailer below:

All-Star Superman – the comic book – is one of the weirdest, most creative, and most amazing iterations of Superman that has ever seen the printed page. Frankly, if it were up to me, Zack Snyder, Christopher Nolan, David Goyer, et al, would just remake the comic book, page for page and panel for panel, as The Man of Steel (not that Goyer has a great track record for that kind of thing). The book is perfect. The book takes the best of every era of the man of tomorrow and distills it into one very beautiful twelve-issue comic book story. I’m hoping against hope that the animated feature has captured just a portion of that brilliance and beauty, but you better believe that I’m dubious.

all star superman lex protects supes Grant Morrison Calls All Star Superman Animated Film Epic

All-Star Superman hits stands February 22nd, 2011. It’s produced by animation veteran Bruce Timm, written by comic and animation veteran Dwayne McDuffie, and stars James Denton (Desperate Housewives) as Superman, Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) as Lois Lane, and Anthony LaPaglia (Without a Trace) as Lex Luthor.

Source: DC’s The Source Blog

Art by Frank Quitely

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  1. Havent seen a DC animated movie yet that was even the least bit interesting to anyone over 15.
    Bruce Timm’s Batman series and films excepted, of course.

    • I don’t think a trailer could ever get across the complicated ideas and concepts in All Star Superman. Even seeing single panels or a story outline for the comic seem like it offers nothing special. It’s really all in the dialogue, when characters mention Sun Tyrants, Nano-nauts building the outposts of tomorrow, alien’s whose languages are completely visual that is what made it special for me. I have faith in this adaptation.

      • “Even seeing single panels or a story outline for the comic seem like it offers nothing special.”

        I really disagree with this. Even looking at single panels, totally taken out of context, it’s clear that there’s something iconic and beautiful about the book.

  2. This most assuredly will be better than WB’s Superman Man of Steel reboot with Zack Snyder at the helm.

  3. Also I agree, everytime I think of a new live action superman movie, they should just adapt this comic.

  4. While All Star Superman is amazing, I’d say that Mark Millar wrote something just as good. Red Son. It may be a what if story, but as a Superman story it is almost unrivalled.

    • As much as I dislike Millar himself and some of his other work, I must admit that “Red Son” is pretty good.

      • Yes, I must admit, I have an intense dislike for him also. He is an incredibly annoying individual who spends the majority of his time blowing his own trumpet.
        Still, he has written some decent comics.

        • I also agree about millar but I still read all his comics I wonder sometimes how he has time to write with all the promo he does for himself lol. I just started reading superior which is pretty good only got the first 2 issues so far though.

          I love morrisons work I’ve only read his Batman stuff but its always a good read imo

          • I’m not really loving Superior to be honest, I was enjoying Nemesis but it got a touch silly at the end. Millar loves himself way too much, he hsould let his work speak for itself rather than the other way around.

            Morrison’s work is always great, if not occassionally difficult to follow.

            • I like nemesis but the delay between issues was a joke am picking up the last issue on Saturday was it just me or did the story jump a lot between issues like he forgot where he was up to lol

              I’ve never read red son but the figures are awesome shame the ones I want are so hard to get

              • I havent read the final Nemesis either, was hoping to pick it up at the weekend too, I think a cool character and story like Nemesis could have been something truly epic in the hands of a better writer. Millar can do violence and gore and cool stuff, but his story telling is poor.

                That said, Red Son is one of the best Superman stories ever told, I would say pick up a copy if you have a chance. It’s absolutely ace.

              • Am not a big fan of the man of steel find him a but dull but I will check it out on your recommendation if I see it in my comic shop reading knightfall at the min am enjoying that and also gl blackest night which I’m enjoying to

                • I’ve got the entire Blackest collection, a great read, but I wish they had published the stories in chronically order of which they take place rather than seperate collections.

                  • I liked red sun as well.. what was the what if superman book that had him in the middle ages?

      • I agree, Mark Millar isn’t my favorite, but Red Son in one of the most amazing well written stories out there. Wanted wasn’t bad either. Still All Star Superman is a masterpiece, I don’t how a film under 2 hours can do it any justice.

    • I think Red Son is a fine and dandy story, but it doesn’t touch All-Star, for my money. Also, a lot of Red Son was inspired/taken from Grant Morrison. Morrison and Millar used to be friends (well, that is to say, Grant was basically his mentor). According to Morrison, the entire ending where Superman is sent back to the past was his idea. Also, it has been said that the scene where Lex Luthor loses at chess to Superman’s idiot clone was Morrison’s idea from a pitch they made for Superman way back in the day.

      • I’m not disputing what All Star is, and that’s quite easily the best and most well thought out Superman story that there has ever been, but Red Son dared to do something different. Red Son could easily have been cheesey and cliched, but it wasnt, I’d love to see it adapted for an animated movie one day.

        Red Son is the best thing Millar has, and most likely ever will do.

        • What about civil war that’s one of a very select group of marvel comics I actually enjoyed

          • I’m a DC guy, havent read any Marvel for about 6-7 years, grew out of the characters.

            • Me to but a friend recommended it to me after i said i had enjoyed kick ass the only marvel I want to read now are marvel zombies

              Have you read 100 bullets Sam

              • Nope. Not even heard of that one.

              • You should check it out its an amazing read the basic premise is what would you do if someone gave you a gun with a 100 bullets and complete immunity for your actions and proof of why something bad happened in your life has some great characters to

          • Civil War, in my opinion, was just terribly written. Good concept. Atrocious dialogue. Even worse characterizations. I think Millar’s ideas are occasionally very good, even a few that Grant Morrison had nothing to do with, but his actual writing is just bad, bad, bad. That said, I loved his Ultimates, Ultimate X-Men, Ultimate Fantastic Four, and, as SamBeckett said, Red Son. Nemesis, Superior, and even Kick-Ass, to me, are just juvenile exercises in being pretend-edgy. It’s like, Millar was rewarded once upon a time for having “shlocky” comics, so he turned that up to the extreme and now all he does is stuff every twelve-year-old boy would write.

            Probably the worst comic book of all time is Mark Millar’s Trouble. Check it out for purely masochistic purposes.

            • What Millar needs is someone to reign him in, his ideas are solid but his execution of them is almsot always a faliure (Red Son, Kick Ass are the exceptions) Nemesis is a prime example of this, the idea is fantastic, the set pieces are dramatic and the characters are fun, but where the hell was the story? The gaps in between isssue were larger than Chuck Norris’s ego, are we simply expected to make up what happened in between?

              If Millar had a consistant writing partner, someone who could just say, “Whoa there buddy, thats a step too far” or “Maybe some characterisation here”, his work would improve ten fold.

              Nemesis will make a good film, because its vapid, violent and faux shocking, everything Hollywood likes.

              • Maybe Ben could be his writing partner?

  5. For my part, I’ve enjoyed the DC animated movies, even if they’re never as great as ‘Batman: The Animated Series.’

    I especially enjoyed the ‘Superman Batman: Apocalypse’ movie, although it should have been called ‘Superman Batman: Supergirl.’

    • Hmmmm, Superman Batman:Supergirl doesnt really work as a title at all. That’s not a title, thats a list.

    • I enjoyed B/S:A overall, but I hated how Superman got his ass kicked the entire movie. Well, aside from those final moments against Darkseid at the end.

      • Darkseid had a crap voice too.

        • You’re probably gonna hate me for this, but I hated Kevin Conroy’s voice work in that movie. I did enjoy Darkseid’s though.

          • Yeah that’s gonna upset a few regulars lol

          • Actually no, I agree with you 100%. All voice actors have off days, and that was certainly one for Conroy, I could barely even tell it was him to be honest.
            He’s still the best Batman though.

            Darkseid is meant to sound terrifying, he should always sound like Michael Ironside!!! I really hope he voices the character in Smallville

            • I also thought Batman’s portrayal was too comical at times. I did love that moment between him and Darkseid though.

              • Personaly I don’t mind Batman having a sense of humour, he should make the odd grim witty remark, but yeah they took it a bit far.

                • I want him to have a sense of humor as well, but the kind that he showed in JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRISIS ON TWO EARTHS. “It’s not smoke. It’s anestethic gas” (okay, that wasn’t verbetam, but you get the idea).

                  • That’s it exactly! Batman should be dry and sardonic, he be all dark and brooding but he’s still human and should be entitled to the occassional smile.

  6. I really liked All star , and am looking forward to this new installment of Dc Animation, I have been very satisfied with all of there titles so far, I really love the Dc shorts that6 have been added onto each of the releases, Does anyone know if there is a short on All Star.

    • You were satisfied with Under The Red Hood????

      • I thought B:UTRH was epic!!! The only part I didn’t like was the voice of The Joker.

        • I liked the animation, and thought Jensen Ackles did a great job as Red Hood, but The Joker was soooooo bad that it completely took me out of the movie, and I thought Bruce Greenwood was a weak Bruce/Batman.

  7. If this were really GREAT,WB would be releasing it as a FILM not a DVD.
    I wont be picking this up.

    • Why?

      Animated superhero films are a total niche market, these ones especially as they aren’t meant for kids but for adults who still read comics. WB can hardly be expected to pay out a fortune for a cinematic release and huge marketing bills, when there is zero chance of recouping enough money.
      Most of us are thankful that they go to the effort of making these films at all.

      • @ Mr. Beckett
        I’ve been spectating on this site for over a year now, this is my first comment. Recently i have become a pretty big superman fan, i was curious as to which superman comics you would suggest aside from All-Star and Red Son. You seem to be an avid superman reader, so i value your opinion

        • Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? Secret Identity. Superman: Secret Origins.

          • thanks moore, i appreciate it, im actually fixing to by secret origin in a couple of days, i will have to check out the other two as well

            • *buy*

        • @ Harry Tasker

          Any of the ones Ben suggested, Superman Secret Origin is a great place to start, anything by Geoff Johns is always good. Superman Birthright is also excellent, as is the new Superman Earth One. All are different takes on the character.

  8. I have no knowledge of the comic, but the trailer has me intrigued.

  9. this looks sweeet

  10. Grant morrison is a God, a genius no matter what any1 says i respect him the most more than Dan or Jeph or e1 geoff johns
    and why d hell did they think of hendricks to voice lois (not that it is bad)????

  11. Apparently Morrison is at comic con this year now I really want my pass to attend

  12. A fantastic film and comic. Grant Morrison is a genius and has brought back dreaming!

  13. What was the books that lex gave the doctor about?

  14. I wonder if anyone who commented below actually viewed this amazing feature. It’s not sub par, the acting isn’t bad. The story will make you cry if you truly love Superman.

    Grant Morrison loves it! How can you not? He get’s it, I get it. If you don’t get it, you haven’t seen it.

    This is the greatest Superman story ever told, and the greatest animation for Superman ever released.