Allison Mack Returning For ‘Smallville’ Series Finale

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The prayers of Smallville fans wanting to see more than five episodes with Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack) have been answered, as the fan-favorite character will be returning for one more episode this season – the Smallville series finale.

Even though Allison Mack’s five episode commitment for this season ended with The Hangover inspired episode “Fortune,” Chloe Sullivan marrying Oliver Queen (Justin Hartley) and moving away to Star City just didn’t seem like the appropriate send off for such a beloved character. Fortunately, Chloe will be making her return to Metropolis one last time, to witness the transformation of Clark Kent (Tom Welling) into Superman.

While both Warner Bros. and The CW have not confirmed Mack’s involvement in the series’ finale episode – which will also see the return of Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor – TV Line is reporting that a “well-placed source” told them that Allison Mack is currently on set for the filming of the Smallville series finale and that she ”will be a part of the grand send-off.

From the beginning, Chloe has been Clark’s proverbial sidekick – always helping him out when in need and making sure that his Kryptonian secret remains, well, secret. When it was announced that Mack would only be reprising the role Chloe for five episodes in Smallville season 10, fans were rightfully upset.

Despite Chloe’s recent episodic involvement falling on this season’s parody episodes (“Collateral” = The Matrix and “Fortune” = The Hangover), it was still nice to see her return, and, more than anything, it showed that her involvement in the series – even if the episodes weren’t the best – still served to elevate the overall entertainment value of the 10-year television drama.

Now that Chloe will be returning for the Smallville series finale, the character will have a chance to receive a better ending. Although, one has to wonder whether the ending she might receive – now that she’s involved in the series finale – might be, well, final as in: dead.

Like many fans, I would hate to see that fate come to Chloe, but given the fact that Darkseid looks to be behind Lex Luthor’s impending return and considering that it’s the series finale, the producers might decide to go right at the heartstrings of every fan watching. Since very little information has been released about the Smallville series finale, this is pure speculation.

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Source: TV Line

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  1. I’ve been saying she would return. Staying married to Olle just didn’t seem right. Also, she’s not known in the future by the League, so this might be her swan song.

    • She’s not known in the future by the league because she erased all her info when she started hiding at the start of the final season.

      • True!

      • Given the fact that the League did not even recognize her, even though she has had contact with Bruce Wanye and others (mentioned in the last episode), I’d say that she is going to die in the finale. Oliver did have the omega on his skull. My guess is that she dies saving him somehow.

    • Ollie is married to yellow canary in the comic books…….. Soooooo. Chloe is going to die.

  2. Chloe shoudl have been killed off seasons ago, please kill her off already. She has survived way too many close encounters with death and her character these past few years has just served as a distraction to the main themes of the respective seasons.

    Dr. Fate said taht she (Chloe) shares the same fate as him and later on in that same episode Dr. fate dies. It owuld only be fitting to kill her off and would add a very great dramatic affect to the finale.

  3. Well, the return of Lex is tainted by this news, boooooooooo.

  4. I’m glad that we will see her again, i don’t think killing chloe in
    the final would make any sense, i would be sad then & on top of that be sad that it this the final series broadcast for smallville, so this is not the way i want it to end, besides i got a funny feeling that the new “superman reboot” movie is going to a big flop since Tom welling & Erica Durance isn’t going to be in it.

    • Finales do tend to kill off a character or two.
      But it will probably be Tess that dies.

      • I think Tess is going to buy it before the finale, but I do think it would be fitting for Chloe to die in a final Act of Heroism. However If it happens it will be in the first part and maybe what pushes Clark into the suit. It gives him, his final resolve.

    • People don’t watch Tom Welling and Erica Durance for free. The show’s ratings are terrible. Why would they put them in a big-budget blockbuster?

  5. Isn’t Chloe on Smallville right now? Whether she is on the series finale is kind of irrelevant if she’s been on Smallville for the past 4 or 5 episodes already lol.

  6. Meh.
    I suppose the send off they gave her was almost as lame as Lana being turned turned into a vampire by a character called ‘Buffy Gellar’, that was Smallville’s lowest point, and I’m not a fan of Chloe, but Fortune was a terrible episode and a lame ending for her character.
    I hope the earth2 Lionel survives till the finale, because having John Glover back has been a season highlight for me. Plus, there will be a few more surprise cameos in the finale.
    Still gutted we all have to wait another bloody month before it starts up again.

  7. She still remains one of the most talented and absolutely gorgeous actresses on television. At once a mere supporting character at the beginning of the show, her role as Chloe has evolved so much since playing the happy go lucky, wannabe journalist always chasing Clark’s affections.

    She was without question the most pivotal character in season 8 and Allison’s performance that year very much made up for Rosenbaum’s absence.

    I still wish that Kirsten Kreuk would also return but I appreciate that I’m probably in a very small minority on this site wanting that to happen. Can’t understand all the hate as she’s beautiful (ditto Katherine Heigl) but there you go….

    I just hope that Allison manages to have a successful career on the big screen when the show finally ends.

    • I don’t mind Kristen Kreuk, I just hated how they made Lana. She had turned into this crazy skank woman, and just got annoying. And her return in season 8 made me hate her more. (Lois and Clark were about to kiss and she walked in)

      • If it’s one thing I’ve always thought Smaillvile got wrong it was Lois and Clark. I know this is Smallville’s own interpretation of the mythos but I just think they should never get together at this stage of Clark’s life.

        I thought Lana’s backstory was explained well in season 8 they just went too far with the whole power suit thing.

    • I really hope Chloe comes back and she gets the proper send off, because the honest truth is she is the most pivitol person invovled in clark discovering and embracing his true identity.I was never a big fan of Lana, but I actually wanted her to return for the show- you’re not alone in that. I think a show as great as smallville should bring back Chloe-which is a no brainer- lana which is a lovely surprise and heck even Pete- would be the icing on the cake for me!

  8. This news made my day. It’s only right that the series finale features her.

  9. Oliver got tainted with the darkness a few episodes back. I wouldn’t be surprised if he killed her (I wouldn’t want to see that though, especially since I don’t want her to die and Oliver doing that would be cruel.)

  10. Yaaaaaaay!!! Here’s to hoping they still don’t just kill her. I don’t care if you like her or not, her character has been with Clark the whole way, she deserves better than death 😉

  11. Maybe she’ll become the new Dr. Fate…

    (she put the helmet on)

  12. I will never watch Fortune again. It was without a shadow of a doubt, one of the very worst episodes the show has ever produced, and everyone involved in it should feel a little ashamed.
    And they followed that episode with something as brilliant as Scion! This has always irked me about Smallville since day one, they have the talent in all capacities to make absolutely fantastic television, but when they fail, they fail on a truly epic level.

    Chloe deserves a better send off. The whole married to Oliver is just dumb, it would be best if that episode just never happened, and that is the way I chose to think of it.

  13. They can’t afford to make another bad episode like that again especially
    since there’s only 6 more episodes left of the series.

    • There is usually only one truly horrendous episode per season, and all of the remaining episodes seem to be part of the arc plot, so hopefully everything will be Ok.

  14. I really hope Chloe puts on the Dr. Fate helmet & saves Oliver too,
    that would only make the finale that much better!

  15. I want three small cameos they don’t gotta be mention by name Chloe can intriduce him to Clark…Bruce,Diana and Hal in regular civilian close wearing their colors. Chloe could just say they admire Clark’s work. And want to join his League. My dream might not happen but having Supes,Bats,WW, GL, Flash, MM and Aquaman walking in a similiar way like they did in Justice would be epic!!!

    • And oh my god that would be soooooooo amazing!

  16. Wow that would be great to see, guess we can only see it in our minds.

  17. I’m so happy about this!

  18. So apparently, Laura Vandervoort’s (Kara) last episode is “Prophecy” and isn’t the finale.

    That makes me wonder why she’ll be doing. Maybe she’ll become influenced by Darkseid…? This also makes me wonder when (and how) Zod will come into play.

  19. I’d sell my soul to see Chloe die a slow painful death. What has she got to do with Superman? answer…. f### all. The character has just helped to spoil Smallville, along with the MOOD lighting and shoddy acting.

    Please end this TV show with a little dignity and stop all that crap. NO MORE MOOD BLURRY LENSES OR SH#TTY SCRIPT WRITERS.

    • Well that wasn’t very nice at all… :(

      Chloe has nothing to do with Superman, but she has alot to do with Smallville.

    • The blurry lenses is to try and make Erica Durance look 24.

  20. My two guesses on Chloe’s return. 1) Allison will simply cameo at the rumored but unconfirmed Lois & Clark wedding. 2) Lex will kill Chloe as the act that solidifies Lex/Superman as arch-enemies. – But what do I know. I’m just guessing here.

  21. you got to have every one back so clark can mindwipe them all.

  22. Here’s a question: WHERE THE HELL IS JIMMY OLSEN!? He died last season, then Lois in the future name drops him, so obviously he’s around SOMEWHERE.

    • Ok. The Jimmy Olsen that died in the season 8 finale was Henry James Olsen, and Chloe gives his camera to his younger brother whose name was Jimmy, because the Jimmy who should know Clark and Lois should be a few years younger not the same age.
      So it would be the younger Jimmy that Lois references in the flashforwards.

      • Ah, of course, that makes perfect sense now, thanks. That has seriously been bugging me for months. lol

      • What?

  23. That makes sense, but i wonder why they called him “Jimmy Olsen”
    instead of Henry Olsen or James?

    • Because the writers only decided to fix his age in season 8. And that’s how they did it :) Some people didn’t like it, but nobody saw it coming. I was pretty shocked.

  24. Who the F*** wrote this article, we are so tired of all of you biased writers gushing and drooling over Chloe like some love sick puppies. She has always been a minor character in the series and frankly there is nothing special about this character. Most of you dont even watch the show anyway and spend most of your time reading chloe fans fan-fiction and message forums were she is worshipped like God almighty. Wake up, watch the show and get a clue.

    • And “we” refers to?

    • ArrowK,

      Get over yourself, you’ll be happier in the long run. We add editorial to every article here – it’s WHAT WE DO. You can agree or disagree, but don’t be an ass about it. And the writer does watch the show.

      Have a nice day.


    • Uhm… No

      Now, you are part of a very small group who don’t like Chloe.

      Also, (and pardon my language) where the &$@! do you get off?!? The writers here report the news!!! It’s no secret that if a show has fans then the characters have fans too.

      And, Chloe is a MAIN character!!! She is the only character, beside Clark, that has been on the show since season 1. You know, the beginning?

      So yeah… $&@! OFF! 😉

      • I take my Smallville seriously…

    • A minor character? She is one of Clark’s closest confidents, the creator of Watchtower, she introduced him to Lois Lane. She has been an integral part of Clark’s transformation. It’s your opinion but my opinion is that she is important.

    • Wow! ArrowK, you are…extreeeeeemely MISTAKEN in this matter!

  25. In Smallville,Chloe is one of Clarks oldest friends.
    She has been around since the pilot.
    Hardly a minor chracter

  26. this is great news. she deserves a better ending than that vague walk off she got with oliver.

  27. yeaaaa this is awesome news love Chloe

  28. Thankss, greeat news. 😀

  29. Oh I hope Lex shoots someone, but not Chloe. Love her.