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All Star Superman Movie Reviews All Star Superman Review (Blu ray)

All-Star Superman is probably one of the most unique and iconic Superman stories that’s been told in the last decade. When the comic book miniseries was released in the mid-2000s, famed writer Grant Morrison had just ushered X-Men into the new Millennium, with epic storylines that turned the superhero genre on its cliched head. After re-inventing Marvel’s mighty mutants, Morrison and his buddy, artist Frank Quitely, turned their attentions to DC Comic’s flagship character, and fans waited to see how they would re-invent the Man of Steel for modern times – a challenge currently faced by Zack Snyder’s Superman: Man of Steel movie.

In their 12-issue miniseries, Morrison and Quitely examined almost every inch of the Superman mythos – from the man himself to his longtime supporting characters, foes, legacy, etc… – in a way that no one before them ever quite had. It was amazing stuff and best of all it left you with an impression of The Man of Steel which was truly…iconic.

The accomplishments of the All-Star Superman comic book set a high bar for the All-Star Superman animated feature to match – and, like any adaptation of a truly great (graphic) novel, the streamlined format of a movie is woefully insufficient to translate the full depth offered by the source material. The result here is an All-Star Superman feature film that feels somewhat like a strange collage of many films, which are only halfway engaging and/or interesting to a viewer, if not flat out boring. There isn’t much action to speak of, and since the dramatic and nuanced moments that made the comic book so interesting are only half explored in the film, there is very little at all to praise about All-Star Superman.

The premise framing this complex meditation is actually quite simple: Superman is tricked by Lex Luthor into staging a rescue mission in the sun – a mission that leaves the Man of Steel over-saturated with the same solar energy that gives him his unique powers. While Superman finds that he’s stronger and even smarter than ever, he also discovers that the overload of energy is too much for his physical form; for lack of a better term, Superman discovers that he is terminally ill.

All Star Superman Movie Lex Luthor All Star Superman Review (Blu ray)

What follows is mankind’s protector using the last bit of his time in order to help Earth protect itself, while also setting his personal affairs in order. There are some old scores settled, some new bonds forged, and a few great feats that need accomplishing.

Fans of the All-Star Superman comic book know that most of the issues in the miniseries are standalone stories (with a few exceptions), which interweave to chronicle twelve prophesied challenges Superman completes before his death. The All-Star Superman animated feature doesn’t have much time to spend, so some of the more tangential storylines (like Jimmy Olson running P.R.O.J.E.C.T. for a day), and some of the more fantastical storylines (Superman stranded on Htrae and exploring the Underverse) have all been cut in favor of the more centralized threads that wove the All-Star Superman miniseries together: namely, the Lex/Lois/Clark/Superman triangle.

This makes the All-Star Superman animated feature a more focused and economical story for casual fans, but longtime Superman loyalists are going to be disappointed by only getting a fraction of Morrison’s saga. While some of the more wonderfully nuanced moments are kept in the film (Clark Kent’s death row interview of Lex Luthor; Superman’s last visit with his Earth parents) other poignant moments are shamefully absent (Superman saving a young girl from suicide). Personally, I walked away with the feeling that some of the stories included in the film could’ve been shaved down (did we really need the entire super-powered Lois vs. the Ultra-Sphinx sub-story?), while other things that were left out (the different colored Kryptonites) absolutely needed to be in there.

All Star Superman Movie Parasite All Star Superman Review (Blu ray)

The animation style of the film tries to emulate Frank Quitely’s modernist take on superhero designs and paradigms, but what we ultimately get is an animated feature that looks like Superman-meets-Aeon-Flux – a style that never achieves the iconic stature of Quitely’s drawings. If you blink during moments like the Parasite prison attack (see pic above), All-Star Superman can quickly make you feel like you’re watching some weird anime.

As for the voice acting: Tim Daly is the fan-favorite voice of animated Superman, but admittedly his time playing the character has mostly been focused on grunts and yells needed to accent super-powered action sequences. This film calls for a much more nuanced and quiet take on Superman, and James Denton (Desperate Housewives) does a nice job of giving the Man of Steel a voice of strong calm we rarely hear from him. At first it was weird to hear Anthony LaPaglia (Without A Trace) voicing Lex Luthor instead of Clancy Brown – but again, this version of Lex is not the purely melodramatic villain we get in most cartoon adaptations, and LaPaglia is able to deliver a voice that can be both soft and booming without ever losing its edge. Finally, while I like Christina Hendricks’ feisty/sultry character on Mad Men, hearing her voice come out of Lois Lane’s mouth during some of the most important Lois/Superman moments ever chronicled just didn’t sound right to me.

All Star Superman Movie Lois Superman All Star Superman Review (Blu ray)

In the end, hardcore fans and casual fans will all walk away with different opinions about what the All-Star Superman filmmakers got right and what they got wrong. However, I don’t think anybody will go so far as to call this a perfect adaptation. If anything, All-Star Superman could’ve been a multi-episode cartoon miniseries and been much better for it; as it stands now, a somewhat random and boring feature film is what we’ve got.

Special Features

All-Star Superman on Blu-ray comes with the following special features:

  • Feature film (75 min)
  • Sneak Peak at Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, the next DC Universe Animated Original Movie.
  • Featurette: “Superman Now” – In a moment of inspiration, Grant Morrison was provided an opportunity to revamp the Man of Steel into something modern, something more relevant for today’s audience. This is the story of All-Star Superman – where it all started, and what it came to be.
  • Two bonus episodes from animated television series handpicked by Bruce Timm.
  • Featurette: “Incubating the Idea” – A conversation with Grant Morrison.
  • Audio Commentary: Bruce Timm and Grant Morrison.
  • All-Star Superman Digital Comic Book.
  • Standard and high definition versions of the feature film.
  • Digital copy on disc of the feature film.

My recommendation? If you’re interested in this exploration of Superman’s character, go pick up the graphic novel and get the full All-Star Superman experience.

The film will be available for purchase on DVD/Blu-ray on February 22, 2011.

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  1. How disappointing. Well, I will still watch it I suppose but I reckon I should just stick the Superman soundtrack on and read the graphic novels instead.

    • I dunno, if you ask me it sounds like they included the most animated parts or the series, and made some tough but wise choices in leaving stuff out. Bizarro just needs his own movie, and the Kryptonians didn’t add or take much from the core story of supes, lex, Clark and Lois.
      I for one am very excited to see the Luthor Clark jail interview. One of the finest scenes in any graphic novel ever- hilarious!

      • From what I have read they cut out around half of the story and focussed on the wrong stuff completely. Plus they changed Superman’s line at the end about Mercy. Out of character.

  2. whens this come out?

    • “The film will be available for purchase on DVD/Blu-ray on February 22, 2011.”

      • that was not there before..

  3. Bruce Timm has been stale of late. The real gem has been Batman Brave and the Bold.

    • Gonna have to disagree Brave and the bold is not only the worst Batman cartoon to be on tv but probably the worst super hero animated show ever. It’s not really batman at all. It’s moderately average story telling , barely tolerable voice work and extremely cheesy and compy situations. It’s like watching Adam West back as batman and that was bad enough the first time.

      • So I’m assuming you completely neglect Batman’s very wacky, sci-fi, out there campy past in the comics, too? Brave and the Bold serves two functions for me: It makes Batman FUN, and it showcases characters I’d otherwise never have a hope of seeing done justice on the screen. I’m so glad I don’t have to leave Smallville as the only option to experience one of my favorite characters (Jaime Reyes) on TV.

        • Well I like good writing and I hate campy trash so while I’ve read the past comics yes I do tend to pretend they never happened because they sucked as did the Adam West TV show as does Brave and The Bold. It makes Batman fun? Well lets just put Batman in a party hat give him a kazoo and have him 3 sheets to the wind drunk hanging towels on his member and saying “Who wants to see the helicopter” because you want a fun batman.

          I want Batman. Not some crappy campy version I want the one with good writing that is a respectable character.

          • IN your opinion, I find the show to have a very fun side to it.

          • @ Daniel: tell me you don’t laugh at the “I’m a Marvel, I’m a DC” series on you tube?

            Bats is good when he is campy too.

            • Santa,

              I love those videos, but I have to point out that they always play Batman straight-up, like the serious comic book character (at least in all the ones I’ve seen). He’s not goofy or funny in those.


            • Actually Santa I do laugh at the I’m a Marvel I’m a DC things as do millions of other people. Batman also isn’t campy and plays a straight man and he’s always his gruff self.

              IMO campy bats is never ever good. Maybe you like him campy, but I’m a fan of Batman not a poor excuse for Batman. Campy is never good at shows a lack of writing ability and range and that your unable to do respectable work. Campy will never be considered great and there is a reason that the campy batman comics never make the greatest comic stories ever lists because campy is trash.

  4. I have so been looking forward to seeing this adaptation since first heard of it!!

  5. I think this may be a buy just based on those special features (3 Morrison features, one that also features Bruce Timm? Sign me up), but I’ll probably rent it first to see how I like the movie proper.
    Now that you mention, it, actually, a 12 episode series would have been FANTASTIC for this. Great idea!

  6. I have to say that most of the DC animated feature length films have been really disappointing, not only in terms of the standard of animation but in the storytelling also.

    Superman Doomdsay was an especially bland effort on one of the most reknown comic book storylines ever. The animation was quite poor in Public Enemies and whilst characters were drawn a lot better in Apocalypse, there wer too many illogical scenes, and any story that was there just got buried in fight sequences that didnt make sense. Crisis On Inifinite Earths also suffered from this.

    I would say that Batman Under the Red Hood and Wonder Woman were probably the best of the animated features.

    I would much rather prefer more feature length films of Justice League Unlimited with the same animation style from that series.

    • Justice League: New Frontier was phenomenal. Green Lantern was a decent start for the eventual animated series that’s in the works.

      • agreed

    • Personally, Under The Red Hood was one of the worst. The voice acting was shocking with the exception of Jensen Ackles, the animation was drab, the story wasnt right. I did not enjoy that one at all.

      • I actually like that version of the story a bit better, aside from the latex body and the lack of further Robins.

      • @Sam,

        Did we watch the same animation? Under The Red Hood may not have been perfect (ie Ras Al Ghul), but it was a very interesting film to watch. First time I’ve seen a main character die in the opening seen.

      • i’m with you drsam 100% Under the red hood was terrible and the voice acting was just terrible. It was sad to watch how low that film sank.

        • I agree DrDama and Daniel. under the Red Hood was extremely weak.

          • DrSam … Oops

    • yeah I disagree, I have found most of the Dc animated features to be quite good. they do a great job of capturing the esence of the source material. It seems that only Anime is able to adapt the source material perfectly. i will agree that Doomsday was my least favorite of the Dc animated , however most of the others where above par.

  7. the book sucks

    • Well, you’re entitled to your opinion. I and a lot of other people think of it as THE take on Superman for the modern age.

  8. I went to the NYC premier last night and I was very pleased with this movie. For the time the movie had you were very entertained. I might have cut down on the Sampson a bit but other than that it was perfect. Bizarro would have been way too hard to get in this movie as well as other aspects that were left out from the comic.

    As a whole, I love these DC animated movies and while each one may not be an Oscar winner they offer us our DC heroes in movies three or four times a year. For that I am very appreciative and they really do a good job.

    I recommend buying this movie if you read the comic or not. That is another aspect of these DC movies is you don’t necessarily have to be reader of the comics to sit back and enjoy a great superhero story.

  9. If it’s not out yet, how come I watched a dvd copy on Sunday just gone???

    I settled down to watch it Sunday night, apart from the cape looking to small and Supes head looking a bit to chiseled…. wow, loved it. Lots of story, character development…. thoroughly enjoyed watching it.


    Can’t believe he died at the end WTF?!!!

    • and the copy works on your X Box to.

    • Did he die though…. Because in the graphic novel that is open for debate.

      • Well, if you download and watch the copy I’ve so kindly posted the link to :) you will see Superman fly into a blue Sun about 5 minutes from the end of the film. The Sun turns yellow and days go by… no sign of Superman.

        Cut to a prison visit with Lex Luthor…. do you really wanna know everything that happens?

        Superman dies.

        • *spoilers*

          Well earlier in the comic series we’d already seen that he was around in 4500AD (though wearing bandages to disguise himself) so no, he’s not dead. Not to mention gold Superman from many thousands of years in the future.

          • Very interesting Mr…..

            (strokes white cat and sits on chair)

  10. I don’t know if I’ll watch this or not. I love Bruce Timm and have liked most of his animated films. However, I refused to read the comic because I hate Grant Morrison I think he is the most overrated writer in the history of comics and IMO he absolutely raped the character of Batman the last few years. His need to tie all of Batman’s current stories together with the campy past was insulting and his inclusion of Batmite in the story was even more so. I don’t know how he handles Superman, but I don’t really care to find out by supporting his comic.

    That said Bruce Timm has a proven track record

    Justice League New Frontier: is IMO the best animated comic film ever by far.
    Batman Mask OTP: was almost very good as well another fantastic film
    Wonder Woman: was a great story and while lacking in some areas was absolutely great in others especially in it’s voice acting.
    Batman Sub Zero: While not as good as the above films it’s still a good film thats very enjoyable to watch.
    Batman/Superman Public Enemies: Was good and mostly the only problems with it were the animation which was poor. The story was great though. The voice acting was even better.
    Batman/Superman Apocalypse: i think it gets trashed more than it deserves it was fantastic voice acting, much better animation among the best of the films. It wasn’t great, and maybe that’s the problem people expected more, but it was good.
    Green Lantern: Not great, but fun I certainly enjoyed every moment of it.
    Crisis on Two earths : This was an enjoyable single watch not bad, but certainly not good.

    Then we have the few bads. Doomsday which was dull and poorly made. under the red hood which had decent animation, but took a sup par story and made it worse and the worst offender of all the most awful animated film I’ve seen my entire life Gotham Knights. Pure trash.

    I’ll give this a chance for Bruce Timm, but still refuse to touch the comic.

    • One: it is never, ever okay to use “rape” in such a casual way that belittles the horror of the act, but I won’t even get into that.

      Two: Again, these campy bits were written. IF you paid attention at all, you’d notice that a lot of the things people assume are now in continuity are, but not in the way they’d think. For instance, “Robin Dies At Dawn” didn’t actually happen, it was the result of Batman hallucinating during Dr. Hurt’s experiments. Bat-Mite being there functions as part of Morrison’s Multiversal/dimensional concepts that are not only strung throughout all of his titles, but work when applied to other works as well. His inclusion was in no way “campy”, it actually served a purpose in the overall narrative that runs through the beginning of his run on Batman, on through R.I.P., on into (and especially in this second third)Final Crisis, Batman and Robin, and Return of Bruce Wayne.

      • 1. Phew glad you didn’t get in to it…. Moving on

        2. Uhh yea I did pay attention and I know what he did with it didn’t make the story any better to me and yes it was still campy. Grant Morrisons Batman run has been awful and so is his new run on Batman Inc which is a pointless concept. I’m sick of watching him tear apart the character. His work was much better before he claimed he was abducted by aliens. After he made up that BS his work became campy and ripped apart great characters changing them to their very core. I actually liked his JLA run before he took over and wrote that god awful Batman And Son story. Final Crisis was his best post abduction story.

        • Morrison is a good fit for Superman but the reason the stuck him on Batman is beyond me, his work is always so weird, hardly a fit for the Caped Crusader.

          But I cannot recommend All Star Superman enough.

          • DSB the funny thing is he used to not be so weird. Back before he made up the BS story about being abducted by aliens he actually wrote some decent stuff that I enjoyed. Then he claimed he was abducted and suddenly his stuff took a weird direction and really started making little to no sense. That was of course before he started up at Batman and wrote that god awful Batman and Son story.

            I’ve long suspected he puts mind control chemicals in the ink for the comics because I can’t come up with any other reason why anyone would like his work on Batman or why anyone would want to read such a god awful concept as Batman Inc that just has to be the dumbest idea for batman in the last 20 years.

            • Yeah Batman Inc is an awful idea. Thing is, they wrote themselves into a corner with Batman, they killed off Bruce Wayne and made Dick Grayson Batman. Well, thats fine, but what did they intend to do when Bruce came back? They had to do something with him.
              I get the feeling they didnt really think it through.
              Plus, I think they should have left Bruce dead for a few years, the new Batman and RObin team works great.

              • I’m glad they brought him back actually Bruce is batman and Dick never was able to fill is shoes it just didn’t work for me. As hard as he tried. I think when Bruce came Back Dick should of went back to Nightwing. I liked Nightwing and it sucks they killed Bruce when they did because just before he died the Nightwing comic started to get great after struggling for so long. Dick was finally coming in to his own as a hero and getting out from under Bruces shadow and then bam he was batman.

                • Well, this is the problem. They can only be one Batman. Both Bruce and Dick can’t do it. That’s why they came up with this stupid Batman Inc idea.

                  • but see with Batman Inc they are both doing it and in fact dozens of others will be doing it as well. I mean seriously WTF?

                    Anyway not really the place for this I guess lol but I really hate the direction the batman comics are going. Bruce the one man the one and only man who can ever be Batman was kicked out of his own comic. He is Batman in three brand new comics and the classic Batman comic is now Dick despite Bruce being back. Also I heard that Dick will be the one in the Justice league and not Bruce. The amount of hatred I have for grant morrison at this time can not get any greater. Why can’t they move him like they planned. He was suppose to be done with batman and then was so desperate to cling on that he came up with the idiotic batman inc concept to get that last run at batman because before Batman he was just your average writer and hardly anyone cared.

                  • 1.) I didn’t go into it because I’m am sick of dealing with people ignorant of exactly how horrible using the word that way is.

                    2.)Here’s the thing about “Killing Batman” and “What do they expect to do with Dick when they come back?” because there was no “they”.
                    There was no “killing”. Bruce never died. He was never intended to die. There’s a reason that, when he was “killed” in Final Crisis, they make a point to show you that he’s not dead at the end of the next issue. The whole “hop through time” Return of Bruce Wayne series was an exploration of the elements that make up the character of Bruce Wayne, and that last issue made the (very true) statement that he was never alone. That is the most important part of the characterization change that Mozza’s run involved. Changing Batman from an unrelenting dick and making him realize that there has never been a moment where he hasn’t had a family, and that family has been growing for years. NOW he’s a respectable character. He acknowledges that fact that he was a raging jerk for years (Gee, thanks, writers, for thinking Miller is the only person that ever wrote Batman correctly). Alfred has been there with Batman since the beginning. Dick, not long after. Batman has a father. Batman has children. The only issues I take with characterization and character use in his run are Jason’s characterization as an outright villain that was apparently a terrible Robin and is irredeemable, and the lack of Cassandra Cain. Even Damian, a character I and many initially hated, because he was intentionally written as a pretty unlikable brat, received character development that was only possible by partnering him with DickBats that has turned him into one of my favorite Robins. Both Dick and Bruce CAN operate as Batman. It actually works pretty well in practice. Dick takes care of Gotham. Bruce takes care of the rest of the world in Inc., which, before the first issue, already showed that is was far more than just “Batman around the world with other heroes”, both of whom so far are FANTASTIC characters. Mr. Unknown/Batman of Japan gives us a way of enjoying Bat-Manga characters in a bit more of a serious way. Nightrunner is probably my favorite new character of the last year (Though he isn’t a Morrison creation, so his only relevance is to illustrate how the concept works outside of Morrison’s writing).
                    I could not be happier to see other writers starting to take advantage of it. People who still want the Batjerk of years past have Finch’s The Dark Knight series. Gail Simone, though, wrote probably one of my favorite outside Batman appearances ever in the latest Birds of Prey, though, and it was only possible thanks to the character development of the first and second parts of the MozzaBats epic.
                    I can thank Mozza for taking measures to implement these stories that I love and opening up new possibilities for other writers.

                    • tl;dr version: To each their own, but what Morrison has done for the character (and a few of his supporting characters) and the way he has been written is incredibly important for some people.

                    • Batman shouldnt be respectable, he should be a ‘jerk’, he is THE DARK KNIGHT, not THE WARM AND FLUFFY KNIGHT.
                      We have read the same comics you have, so there is no need to talk down to anyone. I know, as I’m sure Daniel does, that Batman wasn’t actually killed but maybe I could be bothered to write all that gumpf about Darkseid, Omega Beams, Time Travel and other nonsense. It was simply easy to write “Killed Batman”.

                    • I’m sorry, guys, if this sounds like talking down. I can see how it would come across that way, most definitely, some poor word choice, it wasn’t my intention.
                      Frankly, I don’t care if Batman is a jerk to some characters, but his family? Those characters, it’s pretty amazing to see him respect and actually show that he gives a damn about. Acknowledging that he isn’t alone is a huge thing for a lot of people. Those four words, “I was never alone,” were part of a pretty beautiful moment.

                      Like I said, though, to each their own, you’re MORE than entitled to your own opinion, and I really do enjoy seeing people talk about things they like and don’t about comics. Even if their views are different than my own.

                    • Sorry for coming off as a bit combative there.

                      I see your point. But for Bruce, he has never really been part of a family (not for a long time) and considering he is Batman, his gruff demeanor has always been part of the character. He doesnt play well with others, regardless of whether they are family or not.

                      But as you said, each to their own, Morrison’s work is very hit and miss for me, I love All Star Superman it is one of the greatest works featuring the character, but Final Crisis? I had to consult Wikipedia after reading it to make any sense of it.

                    • My enjoyment and understanding of his Batman run, Seven Soldiers, and Final Crisis were aided considerably by a couple of threads full of people that make me feel like a child, they’re so frighteningly intelligent, so I completely understand that sentiment! I’d share links, but there are a few hundred pages, a bit much for back-reading.
                      I whole heartedly agree with you about All-Star Superman, I made sure to get a copy of the Absolute edition. Next up on my list is working my way through The Invisibles, because hey, I’m in college, I could always use a possibly life-changing experience.

                      Really, though, Dr. Sam, I don’t blame you for coming off a bit combative and insulted, I sounded like a bit of a jerk in parts there! Thanks for calling me out on it.

                    • The problem I have isn’t with Batman showing his family that he cares it’s that they completely changed every thing about him and his personality.

                      He can show them he cares while still being The Dark Knight while still being a grumpy gruff man. He can still have his ego and know that he is right always. Just because he cares about them doesn’t mean he has to baby them and work extra hard to be nice. Also doesn’t mean he has to act as if everyone he meets is his new best friend which is how he has been. He hasn’t been batman for years the character change made no sense. Sure suddenly caring for the people around him and all that makes sense but the rest of it doesn’t. They made him a nice friendly guy who is no longer consumed by the mission. He is now just a really weird nice guy in a bat suit all the interesting compelling character aspects are gone.

                      As far as two Batmen the comics were never suppose to be a story about Batman but rather about Bruce Wayne not about Dick Grayson or some asian guy pretending to be Batman. Bruce Wayne is batman and everyone else is a cheap imitation who has no right to wear the costume when he is around. Taking Bruce out of Gotham is almost blasphemy as far as i’m concerned. Whats next have Superman no long protect Metropolis ? Maybe Flash can move to Gotham and protect it?

                      Bruce Wayne is batman no one else and Batman is Gotham City. It made sense for Dick to fill in while batman was (since I am not allowed to say dead ) hit by an omega beam transporting him back in time that he had to time leap forward over and over to return to gotham. Once he was back though he should of been Batman and Dick should of moved on. It’s not only bad for Bruce Wayne and the fans, but it’s poor writing for Dick Grayson as well. Dick will never be his own man ever because of this. Just before Batman RIP Dick Grayson started to evolve and started becoming his own man a stand alone respectable hero and not just a tool for Batman. Now that character progression has be reversed and he is just another tool for Bruce again.

                      Not only should be the only batman like he deserves and finally be a respectable hero again he should also be Batman not some kind fluffy version of him self. Also Dick should finally be a respected hero. He deserves to be his own man after all these years. Grant should allow Dick to fully evolve as a character.

                      Even worse Poor Tim Drake in all of this. Talk about short end of the stick.

                    • @Daniel F I’m going to bow out with a respectful disagreement in most cases, just because I think we’ve hit a point where it’s getting to repeat itself, and that’s not good for either of us.

                      I would like to ask if you’ve read Red Robin, though, because I’ve found it to be consistently pretty enjoyable. Of the current Batfamily books that have been running more than a few issues so far, it’s probably altogether my third favorite.

                    • I’d like Tim to have a completely new identity so he can flourish as the awesome character he is, especially if he decides to stop moping, now that his friends are back. If I want any other character to be Nightwing, it’d be Cassandra Cain, because she needs the character redemption. Big time.
                      I don’t care for the Red Robin costume either. Didn’t do it for me in Kingdom Come, didn’t work well with Jason, and the slightly modified one Tim wears is only a bit better. I did like the one he had in the unternet in issue #19, though. Sort of a mix between Robin and Nightwing.

          • I personaly like Morrison work, always have. However I didnt like All-Star Superman, I liked QWuietly’s artwork. I am looking forward to this though, and I can see how a fan of the series would want to see everything , it is not praticle to fit it all in ananimated feature. That is the major problem with most of these animated features, they are usally taking their source material from certain story arcs that take place over a series of books and are not one issue stories. If they focused on a single issue story the adaption would be more faithful to the source material

  11. There hasn’t been a DC animated film yet that was interesting for anyone above 10 years old.

    • have you seen Batman Under The Red Hood? If not cheeck it out.

  12. I wish the WB would take a little more time with these movies and do theme in CGI.

    • I believe that’s the intention with the coming Green Lantern animated series, that might fit your fancy. Hope you get what you want!

        • The new GL series looks terrible! Like a bad pixar animation.

          • I agree, the animation doesn’t look to great, but I do have to say I like the way the Timm design sense carries over into three dimensions.

      • Have any of you guys seen the DC Universe Online trailers. Those tailers kick a$$ big time, if they were to do a movie with the quality in which those trailers were produce, they would have nothing less than a hit on their hands. However, being as though DC thinks that kids are the ones spending millions buying their comics and not adults, they will probably stick to the old fashion animation style.

  13. Mask Of The Phantasm is the best animated DC film. And that was made nearly 20 years ago! Great animation, best Batman and Joker, great story. Damn near perfect.

    • I agree. That is my favorite Batman movie. Sorry Nolan fans.

      • Mine too.

  14. The worst DC animated movie so far.

  15. No interest in reading the comics, so I’ll probably be fine with the movie. Looking forward to it, it looks great and even Morrison says it rocks.

  16. I haven’t seen it yet, so I can’t really comment on how faithful it is and how well it keeps the spirit and messages of the comic, but I will say that this sort of reinforces my feelings about a Transmetropolitan movie. I’ve seen the idea thrown around a bit in the past, and I’ve always thought an animated series on either a cable network or on the web would be a much better choice. I think that’s true of quite a few series, and I would like to see something of the sort with some of these stories being adapted for DC Animated features.

  17. Sadly,
    Dwayne Mcduffie, who wrote this adaptation died yesterday due to complications from an unspecified surgery.
    He turned 49 on Sunday.

  18. This is how you end the trilogy for live action movies. Just needs better dialogue for live action. Other than that, this would be the most perfect way to end it. Have Lex in the background for the first two movies. Then have him be the ultimate, final bad guy Superman ever faces. Except change the ending to leave it open for more movies perhaps later on and not have Luthor turn “good”.

  19. Too happy of an ending, the right way to do this would be to leave fans hanging.

    • That’s what I meant.

  20. All I can say about this was that it was a waste of time.

  21. I thought it was pretty decent. Not the best, but not bad at all. It had some good moments and none of it was bad sadly though there wasn’t really ever a great moment either. Superman’s voice work was pretty good, but I didn’t like Lex in it that much.

  22. the movie was disappointing. very disappointing. it was so dumbed down i jumped it forward to the last 5 mins. the ending, when luthor hands over superman’s gentic code was the real damper. the plot does not work. the lois lane/supergirl period is downright silly, and, having watched, with more approval, the likes of apocalypse, with batman in it, this is two classes down.

    the manner to which the superman v lex luthor rivalry is being recycled is becoming nauseating.

    why can’t they ever animate what they publish in the comic strip?

  23. Dear God – This was the worst animated superhero movie I’ve ever had to watch by a mile! I saw the movie with 5 people and everyone was trying to decide the entire time if we should just turn it off – PAINFUL!!!