Major DC News Coming Soon; First Look at ‘All-Star Superman’

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dccomics1 Major DC News Coming Soon; First Look at All Star Superman

Heat Vision is bringing us two pieces of DC news today: first up, DC Entertainment will be making some significant announcements about their roster of superhero films – and other DC superhero projects currently in the works – sometime in the near future. Also, a voice cast has been tapped for the next upcoming DCE/Warner Premiere animated feature, All-Star Superman

Early in the year, the execs over DCE/Warner Bros. made it clear that DC superheroes are their top focus after Harry Potter wraps its box office run with the two-part Deathly Hallows film, which will debut in theaters this Fall and next Summer.

The Potter franchise has been a multi-billion-dollar cash cow for Warner Bros., and the hope is that DC and its stable of superheroes will be lucrative enough property (if Nolan’s Batman series is any indication) to replace what will be lost when Potter is gone.

However, ever since we were promised new DCE/WB announcements at the beginning of 2010, the most we’ve actually heard from the studio has been strings of rumors peppered with the occasional minor bit of official info. Check a quick list of the DC Movie news we’ve gotten this year:

That’s about all we have in the way of credible or even remotely likely DCE/WB news and 2010 is slowly rounding out. This latest update is that we’ll soon be getting an official update, which kind of makes it an update on an update, whatever that means…

dc entertainment logo Major DC News Coming Soon; First Look at All Star Superman

The word came from Warner Bros. CEO Barry Meyer, who was speaking at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Media, Communications & Entertainment Conference. After the topic of Harry Potter’s impending retirement came up, Meyer said that while he’s only looked after the DC properties in a “custodial way,” it would soon be time for the studio to get “much more entrepreneurial.”

The plan for the announcement is to release an “organizational announcement” next week, and then in months’ time, release a spreadsheet detailing all the cross-media plans for how the superheroes will be sold to the masses. Apparently that means more than just feature films, leading to the inevitable questions about whether we’ll soon be getting new DC-themed TV shows, animated shows, animated shorts, video games (or online series?) in the near future. Guess we’ll find out in an even nearer future. Stay tuned.

For more info on Warner Bros.’ post Harry Potter plans, head over to Heat Vision



The good folks over at DCE/Warner Premiere are unveiling their 10th animated feature, and this time it’s going to be Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s Award-winning series, All-Star Superman.

The story is quite unique as far as Superman yarns go: While on a mission in the heart of the sun, Superman’s cells become oversaturated with solar radiation (the source of his super powers) which in effect acts like terminal super-cancer for The Man of Steel.

Upon finding out that he’s dying, Superman must choose how to spend his remaining days, so he sets out to complete what essentially is a “Superman bucket list.” Highlights from the list (as explored in the comics) included giving Lois Lane Superman powers for a day, and prepping the world to defend itself in a post-Superman era.

all star superman animated Major DC News Coming Soon; First Look at All Star Superman

Heat Vision has the exclusive that actors James Denton (Desperate Housewives), Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) and Anthony LaPaglia will be voicing Superman, Lois Lane and Lex Luthor, respectively. The trio join Ed Asner (Up) and Francis Conroy (Six Feet Under) who will play Perry White and Ma Kent, respectively. Linda Cardellini (ER), Arnold Vosloo (The Mummy)  and Matthew Gray Gubler (500 Days of Summer) are also involved in the production.

Longtime DC Universe Guru Bruce Timm will be producing and Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths writer Dwayne McDuffie and director Sam Liu will be onboard as well.

You can catch All-Star Superman on DVD/Blu-ray in Spring 2011. Until then, you can get your DC Animation fix with next week’s release of Superman/Batman: Apocalypse.

Source: Heat Vision (link 1) (link 2)

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  1. Not to be a cynic, but I`ll believe this announcement on future DC film projects when I see it. That said, I hope its a good one and leads to something great :)

    • I agree. They seem to make announcements that something official will be coming, but it never gets made.

  2. Marvel owns DC!!

    • @Kique

      …um, NO.

  3. What? No Tim Daily as Superman?! Just not the same. It’s like not having Kevin Conroy as Batman. Still I’ll be looking forward for these projects. Maybe they can get Arnold Vosloo to play Lex Luthor in what I hope to be Christopher Nolan’s Justice League flick with the rest of the Leagon Of Doom, instead of the All Star animated Superman. Not saying for sure of course the the L.O.D is going to be in the J.L. film but it’d be cool to see. Here’s hopping everything works out to the fans favor.

    • I’ve been saying this for over a year now, that the Justice League movie has to pit the team against the Silver-Age Legion of Doom…Solomon Grundy, Blockbuster, Black Manta, Cheeta, Lex Luthor, The Joker, Braniac, Reverse Flash, Silvestro, Capt Cold, and for the real interesting New Member of the Legion of Doom, how about the Smart version like in the books of the best Character DC has created in 50 years, Doomsday! Now, that sounds like an interesting matchup for the Justice League of America, would’nt you say? I’m curious on my idea of a smart speaking Doomsday. And, to play fair, the should be one new Member for the Justice League, and my pick should be an obvious one at that. How about the new member of the Justice League being, WaveRider. For those of you who read the Doomsday books and stories, you should be familar with how Superman and this other character as I will call him, did away with Doomsday. Now, it’s been a while since I read any books or stories, so I’m not sure if these new characters I suggested can be used, but, if they could, boy, it would make for one hellva movie. Warner Brothers can start salavating at anytime just thinking of the toy and Action Figure rights just from this first Justice League movie, it would be the Star Wars Merchandising all over again, and would surely guarantee a long list of sequels to follow. Hopefully they read these message boards, because everyone’s ideas would make Warner Bros very rich..

  4. *puzzled* Kique, I don’t get how that’s possable that Marvel owns DC. This story has notihng to do with Marvel. Please help me understand what you mean by that.

    • I think he means marvel is better than dc.

      • Oh I see, but did anyone from X-Men win an Oscar? Nope not a one, and seperate movies don’t count. Thank you Heath Ledger! Personaly I enjoy the DC Universe much more. Much better movies.

        • I’m more a DC fan than Marvel, but Marvel has more characters on the big screen. DC has only had Batman and Superman (soon to be Green Lantern). Marvel has Hulk, x-men, iron man, blade, fantastic four, with thor, captain america, and the avengers upcoming.

          DC needs to up its game.

          • we all know marvel has more movies out there but most of them have failed u got to remember all of them at other film studios. Marvel Studio only produce Iron Man 1-2 and Hulk reboot and next year Thor and Cap.

            it amazing u forget that DC release more then just Superman and Batman u know “A History of Violence” is part of DC comics also Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Constantine.

          • And I’m sure they will but, there has also been the Watchmen, V for Vendetta, The League of Extordanary Gengelmen. Those are also DC works. Also they had the not as good Batman movies, Reeve Superman, and Constantine. So there have been alot more DC then it seems. I’m also a big DC supporter. but you are right there Matt, with the release of Avengers DC does need to hit a home run with Man Of Steel and Batman 3. And I’m thinking they could pull off a Justice League film but they have to of course get the right cast and director(s) to make it happen. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  5. How about doing a Superman/Supergirl animated movie ? Michael Turner already did Batman/Superman: Apocolyspe that introduces Supergirl. I will like to see Kara and Kal-El team up together, on their own battle. Like, back in their day, since Supergirl was introduce in 1958 #252 ACTION COMICS, in the 50′s era which DC animated ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE: FRONTIER” came out. Here is the title “SUPERMAN:A SUPERGIRL FROM KRYPTON” it would’ve been introduced along with the Superboy/Superman: New Adventures series back then.

    • Has that come out on DVD yet?

  6. Please no justice league movie, i don’t think nolan would do one anyways.

    • There’s rumor that JLA has been tentatively green-lit, but with the idea of omitting Batman and Superman (lame). Probably thanks to Nolan insisting they live in their own separate worlds. Although, it hasn’t been confirmed or denied. But given Nolan’s influence on DC now, it’s a good probability.

      • Why would one do JLA without bats or supes? That’s just wrong. I wouldn’t mind a feature length animated JLA or a series.

        • Justice League movie without the 2 biggest characters in the DC universe would be like doing a movie about the 1927 Yankees and not having Babe Ruth or Lou Gehrig in it. Yup, it’s that dumb.

  7. so no pa kent? what’s with the dcau getting rid of pa kent? that part where the 3 superman come to the kent farm features pa heavily. i don’t even remember ma kent being in the book that long.

    • Cuz Pa Kent’s dead.

  8. Is it just me, or does superman’s lip look weird?

  9. What’s next an Avengers movie with no Wasp or Giant Man..I mean how can you have a JLA movie with no Batman and Superman..wait how do you suppose they make a team without the smartest hero (Batman) and the strongest and most noble hero(Superman)? sounds fishy to me..or like they don’t want those two franchises tainted by the stinker that this movie would be without those two..

  10. this is good, however, it would be awsome if DC hired the studio behind the DC UNIVERSE ONLINE TRAILER to make some cgi movies.

    • I sooooo agree! With the current state of achievable animation/CGI (like the final fantasy flick or a great number of video game “cuut scenes”), I think going that rout with any “super team” would be really cool!

  11. ive always though brandon routhe is the perfect superman he should go back hes handsome and everything!!! ;( oh well..

  12. They better keep the original Superman theme by John Williams in the score or I will not be a happy camper.

    • @ foopher

      Doubtful they will if they’re rebooting the franchise.

    • Ill walk out if thats not there.

  13. If Nolan is to make a Justice League film without Batman or Superman, it will be one film id pass on that year. I thought that would be a project Nolan wouldn’t be interested doing way back? As for animated shows i hope DC & Bruce Timm reconsider bringing back Justice League Unlimited, or like Bruce Timm stated before on one of the dvd special features he would’t mind goin back & adding another season to Superman: TAS that picks up after the Legacy two parter episode which the season focuses on Superman earning back the people’s trust.

  14. that superman looks cool, very retro. Dc announcment will be for an aquaman movie stariing vincet chase and mandy moore directed by james cameron. Oh wait they already did that.

  15. The comic is lame and movie will be too. I don’t get how the sun which gives Superman his powers, invulnerablity, immortality is going to kill him for being too close to it. He flown to the sun many times and he never got sick. The story is just plain out there when it comes to canon of Superman.

    The only explanation that I can fathom that makes this story possible is the following. We all need water to survice. Now if we stay underwater for long time we can drown. So for best answer for him dying he went in the core of the Sun and stayed too long. When I read some of the comics of this series that is the best I can take from it.

    You can say I both hate and like idea at same time. I like its a different take on Superman. But I don’t see how Superman can die when Sun is supposed to maek him immortal someday and he be around in the year 3000 with the legionaires.

  16. So another announcement stating that an announcement will be made. Whatever DC.

  17. Today we are officially going to announce that next month we will officially announce something.

    Thanks DC

  18. personally i think they should have worked on a sequal to superman returns.i thought it was a great superman movie laying the ground work for even greater chalanges and opponets for superman in future movies.

    i don`t see why they thought it needed a reboot.

    • @ flashback

      To be honest, i agree with you. Mostly because id like to see the franchise continue from what Donnor started, hearing the same Superman score etc. I think it would be possible for them to make a sequel that follows Superman Returns. As for that little kid, c’mon he would’t need to be in every sequel. Heck just mention him by name and leave it at that and have Lois and that Jason White split up or somthing to get things back on track between the Lois & Clark relationship. The movie made money, just not as much WB expected and it was mostly due to lack of action, Superman having a kid which can be fixed. Superman did have a kid in the comics so it wasn’t so far fetched and like i said just not have kid come back for anymore films and just referance him by name. As i read lately about the villains, it seems that Nolan picked on one of Singer’s ideas involving Lex/Brainiac before the 2nd idea of Brainiac/Bizzarro with a minor lesser appearance by lex.

  19. it could be an announcement of an announcment being made to announce something at an unannounced time. Deep.

  20. The sad fact is so long as Warner Bros holds complete control over DC’s film properties, their potential for movies and TV shows will always be grossly under-utilized. Because all the power over the development of such properties lies in the hands of corporate studio execs who know nothing about comics or how to adapt them, and indeed, view comic books with disdain. Even in the end if a project is lucky enough to get a filmmaker who knows and cares about the source material(like Nolan and Berlanti) getting it approved by the studio and finally developed is still a long process in itself.

    If any of you have read ‘The long, sordid history of Superman V’ that’s a good indicator of how Warner Bros. treats DC’s properties.

  21. The people behind DC’s Animated branch should be given love on a daily basis, considering the quality they put into it (animation, script, the actors they get) despite it being straight to DVD. I have yet to see one that has been horrible.

    In fact, I hope they ditch the live action Flash movie and just do a host of DC Animated movies instead. As much as I’d love The Flash to be on the big screen, I’m too afraid that it wouldn’t translate as well and all the weirder elements (cosmic treadmills, talking gorillas) would probably get chucked away. At least with the Animation series, they could do all of that and still do something of quality, if only for the fanboys.

  22. DC animated isn’t all it’s hyped up to be people seem to only remember the good dc animated films. Sure we got movies like Superman Batman Public Enemies, JLA NF, and even to a lesser extent Wonder Woman.

    However, we also have Green Lantern First Flight which was ok at best that’s generious, Superman Doomsday which sucked Batman Under the red hood which could of been good if not for some of the the worst voice casting ever seen which sucked and the worst of them all a true tragedy Batman Gotham Knights.

    DC animated has put out some great toons but also some bad ones. I look forward to every new one announced but never let my self get too excited.

    • Marvel has brought out the worst animated movies and toons. DC animation is so far ahead than Marvel.

    • I agree with you concerning Superman/Doomsday, as it is a sad comparison to the comics, but I enjoyed Batman UtRH. I thought the voice work was well done. And Batman Gotham Knights was absolutely well done for what it was. Yeah, there are some stinkers. But sometimes, room must be given as comics are converted to movies. Like Peter Jackson said about making Lord of the Rings, and Im paraphrasing, it’s only one version, one adaption. Not the thee adaption.

  23. Those are some good points GG and some real challenges for Warner’s employees and staff. When it comes to Superman though their backs are against the wall. They need to produce or face the real possibility of losing the character. they have had a lot of gestation time to learn from past mistakes as well as from their competitions success. Hopefully “Green Lantern” will spark a string of successes. With the Nolans and Goyer hitting back to back home runs with Batman 3 and “Man of Steel.”

    If they can’t make it go with this attempt I think the current Warner staff will be looking for other work. With all the money spent over the years and nothing to show for it, I can’t imagine Warner stock holders not wanting a B.O.D. and senior staff shake up.

  24. Frankly I have much hope on Nolan in the long term. He’s not a team player and doesn’t really care about building a DC movieverse so much as bringing his own self-contained storylines(trilogies) to the big screen and moving on.

    But he is the only director Warner considered who actually knows the source material, so he’s the best DC’s got. Before he came on board there were at least four failed attempts to relaunch the Batman franchise, three of which looked like they would end up as great travesties(Joel Schumacher’s Batman Triumphant, Batman vs Superman, and Darren Arrenofsky’s ‘re-imagined’ Batman: Year One with).

    • @ GG

      After reading about it, I thought Batman Triumphant would be a better sequel after Batman & Robin but only reason that movie didn’t get greenlit was the negative reviews about Batman & Robin by both fans and critics. Joel Shumacher was planning to make it dark as Burton’s first two films was. You’re right about Batman vs. Superman & Batman: Year One. Another movie was a live-action Batman Beyond film.

  25. Dan I have to disagree I think marvel and DC are pretty even on animation Ultimate Avengers cartoon was pretty good as were Hulk Versus and Planet Hulk as well. Also The Doctor Strange cartoon was fantastic and while the Iron Man cartoon was a let down it was still decent. While Dc has made the absolute best I think they also made the absolute worst and marvel has been pretty consistant with decent to good cartoons. I enjoy some more than others but I wouldn’t call any of the Marvel ones bad just some fall short of good. DC however made the worst with Doomsday, and Gotham Knights not to mention despite it’s great story Under the red hood ended up being barely watchable due to some of the worst voice acting I’ve ever heard batman and Joker were ruined.

    Avengers 2 and Avengers next were not great but were ok at least.