‘All My Children’ & ‘One Life to Live’ Canceled After 43 Years On Air

Published 4 years ago by , Updated August 13th, 2013 at 10:48 pm,

all my children one life to live canceled All My Children & One Life to Live Canceled After 43 Years On Air

The landscape of daytime television is shifting, as ABC has announced today that two long-running daytime soap operas, All My Children and One Life To Live, will be coming to an end.

All My Children and One Life To Live, both created by writer Agnes Nixon, have amassed a large following over their 40+ years on the air.

In the mid-60s, after working for Procter and Gamble on daytime soap operas Tomorrow, Guiding Light and Another World, Nixon had developed an idea for her own series – All My Children. After presenting her idea to ABC, the network promptly declined and suggested that she create a series with a more contemporary tone – that series became One Life To Live.

One Life To Live premiered on ABC in 1968. Reflecting many of the country’s socioeconomic changes, One Life To Live quickly became a hit and Nixon was finally given permission from ABC to develop All My Children into a series.

All My Children premiered on ABC in 1970. Like One Life To Live, All My Children focused on many of the country’s issues. Although, this time, instead of focusing on the lifestyles of the affluent and beggardly, Nixon tackled social issues such as homosexuality, AIDS and abortion. And of course, the show featured the reign of a great TV villain, Susan Lucci’s Erica Kane.

Despite the fact that soap operas are generally laughed at amongst the so-called television elite, almost everyone has, at one time, sat through their fair share of them. Whether it be from a grandmother, mother, sister – or because you’re home sick from school and nothing else was on – many of the country’s 120 million television households have been intrigued by daytime soap storylines at some point.

With almost 11,000 episodes each, All My Children and One Life To Live have also been noted for starting the careers of many of Hollywood’s familiar faces.

Here is a list of just a few:

One Life To Live

Nathan Fillion, Laurence Fishburne, Tommy Lee Jones, Hayden Panettiere, Ryan Phillippe, Brandon Routh, Blair Underwood and Tom Berenger.

All My Children

Mischa Barton, Kim Delaney, Josh Duhamel, Jesse McCartney, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Lauren Holly, Christian Slater, Michelle Trachtenberg and Amanda Seyfried.

Even though soap operas have been a staple in daytime television for the past 40 years, the recent trend amongst the networks appears to be towards that of the daytime talk show. With shows like Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Live with Regis and Kelly, Rachael Ray and The Gayle King Show costing less to produce than soap operas and garnering higher ratings, networks have no choice but to continue this model.

Replacing All My Children and One Life To Live will be two new talk shows, The Chew and The Revolution.

The Chew will premiere in September 2011 and is described as a show that will focus on “food from EVERY Angle.” Hosts include restaurateur Mario Batali, entertaining expert Clinton Kelly, Top Chef’s Carla Hall, restaurateur Michael Symon and nutrition expert Daphne Oz.

Meanwhile, The Revolution comes from the producers of The Biggest Loser and Masterchef, and will premiere in January 2012. The series is described as a show about health and lifestyle transformations. The show is hosted by a team of experts who will help viewers transform all areas of their lives. Experts include Project Runway’s Tim Gunn, celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak and American Idol’s alum Kimberley Locke.

One Life To Live will end in January 2012

All My Children will end September 2011

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  1. Yea . . . I like soaps better than talk shows and I don’t watch either of them. I guess this is bad news for SoapNet

  2. This sucks. I am in live with one life to live.

  3. WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO!!!! I grew up watching these 2 soaps with my great grandparents & to this day I still LOVE watching them!!!! I HATE TALK SHOWS & will NEVER WATCH THEM!!!!!!!!!!


  5. This is terrible news. What will I do without OLTL? I love the characters and story lines. Say it ain’t so!!

  6. sad sad day:( My two favorite shows are being cancelled:(

  7. There are too many talk shows on TV already! All the budget cuts and letting go of quality actors over the years has lost a lot of viewers. I remember going to my grandmothers and watching “All My Children.” My mom and I got hooked on the show. There has been times when the show’s story lines where weak and I would quit watching, but I always ended up coming back. ABC can make these shows work if they really wanted to.

    Now that ABC has lost Oprah you think you can replace her by adding some talk shows.

    Good bye ABC

  8. Well, I guess this frees up space on my DVR. I have NO need or interest in watching daytime talk shows. I’ve been watching/taping AMC since it started. It is entertaining and something many of us look forward to. And it IS acting, unlike talk and reality TV, which are just a load of opinions and chatter. Another daytime talk or cooking show doesn’t interest me at all. BAD network decision!!!!

  9. I feel this is a big mistake for ABC daytime. There are more than enough reality TV shows based on weight loss and food why do we need more? I am only 30 years old and I watch and look forward to All My Children everyday. Mothers and women in general need an escape from reality not more of it. Soap Operas are part of American Culture and now you are getting rid of them, this is absolutely horrible. I look forward to watching All My Children everyday after work its my only down time as a busy fulltime worker, wife and mother. ABC please rethink this choice these reality shows are easy to replace Soap Operas aren’t!

  10. This is horrible! I have been watching all the ABC soaps since I was a child, starting with Luke & Laura! I love All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital. This really is the end of an era. Please don’t let General Hospital be next. This trend started with all these beloved past soaps: Search for Tomorrow, The Doctors, The City, Loving, GH:Nightshift, Guiding Light, Another World, As The World Turns, Passions and Santa Barbara.

  11. You have got to be kidding me….this is the best show ever and even tops the the evening shows. If it was against Greys Anatomy, I would watch All My Children. And I love Grey’s. I have no way to record the show so I would have to pick. WHO’S STUPID IDEA WAS THIS? If some of the older characters want to quit, then quit, but you have a lot of younger actors that could carry on the show easily. I am so disappointed.

  12. I think ABC is making a big mistake by canceling these two daytime soaps,I will not watch a single show on ABC again after these shows goes off the air.

    • Is this an April fools joke, or what. Am I still on screenrant?

      • Yeah this is kinda strange. I wouldn’t usually expect to be reading this kind of feedback about soap operas on this site. Weird.

        • LOL, I was wondering why it was taking so long for any Screen Rant “regulars” to chime in on this one. :-D

          In the TV world this was HUGE news so we thought we’d cover it.


          • Guess it takes some news of this magnitude to bring the soap fans out of the shadows. I’m amused though.

  13. How is the move towards Talk Shows a new trend?

    There used to be so many talk show on TV. Remember older ones like The Phil Donahue Show, Ricki Lake, Sally, Montel, Maury, Jerry Springer to name a few and newer ones like the Tara Banks show, etc. And what’s interesting is they all, at one time or another, co-existed with the Soap operas.

    Personally, I thought that the decline in the number and popularity of talk shows, was a signal that the Talk Show era was dying and being replaced with reality shows.

    I guess this is what is also affecting Soaps, since it is cheaper to produce/re-run the “Real Housewives of …” than Soap Operas. I don’t care for Soaps (Talk Shows or Reality Shows), but what do you do with all those Soap Opera actors who will now be out of job?

    I feel that the emergence and rapid popularization of Reality Shows is due to the socially stunting entrapments of the internet, leading people, especially kids, to delusionally nourish their social appetites through Reality Shows.

  14. Please tell me someone with an alternate personality is running ABC and will return to normal before this horror happens.

  15. Talk shows are fine in the vein of The View or Ellen Degeneres’ show, but no more Maury, Ricki Lake and that ilk. Boring is a word in a half word when it comes to those.

  16. Ah is all I really have to say. Day time televison sucks anyway. I would much rather watch comedy reruns on TBS or some other cable channel during the day if I am home. I am still going to get my sleep tonight.

  17. Doesn’t the networks already have a FOOD Network? BIG MISTAKE –ABC !!!

  18. I can’t believe this! Please say it isn’t so. The soaps are much better than anything on nightime T.V. I work but I set my DVR to tape everyday. Please reconsider this decision. The only thing left for you to destroy now would be “Dancing With The Stars” because that’s about all thats left to watch on ABC.

  19. I am sad!! I have watched AMC since it first came on. I WILL NOT watch the talk shows! I can’t stand “The View” or the other new one. Sorry guys, but I think you’re making a big mistake!!

  20. After watching or tapeing daily I will no longer watch ABC at any time if
    ALL MY CHILDREN is cancelled. With all the junk shows that are on now who do they think will watch more garbage?

  21. I was so shocked to hear that All My Children is going off the air. The network executives are making a hugh error. We have so many talk shows now with good information and we do not need anymore. All My Children is a terrific show with heart warming characters that make my afternoon! It’s like losing a best friend and I don’t want to say goodbye. I hope and pray another channel picks up All My Children with it’s enlightning, dramatic and sometimes funny story lines. The women also love the fashion, makeup and hairdos we see on this wonderful show…better than reading a magazine! Please rethink your motives in canceling this show. Please don’t end this era to a flooded market of talk shows.

    • The network executives are making this decision on ratings so they are not making a huge error. I agree there are too many talk shows but if people were still watching the soaps they would remain on TV. I, for one, am glad the bad acting, poor storylines, and over dramatized soap operas are coming to an end. They have been on for about 20 years too long…..no wait….they were always bad.

  22. Canceling AMC & OLTL makes no sense! they are making a big mistake we have enough talk shows and reality shows on the air as it is.there will be no need to watch ABC after the shows go off the air. the one good thing is that we still have General Hospital.

  23. I don’t know what all the hubbub is about anyway. Who watches this stuff? I say good riddance!

    BTW, is Victor Newman still kicking Jack’s butt around?


    • There alot of people that watches the soaps. So yeah it’s a big deal for the millions fans!

  24. I read that both shows are STILL getting about 3 million viewers DAILY, but for some reason that is not good enough. I don’t think that includes all the people who DVR it either. I am not a fan of soaps, but the women in my family have been AMC since I was a baby. I bet those shows that are replacing them don’t last 1/10 of the time that those 2 did. I understand that the shows cost more to make than the crappy reality shows, but TV execs have to realize that cable TV is more the reason for the decline in ratings than the soaps themselves. 20 years ago if you were home during the day, there wasn’t much more on besides soaps. Now you have 5000 channels to choose from in addition to anything on the DVR. ABC is going to alienate ALOT of people with this.

  25. “With almost 11,000 episodes each” Well as impressive and mind boggling as that is was their an overall point to these shows? To me that seems rather frustrating. Sure characters move in and out of the format all the time for varied reasons but titles like “All My Children” you would think it would be like a story about a couple of families over at most four generations and at some point the story ends. It seems to me though that to have no story arc with an open end cheapens the value of the content of the story. Constant mixing of common events births, marriages, career mazes, heroic, and deviant behavior, deaths, dissolutions tied to a format that basically reshuffles and adds new players occasionally would and does become boring and self limiting.

    Then is the genre dying? It seems to me it’s taking a much needed break. What should come out of that I think is soap opera that mixes more with other genres or maybe takes a whole other track, something we can’t even imagine yet. Hopefully though both shows will have fitting endings. I figure that’s why they haven’t abruptly ended. What should be exciting for long time watchers is the last dozen episodes. I would think those who were able to stick with it all these years would get plenty of satisfaction out of that…

  26. I am glad some of the soaps are coming to an end. But there are too many talk shows too. I am really hoping that the public gets LESS television. We need fewer channels and fewer shows. Television is crap for the most part but people want to watch SOMETHING. Our culture is fat because we watch to much TV amongst other lazy habits. Soaps were NEVER good, NEVER. Some women found them to be good but they WERE NOT. Women have found themselves thinking and acting like women on soaps. Its a really bad scene. Lame to the Nth degree.

  27. Both of the shows that they are replacing AMC and OLTL with sound extremely boring. If we wanted to watch cooking shows we would tune into the food network… which most of us do not. All the loyal views of ABC will now be watching OTHER channels during the daytime looking for something much better. If ABC wanted higher ratings they should have at least replaced our shows with something entertaining. You’ve lost me as a viewer!

  28. ABC is going to lose a lot of viewers. Who needs another talk show we have watched these soaps for over 40 years. It is part of our lives. I personally will only continue to watch General Hopital on ABC. I will not watch any other shows on this cruel network.

  29. How can you do this i love watching my soaps everyday I never miss a show I have my dvr record everyday so I don’t miss a show that is the reason I got my dvr was to watch my soaps because I work to much. Please don’t do this I am huge fan
    don’t do this I am a huge fan.