Alien Reboot On The Way

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alien remake Alien Reboot On The Way

The Hollywood remake craze continues with the (bad) news that 20th Century Fox intends to remake/ reboot the Alien Franchise. Yes – you really read that correctly. In space no one can hear you scream. However, on Earth they can!

Bloody Disgusting is the first to break the news on the remake/reboot whose actual plot is still up in the air. It could be an origin story/ prequel to the original Sigourney Weaver Alien, or a total remake.

There’s still some light at the end of the tunnel though, as original Alien director Ridley Scott is involved in the project.

To some the original Alien film is a lauded classic in the Science Fiction genre and pretty much near untouchable as remake material. That doesn’t seem to worry Fox, who last year unmade remade  the celebrated classic The Day The Earth Stood Still. The studio also sullied the Alien franchise with the dire Alien Vs Predator films earlier this decade.

Ridley Scott is involved in a producing capacity only along with his brother (and Scott Free partner) Tony Scott, as well as Michael Costigan. According to Bloody Disgusting the film will be directed by Carl Rinsch; apparently Rinsch is a commercials and music video director who has previously worked for Scott Free Productions. Could he be a Ridley Scott protégé?

At this point it doesn’t really matter  – it’s still a bad idea. Hollywood (and 20th Century Fox in particular) seem to have a total lack of respect for the movies that they have in their back catalog. Remakes and reboots are the current rage – mainly because they have “brand name recognition”.

Fox, however, just seem to want the cash – they’ve had a stellar year so far producing sub-standard fare and the way they’ve treated franchises such as X-Men and The X-Files borders on insanity. And don’t even get me started on the above mentioned crappy remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still. Why can’t the studio make sequels to beloved franchises, rather than remake them for younger audiences or better still leave them alone?

It appeared that Fox might be making amends by hiring Robert Rodriguez to help drive the Predator franchise back to the big screen. A Schwarzenegger-starring sequel would be ideal, but we know why that can’t go down (always politics). Scott’s involvement in Alien is a major plus for this project – but why not have it as a sequel with Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley? I’m sure that Weaver would want to be involved if Scott was producing and fans of the original movies would be pretty excited by that.

alien aliens Alien Reboot On The Way

If Indiana Jones, Rambo and Die Hard can return to our screens, then surely so can Ellen Ripley. Weaver has in the past discussed a new Alien project with Scott, so the relationship is still there. Heck, she’s even worked with James Cameron on Avatar - I’m sure the three of them could come up with a quick treatment for a fifth Alien film rather than a reboot.

As per usual this is all rumor right now, so there’s much that could change. Hopefully Weaver’s involvement is what will change, so let’s hope that fans of the franchise make enough noise to help get a fifth film off the ground rather than a remake!

More on the Alien prequel/remake/reboot when we get it – so get shouting folks!

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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  1. This really sucks. Why do a reboot? It doesnt need a reboot or a remake.

    Why not start a new franchise which carries on in that world but without pretending the excellent films before didnt exist.

    Maybe use the Dark Horse stories which are brilliant for the most part.

  2. “At this point it doesn’t really matter – it’s still a bad idea” sorry but thats just your opinion. Being a remake is not gonna make it bad. Seriously 007 has basically been remade every 10 years and no onc complains about that.

  3. Whats even worse is that I heard they are giving the Alien an origin.

  4. A reboot is a HORRIBLE idea if they are going to remake the classic one with just an updated cast. A prequel would be a MUCH better idea, explaining the origin of the Aliens race (bio warfare gone wrong?) and showing them wiping out their creators.

  5. I like this idea! I think they should tell the story from the Alien’s prospective. Maybe give him a name like Clyde or Herman, and have he trying to protect his family from the human invasion threat. I’m telling you that is movie classic gold right there…I’m off to work on the script.

  6. @Oscar!

    Yeah… because the Aliens vs. Predator movies were such a GOOD idea, right? 8-)

    Sure, it COULD turn out to be good, but I think the odds are against it. The original still holds up just fine, it doesn’t need a reboot – but a prequel if done well might be a good idea.


  7. Wait, you didnt like those films? ;)

  8. I agree that a prequel is a much better idea. The original still stands as a brilliant piece of film-making, storywise and effects-wise. We have never known the origin of the aliens and that would be a much better film than this reboot crap.

    I said it before and I’m saying it again, Fox is the anti-christ. :-)

  9. Alien and Aliens were both brilliant movies.

    Aliens 3 and Aliens: Resurrection were total rubbish.

    If anything, I would have liked to see a “reboot” set AFTER Aliens, wiping out what happened in the rest of the series.

    But I suppose that won’t happen now. I don’t think there was much left in the tank for a Alien series with Ripley involved, though.

  10. As for origin-type movie, was’t the first Alien movie the first time humans had contact with the Alien species? (if we forget about the AvP movies that is). So how would an origins movie work without humans?

    I’d be happy with a movie that takes place between Alien and Aliens movies. And how the 80 colonist families got “farmed” by the aliens, leaving only Newt as the lone survivor…

  11. Big question, how do you remake or reboot his series?
    Story wise how do you, don’t all these films take place in the future? Are you going to remake the original but instead of clunky keyboards you add in LCD touch screens?

    Whatever, its their money to spend. I only see Ridley being involved in this just on a money basis. Get money from studios so that he can do his next project. Kinda like Spielberg with Transformers. As if he cares about fanboy backlash on the film and the negative critics, it made money that means he gets a cut that means he can make whatever he wants. Or drive a fancy concept car.

  12. That’s how I found out about this atrocity. I guess a petition to Fox would have no appeal. This news just totally ruined my day. Now I’m only half excited about going to the midnight screening for Drag Me To Hell.

  13. Let’s boycott Hollywood until they give us some new ideas. This reboot crap needs to stop.

  14. Horrible news.

  15. Next thing you know they’ll reboot Braveheart and make it a PG love story starring that Twilight robot Pattison-something and have Seth Rogen as Edward the Longshanks. Instead of speaking in Scottish accents they speak Cali and it will be about Braveheart in his teens with his love interest as Kirsten Dunst.
    For battle scenes it will be all done with CGI with tons of explosions and a scene where Braveheart gets…wait for it, The LOCH NESS MONSTER to fight off the British!
    Then he rides into England on a Dragon!

    And he doesn’t die but gets bit by a vampire and travels to the new world where years later he meets a young girl and falls in love. In the sequel he fights a Wolf pack which does not include Kevin Nash, Sting or Macho Man Randy Savage.

    Now, I am willing to write this opus for any studio accepting it, you can contact me by my e-mail!
    This idea is trademarked by the way.

    Pattison, Seth Rogen, CGI, Love Story, Monsters, Dragons, A Period Piece…in the words of the Gyro Captain “Think of the possibilities!”


  17. Damn you SK! You have to STOP giving Hollywood ideas!! :P

    For the record, I kinda liked the FIRST Aliens vs Predator flick, but I didn’t even bother with the second after hearing all the horror (no pun intended) stories about it. I mean, the AvP concept idea was SO awesome and Hollywood frigged it up.

  18. I’ve liked the alien and AVP movies so i might go see this

  19. If any new Alien material, please a sequel, and not a prequel. I’ve wanted a Alien V since I got to know the quadrilogy, wich in my opinion has no bad apples in it. I somehow very much liked all 4 of ‘em (i’ve heard varying opinions, especialy on parts 3 and 4).

    I’ll be honest, the prospect of a fifth part (if they do decide to do it) can easily get me excited :P

  20. I guess, I’m the only one on here that enjoys the Aliens vs Predator storyline, I just wish the movies were a little better. But, as far as rebooting the Alien franchise, I think it would best serve the movie audience if someone would let loose an Alien at meeting of the pinheads that are the decission makers over at Fox, thus ending any possibility of a reboot of eanything. I am so sick an tired of these reboots. Enough already!!! What, nobody can come up with any original ideas for new franchises, they have to keep bastardizing the classics. First it was a new Leatherrface and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, then it was Rob “I couldn’t make a real film if my life depended on it” Zombie with his destruction of the single greatest independant horror franchise in John Carpenter’s “Halloween”. Then, it was Jason’s turn, next it’s Freddy’s turn, then Hellraiser, Re-Animator, Predator and now a reboot of Alien. I know one sure fire way to stop this madness, NOBODY go to see these abominations when they hit the theaters, and nobody rent or buy them when they’re released on DVD. You see how fast the reboots will stop, and we’ll have all new franchise films to go see, and good ones to boot. Until everybody is willing to do just that, the studio’s will keep rehashing classic’s and destroying them as they did with The Day the Earth Stood Still. I can bet my last dollar, that they’ll be rebooting movies like “Them”, “The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms” and the whole “B” monster movie genre from the 1950′s before long, and, that’s when I start reading a lot more books….

  21. @Andy S,
    That whole Braveheart scenario is now copyrighted!!! If I find out the execs at Fox pitched my Braveheart idea then here comes the lawsuits! I am sure ScreenRant will back me up on it.

    Studio Executives, lets remake/reboot Braveheart with Pattison flying a dragon attacking the English! It can work, Think of the possibilies!

  22. How could they get a commercial director for aliens? Dumbasses.

  23. @SK…

    They’ll just change it from a dragon to a pteradactyl or something. LOL.

  24. @Andy, then I will have to convince them why a Dragon is very important to the story.

    See, Mr. Studio Exec, Dragons are universal and are based somehow in all cutlures, not just them Chinese movies. The British use Dragons in their folklore as well, so that is why William Wallace, who will be played marvelously by Robert Pattison should ride a Dragon to hurt the English!

    There, done! Dragon in Bravehart reboot! LOL!

    Oh, this is also copyrighted.

  25. the got their chance with Resurrection and than they also had Weaver again

    if they ever do this reboot and make it all fancy futuristic I’m out, Alien needs the raw futuristic look they had in the 80′s (ok 1979…)

  26. And don’t forget SK, there won’t be a single drop of blood in your remake. :-)

  27. This news is giving me chest pains….
    regurgitated franchises often result in acid reflux.

  28. @englishgavz

    Inserting shout

    But on a personal note i liked both avp movies no matter what vic says and i’m more excited to see the new predator movie then the alien one.