‘Alien’ Prequels Release Date Delayed?

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Alien prequels release date delay Alien Prequels Release Date Delayed?

Ridley Scott’s horror/sci-fi classic, Alien, featured acid-blooded monsters and the immense remains of a skeletal creature generally referred¬†to as “The Space Jockey”. The director plans to reveal the history of both these non-Earthlings in his 3D Alien prequels – however, it might take another year before moviegoers get to see them.

20th Century Fox has reportedly pushed the release date of both Alien prequels back twelve months, which means they will now hit theaters in 2013 and 2014. No official explanation for the delay has been given yet.

Fox officials reportedly approve of Damon Lindelof’s script re-write and Script Flags quotes Scott as having stated that “[The 'Alien' prequels are] written and budgeted and, frankly, we’ve already booked film stages in England” back in November. There were rumbling about conflicts over budget costs and Scott’s plans for both films to contain hard R-Rated material, but that’s nothing out of the ordinary for a studio-funded tenpole pic (some might recall that similar cost concerns were rumored to be affecting the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean at one point).

The delay in the release date for the Alien prequels may have been selected as a means to avoid rushing production on the films, which will both be shot in 3D and thus require more cutting-edge camera technology Рas well as a more complex lighting scheme to compensate for the darkening effect that the 3D conversion process has on regular film stock.

ridley scott alien prequels in 3d Alien Prequels Release Date Delayed?

Scott's prequels will explore the history of the Alien itself.

Besides exploring the background of the Alien creature and “The Space Jockey” in his prequels, Scott also plans to examine the practicalities of colonization in outer space, including issues related to the terraforming of planets and humanity’s ability to travel beyond the planet Earth. The implication so far seems to be that the mystery surrounding the Alien’s origin won’t be entirely revealed in these new films, which is good – less we end up with another Hannibal Rising.

Noomi Rapace reportedly remains the top candidate to star in the Alien prequels, which will not feature any of the human (or, in Ian Holm’s case, android) characters that appeared in the 1979 film or its sequels. The actress is currently busy playing a French gypsy in Sherlock Holmes 2, but the release date delay for Scott’s two-movie project would make it easier for her to sign on. Is it possible that the former Girl With the Dragon Tattoo‘s schedule played a part in Fox’s decision?

Will the 'Alien' prequels star Swedish actress Noomi Rapace?

David Fincher’s Alien 3 was pushed back from its original release date in the early 90s, but that was due to story/script development issues. It’s certainly possible that there are some behind-the-scenes issues that are holding up progress on the project (budget concerns, creative differences, casting issues, etc.). The delay could also be primarily a means to allow for work on the films’ 3D visual F/X.

Whatever the reason, the first Alien prequel looks to arrive no earlier than three years from now. Thoughts?

Source: 20th Century Fox (via Script Flags)

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  1. I’m glad to see Scott return to Alien, but I really wish these films weren’t falling victim to the current 3D craze.

  2. May be this will be the fist nail in the coffin for the films. Doubtful.

    • That would be the 3RD nail in the coffin if you count the 2 AVPs … I certainly do.

  3. …I just bought the alien anthology and also just purchased a 55 inch samsung hdtv, and I cant wait to watch these movies in all of their HD glory!!…I dont get the tv til the 13th of december :(

    • I recently bought the Alien Anthology too, I can safely tell you that you won’t be disappointed. The transfer quality is brilliant, the sound is also first class and include several different audio streams (the first few being different languages), the commentary tracks are really good and include pretty much the whole cast (except for Ian Holm and Yaphet Kotto). There are two extras discs with tons of stuff on them.

      A fine choice for your collection.

  4. Psst… (I was secretly hoping they were canceled!)

    • Me too! I love Ridley and Alien, but I really don’t like this prequel thing.

    • Me too. If AVP showed us anything it’s that you can only do so much with these creatures…

      • If AVP showed us anything it’s these creature need a sci-fi setting to work. I think there’s still potential for the series.

  5. They have the potential to be good movies, and I’ll pretty much definitely see them, but I still don’t entirely understand why Scott felt like a prequel needed to be made. Well, hopefully the delay is just going to make the movie better.

  6. meh

  7. I wont believe any of this information about a delay until a valid source can be found

    • Good for you.

      I sincerely doubt that if this story had any truth to it, it would have been reported by more reputable sources than *just* scriptflags, who didn’t even cite a source themselves.

      I mean, we’re talking about the potential delay of not just one but TWO productions by an Oscar-pedigree director… and that’s more than just a put-off of two geek movies, that’s thousands of laborers in sudden need of another job to work on.

      In other words, if that news was in any way legit, it wouldn’t ONLY be reported by some random fansite, that stuff would be all over the major trade-mags like Variety and Deadline.

  8. …maybe this a good sign. Fox knows the project is potentially huge ($$$$$)- so giving Scott what he needs to make te best film he can – even if that means pushing back the release date – for whatever reason – seems like it might work in everyones favor – esp after the disastrous AVP’s – Fox needs to save a little face and have a little faith with this one… also I’m hoping we get both Rapace AND Wilde… just use your imagination on that one…

  9. If i read this article right, does it mean Scott’s Prequel’s don’t really ignore the AVP films?

    • I don’t understand how you could have come to that conclusion.

    • I think if he has any brains he will “Definitely” ignore both AvP films! They did nothing, and added nothing, to the franchise.

    • It’s a prequel. Of course it will ignore the AVP movies. It will ignore ALL other Alien movies.

      • But the AVP movies are prequels TOO… And way before the first Alien events occour… There is no harm in including them at all. They exist. Damage done.

  10. @ words

    3rd paragraph from the bottom up. It talks about ( The implication so far seems to be that the mystery surrounding the Alien’s origins won’t be entirely revealed in these new films) Im just curious if the AVP films won’t be ignored.

  11. This will be nothing like AvP. I don’t understand why everyone seems to think these films will be of the same poor acting and script… There’s no way he’s (Ridley) going to let these movies taint his name as the original Alien director. Plus AvP was supposed to be just a fun flick to see how the Alien and Predator would battle. I don’t know how anyone thought those films were going to compare to Alien/Aliens….. Come on, seriously? The fact that they’re taking their time on this one leads me to believe that they want to get this right.

  12. The AVP were intended mostly for crossover films while at the sametime serving as sequels to the predator franchise & little bit of a prequel to the Alien franchise. Imo the AVP don’t need to be ignored really after seeing Predators, Im not about these Alien prequels. I mean no Aliens to be seen in neither of prequels which kinda disappoints me little bit.

  13. Sounds interesting

  14. AvP where made to be “blockbusters” another words they tried to cater towards to many different audiences, by doing so they ruined what could of been a good movie. look at predators. .PEERFECTION! they made the movie exactly how it should of been and i for one would say its one of the top 5 movies of the year because of it! no stupid love story’s or drama scenes where they don’t fit etc etc!… if they make these movies the way Predators was done im sure all the real fans will be more than happy!