‘Alien’ Prequel Space Jockey Concept Art NOT Revealed [Updated]

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alien movie still Alien Prequel Space Jockey Concept Art NOT Revealed [Updated]

[Update: The Concept Art is NOT from the Alien prequels. See post for details.]

Script Flags was sent some sketches of what are allegedly “The Space Jockeys,” and extraterrestrial race that will be featured in Ridley Scott’s upcoming Alien prequels.

Let me be clear upfront: there is no confirmation that this artwork is the official concept artwork being used by Ridley Scott and the other Alien filmmakers. That said, it is certainly worth a look.

For those who aren’t experts on the Alien franchise, “The Space Jockeys” are a mysterious alien race that appeared in Ridley Scott’s original Alien film. The Jockey (shown above) was actually an alien corpse on a crashed ship that Ripley’s (Sigourney Weaver) crew first encountered on the planet LV-426. On that same crashed vessel, Ripley’s team discovered eggs housing the face-grabbing parasites that give birth to the dreaded titular aliens.

UPDATE: Coming Attractions has done their homework and traced this concept art back to its original source: the blog of Doug Williams, Art Director of Undead Labs. Apparently, Doug posted the art as a way of grabbing the attention of District 9 director Neill Blomkamp, whom he hopes to one day work with.

For now, the actual look of The Space Jockeys in the Alien prequels remains a mystery.

Take a look at the supposed Space Jockey debunked concept art below:


Alien Prequels Space Jockey Concept Art 280x318 Alien Prequel Space Jockey Concept Art NOT Revealed [Updated]

We know that The Space Jockeys are large in size, and this supposed concept art does in fact resemble the corpse pictured in the header image up top, which is taken from the original Alien film. So while this art isn’t confirmed to be official, it is interesting nonetheless – I would be happy to see these designs brought to life onscreen.

Previous reports about the story for the two-part Alien prequel have stated that the film will focus on the backstory of The Space Jockeys (and specifically the Jockey seen crash-landed in the first Alien film), as well as their relationship to acid-blooded alien species.

There will also have a human component – as recent Alien casting rumors have indicated. Some early (and admittedly dubious) rumors have already asserted that the prequels will deal with human/Space Jockey relations. If that’s true – if human actors and Space Jockey creatures will be sharing a lot of scenes in the film -  the designs for the Jockeys needs to be fairly impeccable, able to look eerie and alien yet relatable and expressive at the same time.

I for one am hoping that they use practical makeup/animatronic effects to bring the Jockeys to life; no need to go the CGI route, really.

What do you think of the artwork? Could it be official?

The Alien prequels are slated to be in theaters sometime in 2011. However, seeing as how they have yet to even cast a lead actor, we’ll see if they meet that deadline.

Source: Script Flags

Update sources: Coming Attractions & Doug Williams

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  1. I also hope they go with the minimal cgi route, and they go for an R rating.

  2. i always thought Alien Vs Predator was the prequel to Alien. they find an alien fetus on a foreign abandon ship. IE the ship at the end of AVP

    then AVP2 ruined everything.

    and i’m also really hoping for an R-rating, otherwise i think i’m gonna skip this one

  3. Looked better when it was fossilised into the chair and you couldn’t tell where one ended and the other began. I wonder if they’ve even bothered approaching Giger?

  4. I don´t know if I´m supposed to like this. Like (I guess) everyone on here, I liked the first three Alien movies, but every prequel I´ve seen so far sucked. Doesn´t matter what franchise. The only exception is the second Indiana Jones film…

  5. I don’t mind the middle top one or the bottom two.
    The main thing is to keep it “gigerish” lookin.

  6. Concept art looks good so that will make it the what 5th or 6th species in the predator/alien universe (including humans). If the casting rumor and this art work is true I’ll go see it if not, I don’t think so.

    • A load more if you count all the skull trophies in predator2 & AVP 2…

      • That is true…didnt think about that.

  7. i just hope that the aliens are not created because the continuity would then be screwed up. let me explain predators and liens have been fighting since before the mayans time so aliens where around before humans.

    • Last I heard is that Scott hinted the aliens were created as Bioweapons (lame), and that confirms my suspicions that it will ruin the creatures.

    • Well fortunately this film has nothing to do with AvP.

      • Asuch as I’d like to pretend the AVPs didn’t happen, I can’t. They happened. So Mr. Scott needs to make sure they fit in this franchise. If not, he’s ruined everything…

        • The avp movies are in no way canon.

          • First one is canon, second isnt. Thats how I see it.

            • I understand about the AVPs, but they make sense. They don’t give an origin story to the aliens or predators and if Scoot makes the space jockeys “make” the aliens then the plot line of the whole franchise is destroyed.

            • @ Seth the Bigfoot

              What do you mean the first AVP film is canon but the 2nd isn’t?

  8. well in avp they show that the humans could not have been created in the future and it shows the aliens fighting predators ontop the pyramids, and the predators are what wiped out the myans.

  9. If it is, it sucks. Why isn’t HR Geiger doing concepts? His art is translated beautifully in the scene above. His concept needs to be brought to live via CG or animatronics. These designs just mess up the vision of the original statue/set piece.

  10. The concepts above are trash! I really see no anatomical purpose of hanging a dogs hind quarters below a clearly humanoid thigh. It’s been done to death and I think nature is much better than that anyway. Giger is clearly one of the few that could even do a competent job on this project. Scott is going to go with the best, why look at any other work? It’s just time wasting.

    I can’t stress enough how big a mistake this is without an even bigger mystery to solve for a prequel…

  11. In my opinion explaining the jockey is a hoorible idea, some questions are better left unanswered. However, Scott could probably pull it off.

    Also, disregard avp movies as canon or as sources of info, they’re terrible and they don’t fit the mythos.

    • I agree. I think this film is gonna ruin all the mystery of Scott’s Alien.

      • I honestly think the mystery disappeared with “Aliens”. I like the movie but Cameron turned the Alien from something mysterious to a very straightforward bug-like creature.

        • The Jockeys are the one mystery left in the whole franchise…

          • The origin of the aliens is still a mystery, and that’s the one thing I don’t want to be told. The best thing about ‘Alien’ is that you don’t know where a creature like that came from, and you don’t want to konw. That’s why I can’t stand prequels (other than Underworld: Rise of the Lycans). Just look at how George Lucas ruined Darth Vader.

            • He didn’t ruin Darth Vader. He made him exactly the way he wanted him to be. Unfortunately, how Mr. Lucas wanted him wasn’t how everyone else wanted him…

  12. The AVP movies could have and SHOULD HAVE been better! Take the Predator from Predator and stick him in Aliens and THAT would have made a sweet movie. Anyway, This movie shold be about the Xenomorphs and nothing else. Just the Aliens, well and some human hosts.lol.

  13. All you need for the next legendary Alien film:

    1 Spaceship
    1 Crew
    1 Alien

  14. Id like to think the AVP films still part the continuenity of the Predator franchise & Alien franchise since they were mostly intended as crossover films & at the sametime served as sequels to the first two predator films and partly prequels to the Alien franchise. I don’t care what RR said about Predators, events of Predator 2 wasnt’t referanced in Predators nor was events from both AVP films and Predators follows Predator & Predator 2 for sure so the AVP films could very well takin place before Predators.

  15. The bottom left and above middle are the great choice, the others don’t really look like the space jockey, especially the bottom right…..

  16. hmm

  17. I’m sick to death of people comparing and putting the ALien saga with AVP
    AVP is No way cannon to either Predator or ALien Franchise.
    Both these great saga have been ruin by the AVP franchise and be glad to see the end of it.
    If people don’t care about Ridly Scott of his comment of the Predator films then know this RIdley SCott created ALien and you wouldn’t have AVP without him so give some respect dudes !

    Further to this this what Ridly Scott felt about AVP:


    He said “I gotta be careful about what I say because I’ve actually have a very nice relationship with 20th Century Fox… I think they know how I feel.” Basically, he’s indirectly saying that “I f*cking hate it, and only 12 year old retard would love it , but I can’t say that because Fox will pull my funding for the Alien prequel if I do”

    Bobby wrote:
    I honestly think the mystery disappeared with “Aliens”. I like the movie but Cameron turned the Alien from something mysterious to a very straightforward bug-like creature

    I could’t agree more except the fact ALiens was a great movie.
    If you had got the full DVD boxset that had a clip in ALein where Ellen Ripley stumbles on the crew mates dead body, this part shows their bodies were changing into the ALiens eggs – now that would have been something.
    I like movies that give audience to think about unlike the Garbage AVP sries (yep thats my two cent on these films_ By all means you like them AVP then thats your choice and I respect that.
    But please don’t put AVp on same catagory of Predator and ALien sagas

    • I don’t understand is to how Ridley will ruin the ALeins film. It went down hill after Alien russection and I think prequal that gives us hindsight of the spacejockey is a great Idea.
      When Ridley Created ALien ( which indeed started the saga) Ridley first intention was to make the ALines as bio weapons -THAT WAS THE ORIGINAL IDEA HOw the heck does this suck ?


    • Like I said before, we can’t pretend that the AVPs didn’t happen. Cause they did…

      • I’m sorry haviing Foopher but the AVP is ruining its integraty as a fanchise and I am Glad that Ridley Scot will shun the AVP out of the ALien saga for good.

        I think you will enjoy THis film as it is the auther that will determine the next film However if you are not satified and it will ruin for you, well we can’t please an minority.

        • I’m not worried about the Alien franchise. I’m worried about the Predator franchise. If he does this then there are 2 films from BOTH series that make no sense… and I don’t like that.

          I’m just saying, as of right now, (although they weren’t very good) the AVPs fit in the whole Alien/Predator universe.

          • @ foopher

            Imo, the AVP films can still take place in the same universe. Mostly i believe both films would take place before Predators. Predators has been said to follow Predator & Predator 2 for sure, But nothin from the events of Predator 2 was referance in Predators & neither was any the events of the AVP films. Imo Predators was good but wasn’t all that great. I mean really, they stopped makin AVP films, & now someone like RR decides to have it Predator vs. Predator? Heck even his Super- Predator, imo looked cartoonish as he stated about the ones in the AVP films. Anyways i said enough.

          • Foopher if Predator is the problem then Its up to Us as fans to lobby a grat Preadtor because if we don’t any idiot will come and ruin it. The only great one is the First one with Arnie.

            WHo could agrue where Mr Universe is Cr*pping in pants when he was fighting hand -to-hand combat with the Predator as the best part ? WHich movie do you see Arnie being so scared ? NONE only Predator ! Even the SOund track was brillant Alan Silvestri

            In Predator 2 the only good part is when all of the Clan decloaked to get their fallen comrade.

            There have been so many great Predator stories in the graphics novel. Two of my best ones are : Concrete Jungle and the one where the US marine uses the predatot cloacking technology and goes to other countries to invade. Predator comes and killes those advance soilders.
            RR Predators is on the list with AVP.

  18. ANd heres James Cameron thoughts on AVP :

    • Ha! That’s awesome!

  19. Now please leave the presidental poopy film ” AVP” alone .

  20. I think everybody is forgetting that the aliens comics already covered the origins of the space jockey and the aliens. If your worried about the mystery being ruined, well then it was ruined in 1986 when dark horse comics made their cannon. BTW those comics are great reads :).

    • Further more dark horse made avp comics years before the films.

  21. Im not gettin my hopes up for the alien prequel, especially when the alien creatures we known all these years are rumored not to appear in the film. I liked the first AVP film more, but other than bad cast, i don’t get why people hated AVP-R so much.

    • Because AVP-R was a movie about characters nobody cared about while Aliens fought in the background.

      • @ Joel Conley

        I agree with that. That was mostly what i didn’t like about the film was the cast. Except for the woman who returned from tour of duty to be home with her kid & husband. Imo she was the only one i considered good. Besides that i liked the scenes involving the Predator vs. the Aliens & Predator vs. PredaAlien. I read some negativity about the film came from scenes mostly during the hospital sequences w/ the pregnant woman, and the PredaAlien walkin by Babies in the nursery. Not to mention a kid had his chest burst on screen. Despite that stuff, in character, that’s really how mean the Aliens always were. Like Newt from Aliens had a brother who was killed maybe the same way when the Aliens multiplied only it wasn’t seen onscreen. But we seen how the Alien Queen was attacking Newt too. Unlike Aliens, in Predator 2, the Predator was almost gonna shoot a kid till it realized the kid only had a fake gun in his hands. I liked the first film cause it had more of a story & plot to it. The 2nd film as it follows the events from the first film seems to be more focused on action scenes between the Predator & the Aliens. Thats’s just my opinion.

      • NO, People hated AVP and AVP-r because both the producers and director ruined it .
        It had no story or at least resembles of “childish version with gore” It had no direction and AVP-r introduce new concept of the Alien cycle that had no relation to the original saga of Alien. It was just pathetic. What the AVP fans likes about or loved is the IDEA of Predator going up against Alien. Granted two of the most powerful aliens going head to head . There is nothing more I like to see is two iconic titanic horror Aliens battling through the end but couldn’t they paid attention to the story and both to the Alien and Predator elements with respect ?

        Paul W.S. Anderson is the most annoying directors kwon to man and has talent of turning Diamonds into Turd. With such stupidity in his films he makes living by stealing our hard earn cash by fooling us and insults our intelligence. He doesn’t care if he’s rubbishing the fans as long as the money is coming its all good for him

        Here is list of things that insults you as intellect being in the first AVP film

        -The story is set in October (spring in Antarctica). It should therefore be daylight on the
        surface, and yet it’s dark as night

        - During the space-shot of the predator ship shooting a beam to “drill” a hole to the pyramid, we see a beautiful shot of the Earth from space. However, we can clearly see both the day-lit side and the night-side. In reality, if we were looking at the Earth from space, we would only see the lit side while the night side would be completely dark (for example, look at any picture of the Earth as seen from the moon).

        - Sebestian sets the clock on the sarcophagus to October 10, 2004 – 10/10/2004, because the Aztec calendar was supposedly based on 10′s (the metric system). Yet, why would an Aztec civilization set a calendar to align with the Julian calendar, which is what our modern calendar is and wasn’t developed until centuries later by the Romans? The Aztecs would not recognize what we call “October” as the 10th month

        - Alexa is wearing only a thin sweater (and no hat) after the Alien burns her jacket, yet she doesn’t even shiver while outdoors in Antarctica

        - Plot holes: When Sebastian is translating the hieroglyphics to Alexa, he reads that everything was destroyed and that nothing survived, among other things. If this is true, who could have possibly carved the hieroglyphics into the stone?

        - Plot holes: It’s claimed that the pyramid will move every ten minutes because the Aztec calendar is based on the metric system. Modern measurement of time (24 hours in a day) is not based on the metric. Thus, each Aztec hour should be around 2.4 hours (1/10 of the day). As such, it would be more probable that the pyramid would move every 14.4 minutes

        - When Miller gets cocooned and kills the first face hugger, he fires six shots from Verheiden’s Desert Eagle. After Miller realizes he’s in trouble and the shot pulls back into the hall, he fires six more times before he screams. The maximum magazine capacity for the Desert Eagle is nine shots for the .357 Magnum.

        - The film gives confusing and inconsistent accounts of geography of the island and the pyramid. The pyramid is supposedly under 2,000 feet of ice, yet the tunnel leading down to it begins at the (sea level) whaling station. The geographical survey (as well as the obvious in-story shots) show that the ice tunnel slopes gently down towards the pyramid entrance, therefore not on top at all. The whaling station is thus supposedly built on ice instead of rock; this is a ludicrous proposition as it would only be constructed in a region where ice melted enough each summer to allow whaling ships to dock. Anything built on ice that thaws significantly each year would not last 100 years. This arrangement also places the pyramid and a large amount of ice below sea-level; the buoyancy and natural flow of the ice pack makes this highly unlikely and is not something that could be accurately described as an island in the first place. The top of the tunnel is at the whaling station and descends at a “perfect 30 degree angle” to the pyramid (thus placing it over half a mile away horizontally, you’d travel 3464 feet horizontally), yet we are told satellite imagery shows that it is directly beneath the whaling station. Further confusion is caused by the scene at the end of the film in which a large tank falls into the water and plunges hundreds of feet towards an unseen ocean floor, supposedly directly offshore.

        As for AVP-r don’t get me started on Strause Brothers. They should be ban even using a camera. Seen Skyline I watched for free at the Cinema and I nearly went to the box office to demand my money ! THey are soooo bad that even Film thieves wouldn’t consider to pirate their movies. was the way the directors reused special effects shots from previous movies without understanding what the shots were even about!
        Case in point, the original “Predator” had a scene where Arnold’s character tosses a spear and we get a view from within the predator’s helmet as he tracks the motion of the spear. In this movie, they used that same exact shot over and over again to show what the predator’s point of view was, even though there was no spear being thrown and the shot made no sense whatsoever. Every time I saw that FX shot reused I kept going WTF??? And that, more than anything else, took me out of the film and made me realize just how bad these directors really were.

        Or Why did the predator disconnect his plasma caster and use it like a pistol? ?????????

        I can’t believe someone could mess up a movie about aliens and predators so bad.
        . The creators didn’t take this movie seriously at all. They made a mockery of amazing characters. It’s like they were trying to be serious in the beginning, then their writers got high and gave up. Almost nothing was continuous, the main characters were just plain awful

        Like I have said at the beginning Avp is an awesome Idea, the Dark Horse comic book was far better than either of these crap “motion pictures” even aspired to be. Of course, the concept in and of itself will always be the junk of cross-over nonsense for fanboys, but the comic was not bad before the films crapped on it completely. It’s splitting hairs to argue which of the two poorly conceived crapfest films were better. It’s like saying that a cow pattie is better than a dog turd, ignoring the obvious fact that they are both piles of sh*t when all is said and done
        This movie is so bad that it makes Anderson’s effort look like a masterpiece.
        There was simply no excuse for this, There heck of a LOT of reasons to hate this movie however.

        It was so ridiculously sad that no one takes Alien and Predators seriously anymore. These characters are icons of American pop culture and the creators of this movie showed no respect to the original films. They should not be allowed to cash in on the names of the previous films and they should be ashamed of themselves

        Wally west
        1. i don’t get why people hated AVP-R so much.

        Really Wally west , REALLY ! even if the directors don’t know what they are doing
        You’ll still rate the film ? Would you watch a film done by someone who has no knowledge about the topic ? How would you contemplate if Justin Bieber (singer)was given the job to direct AVP 3 (not in the film getting killed) You’ll go and watch yeah ? Have you gone so low that you’ll watch anything with the title AVP done by any Tom, Dick and Harry. How about an AVP done by the Olsen twins for your liking ?

        Would you like the idea one predator walking around and effortlessly slaughtering aliens with little effort. Is that your idea of an Alien vs Predator film? There’s no tension or suspense in that ?

        Nevertheless please leave the actual Aliens and Predators to fan who really do care ! We cringe in disgust and cry when directors like Anderson and the Strause Bothers rip the soul and heart of Both Aliens and Predator films – who have no knowledge of the films and turning it into some turd to shove it into the mouth of gullible fans just to make a cheap profit.
        This movie is garbage and garbage belongs in the garbage bin !
        One thing i want to get my head around is If you WallyWest,and the others fanboys rate AVP stories very highly …. why do you give such cedits to Andersons and the Strause Bothers who literally twated on your face ? Why ? They didn’t give you AVP, they just stole your money in broad daylight !

        • @ Aresenal

          Oh please, they were intended to be cross-over films. You act like they’re supposed to belong to etheir the Predator franchise or the Alien franchise. First film had story, just not the kind of story most fans expected, for one, they forget again its a crossover film, so the gotta connect the two franchises somehow. Maybe if Ridley Scott or James Cameron wasn’t stubborn, they could of done the films justice. Every movie has it’s goofs. Reason why Lexa wasn’t shivering was because the heat giving off after the Predator’s bomb went off which was a big one, so one can imagine there would be some heat rising up, not to mention her running for her life from the Queen Alien, and her walkin towards one of the snow plow lookin vehicals. So its likely she could of survived. In AVP-R, the Predator’s tracking motion did make sense if you really payed attention. The Predator had the Alien targeted& as the Alien was running the predator used its motion tracker to get a better aiming shot. And the Predator used his plasma caster like a pistal because 1. the other got broken off earlier by a Alien. 2. It was best weapon he would have on him at the time & maybe would of been faster and got a better shot off by hand. Justin Bieber, Olsen Twins? why bring them up? Predator killing Aliens effortlessly? Are you seriously blabbing here? Who are you to say im not a Alien or Predator fan??????? If Ridley Scott really cared about his franchise so much, he wouldn’t of let the AVP be a fiasco as you claim or let them happen at all. But now since they’re done, he come and decides and make a two-part Prequel after all these years????? Cameron doesn’t have much room to talk since he only directed one sequel.Yeah, they cared about the franchise now, not then. Btw, I never said anything or rated the AVP films highly, only that i enjoyed watchin them and that they were ok. And i never mentioned i gave credit to Anderson or the Strauss Brothers. The AVP films are the only films i seen outta etheir of them so stop putting words out i didn’t say!.

          • Wallywest you simply didn’t read what ai have types and just blabbered on

            for a start Ridly scott not caring for the LAine saga fanchise ?

            He created the dam series so yes he does it just that 20 fox has the rights amd what I said before pulling the plug on a prequel

            HAvent you been reading !!!!

    • AVP-R sucked and was basically a rip off X-tro. The movie was too short, there was no 50 cal machine scene, and it well it sucked, but was slightly better than AVP but not by much

  22. Heres some rap Music:

    AMazing Predator Rap

    AMazing ALiens Rap:

  23. the concept art looks pretty cool, story sounds OK, still really pissed about the PG-13 rating push though… Still Ridley is one of my all time favorite directors so hopefully he can pull it off. Oh Yeah AvP… First one was tolerable the second one was absolute GARBAGE!!!!

  24. Based on reading scripts and other descriptions I do think this is either one quasi talented bloke or some very quick sketches as I read the marines would have contact brief or not tin one there of the film where they and a space jockey have alit by each other and whatever the SJ is carrying this time supposedly WAY more horrific than alien, attacks the marines and the SJ casually with sort of an apapthetic bent stops the aliens from attacking and nary a word from the elephant like bloke…so who the chuff knows, I do know I can’t wait..damn..this is gonna be great – in the immortal words of flounder.