Franco & Hathaway Added to ‘Alien’ Prequel Casting Rumors

Published 4 years ago by , Updated August 9th, 2013 at 11:28 pm,

Bloody Disgusting is exclusively reporting that actors James Franco and Anne Hathaway are the latest names to be added to the list of potentials cast members in Ridley Scott’s upcoming two-part Alien Prequel.

Franco and Hathaway now join the rumor mill alongside Carey Mulligan, Gemma Arterton, Natalie Portman and Noomi Rapace. Could one of these actors really end up as the lead in these Alien prequels? Or (gasp) could we possibly get more than one of them filling out the roles?

What we know so far is that the Alien prequels are being directed by Scott, while the script is being written by Lost scriber Damon Lindelof. We also know that the story will jump back to events that were referenced in Scott’s original Alien film, specifically the story of how “The Space Jockey” – that huge alien corpse Ripley’s team found when they first discovered the Alien’s eggs – came to be crashed-landed on LV-426, sending out the warning transmission that ultimately led Ripley and her team to encounter the Aliens some 30 years later.

alien movie still Franco & Hathaway Added to Alien Prequel Casting Rumors

The Space Jockey from ‘Alien’.

We also know that the human element of the Alien universe will be a feature of the prequels. We’ll allegedly learn such things as how human beings achieved deep-space travel, learned to terraform other worlds (a process which leads LV-426 to become the site of much chaos in James Cameron’s Aliens), and other questions that were not addressed in later installments of the series.

Looking at that premise it’s easy to imagine that there is room for many human characters, and truthfully speaking, despite Ripley’s obvious status as the franchise heroine, these Alien films have always been an ensemble affair. I say all that to say: having a cast comprised of names like Franco, Hathaway, Mulligan, Arterton, Rapace and Portman would only raise people’s expectations for these prequels. Of course, it would most certainly raise the price tag on the films as well, having to pay the salaries of such accomplished actors.

ridley scott alien prequels in 3d Franco & Hathaway Added to Alien Prequel Casting Rumors

But I can dream, can’t I? I really do want great things for these Alien prequels, and while others feel confident about the fact that Ridley Scott is back directing them, that only makes me more nervous. After all, if they don’t turn out well Scott has only himself to blame for further smearing the legacy of the franchise; having a great cast of actors playing off of one another could go a long way toward avoiding that tragedy.

For now Franco, Hathaway, Mulligan, Arterton, Rapace and Portman are all just RUMORED names being attached to this project. We’ll keep you abreast about what develops and who gets what parts.

The first Alien Prequel is aiming to be in theaters sometime in 2011.

Source Bloody Disgusting

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  1. The only way I’ll get interested in these films is if Rapace stars. I absolutely love her, and will see her in anything. Even if this means ruining the mystery of the Alien.

  2. My big question is: will H.R. Geiger will be associated with the art direction of this film as he was with the original classic?

    Once they did not have working with the production team, the movies tended to have less visual wallop.

    • You mean like “Aliens”? Because he wasn’t involved with that movie…

  3. cool I like franco i’d like to see him in the movie I could really picture him with a chest burster, In 3d no-less

  4. Some thoughts:

    * Bring back Yaphet Kotto …

    * If these projects prevent Scott from “Robin Hood 2″ it’s all worth it.

    * Prequels – ok. Origin stories? Feh.

  5. I’ve been thinking “what is there to make a ‘prequel’ from this material?”. Since humanity meets the aliens for the first time in the first film. And I’ve been going round and round thinking that making a “prequel” to Alien (or The Thing, for that matter) seems so incredibly pointless.

    Now, we KNOW from the first film that The Company KNEW about the aliens… ok, so I’ve resolved part of my difficulty with the “prequel” concept.

    But again, I come face-to-face with another “story” issue: if humanity had contact with the aliens 30 years earlier, why did The Company feel that it was a good idea to send in an unprepared group of “space truckers” during the events of the first film?

    James Cameron had the right idea. Whether Ripley was right or not, you don’t go in unprepared where there is the possibility of mass alien monster infestation! He sent in the Colonial Marines.

    Now, back to the prequels. (and I use the plural form, because that is the obvious intent of the filmmakers: to make a series of films)

    We now need to “erase” the events of these prequel films from “common knowledge” of the characters in the original film. I guess the universe is a big place. I guess The Company COULD have hidden the information.

    However, if these are going to be “ensemble cast” affairs, then there are families, there are relatives, there are friends… a “cover-up” just seems like such a far-fetched concept to explain WHY the crew of the Nostromo knew absolutely NOTHING about this deadly alien. Or as Ripley so aptly put it: “did IQs just drop dramatically while I was gone?” Are we to assume that the crew of the Nostromo are just a bunch of illiterate idiots with no interest in anything other than their paycheck?

    I REALLY want to see these films get made.


    I just cannot, for the life of me, imagine how they will work around the logical holes in the lore they find themselves up against.

    • This is the thing. “CANNON” or not, the Alien Vs. Predator films pretty much show us EXACTLY How Weyland-Yutani got started AND how they found out about the “XENOMORPHS”…. The two new movies will HAVE TO incorporate these events into the storyine if they wish to have any validity what-so-ever. I say bring back Lance Henrickson and you can’t go wrong. If it’s 30 before the 1st Alien movie, then it is WAY in the future from 2010. He could be a clone, or a droid, perhaps the same droid from Aliens, they do not age.

  6. I wonder if these films will mention the AVP films. They set it up at the end of AVP-R that they would use the Predator’s tech to help make their ships and junk (Ms. Yutani is given the gun)

    Probably not, but that’s what the AVP film makers were getting at.