H.R. Giger Returning to Work on ‘Alien’ Prequel

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HR Giger designer returning for Alien prequel H.R. Giger Returning to Work on Alien Prequel

Recently we got a solid status update about Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel. Included in that update was news that the movie would be titled Paradise; that both Michael Fassbender and Michelle Yeoh would possibly be starring; and the details of a few of the main characters were even divulged.

However, 20th Century Fox swiftly jumped in to squash most of those rumors saying that there would be an official announcement soon letting us know what’s really going on with the (singular not plural) Alien prequel.

Unfortunately we’re still waiting on that official announcement from Fox – but while we wait we have another piece of Alien news that’s more than likely true. In an interview with Swiss TV news outlet Schweizer Fernsehen (or Swiss Television), the wife of surrealist sculptor and designer H.R. Giger (who won an Oscar for his visual effects work on the original Alien) said her husband is returning to work with Scott once more on the sets and creatures of the prequel. You can watch the video interview with her HERE if you happen to speak German.

You might not be familiar with Giger’s name, but you’re surely familiar with his work – particularly in Scott’s original Alien. Not only did Giger create the look of the Alien creature, but also “The Derelict” and the “Space Jockey” seen briefly in the original. The prequel supposedly explores the origins of the Space Jockey.

HR Giger working on original Alien H.R. Giger Returning to Work on Alien Prequel

H.R. Giger working on the design of the original Alien

One of the characters rumored to be in the prequel was called “Engineer 1″ who is to be played by a 6’5″ actor who would be created via CGI motion-capture. It could be that “Engineer 1″ is actually the Space Jockey, as seen in the first Alien. Scott has previously suggested that the carcass we saw in the original film actually contains a life form that looks very different to what we saw in the film. Interesting…

It’s definitely a good thing Giger is returning to the Alien universe (if this news is indeed true and not just another cog in the rumor mill). First of all,  it means there will be consistency between the original film and the prequel (things should feel consistent considering that the prequel is supposedly the story of what led to the events of the original Alien. Second, Giger is clearly the right man for the job considering he designed the look of the original Alien creature and won an Oscar for his efforts, to boot. He clearly did something right.

We’ll keep you apprised of any Alien prequel news including if Giger is indeed returning to work on the film and, of course, we’ll let you know the details of that aforementioned official announcement.

Source: Schweizer Fernsehen via AvPGalaxy

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  1. If this gets made, I will actually eat one of my many hats!

    • Same. The only way I’d even go see this is if Noomi Rapace stars.

      • I just don’t see it happening, Ridely Scott will get tired of the inner studio politics and walk, then it will be abandoned. As it probably should be.

    • I’m with you. I think Alien 3 (not to mention Resurrection and the AVPs) proved that there is only so much you can do with this franchise…

      • I actually quite like Alien 3

        • The only film in the series that I really hated was Alien Ressurection. The only thing I liked about it was Ron Perlman, even Weaver sucked in that movie. I even prefer both AVP films to that.

    • lolz

    • Time to eat it then!

  2. Incredible news! If they let him design the alien environments with his bio-mechanical style, this will be a visually stunning movie!

  3. News most awesome. I’m interested in how they’ll recapture the sheer terror and suspense of the first film (though it really helps that they’re getting the guys who worked on the first to do this one). Hope Giger wins another Oscar for the prequel!

  4. H.R. Giger and Ridley returning is the only bit of good news i’ve heard about the prequels… and i agree with DrSam, Fox is going to keep up with there politics and Ridley is gonna walk and that will be the end of anything good coming from these movies.

  5. Also, am I the only one who likes NOT knowing who or what the ‘space jockey’ is?

    Sometimes things are best left a mystery. Like the Alien skull in Predator 2, no good came from that, cinematically anyway.

    • DSM,

      The space jockey is the giant alien dude they found on the ship on LV-459 that had all the Alien eggs.


      • Vic,

        I think DSB meant, the history behind the space jockey. Though in the first “Aliens” Dark Horse comic series they already cover the Space Jockey background. So it’s already not a mystery really, but I guess they could go a different route which I’m interested in seeing personally.

    • i must agree NOTHING good came of that at all, but it did have potential until they murdered it so maybe…

  6. I agree with Dr. Sam, but I’m more worried about the alien’s origin than anything. You don’t know where a monster like that came from, and to be honest, you don’t want to know. Scott has already revealed the aliens will be given the cliched and overused “Bio-weapon gone wrong” origin anyway. WEAK.

  7. I am for anything that lets Gieger do his thing. His art is visually stunning.

    But I do not want all the mystery regarding the Space Jockey or the Aliens’ origin spoon-fed to me. It ruins the whole mystery.

    Kind of like finding out that somebody had to be basically born a Jedi in the SW prequels. Also, that the force was actually midi-chlorians that lived inside a body in a fixed population. BOOO!

    • Turning the force into a STD was just one thing that Lucas ruined in Star Wars. He also ruined Vader’s backstory. It would have been better to just leave it a mystery.

      • yes and no. Lucas committed many an atrocity with the prequels, but the existence and function of the midi chlorians might not have been high on the list. They could have introduced the concept in a more sophisticated way given the enormity of the importance of the force, and also how its mysticism was presented when Yoda gave his sermon to Luke after moving the x-wing.

      • I agree Monster about the STD thing. I remember walking out of Ep I saying to a friend, “So the Force is nothing more a more powerful herpes?”

        Considering the use/perception of the force is the driving philosophical conflict in SW universe, Lucas threw a cow pie in the face of every fan with that assertion.

        that and the immaculate conception of Anakin rather than an earlier idea of the Emperor being his father was also pretty foul. Let’s face it, Return of the Jedi would have taken on a whole other level of depth if Vader is forced between killing his father or son.

        Lucas screwed the pooch on that one. Let’s hope Scott does not do the same.

  8. Best genre news in years. The man has only been ripped off by hollywood for the last 25 years. Paramount alone owes him a fat check for their lame ass Borg

    Genius is thrown around far too often in our fandom. He is most certainly one

  9. I have definite mixed feelings about this whole project. Yes, it’s a pretty common feeling that Geiger and Scott are the quintessential team to bring any new Alien effort to reality. However I diverge from the general feeling that the film won’t get made due to politics. When it was written that Scott isn’t deeply behind the script it occurred to me that this effort isn’t about something left unsaid about the “Alien” story but rather about some other agenda. The money maybe??? The Scott legacy? Who can say.

    I stand by my original thought nonetheless, that for this movie to be worth its salt a bigger mystery must emerge to take the place of the Space Jockey. Now that makes the movie a must see for me. Is the ship on LV426 a transport of war, and how long has the war been going on or is it long over? Could the Alien be a vector in another species survival cycle? How did the Jockey get infected and why? What precipitated the breakout on the ship? Did the ship crash for some other reason and the hold became unsecured or was it Alien caused? If the Aliens are a bio-weapon what’s the cure? Shouldn’t there be a panacea solution to the Alien problem? What part does humanity play in this whole mystery? Did humanity shoot the ship down? These are just potential mysteries in the the Alien franchise.

  10. Cool, Giger is a great artist and it’s good to seem him back on an Alien film that isn’t Alien: Ressurrecton.

  11. Only reason i haven’t bought the Alien Quad BD Box is this prequel (and the one after that one)
    Better worth the wait!

    • There’s another Alien movie after the prequel? I thought that there was just gonna be the one prequel, and that’s it.

      • Nope. Apparently Ridley Scott thinks 2 are necessary…

        • it’s just going to be one film. Fox put a stop to the two film idea when they saw the cost.

  12. I’m all for an Alien prequel as long as the Alien’s origins are NOT a bioweapon. UGH.

  13. OMG, please correct this:

    “In an interview with German TV news outlet Schweizer Fernsehen (or Swiss Television),”

    “In an interview with SWISS!!! TV channel Schweizer Fernsehen (Swiss!! Television),”

    As you write it is a Swiss TV channel, and Switzerland is a “Country” not part of Germany or a german outlet, thank you.

    BTW. Giger is also swiss….

    • Apologies for that. An honest mistake because both countries speak German. It’s fixed now. FYI: I didn’t write that Giger wasn’t Swiss.

  14. They should clandestinely visit the Alien’s home world and let Giger design it around the original Necronomicon art book,with an array of different creatures to deal with.Wow can you imagine Giger’s Necronomicon in 3D! Holy Crap!!!!

  15. Good. That concept art shown in a previous article was horrible.

  16. The expectations of this film(s) are so high from fans etc. it will be almost impossible to deliver. Like the Star Wars dreadful prequels, filmgoers will only be dissapointed, no matter what is put in. I really, REALLY hope I’m wrong, but the sad fact is that whenever a masterpiece is revisited it almost always ruins it. What made ‘Alien’ so good was that we weren’t expecting what we saw. Now we are, so that bit is ruined. Now there are so many people predicting storylines that by the time we get our asses on the cinema seat we’d feel we know it already. The movie producers(?) are also wanting a lower rating too, which is already putting the cuffs on Scott which is a dispute already on. I hope he doesn’t concede and go the compromise route which will only make money, but make a mediocre film, other than make a film that will be a worthy complement to the original.