Sigourney Weaver Speculates on a Possible ‘Alien 5′

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alien3 Sigourney Weaver Speculates on a Possible Alien 5

Lieutenant Ellen Ripley – as depicted by Sigourney Weaver throughout the Alien franchise – is widely regarded as one of the most iconic heroes to ever grace the big screen. In four films, Weaver brought the character to memorable life, facing off with various iterations of the acid-spewing creatures originally conceived by the late H.R. Giger.

For years following the 1997 release of Alien: Resurrection, rumors persisted that a fifth film could be in the works. However, when director Ridley Scott returned to the Alien universe with the prequel/reboot Prometheus instead of recruiting Weaver for another reprisal of her most famous role, it looked like audiences had seen the last of Ripley. Now Weaver herself has spoken out about her thoughts on a potential return to the franchise that made her a star.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the subject of Alien 5 came up at the Hero Complex Film Festival in Hollywood, where both the 1979 original film and its 1986 sequel were screened. Weaver particularly mentioned her belief that Ripley’s internal struggle and hero’s journey remain unresolved.

“Had we done a fifth one, I don’t doubt that her humanity would have prevailed … I do feel like there is more story to tell.”

Weaver described Ripley as an “existential hero” and credited the franchise’s longevity to the fact that its depiction of morally questionable corporations very much applies today.

“A lot of corporations are still characterized by the same kind of greed [as the film's Weyland-Yutani]. It’s an idea that’s, unfortunately, very alive in our world.”

alien prometheus header Sigourney Weaver Speculates on a Possible Alien 5

Should a fifth Alien film come together, Weaver doesn’t believe that it could take place on Earth, but she definitely thinks there is more to explore with Ripley.

“I feel a longing from fans for the story to be finished. I could imagine a situation where we finish telling the story.”

The Terminator series is already bringing back star Arnold Schwarzenegger, despite the fact that he first played the title character 30 years ago. What, then, would Fox from finding a way to bring Weaver back as Ripley? The Alien franchise is just as well-remembered, and if Alien: Resurrection proved one thing, it’s that death can’t keep Ripley down for long (as its title suggests).

After all, Fox just unified its X-Men franchise to much critical acclaim (and box office dollars), and there’s no good reason that – should the studio find the right story – Scott couldn’t pull a Days of Future Past and bring the Prometheus and Alien worlds together in a way that didn’t quite gel the first time around. Perhaps in the planned Prometheus 2? Given the shared science fiction universe the films are set in, virtually anything is possible.

Would you like to see Weaver back as Ripley, and if so, how would you want the character to return? Sound off in the comments section below.

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Source: Los Angeles Times

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  1. God as long as its nothing like Alien: Resurrection I will be ok. Horrible movie. Seriously a Ripley/Alien Hybrid? GTFO

    • I bought the Alien anthology for like $20 on blu ray. After the 3rd one being so bad, I couldn’t even bring myself to watch Resurrection.

      • Screw these guys. Resurrection is a good movie, far better than 3.

        • They both suck dude.

      • Hated 3 when first released, now I think it is one of the best. It gets better with every watch.

        • +1

  2. Bring it on, B^&%$&$#*@#h!

  3. Ripley is dead. There is no more story to tell. Her clone is a bad rip-off who doesn’t deserve another story.

    • Have an open mind, you silly.

      Yes, bring it on. I do not enjoyed Prometheus but I will watch it anyway. An Alien series are my favorite and I want to see the fifth so badly.. Remember, they are going to Earth ? Hmm. Can’t wait.

      • Oh, I’m all for another Alien movie, but Ripley should stay out of it. I don’t care for that clone hybrid at all.

        • Or…we make a metroid movie.

          • Or Dredd 2.

          • Thank you for that. A Metroid movie would be… so awesome.

  4. Thing with Prometheus is, people complained for whatever reason (no clue why, it was a great film) and are somehow impatient for it to “get back on track”, as if the film somehow missed out on doing something people felt it should’ve have.

    It’s called telling a story, ending it on a sort of cliffhanger and leaving fans looking forward to a sequel. They should only bridge the stories of Prometheus and Alien in a third Prometheus film.

    As for Ripley? She died in Alien 3, her clone died in Alien: Resurrection and I think any fan of the Alien franchise agrees that the series ended with Aliens in 1986 (the next two were just horrendous and should be ignored, much like those crappy sequels to The Crow).

    Do I want to see Ripley back? No thanks. Her story is done.

    • Yeah I totally agree. Prometheus was amazing. And like I said on an earlier comment. I bought the anthology and the 3rd was so horrible I didn’t watch the last one. I’m always forgiving if it’s a franchise I love (Star Wars, X-Men), but I could not forgive those. Just continue with Prometheus.

    • I think people were expecting a more horror style movie instead of scifi or deeper ties to alien, I dont think it was great, but above average.
      Also lots of people hate damon lidelof, probably rightfully so.

      • I thought Prometheus was an okay movie. The visuals was outstanding but aside from that it didn’t offer that same “feel” from Alien and Alien 2. I agree that people were turned off from the get go when DL was attached to the project. I think the Alien franchise is much like the Terminator franchise in which after the original and the sequel it hasn’t been the same in quality. That’s not to say they were bad but just not the same.

    • Prometheus was crap, from the incredibly stupid scientists (trying to cuddle up with an unknown life form world light years away from Earth brilliant )to changing one of the greatest concepts in modern sci-fi into a guy in a suit. It’s totally unbelievable that Ridley Scott allowed the space jockey to be turned into a guy in a suit. The rest of the movie might’ve survived had he not me that fatal error of destroying one of the greatest mysteries in the alien franchise. I can buy the engineers and Jesus connection, deep space travel and the discovery of the derelict ship this all handled pretty well but don’t mess with the space Jockey!! The idea of “grown into the chair” is a lot more powerful and intriguing than “man in a suit”
      it’s just ridiculous ,ignorant and horrible,lazy filmmaking. I pray that Prometheus 2 doesn’t make it worse.
      Maybe it’s time that Scott retired

    • Ripley’s clone was alive at the end of Resurrection.

    • Prometheus was just bad. The acting, the script, the story overall. Idiotic characters that made the movie unbearable to watch. Forfeit scientific mythology that would make any real scientist grid their teeth. The entire plot of the movie was redundant, pointless from the start. So let’s get this straight, they’re taking a 3 year trip to some god for saking planet that was based off a ‘map’ on a rock in a cave (which could be anything)? OK..if that’s not dumb enough for you, the moronic Anthropologists automatically assumed this ‘map’ is where our ‘creators’ come from, and let’s forget all about Darwin’s Law of Evolution and natural selection. I was dumbfounded by how the established science and biology was ignored in the movie….in this ‘intelligent sci-fi horror’ flick.
      Scott was obviously trying to make an ancient aliens space-jesus adaptation, and not an Alien prequel, but he still failed on ever that.

  5. yay – corporations bad! hollywood good! rinse and repeat.

  6. LOL like the corporations that pay for her salary and films. You know the corporations that invented all the equipment Hollywood uses.

    • Umm i think she means corporations that are detrimental to humankind. I dont think weyland corp is a metaphor for NBC or some other hollywood company. Nice try tho.

  7. No…
    besides, ridleys f**kin dead, story over.

  8. I say sure but they have to be willing to explain just how she can still be alive in the distant future considering she plunged into a pool of lava in #3. That looked pretty “final” to me.

    And I thought #4 was ok, not as good as 1-2 but a hell of a lot better than 3. I guess they could just continue the clone thing from 3 but that would just feel a bit rehashed imho.

  9. They need to do a DOFP on it and erase 3 and 4, then bring back Hicks and Newt. That was my biggest problem with 3, it made all the struggle of her rescuing Newt and bonding with Hicks totally worthless.
    Realistically, I don’t think there is any desire from the fans to do any more Ripley stories unless they erase 3 and 4.
    What I would really like to see them do is an Alien Vs Predator that does justice to the comic version of that story.

    • Normally, I hate the “it was all just a dream” or alternate reality redo’s, but in this case I’m all for it.

      Like you said, Aliens made us care about Newt & Hicks, and then they just sh*t on all the fans by writing them off as dead.

      I don’t care that much about Ripley, and I don’t think the series needs her to thrive, but I wouldn’t mind a good wrap up to her story involving Hicks and Newt. I’d have no problem with Ripley writing off 3 & 4 with an offhand comment like “I had the most terrible dreams in hyper-sleep.”

      (What’s DOFP?)

  10. Stop already with Ripley…..just proceed with Prometheus 2

  11. Only way I could see her coming back (which I’d love to see) would be to go the Terminator: Genesis route and ignore the sequels that botched the series, semi-reboot style. In this case go for a sequel to Aliens, catching up with the characters a few decades later, chalk up the third one as a bad (BAD) cryo-sleep dream. Why they killed her in the third movie… and then brought her back… is beyond me.

  12. Please, please, please, please, please make an Alien 5, I hate the Alien Resurrection ending.

    Here goes for Alien 5: Origin.

    Ripley is apprehended by the authorities upon landing on earth, and is eventually passed onto Weyland-Yutani for questioning (who aren’t out of business as stated in Alien Resurrection). After performing many tests on the mutated Ripley, the Weyland scientists discover she possesses a psychic link to the alien species, and in fact holds a star map to the Aliens Breeding ground near LV 426.

    The company, still hell bent on attaining an alien life form, go all out and recruit an army of professional mercs and animal catchers who have worked all over the galaxy.

    I haven’t worked out the rest yet. But there needs to be another Alien film, WITHOUT Joss Whedon’s out of place humour turning into some kind of bloody slapstick spoof comedy with stupid half human aliens in it.

    • Almost none of Resurrection was what Joss actually wrote, a lot of changes were made after he wrote the script. But I like your idea for the setup, very Aliens-esque.

      • Second that too… but instead of another xenomorph colony…how about finding the actual planet of the space jockey? ….then as a climax reveng by the humans, let loose a new breed of xenomorphs on them …since in was their plan to wipe out humanity.

  13. These brain dead Holywood types always pick on the big bad corporations and always complain about capitalism. But they do enjoy the good life capitalism provides. The enviroment in which they operate is a capitalism driven one (supply and demand, unregulated market, purely voluntary etc). I don’t see them preching to their bosses (those who pay their good salaries) that they should be less greedy and start producing art for to sake of art.

  14. Thirding Random and Fury and have been advocating this for years.

    “Alien 5: Awakening” The Dream Device would have Alien-Hybrid-Ripley going into chest-bursting convulsions during the final scene of A4, only to awaken with a start, as original Ripley, in one of Sulaco’s hypesleep canisters, alongside Newt, Hicks and Bishop.

    They have been in secure storage for over a century. Ripley and Hicks have aged, and Newt is now a fully grown hottie. Bishop is a puppet/CGI stand-in with a broken body, but fully functioning mind, who is soon down-loaded into a new, younger unit.(actor)

    By the time the credits roll, so many Weyland suits become alien fodder that corporate succession reverts to the most “senior” surviving employee, namely Ripley, and the torch is passed to grown-up Newt and re-bodied Bishop as the new bug hunters.

  15. Make it happen and take my money! It’s always been the biggest cinematic crime that the Alien saga remains unfinished. This can be done with a low budget.

    Fede Alvarez is the man for this Job.

  16. I want an Alien 5 more than anything. A conclusion to Rilpey 8′s story woud be cool. Set it on Xenoprime. To the people who hate Alien 3 because it doesn’t have a happy ending. Seriously refer to any other movie series.

    The Alien series is a really unique property that is lost on most people. Each instalment brings a new director and a new take on pretty much the same story.

    • Star Wars.

      • Comeback of the century! Good work…. :)

  17. The xenomorph has been run into the ground. It’s not even menacing anymore and has become a bit of a parody monster. Let it die. At least we have Alien/Aliens.

  18. I was gonna say bring Ripley back in a string bikini, but then it occurred to me she might not look as good as she did in her grundies in #1 (how fast do they age in space?). Having said that, as far as another movie with Ripley goes, yes, I am all for it. Prometheus did not do it for me, I was a bit disappointed, but of course have to have all the Alien, Prometheus, and Predator movies, spin-offs, etc. for the collection, so I always buy all their DVDs for every film and spin-off.
    Alien #1 and #2 were two of the greatest sci-fi movies ever made!
    And speaking of bringing back stars for outer-space and sci-fi related movies, yes I want another X-Files movie!!!

  19. I would love Prometheus 2. Or Alien 6. Or whatever you want to call it.

    But if Ripley is in it, I will pass.

    That series (meaning the Ripley story) lost me forever when they killed Hicks and Newt at the beginning of 3. Don’t even get me started on the Joss Whedon turd that is Resurrection. Scott or Cameron or GTFO.

    Game over man, GAME OVER!

  20. Hmmm, Just like X3 these guys have a lot of making up to do for what was two truly dreadful movies in A3 and A:R…. A hybrid, the guy from CSI, a midget, Winona as an android without a clue and some hilarious alien thing at the end….. I think Resurrection is up there in the all time top 10 worst movies ever made….

  21. God please NO!. They already messed it up with the third one. They could have made a great film if you read all the scripts they could have used. Instead we got that stinker and the abortion that is Resurrection

  22. There is something about Ripley’s character that draws me in.

    I say gimme moar! :-)

  23. Wasn’t Alien 5 supposed to star Winnona Ryder?

    And there’s the James Cameron Alien 5 that didn’t come about either…

    Cameron should make a new sequel

  24. I think the whole Ripley storyline has just been played out. I think this franchise needs some new characters and to go in a much darker tone. Alien and Alien 2 was great and still felt scary along with a good storyline. After that, everything else felt more like a parody type movie in which it was okay but made me laugh more than be scared. It’s time for this franchise to go back to it’s roots and start over with either a new storyline with the next Alien movie or go the Prometheus route but with better storytelling.

  25. I liked Alien 3, it gets better each time I watch it. Resurrection was marginal at best.
    I think they should contract Weaver for 2 movies…..the first film should be a direct sequel to the fourth Alien movie, and we should get a glimpse of the Predators too,… the second film, she should guest star in the Prometheus sequel where she helps Shaw and David find the Engineers, and halfway through the movie she sacrifices herself to destroy the last Alien hive. Back on Earth, Weyland-Yutani is recovering the frozen queen in the Antarctic from the first Aliens vs Predator movie.

    • Oh, I just realized that the Resurrection Ripley was a few hundred years after the first Prometheus. They could say that being on the Engineer ship slowed Shaw and David’s aging to a crawl, somehow!
      And that last Alien hive Ripley destroys is the last in the galaxy, BTW.

  26. I think they could do another Ripley movie, think of this: we have a film in an alternate time line where Ripley never went on the Nostromo. She lives to be what ever age Wever is now, and she and her Daughter have to deal with alternate consequences of their world devistated by the xenomorph.

    Alternately: you could remake Alien III and retell what happens to Ripley after her second prolonged stay sleeping in the space lanes. This time Newt lives and together they fend off the Xenomorphs.

  27. I dont know why everyone hates Alien 3 so much. Admittely, I’ve only seen the Directors Cut and I thought it was a great finale. Yeah, it wasnt the action-bomb Aliens. It was “Alien” 3. A slow-paced horror movie with room for speculation and discussions- Same goes from Prometheus. I also feel like a lot of complaints about Prometheus come either from not paying attention, which I could say can be the fault of the writers for not writing a gripping enough story for the masses – but neither was Alien. Aliens was.

    Ressurection was just bad though. It’d have potential with a different director, as there were still some really cool concepts in there.

    If they’re going to do a “Alien 5″ – Don’t do a “Alien 5″, do a Movie set in the Alien Universe. Maybe have the Alien be something else than a Xenomorph? There’s endless possibilities. You could create a fantastical universe with revelations and a feeling of “exploring” around every corner. But hey, that’s just me.

    • Hate is too strong a word for A3, which at least had a few good scares and a cool setting, depressing but competent.

      You have a good point that that this isn’t the “Ripley” franchise and a large part of it’s appeal is the high tech, yet gritty future that they created, one that we all wouldn’t mind seeing more of.

      You could certainly have a long-deceased Ripley make an appearance as a memory recovered from Bishop’s databank.

      Establishing new main characters in a continuing franchise does eat into valuable screen time though, and hypersleep and dream sequences are as well established in this universe as time travel is in some other futures. So tempting to use the DD to retcon 3&4.

      Would love to see Weaver glammed up in skirt and heels as a steel-spined CEO Ripley who, along with her strong right hand, Security Director Hicks, kicks butt and cleans house back at Weyland-Yutani while grown-up Newt and new-body Bishop lead an expedition to wipe out the bugs.

      Too bad Rebecca Jordan didn’t grow up prettier than she did. Casting ideas for Newt and Bishop 2.0 anybody?

  28. If they do anything to make it actually work , here’s the formula ..1. Go back to the roots of the coloinal marines ,drop ships , pulse rifles etc.. Change nothing ..they need to go back , in between alien 3 and resurrection , hicks never died , he was never in the freezer , it was another soldier to stage his death due to being captured hostage discretely on the sulluco by bishops crew for knowing to many company secerts and plans to go to the coloinal administration and warn them and to ” nuke the sites from orbit” , all infected colony’s . Burke ratted him out to wy is how they knew his plans. Also the company could have planted the hugger that infected ripely . alien 3 ending never happen , it was a bad dream she had before she was tranquilzed and captured by bishops crew . And the queen specimen , has been removed without ripleys premision being sedated . That queen should have a back story on earth , in the future .where the company had began its greedy empire . Thought of this about 10 years ago.

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