Sigourney Weaver Speculates on a Possible ‘Alien 5′

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alien3 Sigourney Weaver Speculates on a Possible Alien 5

Lieutenant Ellen Ripley – as depicted by Sigourney Weaver throughout the Alien franchise – is widely regarded as one of the most iconic heroes to ever grace the big screen. In four films, Weaver brought the character to memorable life, facing off with various iterations of the acid-spewing creatures originally conceived by the late H.R. Giger.

For years following the 1997 release of Alien: Resurrection, rumors persisted that a fifth film could be in the works. However, when director Ridley Scott returned to the Alien universe with the prequel/reboot Prometheus instead of recruiting Weaver for another reprisal of her most famous role, it looked like audiences had seen the last of Ripley. Now Weaver herself has spoken out about her thoughts on a potential return to the franchise that made her a star.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the subject of Alien 5 came up at the Hero Complex Film Festival in Hollywood, where both the 1979 original film and its 1986 sequel were screened. Weaver particularly mentioned her belief that Ripley’s internal struggle and hero’s journey remain unresolved.

“Had we done a fifth one, I don’t doubt that her humanity would have prevailed … I do feel like there is more story to tell.”

Weaver described Ripley as an “existential hero” and credited the franchise’s longevity to the fact that its depiction of morally questionable corporations very much applies today.

“A lot of corporations are still characterized by the same kind of greed [as the film's Weyland-Yutani]. It’s an idea that’s, unfortunately, very alive in our world.”

alien prometheus header Sigourney Weaver Speculates on a Possible Alien 5

Should a fifth Alien film come together, Weaver doesn’t believe that it could take place on Earth, but she definitely thinks there is more to explore with Ripley.

“I feel a longing from fans for the story to be finished. I could imagine a situation where we finish telling the story.”

The Terminator series is already bringing back star Arnold Schwarzenegger, despite the fact that he first played the title character 30 years ago. What, then, would Fox from finding a way to bring Weaver back as Ripley? The Alien franchise is just as well-remembered, and if Alien: Resurrection proved one thing, it’s that death can’t keep Ripley down for long (as its title suggests).

After all, Fox just unified its X-Men franchise to much critical acclaim (and box office dollars), and there’s no good reason that – should the studio find the right story – Scott couldn’t pull a Days of Future Past and bring the Prometheus and Alien worlds together in a way that didn’t quite gel the first time around. Perhaps in the planned Prometheus 2? Given the shared science fiction universe the films are set in, virtually anything is possible.

Would you like to see Weaver back as Ripley, and if so, how would you want the character to return? Sound off in the comments section below.

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Source: Los Angeles Times

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  1. All though at first the hybrid ripley seems nothing like the original Ripley in fact the truth is far from it. She seems distant at first and more like a thing than a person but later on she starts showing human emotions and reactions like the original Ripley would. She even kills that mutant hybrid offspring thing that she shares a material connection with to save the others. So even though she’s not the original Ripley she still is the real ripley. Cause of this everybody should be wanting a new alien movie because her story isn’t finished and she deserves to get a real ending.

    • I would love to see another Alien sequel. There is so much that can be explored in the case of Ripley’s character. We all know and love her resolve in any situation that was thrown at her in all four Alien movies. It would be interesting to see what transpired in her life that made her such a strong woman. Plus I enjoy any movie that Sigourney Weaver may have a role that she portrays in them. She is a classy human being and one heck of an actress.

  2. “A lot of corporations are still characterized by the same kind of greed [as the film's Weyland-Yutani]. It’s an idea that’s, unfortunately, very alive in our world.” It’s like people are parrots. Corporate greed explains it all. Yeah, that’s it. Because greed has only existed for the past few decades and even though each politician claims to be reigning in corporate “greed” nothing changes – in fact corporations get bigger. So hey, Weaver, try thinking out side the box for a change. It’s not corporations that are the problem, it’s the entity that empowers them – your beloved government – that is to blame for their size and their “greed”. But even if they are greedy, so what? No corporation can take anything from you unless you willingly give it – that is, of course, unless they have the help of government.

    That being said, I’d love to see a new Alien film with a little less political b*******.

  3. Oh, and by the way, actors incorporate too. It’s a little known way they avoid paying too high a tax rate – but I guess that’s not corporate greed, right?

  4. Yes i remember watching alien resurrection with friends and everyone was looking forward to the next one which didnt happen. They can do so much with her character and the whole angle with her being half human/half alien. The alien saga just feels unfinished. They just leave you hanging. Her and the crew made it to earth. Now what?! Weaver is such a great actress. She was great in avatar. Ron perlman is too underrated. He was so good too. They would have to bring him back too.