Alice in Wonderland: Soundtrack Updates & New Picture

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Alice in Wonderland new header Alice in Wonderland: Soundtrack Updates & New Picture

I’ve made it pretty clear in some of my earlier articles that I am a huge fan of movie soundtracks. In fact, as I write this article I’m listening to the soundtrack for The Shawshank Redemption with original music by Thomas Newman. There is just something about a great classical soundtrack that really helps drive a film and makes me want to own it and listen to it over and over. It sounds ridiculous but the score to Ice Station Zebra remains one of my favorites.

Just because I favor a more classical leaning score doesn’t mean I altogether dislike the pop or modern soundtrack. A couple of male superstars in the punk/pop world, Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy and Mark Hoppus from Blink 182, are going to combine their musical prowess to bring a new song to Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland film. Says Wentz:

“We did a song for Alice in Wonderland. [We] might do a few more depending on when [Mark] goes in with Blink. [It] sounds nothing like Blink or Fall Out Boy. Mark understands songwriting on a completely different level. It’s awesome to have a chance to sit in a room with him and watch him work out a melody.”

I do own albums from both bands and enjoy multiple songs from each, so I’m looking forward to seeing what these guys can do together. Who knows, maybe this will be the start of a decent cinematic music career for the pair. I mean, if Trent Reznor and RZA can both move from their respective genres and do some soundtracks, then why not these guys?

Long time Burton collaborator and movie soundtrack big shot Danny Elfman is writing the original score for Alice in Wonderland so at the very least the score should be dark, whimsical, and slightly goofy with plenty of creepiness thrown in for good measure.

mad hatter still Alice in Wonderland: Soundtrack Updates & New Picture

Click the picture for a hi-res version at /Film.

Also, a new official image of Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter has been released by Disney and it’s really nothing more than a hi-res still from the trailer but, good gravy, does he look weird. Although this isn’t the first time Depp has transformed for a role, it reminds me of how he looked for Edward Scissorhands but with more pink eyeliner. Depp, love him or hate him, has a way of “owning” every character he portrays which such devotion and originality that you can’t help but think of him when you think of the movie.

Most people know that Depp based Captain Jack Sparrow off of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards but where did he get is idea for playing the Hatter? Says Depp:

“[The Mad Hatter] was poisoned — very, very poisoned. And I think it just took affect in all his nerves. It was coming out through his hair and through his fingernails, through his eyes.”

According to Simon Dang from The PlaylistThe poison Depp refers to is that of the mercury kind which was used in the manufacture of felt, often leading to the actual poisoning of hatters in the 18th and 19th centuries.” Look at that! I learn something new every day. Who says the internet is only for gaming and porn?

What do you think about a new song from Pete Wentz and Mark Hoppus for the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack and how did you like the “new” image?

Alice in Wonderland falls through the looking glass March 5th, 2010.

Source: The Playlist, /Film

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  1. This is going to be Tim Burtons biggest hit ever!

  2. Personally, I’m sick of Danny Elfman soundtracks.
    The only score of his that I can say I “enjoyed” was for Dolores Claiborne.
    The rest of his stuff sounds like glorified “The Simpsons” music.

  3. Well, the real question is whether this score / soundtrack wil make it on CD this time round. Being a Disney production, I dread that it will be available for download only again. It was the same with National Treasure 2, Up and A Christmas Carol, just to name a few. I’m sick of that since I’m an avid soundtrack collector…CD that is!

  4. @ Mike E

    Regarding Elfman, The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack is an amazing piece of work, sounds nothing like the simpsons to me.

  5. @Mike E – Beckett is right. Also, don’t forget Elfman gave us the soundtrack to the original Batman with Michael Keaton. I dare you NOT to hum that tune right now.

  6. @ Paul Young

    I am humming it right

  7. Sorry, I don’t find either Batman (overly pompous) nor Nightmare before Christmas good in any way. The harmonies are boring and predictable, and most importantly: cloying.

    Maybe because I’m coming at the whole Elfman scores thing from a different perspective than most of you (I’m a musician). I just can’ t get into any of his scores. And as for the “sounds like the simpsons”… what might not sound like the simpsons to an untrained ear, really DOES sound like it to a trained ear. I recognize the same harmonic quirks and “cheap shots”, as well as the same little “errors” (calling them errors here, but it’s a more complicate matter than just saying “it’s wrong”, which it ISN’T.. but like I said, it’s a difficult thing to explain). I also recognize his annoying (to my ear) style of orchestration in every one of his scores. Even Planet of the Overly-Made-up-Monkey-Wives-of-directors.

    You’re all allowed to like Elfman’s music.
    I don’t care for it.

    I’d just really like to see a Tim Burton film that doesn’t have a score by Elfman. His films end up being monochrome because of it.. the same visual-colour palette with the same audio-colour palette.

  8. Nightmare before Christmas is a classic soundtrack, it is half of what makes it such a migical and scary movie.

    I know you are entitled to your opinion but I cannot get my head round the idea of someone not loving the songs and score on that one.

  9. You should get your head around it.
    It’s anything BUT “classic”. It’s just typical Danny Elfman. There’s nothing “classic” about it. It’s awkward prosody, irregularly set text (not in a good way), with nothing particularly original musically surrounding it.

    Like I said, you’re allowed to like it.

    Just don’t expect me to agree with you that it merits any recognition beyond the animation and “look” of the film.

  10. @Mike E – I understand that you are a musician, as am I . I’ve been playing percussion since 88, but I think you might be expecting too much from a movie score. A movie’s soundtrack is supposed to help tell the story and I think Elfman’s work does that.

    It’s not like I’m expecting Chopin or Bach ya know? I just want to be able to listen to the soundtrack later and have it walk me through the movie again, without having to actually watch it.

  11. Mike E, try Burton’s Ed Wood – soundtrack by Howard Shore. That really is a monochrome film…

    Elfman’s been more Miss than Hit for me in recent years. I found his efforts on The Corpse Bride not a patch on The Nightmare Before Christmas; Planet Of The Apes totally forgettable; Hellboy II jarring and inappropriate; Terminator: Salvation a pale and sanitised attempt to revisit some of Brad Fiedel’s motifs. Alice seems like an ideal opportunity to redeem himself.

  12. I remember seeing “Wanted” while a friend of mine was working at the theatre. I was chilling through the credits (because a movie doesn’t end until all of the music does), he came into clean the theatre and I asked him who did the score. He just grinned and pointed and I read ‘Danny Elfman.’

    Never in a million years would I have guessed that! If all of his music sounds the same to you, then you are only watching his movies with Tim Burton, which do have similarities.

    Besides, those ‘harmonic quirks and “cheap shots”, as well as the same little “errors” ‘ are classic Elfman. Nobody would dare tell John Williams to stop using motifs because after “Star Wars,” “Indiana Jones,” and “Harry Potter” they are starting to sound the same.

  13. Taking Woodstock and Milk sound different. Many love Somersby for something completely different. “Errors, “harmonic quirks” and “cheap shots” are not intelligent ways to describe music from a musician’s stand point. My wife is also a musician and not a big Elfman fan, but she loves Charlotte’s Web because it is so different.

    New songs by Elfman on Charlie, Corpse Bride, and Wanted are incredible. Wish he would do some new songs for Alice.

  14. Personally I’m more fond of John Williams, but Danny Elfman is number 2 on my list. Nightmare before Christmas and Corpse Bride had wonderful music. I think my favorite though (from Danny Elfman) is the Main theme from Mars Attacks!

  15. I own the soundtracks to both Edward Scissorhands and The Nightmare Before Christmas, and enjoy them both. Fall Out Boy actually did a cover of “What’s This?” from The Nightmare Before Christmas, so I take it that they’re big Tim Burton fans? I know I am! I love anything that Depp does and anything that Burton does, and when they’re together? It’s even better. I’m actually wearing my new Mad Hatter shirt right now! I don’t know why Jack Sparrow comes to mind when people hear Johnny Depp, but my favorite Depp/Burton (and possibly all-time favorite film) is Edward Scissorhands.

    Anyway, I am beyond excited for Alice In Wonderland! That image isn’t really new (like you said), but it is still very impressive.

  16. And Danny Elfman is definitely good at what he does. I never have a problem with any of his score, but recently I’ve been more into Hans Zimmer because of Sherlock Holmes and The Dark Knight. Danny Elfman is one of the most talented composers in the business though. Maybe his Tim Burton movie scores are similar, but really he’s done just about any music you can think of. He did the Desperate Housewives theme song haha he can do anything, and his music always supports Burton’s movies well.

  17. ok, i can't say i'm sick of danny elfman's music 'cus i really enjoy it and, yeah, burton could hire someone else, but COME ON!! avril lavigne, tokio hotel, all american rejects… !! PLEASE! I love robert smith and I know he can do a great job 'bout the soundtrack, but those.. i don't think so! i hope, i really do, that this is something to distract us, and that for that day there'll be a completely great and amazing soundtrack


    … my favorite by Elfman

  19. They will ALWAYS be enjoyable to me.
    Noboys Asking you to listen to them.
    And for him to be poplular, someone has to hate him

  20. Can somebody tell me if the songs FOB did for AIW were written by THEM or by ELFMAN?
    Cause i'm confused.

  21. My guess is they wrote the original pop songs while Elfman did the classical score. I wouldn't doubt that Elfman collaborated with them during the process to help bring some continuity between the pieces though.

  22. My guess is they wrote the original pop songs while Elfman did the classical score. I wouldn't doubt that Elfman collaborated with them during the process to help bring some continuity between the pieces though.

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  24. I like the soundtrack for Hellboy 2. I felt like he was trying something different and it was interesting. I do think other composers are good though but honestly his music is so enduring.