Instead of slow rolling these out in separate posts we thought we’d treat you and give you them all at once :)

We have a whole batch of new images from the upcoming fantasy adaptation, Alice in Wonderland, and a few new images from the upcoming horror movie remake, A Nightmare on Elm Street. For the latter, we also have a brand new promo poster to add to the first poster we saw a while back. Let’s get to it!

Alice in Wonderland

Unsurprisingly, the promo materials – from trailers and posters to images and TV spots – have been fast and furious for Burton’s adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s classic fantasy novel.

Most of these high-res images are the same or at least similar to what we’ve seen before, so we’ve tried to pick out the most unique ones for you to take a look at. View them below (click for super high-res versions):

I don’t think there’s a filmmaker better suited to adapting Carroll’s source material than Tim Burton. Nor is there anyone better suited to the role of The Mad Hatter (in my opinion) than Johnny Depp. Some people don’t like that the two keep working together but it just so happens that a lot of the key roles in a lot of Burton’s films are suited to Depp’s style.

I say, if it works then why change the recipe?

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A Nightmare on Elm Street

Next up we have four new images from the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street. Be warned, as they are NSFW and not really suitable for the overly squeamish (they’re not Hostel gory but there’s blood involved, that’s all I’ll say). Take a look at the four new images below, followed by the new promo poster:

When I first heard they were remaking this film, like most of you I was really annoyed. But the casting of Rorschach himself, Jackie Earle Haley, allowed me to start looking forward to it and the trailer didn’t look half bad (some people LOVED it). But as a big fan of the original series (particularly the first installment) I remain skeptical.

What do you make of the latest images from Alice in Wonderland and the images and poster for A Nightmare on Elm Street? Where do they rank on your most anticipated list?

Alice in Wonderland hits theaters on March 5th (next Friday).

A Nightmare on Elm Street is released on April 30, 2010.

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