Alice Eve Will Play Emma Frost in ‘X-Men: First Class’

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emma frost x men first class movie cast Alice Eve Will Play Emma Frost in X Men: First Class

X-Men franchise producer Lauren Shuler Donner said we’d be finding out “soon” about more casting updates for X-Men: First Class and she wasn’t kidding. With the X-Men prequel set to being production in August and some key characters cast already, we’re just starting to see producer Bryan Singer and director Matthew Vaughn fill out the ranks of the X-Men: First Class roster.

The latest character about to be confirmed is that of Emma Frost (aka. the White Queen) who once fought against the X-Men but later joined them. Emma Frost is a main character in the current X-Men comics and she was mistreated included in last summer’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, leading to the obvious inclusion of her character in X-Men: First Class.

The latest rumor about casting Emma Frost involved British actress Rosamund Pike although this raised some confusion due to her age of 31. Emma Frost, along with the other X-Men team members are meant to be in their late teenage years and in the Wolverine flick, Frost was depicted as being the same or of similar age as Cyclops. Luckily, Pike was later reported to be playing the character of Moira MacTaggert, a scientist and early love interest of Professor X.

Now comes news that Alice Eve, once a candidate for the lead female role in Marvel Studios’ The First Avenger: Captain America, is in negotiations to play Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class. At 28, Eve is only 3 years younger than Rosamund Pike, but she sure has more of that Emma Frost look. Frost, after all, is supposed to be not only one of the “hottest” X-Men characters, but one of the hottest among all comic book characters ever, so it’s quite a character to live up to.

Alice Eve is Emma Frost

As for the character’s abilities, Emma Frost is a telepath not unlike Cyclops’ other love interest, Jean Grey, but she also has the ability to turn her skin into diamonds, becoming nearly invulnerable when she needs to during combat. Telepathic love triangle, anyone?

Eve had a breakthrough role in this year’s She’s Out of My League and she represents another strong addition to the excitement-generating cast which already includes James McAvoy as Professor X, Ben Walker as Beast and most recently, Michael Fassbender as Magneto.

I’m excited to find out who Singer and Vaughn decide on to play Cyclops and Jean Grey and we’re all curious as to what other characters will make up the X-Men roster for the prequel.

Is this another solid casting addition in your eyes? What other X-Characters do you think should be included in First Class?

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X-Men: First Class opens June 3, 2011.

Source: Deadline

Image edited from art by J. Scott Campbell

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  1. She’s definitely hot enough, and was really good in She’s Out of My League, I just hope she can pull off the bitchy, narcissism of Frost

  2. It would be nice to see Havok. I always liked him better than the Boyscout. Alice Eve is hot.

  3. Isn’t Storm suppose to be in this X-Men prequel due the fact she was an original member of early X-Men?

    • Storm was not an original member. She came later, after the initial group of X-Men.

      • Makes no nevermind they are botching it anyway. Dont be surprised if Arty, Sinister and Marrow all show up too.

    • The original “First Class” members led by Professor X were:

      Marvel Girl

      • Yep, it’s too bad they already screwed up the story. They can’t have Iceman in there because he is too young thanks to previous X-Men movies. They may be able to swing Angel in the origins movies because they didn’t peg Ben Foster into an age group in X3 and he did seem to be older than the young group of students.

        Would have loved to see the actual storyline of Rogue gaining powers by way of Marvel Girl but that probably won’t happen either. Although there have been many disappointments in the previous movies I am still beyond excited to see more of my favorite comic brought to life.

        • Could Avalanche be a nice sub in for Iceman?

          • I don’t know how Avalanche could sub for Iceman. They come from different backgrounds and have much different storylines from what I can remember. I’m open minded though since it’s not like we can hope for continuity at this point. :) They would have to completely change Avalanche’s background with the Brotherhood of the Mutants and being a sort of terrorist mutant. How would it work?

        • The way there working on it they’ll either have crap for character or turn it into another reboot like Spiderman and Fanatastic Four (of course the reboots make me look forward to the characters in the Marvel movies who are getting there first movie in 20-ish years like Captain America and Thor).

  4. Ooh, I like her.

    She’ll be great, pity we can’t wait the twenty years necessary for her to show up in X-Men continuity.

  5. And I think Pike would have done a better job. Emma also has an “air” about her that I dont think Eve can pull off.

  6. Wow, in that picture she kinda looks like Jessica Simpson.

  7. No Rosamund Pike. No sale.

  8. See here’s what’s bothering me most. We have much younger versions of magneto and professor x in this movie (about 25 -30 years younger) than in the original trilogy and late teenage age members of the xmen. So then in the realm of the trilogy already established all of these characters are in their late 30s or early 40s?????? That’s where it loses me

  9. She’s still a lil old for it. Just more confusing casting since she’s about the age of the new Xavier. Why not use the same girl from Wolverine? She was hot

    • That’s true.

      • I second that. I think Eve is better suited to the older X-Men. Maybe be the mother of another X-Men spin-off character: Cable.

        FOX just needs to give this franchise to Marvel and Paramount already and give us back our beloved characters.

        • Fox Studio’s vision and continuituy for this franchise is totally STUFFED UP.

          I genuinely don’t care for these characters anymore. I have no empathy for them the way Fox is handling them.

          With the exception of Patrick Stewart’s portrayal of Prof X, this SCREWED UP adaptation leaves me very cold indeed.

          • Hah! You must be a loyal reader as for well over a year now I’ve been tossing out the theory in some of my articles that Cable (who Fox, Rob Liefeld and the producers have been talking about in meetings a LOT) could be the son of Cyclops and Emma since the continuity is broken and she’s there around the same time Jean and Cyc are meeting up.

    • yeah that’s great Brody but I don’t think Alice Eve has the mutant power of matching the waist and bust size ofthe character from acomic book cover..a bit of a strech ya think?? But to be real though- her waist size-is much larger than the character’s..a thinner,bustier actress would’ve been better..also a good actress as well-Eve has but the one flick..not much of a resume’ to say the least..also she’s 28..much older than the character in Wolverine..another Fox F-up that’s gonna bite them in the ass..

  10. agreed Fox is Retareded for their X-men cash cow.
    but as to the matching Waist/bust size ?
    all i can say is batman rarely/if ever wears body armor, and in evry bat movie what do we see ?
    why is this ?
    cuz not that many human beings can match the utter perfection we as imperfect/flawed creatures project onto the comic book panels.

    and dont get me wrong i know my books and my bats.
    and yes The Post-Crisis version of the batsuit is not constructed from simple fabric, but from Kevlar thread and carbon nanotube fibers.
    and most suits have a bullet proof breastplate. but me rambling aside.
    im not a fan of this actress honestly but i am awear that she has more than one moive.
    Big Nothing,Losing Gemma, The Amazing Trousers, Crossing Over, She’s Out of My League, & the horrifying Sex and the City 2

    i can honestly say ive only seen “Big Nothing” and i dug it.
    the girl can act at least to the standerds for Fox-esque X-characters.
    i mean C’mon X3.angle. it was an abortion on screen.

  11. I can understand non-readers or non-fans having high hopes for this but all you comicbook readers & fanboys needn’t waste your time or money on this 21 Century Faux crap at all. I can understand us ranting about it which is what I’m doing now but we shouldn’t be hoping they do well because that insures them to keep these characters even longer with more spin-offs etc. Don’t support Fox’s or Sony’s Marvel character movies,they have no respect for them, all they see is $$$$$$$$.

  12. I can’t understand why some of you guys are so mad. Of course they aren’t going to keep with all of the storylines from the comics. Of course the studios want to make movies that are cash cows. Of course they want to mainstream the characters and plots in order to get the largest audiences possible. None of this should be surprising.

    I am a fangirl and I can list all of the deviations and the way things should have gone but that isn’t going to do any good. Personally, I’m just happy that the studios are remaking these. Yes, some may be horrible but some could be awesome. I no longer go into these movies with high expectations but I do go in knowing that these are sort of a ‘re-imagining’ geared towards people who aren’t hardcore fans while trying to please the true fanboys and fangirls as much as they can. That being said, because most of the people involved aren’t true fans of the comics they are working to adapt to the silverscreen, they don’t know what is going to please us.

    • I agree with ya Jenn. Aslong as the movie is enjoyable, thats all i care about. I dont go in with high or low expectations. Especially when it comes to movies based off comics with decades of stories. Not everyone will be pleased. It was like in 2006, i heard people in here hate X3 pretty much, but i heard and talked to the same number of people in person who liked it better than Superman Returns. I thought X3 was ok, not the best, I thought Singer’s ideas would of been better if he was gonna have Phoenix & the Sentinels. What you said in your statement is pretty true.

    • 1. “Of course they want to mainstream the characters and plots in order to get the largest audiences

      How do you mainstream characters that have been part of popular culture for fifty years or more? The recognition of these characters is already imbued into the general populace. They already are mainstream characters. But to make them more popular we need to change some of the things that made them popular in the first place????

      So the mainstream characters and plots from the original source material is something only fanboys and fangirls can understand, and studios have to drastically change things in order to attract a wider audience, because the non reader audience doesn’t have the same appreciation or knowledge of the comic book????

      I think there is some flawed logic in that assumption. An audience will accept something that is well done and transforming a comic book into a motion picture that faithfully respects the original source material can be done. I don’t see how deviating from the blueprint is going to attract more people. Unless of course you’re a rock band who’s going to sell out – lots of examples come to mind already. :-)

      I don’t mean a panel by panel copy of the books either but rather capturing the essence and aesthetics of the books, to some degree continuity, accurate character traits, and present that with real dramatic interactions. You can still upgrade or modernize characters and be true to the source material without having to compromise.

      2. “That being said, because most of the people involved aren’t true fans of
      the comics they are working to adapt to the silverscreen, they don’t know what is going to please us.”

      A very true statement about Fox Studios and Sony. I say hand the franchise back to MARVEL STUDIOS where you actually do have people who are true fans of the comic books.

      There are some great studios, good writers and brilliant directors who are as passionate, thoughtful and creative about their art as is their awareness for commercial success. I think we should have higher expectations because better and faithful representations of our beloved super heroes on cinema screens is achievable.

  13. Actually bawbjohnson….. according to Xavier in X-MEN 1 Cyclop’s, Jean, and Storm were among the first of his students. So yes Storm should be in this movie as one of his first. I also think Alice is awesome to play Emma!!

    • @ Nick

      According to X-Men issue # 1 published in September 1963, the title of which was later changed to Uncanny X-Men; the original “First Class” members led by Professor X were:

      Marvel Girl

      I take it you are referring to one of the new spin off series, titled simply X-Men which was launched in October, 1991.

  14. So what doesn’t matter Storm was here before stupid ass Emma. So then why is Emma in the film? oh yea she white, Storm you deserve better than this crap

  15. I can not stand Emma Frost. I hate her with a passion. She has ruined the X-Men. I liked her better as a villian.

  16. Okay…ummm, I’m confused. In Wolverine, the time period is what? The 70’s right? First Class will be set in the 60’s? I think this is the same universe as the original Xmen trilogy. And if it is, how is Emma (who is in Wolverine) very young looking, gonna be in First Class? And look older? Can somebody help me here? Lol