Alexander Skarsgard No Longer In The Running For Thor?

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thor alexander skarsgard eric northman Alexander Skarsgard No Longer In The Running For Thor?Last month, news broke that Thor director Kenneth Branagh was seen meeting with True Blood actor, Alexander Skarsgård. This sparked rumors that the 6’4” son of veteran actor Stellan Skarsgård was in the running to wield the Mighty hammer, Mjolnir.

Those rumors may now be all for naught as news broke this weekend that Alexander may no longer be contending for the lead role in Marvel Studios’ upcoming Thor, The Avengers and potential sequels.

In speaking with E! Online at the Paley Center for Media’s 25th Annual TV Festival last week, Skarsgård was asked about whether or not he’d be playing Thor and he replied with this:

“No, I don’t think so. I haven’t gotten the call, so…”

No call? If he was the lead contender or even a reasonable possibility, he’d be well in the loop and well-informed. So unless he’s just hiding something/dodging the question (very doubtful) it appears that Alexander will likely not be playing Thor in the upcoming Marvel epic.

I’m disappointed by this news – out of the candidates, I, like many others, felt strongly that Alexander was perfect for the role and I can’t think of a better choice.

Last month, Nikki Finke at Deadline Hollywood reported on the six candidates apparently being considered for the role. In addition to Alexander Skarsgård, that list included Josh Hartnett, Liam Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Charlie Hunnam and Joel Kinnaman.

Hartnett is reportedly in the running to play Loki as well, and as I can’t see him at all portraying Thor, I find it hard to believe he’s actually a contender for that role in addition to Loki. As for the other four candidates, I can’t see any of them playing the part either so if Alexander’s out, I hope they have a new list of candidates. Better yet, I hope Alexander’s still in the running and that Branagh and co. have just been busy in recent times.

What do you think of Alexander Skarsgård possibly no long being a candidate for Thor?

Thor opens at its new later date of June 17, 2011.

Source: E! Online (via IGN)

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  1. rob,

    i agree that its difficult to imagine Hartnett as Loki, but then again i said the same thing about heath ledger as the joker.

    i wish they would hurry up and get this role cast and the movie running so we can get the avengers, well of course dont want them to rush film.

  2. If Brannagh has indeed passed on Alex Skarsgard, I would love to know why. If I was Marvel, I’d be concerned. If I had to pick one, I’d pick Skarsgard and pass on Brannagh.

  3. If Alex Skarsgard out then I would have to bet that Brannagh is going internation to find a foreign (Sweden,Northern)unknown actor that has the acting talent,experience, and strength to carry this franchise on his back. That the ‘only’ other oppinion to Alex Skarsgard,IMHO. Remember Hugh Jackman big break!?!LOL

  4. @ Matt,

    I think Hartnett can play Loki, It’s Thor that he should not play in my opinion. My sentence was a little confusing so I edited it to make it more clear.

    I agree totally on casting, I’m anxious to start hearing who’s playing who but it could be a little while since they gave themselves a full extra year by delaying some of the Marvel movies.

  5. Lots of people have been supposedly out though.

    Sam Jackson was out…

    Mickey Rourke was out…

    Even Jon Favreau had said he couldn’t do IM2 in such a quick turnaround…

    Been lots of complete 180′s with the Marvel films, which means Alex Skarsgard is probably actually in. :)

  6. Skarsgard is definitely the best choice for Thor, I have no idea why the studio would pass on him unless it’s for public disinformation (which makes NO sense) or there are salary negotiations that have stalled. Hartnett as Loki would work, but NOT as Thor.

  7. nice read Rob, I’m also alittle impatience to see how little casting has been made for both Thor or Captian America, but I’m just impatience.:D

  8. Well, at least it’s not because Alexander turned down the role. And the way Marvel works, it’s not surprising that they haven’t contacted him yet. So there is still a chance he may yet wield Thor’s Hammer.

  9. I saw the contenders, Charlie Hunnam is great. He might need to bulk up for the role.

    I want to see Alexander in the movie, but he might be sidetracked because of “True Blood.”

  10. rob,

    my bad, lol i was in a hurry when i read the article and guess i didnt pay very much attention to it

  11. Unless Alexander can’t actually act well enough to pull off the role or carry the franchise, then I jsut can’t see anyone else (especially those listed) pulling it off.

    The guy certainly has the look, but at the end of the day – I’d rather have someone not fit the look perfectly but can act than the reverse.

  12. i would love to see him play thor, but i’m satisfied getting my alexander fix from true blood, too.

  13. Very disappointing news. But I still have faith they’ll get someone good. Branagh knows his stuff, and I’m certain he’s not going to go with someone he doesn’t feel is right for the role just because Marvel pushes him.

  14. Like Gordon says, he has the look but that’s not all that’s important. Getting the best actor is, not the one who naturally looks the most like the comic book character.

  15. I would be happy, but the rest of the possibles on the list were so awful that all this does is make it so they may choose one of them.

  16. Devastating news. I was really hoping that Skarsgard would have been Thor. I hope Marvel will reconsider their decision and let him become “The Mighty Thor!”

  17. I don’t care that Vladimir Kulich would seem to old at this point to play the role. I think they should give him a shot at it and if he pulls it off (and despite age, I think he can), they should cast him. Kulich (Buliwyf in th 13th Warrior) has an even stronger, better look, demeanor, and persence for Thor than even Alexander S.

  18. If I had a dollar for everytime some mentioned either Triple H or Kulich from 13th Warrior to play Thor…

    Triple H is a Ham and as much as I loved Kulich in 13th Warrior (I actuially shed a tear during his Battle Prayer before the final battle) he is just to old and would not fit with the Avengers movie. He would make an awesome Odin though…

  19. Manowar,

    i agree, i think it would be better for marvel to cast a real actor(not a wrestler) in the leading role

  20. Skarsgaard would have been a great choice. You MUST have a Scandinavian to play Thor! Sure Harnett, Mickey Rourke, Et al are great actors and are high profile; but Thor needs to be Scandivian. Not Scandinavian-American (such as myself); but a real Norseman from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, or even Iceland. Every avenue has their superhero, and to those of us who are of Nordic blood, Thor is our superhero. SKOL!!!!

  21. it would be funny to see fabio as thor… For him to hit somebody hard enough with the hammer and for the blood to hit his lips… Then the classic punchline… ” I can’t believe its not butter”…. Lol.

  22. I am so glad that he isn’t playing Thor!
    I don’t like any of the candidates that they have! There has to be someone atleast close to perfect out there to play Thor!
    They need to keep on looking and not just pick people just because they’re tall, there has to be more reason to the decision. So this is wonderful news!

  23. Its probably going to be a complete unknown,
    which isnt a bad thing.

  24. A. Skarsgard has many many fans already. They would be very smart to cast him as Thor.

  25. Alex is PERFECT for this part! He’s incredibly suave, sexy, has amazing screen presence, and is the right build.

    Alex BUFFED more would be the epitome of THOR.

    Let’s hope he’s still a contender. I think Skarsgard is being coy with that comment…he’s good at dodging questions in interviews. I hope Branagh knows he’d be losing the best actor for this job. It would bring in the female movie goers if Skarsgard gets the job. He’s awesome!

    Those of us who are big fans of Alex’s from TRUE BLOOD would flock to see him in the comic-book character. It’s the same targeted audience–and it’s a big one!

    GO ALEX!

  26. In response to Julissa, I don’t think that they are just looking at actors that are just tall (although in the Marvel index, Thor is listed as very very tall; between 6’6″ and in some 6’10″); so having a 5’10″ actor play Thor may not come across as believable with fickle Marvel fans (although it is interesting that Wolverine is indexed at 5’3″ tall and Hugh Jackman is 6’1″!?!?!?!. Getting a tall enough actor is going to be challenging enough since less than 1% of the population is over 6’2″!

    I think they need to look at all attrubutes; including the ability to act well (please… no professional wrestlers!)
    and most importantly hailing from a country in the Scandinavian Penninsula. I think Alex fits the part perfectly because not only does he have the look down; he is a real Swede (not Swedish-American).

    Plus he has an excellent thespian pedigree in his genes; his father is the great thespian Skellan Skarsgaard (who just might make the perfect Odin!!).

    “Under a winter sky, we stand glorious; when we have Odin on our side, we are victorious” SKOL!!!

  27. He was the perfect choice he was tall, blonde, and an actual Nordic (Swedish) and arguably a much better actors than the guy they went with i’m so damn sick of seeing these Brits play as our culture’s mythological characters its enough that they totally ripped off our mythology in most of their literature. This is culture theiving in its finest form. It started with Tolkien and continues today. We can’t get anything rightfully potrayed for us because the British are constantly stealing it.

  28. Lydia: Right …except Chris Hemsworth is Australian, not British. And except it is an American film based on an American comic-book character. The British don’t really come into the equation beyond the culturally imperialistic ubiquity of the British accent for ‘old world’ characters.

    Also, in hindsight, this article was way off the mark about the casting.