Alex Proyas’ Thoughts on ‘The Crow’ & ‘Dracula: Year Zero’

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alex proyas Alex Proyas Thoughts on The Crow & Dracula: Year ZeroConcerning The Crow, someone had to finally ask what Alex Proyas thinks of a remake. With Stephen Norrington already signed to write and direct the reboot, which apparently isn’t going to be “gloriously gothic or stylized,” someone had to ask the original director what he thought. sat down with Proyas for a Knowing interview and ask about the recent announcement. He had this to say:

“I think it’s kind of premature, really… It’s seems like ‘The Crow’ is only like 15 years old maybe. It’s seems, early. (laughs) I always thought that remakes, you shouldn’t be given license to remake something for at least 25 years. I don’t know. It just seems kind of odd to me. Just re-release the original movie.”

Screen Rant is with you, Alex! We’ve about had it with Hollywood’s new infatuation with the terms “remake” and “reboot.” Ever since Tinsel town struck gold with Batman’s suit (sans-nipples), all we’ve been getting is regurgitated and half-thought-out flicks. Some original source materials are butchered so badly they deserve to be remade, but cult classics don’t need to be.

The Dark City and I, Robot director has a number of projects in the works, including Dracula: Year Zero and The Unpleasant Profession of Johnathan Hoag.

Year Zero is a “prequel of Bram Stroker’s ‘Dracula’.. that’s essentially a medieval epic.” In terms of casting, he was slim with the details but he did say “it may be someone a little younger than we’ve seen.” He also noted it won’t be like other Dracula movies, “it’s really about the birth of the legend. So it’s set in 13th Century Transylvania.” Because it’s still early in production, he didn’t have much else to say.

And finally, Johnathan Hoag isĀ  “just starting” with his first draft of the script. It’ll be some time before we hear anything about that one.

Knowing is out March 20, 2009 and stars Nic Cage.


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  1. Great director I really enjoy his films and Year Zero sounds very interesting

  2. @ greenknight

    Great director indeed, but Year Zero sounding interesting? There have been MULTIPLE films (mostly direct-to-video … oops … DVD … I’m old …) that dealt with Dracula being the warlord that Vlad Dracul (supposedly) actually was.

    I say … IF you want to do something with Dracula … make it original. Something new. A League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen in the present … with villians that are somehow bound to do good stuff.

    Have Jason, Freddy and whatnot thrown into the mix. Always kinda a$$hole-y. a bit brutal, but still anti-heroes par excellence.

    Ok, I KNOW it’s not doable (the copyright negotiations would be a NIGHTMARE … no pun intended), but one can dream, right?

    As for THE CROW … I have absolutely NO idea why someone actually thinks that a remake is a good idea.

    The original aged VERY well and in its core, it’s an age old story … “updating” it will only make it horrible.
    And making it close to the original will render it completely useless.

    Btw. … for the record … I LOVED almost every re-boot they’ve done in recent times. Casino Royale, Batman Begins, Incredible Hulk … they all took the watered down formula of the previous films and … boiled it.

    But they REALLY have to choose wisely which movies to reboot.
    The Crow surely isn’t one of them.

    One last thing:
    greenknight … since you’re a sci-fi fan … do you watch Doctor Who?
    (In itself a small reboot since 2005 :-))

  3. love love love dark city and the crow (a personal fav.) i’m hoping dracula zero is good

  4. While I agree it’s too soon for a remake of The Crow, there is one thing you all seem to ignore: what if the remake is more from Dan O’ Barr’s graphic novel?

    But that’s really beside the point, because The Crow was better off as a one shot character. It simply didn’t work after the first film, because it was retread with a slightly different visual look and not much else. It is also one of those rare times where the actor playing a role is the role and in the late Brandon Lee’s case, that’s a literal sense as well. Not one actor has topped him. Yes, it’s always a “new Crow” but it really was the same old same old.

    I liked the cliffhanger at the end of the tV show though…but I never got into the TV show all that much either.

  5. @ greenknight

    You are right about the Bourne-aspect of the new Bond, but it really is the purest Bond movie ever.

    Anyway … I recommend to watch the the “new” Doctor Who, because it’s (almost) everything I ever wanted it to be.
    Especially Eccleston gives a stunning performance of the timelord.
    And don’t worry, you don’t need ANY previous knowledge if you start with the 2005 version.
    Yes, parts of Doctor Who are cheesy, but the core is stunningly cool.
    I guarantee that.

    Oh, and Year Zero may sound good to you, just because Proyas is attached, but I stopped being excited about PERSONS a long time ago.

    I was let down WAY too often to depend on names to expect greatness.

    It was tough and it was uncomfortable, but I learned my lesson. :-(

  6. @ greenknight

    Dammit … I didn’t answer your question. :-)
    The special effects are not sub-par, but mostly barely fitting to what they want to get across.

    The storytelling on the other hand … ranges from remarkable to pathetic.

    Not the greatest promotion of the show, I know, but it IS WORTH checking out, especially if you’re into Sci-Fi.

    It’s a rich and fertile ground that Doctor Who is seeding on and despite the occasional misfire, there’s quite a lot to love.

  7. @ greenknight

    The arch nemesis is actually HORTON!



    *milky way*

  8. does anyone but me remember one very clear fact- there have already been three The Crow reboots. Not to mention a short lived tv serious. None of which even came close to the original. Bradon Lee is a legend and no one will be able to do what he did with that character, ever. So get the picture Hollywood, there is only one The Crow

  9. does anyone but me remember one very clear fact- there have already been three The Crow reboots. Not to mention a short lived tv serious. None of which even came close to the original. Bradon Lee is a legend and no one will be able to do what he did with that character, ever. So get the picture Hollywood, there is only one The Crow

  10. @greenknight

    Was Superman Returns a reboot?? I thought it was a sequel because they kept referring to him leaving and them him coming back??

    Anyway, I wouldn’t compare Casino Royale to Bourne. The fights last much too long and are much more realistic. Bourne seems like he can kill someone or knock them unconscious with one blow to a seemingly non vital area, pretty fake and stupid in my opinion. In CR Bond had to literally beat people to death. Much more like how it is in real life.

    And I agree that The Crow shouldn’t be remade… Mr. Brandon Lee will be turning over in his grave… He did a great job in the original Crow, no need to redo it…

  11. I think those were sequels, not reboots…

  12. @ Ken J

    Superman Returns was a retcon. (Or however that’s spelled)
    It took away the last 2 films, changed the timeline, crapped onto the speech of Superman II’s ending (“I will never ever leave you again. Ever. Really. I swear.” – or something) and “updated” the style and design.

    And, lets not forget, it didn’t work at all.

    I don’t think that the term “sequel” applies here. Neither does “reboot”.

    It was just crap. *shrugs*

  13. Yah, it was pretty bad… I didn’t know the specifics of it though, it’s been YEARS since I’ve seen the old superman movies, they are all jumbled up in my mind, lol.