Alex Kurtzman And Roberto Orci Talk Star Trek Sequel

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star trek header Alex Kurtzman And Roberto Orci Talk Star Trek Sequel

With the welcome success of the recent Star Trek reboot (both critically and financially), you just know that talk of the sequel is inevitable. Screen Rant reported on screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci’s thoughts on a sequel a few days ago, and today we have some more, via a video interview with Collider.

In the interview with Collider, Kurtzman and Orci talk mainly about Star Trek (which is, let’s face it, one of the geek world’s hottest topics of discussion) but also their upcoming Cowboys and Aliens movie. The interview is in video form, but if you don’t want to watch the almost 10 minute video, here is the gist of the details they put out there:

  • They don’t know if J.J. Abrams is coming back to direct the sequel – it seems it’s not absolutely definite at this point.
  • They would like to have the sequel’s script finished by this Christmas.
  • The studio (Paramount) wants to make the film as soon as possible.
  • They’ve been paying attention to what the fans are saying online.
  • They’re currently debating between have a traditional villain or having it be nature and the unknown which is the adversary.
  • They want the movie to be self-contained but also have threads which could be picked up later on down the road.

If you’re one of those folks who are interested in hearing Kurtzman and Orci actually talk about Star Trek, you can check out the actual video interview with them below (courtesy of Collider):

All of what was said by Kurtzman and Orci is, of course, very early on in the game. Even if Paramount wants the Star Trek sequel to happen soon, and going by this interview the writing duo are eager to get going, we’re still a ways off from seeing the Star Trek 2 wheels start to fully turn. However, it’s certainly encouraging what these two have said, particularly when they seem to be taking the mythology and the story of this new Star Trek incarnation very seriously.

For the Star Trek sequel, I like the sound of what Kurtzman and Orci are saying about the villain possibly being nature and the unknown. We already had the classic style of villain with the first movie (not that it wasn’t good), and I’d like to see it changed at least a bit for the sequel. On top of that, I also very much like the idea brought up of having threads in the sequel which could be brought up again in a future movie (that’s if the sequel is a success, which I don’t doubt for a second). They still have to make it as a self-contained movie that can be enjoyed on it’s own, but it would be cool to have a detail or two in there that in Star Trek 4 (for example) they pick up on again.

Star Trek is a franchise, even if $$ is the first thing on the studio’s mind, that you can’t rush because the ins-and-outs of how it functions (the mechanics of time and space travel, for example) is so complicated. Fans, both of just the reboot and of the original incarnations, will easily notice if anything is rushed or glossed over. Thankfully (going by the first Star Trek) Kurtzman and Orci seem to know what they’re doing.

What do you make of what Kurtzman and Orci have said about the inevitable Star Trek sequel? Which direction would you like to see them take it?

Star Trek 2 is currently in the very early stages and doesn’t have a release date as of yet.

Source: Collider

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  1. I think it’s a great idea having the villain potentially be “nature and the unknown”. It’s a nice turn for the series and shows that they aren’t hollywoodizing it too much. Most episodes of Star Trek never really had a villain so taking this approach would def give fans something to sink their teeth in to. I loved the first one but I did feel Nero was a little underdeveloped. However, villains have never been the focus of Star Trek as stated previously so I guess it all worked out. High hopes for this!

  2. I don’t know about nature as the villian.
    No abrams=not so much lens flare.
    And of course they want to fast track it. It’s all about the loot.

  3. Not quite sure what “nature and the unknown” entails, but I don’t think Star Trek 2 will be their cash cow anyway, and here’s why.

    The actors all signed 3 movie deals, (they will get that far), so they’re going to save their best idea for Trek 3. So Trek 2 can be their own offshoot for the new timeline, but they’re going to have to pull something from the original timeline in 3 to bring in the most $$$. And if you ask the hardcore fans, and they’re being totally honest, they want KHAN! That’s just how I see this turning out. It’s not based on anything off the web, just how I would be thinking if I were in charge of Trek. (And don’t I wish I was!)

  4. I wanna see the forerunners of the borg! I never watched the original series from which is loosely based on but I loved Next generation and Voyager.

  5. IMO the sequel should focus on rebuilding of the UFP now that Vulcan, being one of the founding member of the Federation, had been destroyed. I like to see classic Trek aliens such as the Andorian, Tellerites, even the shady mysteries surrounding the Romulans be explored. I agree there are times where villains are not necessarily clearly define. Remember the mission statement set by TOS and TNG: “To explore new worlds, new civilizations, to boldly go where no one had gone before.” The writers and producers should focus on these bold words and allow long time popular Trek authors, such as Diane Duane, DC Fontana, Peter David and the Reeves-Stevens, to get on board as well.

  6. Is it just me or does that picture or Kurtzman and Orci look like the poster for some generic sit-com?

  7. Khan? Bah. Bring back Dr. Sevrin, Adam, Tongo, and the rest of the Space Hippies!

    There is no insanity in what I seek. You reach?

  8. I totally disagree that the Hardcore fans want to see Kahn. I consider myself pretty hardcore and I couldn’t give a tribble about Kahn.
    Side note:
    I was talking to someone that works on big movie related conventions and he said that even with the new Star Trek film, attendance at Star Trek conventions has dropped 50% in the last year while Transformer conventions are taking over the convention market.
    The recent Transformers convention in Pasadena California had over 6000 attendees. There was a hour+ wait in line for those that didn’t pre-order.

    Star Trek was a decent film and brought in a few hundred million, but I don’t see the film reviving the franchise to what it was 10 years ago.
    The Star Trek movie still hasn’t broken even with distribution costs.
    Paramount is going to have to sell alot of dvds to make up for that.

    I recently rewatched TWOK, and found myself fast forwarding through the first hour.

  9. I don’t think they’d want to use Khan… simply because I don’t think there’s anybody who can capture the feeling, the intensity, the passion of the old Khan, and old fans will pick up on that.

  10. Yeah I agree Jimmey hope your right. 😉

    I see alot of Kahn
    this and Kahn that. They really need to think up something new.

  11. Kirk manhandles Space lesbians
    Punches out someone
    manhandles more space lesbians
    a Young even more effeminate Picard shows up in some time paradox and Kirk beats the ever lovin sh*t out of him with one arm tied around his back
    Kirk manhandles more space lesbians
    Bones and spock trade barbs
    Kirk Spock and Bones figure out a way to thwart the intergalactic cosmic menace from afar and just as they warp the Enterprise into the cosmic entity, the Enterprise loses all power and all seems lost
    Shatner Kirk shows up in some temporal paradox set in motion by Old Spock with the TMP Enterprise, beats up a young effeminate picard some more and he, old Spock, Young Kirk, Young Spock and Bones use both Enterprise power to destroy the cosmic threat
    Shatner Kirk manhandles the Space Lesbians, Young Kirk takes notes
    Everyone beats the hell out of young effeminate picard
    Universe saved cut to credits shown over a derelict Botany Bay floating in some uncharted path of space
    The End and $400 million more buck guaranteed

  12. I’d rather they not make a former antagonist central in the next story. But it would be nice to to see a nod or two to the Klingons or Romulans just for continuity sake. As for money according to the LA Times total production cost were between 140 and 150 million. Marketing cost are never released but most legitimate sources including LA Times and Variety estimates another 150 million. So 300 million total cost. Gross revenues as of June 19th 355 million worldwide. The have definitely moved into the black.

    Paramount is already realizing a serious influx of cash with the worldwide sales of the over the air broadcasting rights.In the U.S. FX agreed to pay 12% of domestic gross up to 24 million. Similar deals have been struck with European rights. Total projected broadcast fees have topped over 75 million world wide. The toys have been a cash cow and the all to soon to be released DVD has their pupils spinning like dollar signs. With contracts signed for all the principle actors and the writers they are happy campers. So the rush to put a sequel in production is understandable. I just hope they dont frak it up.

  13. I’d rather not see Kahn either. Especially with Ricardo having just died. He did Kahn in series and movie and was brilliant. Leave it alone.

    A villain that is nature and the unknown sounds too much like they don’t know either.
    What’s wrong with good old fashioned Klingon baddies?

  14. No Kahn – no one can do Kahn justice other than Ricardo M.
    Nature and the unknown? Not to sure about that either.
    The next movie needs to finish what was set in motion with First Contact – the Borg know about Earth and will be on their way. The new Enterprise crew can take care of them once and for all. Many Starfleet people have known about the Borg (Archer, Ambassador (older) Spock, etc . . ), so what preparations has Starfleet been making during these years?
    If Kurtzman and Orci need ideas, I’ve already been writing it out.

  15. I heard from inside sources that the marketing costs were closer to 300 mil.

  16. Life long trekker and definitely not on board with “Lee-Unit” about wanting Khan. Haven’t heard from any other trek fan that wanted to see Khan remade either.

    I think he’s good right where he’s at. Classic Khan, the only Khan. Ricardo Montalban.

    Would much rather see things diverge on this new path with the new timeline. Just no more remakes of the movies already out. They’re great as they are, they don’t need ‘re-imagined’.

  17. For some reason I have a hard time believing that.. Maybe 200 mil

  18. Yeah I know it high but that’s what I heard from a source that would know.

    Keep in mind they flew the entire cast all over the world promoting this.

    Same source informed me that T4 marketing was also very high. Over 200+mil.

  19. Sounds cool JalexM, but the story would have to change a little because currancy and profit were not part of the Federation.
    But I like your idea. :-)

  20. I think it would be original if the next film’s new villain is federation captain and his crew, who go rogue and discover an ancient and deadly technology while cruising through uncharted space, and decide to go around the galaxy selling such to the highest bidder. It will be up to Capt. Kirk and the Enterprise crew to go after the rogue crew who turned bad for the sake of power and profit.

    Orci and Kurtzman need to up the ante now that they’ve revived the saga.

  21. It is a MUST to have a villain…I highly doubt that they will go with nature and teh unknown here on the vilain…it really would not work out for the studio like that

  22. JalexM

    Sweet idea bro! Id love to see Capt. Kirk hunting down a starship gone rogue. Like apocalypse now in space.

  23. The captain gone rogue thingy has been done in TOS (Bread and Circuses), TNG (first episode with the Cardassians), DS9 (well, sort of; a security chief goes to the Marquis), and Voyager (a captain uses an intelligent race for fuel).

    I think the red matter used in the first movie can have consequences in the next. The black hole that was created at the end of the movie has been enhanced by the anti-matter injectors that were exploded to release the Enterprise from the event horizon. The effect of this has changed the Omega Quotient of the universe (or they could use galaxy) and it is collapsing. The Klingons want to get a hold of this red matter and engages the Enterprise in order to get the specifications. Spock and Scotty must figure out a way to dissipate the massive black hole before it reaches a point of no return and stop the Klingons from acquiring a horrible weapon.

  24. Sounds good to me Kahless. Anything other than retreading old ground…

  25. JJ must return….I do not see anyone else being capable to follow his brilliant work on the first. I really understand that Paramount knows this as well, and if it’s about $$$, give him some points and a share of the “swag”.