Kurtzman & Orci Rebooting ‘The Mummy’ & ‘Van Helsing’; Rewriting ‘All You Need Is Kill’

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Seriously, when do Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci find time to sleep?

Just last week, the Transformers and Star Trek franchise alums (and co-creators / “consulting producers” for Fringe) signed on to rewrite the Amazing Spider-Man sequel. Reports are now in that the pair recently did a revamping of the script for the impending Tom Cruise vehicle All You Need Is Killand are helping to develop and produce Universal’s reboots of both The Mummy and Van Helsing franchises (the latter has Cruise attached to star).

According to the official press release from Universal Pictures, Kurtzman and Orci are slated to “develop and produce” the Mummy reboot (with Darkest Hour and Prometheus co-writer Jon Spaihts penning the script), as well as the tentatively writer-less Van Hesling project. Besides being attached as headliner, Cruise is also set to co-produce the latter.

mummy van helsing reboots Kurtzman & Orci Rebooting The Mummy & Van Helsing; Rewriting All You Need Is Kill

Sean Daniel, who co-produced the previous Mummy trilogy (along with its spinoff, The Scorpion King), will also return for the… uh, second recent rebooting of the series. Spaihts, for what it’s worth, plans to abandon the Indiana Jones-style serial adventure style of the Brendan Fraser Mummy flicks and instead “go back to the franchise’s roots in dark, scary source material.”

There’s no word yet on how exactly Kurtzman and Orci (and whichever fellow writer they end up collaborating with) plan to revamp the Van Helsing series – which was also rebooted not so long ago, by the same filmmaker behind the original Mummy reboot, Stephen Sommers. However, it stands to reason that they too aim to deliver something firmly rooted in the supernatural horror genre – rather than the effects-driven blockbuster territory occupied by the 2004 Hugh Jackman vehicle.

As for All You Need Is Kill: an earlier script draft of the Japanese sci-fi novel adaptation was co-penned by Dante Harper (Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters) and Joby Harold (Awake). Bourne Identity and Jumper director Doug Liman (see below) is expected to commence with production on the film before the year is out, working alongside Cruise – with Emily Blunt as the female lead.

Bear in mind, all of this is on top of Kurtzman and Orci’s recent commitments, which have included producing both the upcoming heist thriller Now You See Me and the sci-fi literature adaptation Ender’s Game – not to mention, post-production on Kurtzman’s directorial debut, People Like Us, which was completed not too long ago.

That’s all to say: whether you think Kurtzman and Orci are indeed “Hollwood’s Secret Weapons” – or, alternatively, an overrated and overused screenwriting/producing duo – you gotta give them props for sheer work ethic.

We will keep you up-to-date on the status of all the aforementioned Kurtzman/Orci-backed projects as more information is released.


Source: Universal Pictures

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  1. the first two mummies were really good, they had action, adventure, horror, comedy, and rachel weisz. and most of that went out the window for the third. i wish they could bring back sommers for 4 and weisz and take it back to the tone of the first two. so unless they get some good people working behind the scenes and in front of the camera i will not be seeing the reboot.

    and talk about hollywood having no more ideas. the third scorpion king was released not to long ago and that makes it a sequel to a prequel to a prequel to a sequel to a remake!!!

    • I liked the first Mummy but hated the second and never even botherd with the third.I remember people being really mad walking out the cinema b\c they thought it was going to be more of a horror flick instead of alot of comedy.But like i said i still enjoyed it and maybe they will go darker this time.

      • I agree with you Draagyn, the first two films were really good, the third just sucks. They should keep with what you posted.

  2. Seriously, how do you get a job in Hollywood? How much does one get paid to have ideas on which movie gets a reboot/remake? If anyone knows anyone in the business, I know plenty of movies which could be remade and I would love a new job.

    • Reboot mania! Uhh, ok. I can go for a Mummy reboot I guess. It probably wont get my money before DVD release no matter who is in it but please keep Sommers away from it.

      Another Van Helsing? Sure. I would like to see a darker tone to this character and the world around him.

      And, yes, Kurtzman & Orci rock. I love just about everything they write.

    • I’ve TOLD you all this before but……..they choose which movie to remake by putting a trained monkey in front of a push button panel with about 500 buttons and have him choose. Simple and cost effective.

  3. Geez, this rebooting and revamping of movies that aren’t that old is disgusting. I mean ‘Amazing Spiderman’ looks well done but I can’t shake the fact that rebooting the franchise so soon is tacky. -Not to mention the rumors of rebooting Batman after TDKR.

    Pretty soon they’ll be rebooting movies a year after release.

  4. Reboots are a cop-out for the lack of original talent in the industry today. -Lack of talent due to the lack of integrity of today’s youth. (imo)

  5. keep Jackman in Van Helsing why did it take this long for a sequel?
    Hell bring back Brendan Fraser for the Mummy too, keep to what worked

    • They’re not sequels….

  6. Granted, Van Helsing was kinda lame. I could see a reboot there that is more horror than fluff, but the Mummy movies were good. I’d rather see another sequel than a reboot.

  7. I like most of their work. I was a fan of the Mummy series. VanHelsing was good but a darker tone might make it much better.

  8. How about Universal get some really good writers and remake Craeture from the Black Lagoon thats dark, and creepy with a great story?

    • Amen! Creature from the Black Lagoon,as well as some of the older movies that could do with an update. I’m not sure I want these guys making it, but a kid’s movie that could really use a darker remake (which ideally follows the book) is the Neverending Story.

  9. Mummy and Van Helsing where both really cheesey, lets see them use a darker tone, and better story.

  10. Fresh ideas. They need to get them.

    Seriously, just go to a bookstore (I know, I know what and where are they these days?) and browse the urban fantasy section and VOILA there will be at least SEVERAL ideas to tap. I am really really really really R E A L L Y tired of the reboots. I weep for my generation of non-thinking, uncreative boobs.

    • That’s crazy talk….what is this “book”store of which you speak?

  11. i liked the first 2 Mummy movies and Van Helsing was a colossal disappoint. Leave the Mummy alone, but if handled right a reimagining of Van Helsing has potential.

  12. I liked the first two Mummy movies, they had a Indiana Jones-esque feel of adventure to them. They were cheesy when they needed to be and had a lot of humor and fantastical violence.

    However knowing today’s fascination with “dark, Gritty and edgy” things, the reboot will probably end up taking itself too serious that it probably won’t work.

    But maybe it will and it will be great, so hey it might not be a bad idea.

  13. Hollywood gets the same bunch of people to write, produce, and direct the same bunch of movies at this point, what audience are they trying to sell to at this point? The whole “dark and edgy” angle really doesn’t mean anything either, since they will never get heavy enough to go anywhere past a PG-13 rating and as long as they want merchandise tie-ins for kids it may not even go past PG.

  14. I like the first two mummy’s van helping sucked and even will be worse with tom cruise. Why??????

  15. Here’s a thought: how about instead of a Van Helsing reboot no one wants, you “find,replace” all instances in the script of “Van Helsing” with “Simon Belmont” and just call it Castlevania.

    Instant success!

    • Hmmm, Orci and Kurtzman…wonder if this will be set in the future as their unique spin on it. And Cruise, boy was that out of left field!

      I like your suggestion and would love it if we ever got a Castlevania movie. But I see your Belmont and raise you an Alucard (read: Symphony of the Night…squeee). I guess anything goes as long as we’re dreaming right?:P

  16. The word re-boot gets overused anymore. You’re recycling the same idea, so call it what it is, a re-cycle.

  17. This is retarded as hell. The Mummy (and its sequel The Mummy Returns) were great, so was Van Helsing. They dont need reboots they need sequels!

    And what the hell, Tom Cruise as Van Helsing? I have been known to make out of left field casting choices but that takes the crown.

    Stop rebooting every single film. Let me or any others that have original stories we want to share get a chance.

  18. I don’t get all these reboots lately. I mean The Amazing Spiderman looks good and all but it almost seems lame and with a same old story kind of twist, but just in 3D. Leave the classics alone and find something else. Van Helsing I can kind of understand because the first wasn’t all that good imo but reboot The Mummy series is just plain dumb. The first 2 movies where great with the 3rd falling way short. I hope this falls apart like the whole reboot of the Crow did. The Crow, another movie they need to stay away from. Ugh

  19. Make Van Helsing darker and I’m up for a remake but please no Tom Cruise. Hate him plus he’s just not right for this genre.

  20. I have no problems with the franchises Orci and Kurtzman chooses to reboot/recreate. In the cartoon front, Transformers Prime rocks! I love how the characters are built up, the relationships that were formed (between the kids and autobots, Starscream and Megatron, and even Arcee and Arachnid). The whole Dark Energon story arc kept me glued to tuning in every week. The injection of terror in the form of zombie Transformers does indicate that either the duo have great visions, or they have a great writing team supporting them during the production of this cartoon show. I just hope they will inject the same kind of vision when producing the Mummy reboot. On their own, they do a far better job than while working with Bay.

  21. I want lots of Mummies and monsters in the mummy reboot movie. I want the same actor to play Van Helsing in the Van Helsing movie.