Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci Rewriting ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′

Published 3 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 8:48 pm,

As ubiquitous as writing/producing pair Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci have been in recent years – both in television (Transformers Prime, Hawaii Five-0, Fringe) and Hollywood blockbusters (Mission: Impossible III, Transformers, Star Trek) - the fan-fave scribes have surprisingly never contributed to a superhero movie before. (And no, Cowboys & Aliens doesn’t count.)

That changes today, with the announcement that “Hollywood’s Secret Weapons” (as Forbes calls the duo) have been tapped to rewrite the untitled sequel to this summer’s The Amazing Spider-Man, a.k.a. Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Deadline broke the story about Kurtzman and Orci being hired on for the Amazing Spider-Man sequel. The pair will rework a previous draft penned by ASM co-writer James Vanderbilt, so as to ensure that production on the film is ready to get underway by the early portion of 2013 – with the intention of making a May 2014 release date previously set for the next chapter in the “untold story” of Peter Parker.

Amazing Spider-Man players Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are already in place to reprise their parts as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy, respectively, in future 3D installments of the web-slinger’s rebooted saga. Director Marc Webb has seemed open to the idea of coming back for future Spidey films, but his return will almost certainly depend in part on ASM‘s critical reception (and financial returns).

Amazing Spider Man trailer Peter and Gwen Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci Rewriting Amazing Spider Man 2

With regards to Kurtzman and Orci working on the Amazing Spider-Man sequel… well, as in-demand they certainly are, there’s a fairly vocal (if minor) contingent of fans who feel the duo are (put kindly) overrated. When you look at the pair’s resume as a whole, though, the hits seem to readily outnumber the misses; more than that, the Spider-Man universe reads as a solid fit for the duo’s storytelling sensibilities.

Of course, it’s fair to also point out there’s no guarantee that ASM will be a satisfactory box office smash when it hits theaters this summer (so as to justify a followup). Positive feedback to early footage previews – and the enduring bankability of the web-slinger property – provides reason enough to suspect that Sony’s “gamble” (re: starting the Spider-Man movies over) will pan out.

Thus, Sony’s decision to get a head start on a sequel to Amazing Spider-Man shouldn’t end up becoming yet another example of a studio “jumping the gun” on building a new franchise, only to see those plans backfire (see: Green Lantern or Conan the Barbarian, for a recent example).

The Amazing Spider-Man swings into theaters around the U.S. on July 3rd, 2012.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 remains scheduled to arrive in U.S. theaters on May 2nd, 2014.


Source: Deadline

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  1. these guys worked on the aweful transformers movies.. this is bad news for my beloved spiderman.

  2. call me surprised if it becomes a box office smash. People arent ready for a reboot. It will probably beat Savages at the top of the box office with just under or just over $80 M in opening weekend. in its second week it will slide down to 2 with Ice Age, just barely beat Ted, and then week 3 with Batman, Spidey goes bye bye.

    • That gives the more than enough time to make enough money at the box-office. It has the extended July 4th weekend, a popular franchise and the over-priced 3D tickets to help it make enough. This film will do just fine at the box-office.

        • Did the trailers for the other Spider-Man movie show exclusively action? No, because that isn’t what the character is about. Maybe they don’t want to show absolutely everything on the trailers, I saw the preview, there is plenty of action in this movie.

          Spider-Man is one of the three biggest and most easily recognizable comic book characters alongside Superman and Batman, he is known all over the world. This movie will do just fine at the box office, especially as it is in 3D.

        • Marvel did the same with The Incredible Hulk. TAS has had plenty of marketing and hype, and will be a hell of a lot better than another Nolan snorefest Batman!

          • I take it you mean rebooting it? Well that’s not exactly the case and it was a semi-sequel to “Hulk”. The funny thing no one wants to admit however is both did about the same at the box office. It was profitable but not a resounding success like most of Marvels other, more recent endeavors. I’m just glad they didn’t give up.

            I thought the Incredible Hulk was much better but audiences in general weren’t all that interested in going to see another installment for whatever reason.

            So yes, the Incredible Hulk might every well represent what happens to TASM and for similar reasons.

            I also agree with you about TDKR on a personal level BUT I am aware our PoV is not the prevailing sentiment about Nolan’s vision. That means I think TDKR will be as big at the box office as the other 2 installments and possibly bigger because it will be the end of this incarnation. The Transformers franchise proves that being bad is meaningless when it comes to what audiences will flock to see.

            • The reason I’m so pumped for this is that I felt Raimi and Maguire missed the mark with their films, not that there isn’t some fun to be had in the second movie, but largely, the essence of who Peter Parker and Spider-Man were never shone through.

              How here, what Webb has done is make something that to me at least is much closer to the comics and 1990s animated series, Spidey cracking wise, some brooding and foreboding, but not half as dark as people might be expecting.

              Some of the footage shown at the preview seemed more akin to a comedy, and yet the action is still there, his struggle against the Lizard is more personal than anything we’ve see before and in 3D it will look truly “amazing”

              • Well I agree that Raimi missed the mark somewhat, I was never sold on Maguire playing Peter Parker but I liked all 3 for different reasons and bits (#2 being the hands down best)

                I’ve already expressed my reasons for doubting this movie’s success but moreover, I believe this reboot will also miss the mark somewhat but I can’t pass final judgment on it until September ;)

                • i really did not like the old trilogy due to terrible actors the reboot is way better plus i have been waiting for gwen stacy in a spiderman

        • @”People aren’t that interested in seeing the same origin story again and again (at least so soon).”

          But if you look at the trailers you’ll see that it’s not the same story. Yeah, we’ll see Peter get bit by the spider and Uncle Ben die again, but Peter’s parents seem to have a big impact on the story. That was nowhere present in the last trilogy.

        • @”Then you pile on the controversial Hollywood designer outfit (with shoes) with the “man-lizard” many fans don’t like (including myself) and you have a LOT of things working against it.”

          Do you really think the general audience is going to complain about Spider-man’s shoes or the lizard’s face? Fanboys are a minority when compared to the general audience. Besides, there’s also fans out there that like the new outfit and the design of The Lizard. One of my friends who’s a huge geek like myself hasn’t complained about either.

          • Uh, nope. That’s why I said “fans”. The part you quoted was for just fans, the rest of my points are for the more general audience.

            • But nobody aside from the nitpicking fanboys will complain about Spider-man’s shoes. Honestly, it’s the dumbest thing you can complain about, which is why I never listen to fanboys.

              • I agree that it’s a small percentage but for me it’s just one more thing to add to the bottom of the list.

                And disregarding the shoes, what about the Hollywood designer suit and “man-lizard”? Those aren’t quite so easy to nitpick away and both are polarizing the fan community.

        • AHAHAH definitly I want sony to fail miserably with spiderman. They should have just continued it like g i joe did. @DrSamBeckett the action looks bad and the effects look bad as well. The previous movies presented themselves in a cooler way. Doing a dark story makes no sense. It doesnt fit the characters tone i feel and it looks like a rip off of batman to be honest. Although I’ve been wanting to see the lizard in a movie I think that he was not the best choice for this film. They should have brought in the lizard in another movie with kraven the hunter. That makes more sense. They should have chosen an exciting villian for him to fight. I want to see schocker and scorpion in a movie.

        • Sony doesn’t care whether or not it flops. They don’t care about people that are fans of Spider-Man. Why doesn’t anybody get that? This movie is going to make money whether or not comic book fans accept it. I’ve been a Spidey fan for years. I’ve read all of the Amazing Spider-Man comics… all of the ultimate spider-man comics… even a bit of 2099. But the fact of the matter is, they make movies for the general public, not for fans. Everytime a superhero movie comes out, previous fans of the character complain and whine about how it doesn’t look good… isn’t done right… blah blah blah… WHO CARES! It’s a MOVIE. It’s meant for your enjoyment for a couple hours and that’s it. You still have your precious comic books to go to if you don’t like the movie. Accept the fact that they don’t make movies for YOU, they make it so EVERYONE (including people who have never picked up a comic) can understand and relate. Get that stoopid fantasy out of your head that they will make a superhero movie that completely follows the real origin. They have to tweak details to make sense in a movie. Other stuff they change, BECAUSE THEY CAN. Don’t like it? Don’t go see it! It’s that simple

          oh yea, and even if this movie flops, it still has a sequel set for 2014. Sony has to make a spider-man movie every 5 years in order to keep the rights. And you may as well stop whining now, because the Spider-Man franchise is a cash cow. Don’t expect Sony to stop milking this property until after Amazing Spider-Man 5.

    • Dont forget g i joes appeal. Spiderman has no big stars that people want to see. The effects look s***** as well. Sony pictures is flopping left and right. Men in black looks unneeded as well. Will should have done a full on action film for a come back not this crap.

  3. From the dynamic writing duo that brought you Transformers 2!
    And boy, do they know how to make a number 2…

  4. Why WHY WHY??? get these two out of Hollywood JESUS!!!!

  5. I think if they keep the tone dark like they have it and keep the sets looking realistic the way they do in the trailers this series can go on for awhile, as long as they try not to rush things, and cram to much into the films,and focus on the story/characters first and formost. anyways hope to see doc ock in this series, and maybe the story line of kraven being hired to hunt down the spiderman, and peter beginging to turn more and more like a spider till he becomes and actual spider.

  6. also rhino, and scorpion would work well with the whole gene splicing with animal dna, and genetics that goes on in these films.

  7. Why start to make The Amazing Spiderman 2?

    The first movie isn’t out yet and the film itself doesn’t intreset me.

    When Sony decide to reboot The Spideman movies, at first I was angry then I thought Sony might make this reboot a dark and gritty verison and years later, the trailer for TAS comes out and it doesn’t make me exicted for it just like The Avengers.

    I got feeling that The Amazing Spiderman will be a big mistake and a bad idea.

    • Same here. I hope my assumptions are incorrect and that I am swayed.I know that having july fourth as an opening weekend will benefit it.

  8. I like the idea of these guys writing spider-man because it’s always been the same writers for all the originals it was even the same writer for the reboot maybe they can bring something different to the spider-man movie universe that we haven’t seen before. Hope it’s good.

  9. Oh, f***, no! These guys completely trash any project they are linked to. They are utterly incapable of making anything of quality. They are always, ALWAYS, being attached to franchises I have enjoed for my entire life, and the franchises are completely destroyed as a result.

    If I were the paranoid kind, I could almost suspect they were out to ruin my life. Not that knowing they aren’t makes the news any more tolerable.

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  11. /necro

    IMO Never have two crummier writers gotten more high profile projects than these two. Plain and simple they can’t write. Remember the plot holes in Star Trek, Star Trek 2, and The Transformers movies they wrote? Expect to see more of the same in TASM2. Kurtzman and Orci’s movies are popular in spite of them not because of them.

    I’ve yet to see anything these guys have written that wasn’t chock full of glaring plot holes. I understand suspending disbelief, but with these guys I have to turn off my brain completely to endure anything they put out.

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