‘Alex Cross’ Images Include An Armed Tyler Perry & Ripped Matthew Fox

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Fans of James Patterson’s famous homicide detective character, Dr. Alex Cross, were originally ecstatic to hear that fan-fave Idris Elba was going to follow in the footsteps of Morgan Freeman – and portray the character onscreen, in a series start-over/reboot titled Alex Cross.

That was before Elba passed on the role – and was eventually replaced by Tyler Perry, prompting a general response of… well, the opposite of ecstatic.

A trailer for Alex Cross is due out in the near future, as the film is slated to hit theaters this fall. However, in the meantime, we can offer the first images of Perry as Dr. Cross – wielding a goatee, badge, and shotgun, among other accessories – alongside costars like Rachel Nichols (Criminal Minds) and Edward Burns (Saving Private Ryan) as Cross’ fellow Detroit detectives, Monica Ashe and Tommy Kane, respectively.

However, if there’s anyone here who leaves an impression, it’s Matthew Fox as Picasso – the film’s antagonist, who is based on Cross’ famous foe Michael Sullivan (a.k.a. the Butcher of Sligo) from Patterson’s source material. Not only has the Lost alum gone all out on the physical transformation aspect of the part – he’s just flat-out freakishly ripped, as you can see below (click any thumbnail for the larger version):

For all the moaning about Perry being cast as Cross, the actor/filmmaker looks the part well enough – and, frankly, if Perry throws himself headfirst into this new role – like he does when playing Madea – then this new version of Alex Cross could be a fitting mix of both brains and brawn, more along the lines of Patterson’s original creation. (Morgan Freeman, bless him, was always a bit lacking in the latter area.)

Moreover, the Alex Cross cast also includes beloved character actors like Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad), John C. McGinley (Scrubs), and Jean Reno (Leon: The Professional). So, as far as the acting side of things is concerned, this film actually seems to be in pretty good shape.

That brings us to the Alex Cross personnel who do present more reason for concern: director Rob Cohen (Fast and the Furious, xXx, Stealth) – along with co-writers Marc Moss (Along Came a Spider) and Kerry Williamson (a newcomer), who are partially adapting Patterson’s “I, Alex Cross” novel. That trio’s involvement points to this being a more action-packed Cross movie – but will it also be a good one?

We will find out for certain when Alex Cross hits theaters around the U.S. on October 26th, 2012. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for a trailer to pop up online in the foreseeable future.


Source: Kinopoisk [via IndieWire]

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  1. Sawyer wouldn’t stand a chance

  2. Why Tyler Perry? He sucks. They should’ve picked Forest Whitaker or Denzel Washington.

    • Forest Whitaker doesn’t fit Alex at all and Denzel is getting up there and really doesn’t fit the part either. I don’t care for Tyler Perry, but…who knows?

    • Who knows how many actors they may have “picked”. You dont always get exactly what you want when you are casting. I think too many people view actors as robots or something that just do everything they are asked to do.

      I am saving judgement on Perry until I see a trailer. I love Alex Cross and I am hoping for the best.

  3. Matthew Fox brings to mind Michael Wincott, who portrayed the villain Soneji in Along Came A Spider. I’m looking forward to seeing this movie, regardless of my thoughts on Tyler Perry’s casting.

  4. Bad, Bad, Bad choice.

    • Why do you say that? We havent seen any footage. Dont hate on Perry just yet. Not yet.

  5. Give it a rest will ya? Yes I know who Tyler Perry is, and I have to agree that I too dont like his body of work up to this point. But, you never know. This could be his breakout role where he proves he can do more than be a cross dressing elderly lady. In the past he has written and directed most of his own stuff, here we have him scripted by someone else and directed by someone else. He could actually be pretty good. I had a similar reaction to finding out Robin Williams was going to be a psycho creeper in One Hour Photo. I thought there was no way he could be an actual antagonist. But he did better than anyone ever thought he could. He proved he was more than a standup comedian on screen. So how about it? Lets give Perry a chance here and reserve some of this judgement until it actually hits the screen and we get a chance to see what he can do?

    • I’m all for giving him a chance, but as far as I know, this is a comment’s section where people are free to opine. As long as people are respectful and follow Vic’s rules, they can say what they like. But YES I completely agree that we should give him a chance. Only because of Star Trek though lol. I didn’t see Madea in him at all in that role lol

  6. This movie is going to suck. Bad cast, bad director ,B- story= D- movie.

    • I disagree. Very good cast and the story is anything but B. Did you read any of the books?

  7. First off Tyler Perry is more of a Sampson then a Cross, second anyone who was responsible or involved with that complete piece of trash Along Came a Spider, shouldnt be anywhere near this movie, second Fox is ripped granted but Sullivan was a hitman and a great one, and to be honest im not sure why Fox looking like a complete psycho bodes well for this movie. I will say this Kiss the Girl wasnt bad, Along came a spider was an insult to the great novel that it was, if this movie bombs or destroys another of my favorite novels I’m going to be seriously annoyed. Oh yeah and lastly what is this fellow Detroit detectives crap, Cross is a DC homicide cop, and works for the FBI for a stint.

  8. A Slimmed down Laurence Fishburne would have been the perfect choice for Alex Cross.

    • Agreed.

  9. i have to admit. Not getting Elba was so much of a mistake the damage is already done.

    the producer chose perry because of his wide and loyal fan base. Now they may indeed go see this movie for him. I have no doubt that they won’t. So his theory is sound. but also very shrewd.

    See here is the problem…

    Elba has a stronger masculine presence which is very recognizable. As a matter of fact he is like the most ALPHA MALE TYPE Hollywood has to offer these days with the sensitive men with feelings(snooze). He was for a lack of a better word PERFECT. Another stroke of genius. However for the producer he is still unproven box office wise. what the producer isn’t taking into account is that Elba is starting to pop up everywhere the way great actors often do. This would have been his arrival to elite status. his portrayal would most certainly have catapulted this movie into must see extravaganza. Possibly heralding the arrival of the next great Hollywood leading man.

    Cross is a complex animal. Sure he has his Nana and his kids. But the truth is he is cunning intuitive and meticulous. He has a lethal combination of technique and calculation which drips superior intellect. This character is more dangerous than he lets on. As if he would have been a super serial killer if he didn’t go to college. Cross has a touch of unknowable evil lurking in his psychosis. But is kept at bay by his support network.

    I don’t think the producer is making a CROSS movie. He may have the rights but they might be trying something unique. But this choice in actor is VERY peculiar.

    Now i am not saying perry can’t wrestle up some emotion. But dammit man. Acting is not as easy as wearing a fake nose. The difference between the two men is difference between method and the ridiculous. And quiet as kept cause I’m being honest here. Perry is a filmmaker. But i in no way consider him an actor.NO WAY.

    i mean if you looked at the two and had no frame of reference judging them upon their variety in roles. The effort to test the limits of acting ability. one has a very quiet calm about him. A strength that makes him complex; is a student of the game. A clever chameleon from across the ocean.

    Perry on the other hand may disappear into his comedies but the audience isn’t looking for anything other than Ernest p warrol high jinks. so they don’t care if he can scorch the screen. And there is nothing wrong with that.

    But CROSS is sacred. You need a strong lead to drive this thing. You need an actor in the vein of… We’ll lets just say it. Morgan Freeman.

    Prediction. Good cast. The dude from lost looks insane. and some good twists and turns as par for the “cross” but as far as style is concerned and real acting chops. I think not. This movie will be credited for the ensemble not the leading man. Who is not a LEADING MAN… No way.

    Perry will play him as the silent calculating type. While the cast runs circles around him. Showing him that real actors don;t put on costumes to disappear. They can vanish in broad daylight.

    This will be morbid curiosity for me. But i do not think Oscar gold awaits mr perry. No way.

  10. Wow, I would never have recognized Matthew Fox, not from that photo. I’ve only seen him on that old Party of Five tv series and of course Lost. Way back when we are all throwing names around for who should play Banner in the Avengers he’s the guy I said should try for an audition. (odd pick for sure, but for some reason I see him being pulling off being a believable scientist with big big problem, lol)

    As for Perry, meh. The news isnt exciting or inspiring, not sure why. I guess because I’ve never seen him do anything worth noting. Lots of excellent black talent out there, and if Elba walked away from this – Im thinking he had a reason, like maybe the script sucked (or something about the production value turned him off).

  11. I absolutley love this series of books. I cannot be more excited for this new casting of the Alex Cross world. If anything this looks to be a much more faithful adaptation of the character. Perry has more acting range than the average person gives him credit for. I think he is going to surprise us all.

  12. he should have picked Idris Elba for alex cross

  13. I think if we didn’t know Cross was supposed to be Elba, we wouldn’t be as upset about Perry, but hey, we’ll see. I’ll still give it a shot.

  14. I think everyone will be surprise. Let’s see it before we judge it! There aren’t any good actors and actresses anymore if you can read lines and make the studios money you are a hit. Simply said!