Saffron Burrows Cast as Victoria Hand in ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’?

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Saffron Burrows as Victoria Hand in Agents of SHIELD Saffron Burrows Cast as Victoria Hand in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

It may have received a full season order, but ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. keeps losing viewers. The show has had an uneven run so far, with a third episode which felt like a strong step forward, only to double back into something more routine in its fifth week. One thing everyone agrees on, though, is that the show is still finding its way.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. still has plenty of potential as a conduit for Marvel to introduce some of the lower-tier characters from Marvel’s comic book universe, something it has already been exploring – even if the overall story hasn’t moved much beyond the pilot. There’s still room for new characters, though, and not just as villains.

According to one of Latino Review‘s “trusted sources,” British actress Saffron Burrows will be joining the show as Agent Victoria Hand in an upcoming episode. Burrows is a veteran of such TV series as Boston Legal and Law and Order: Criminal Intent and had a role in the Jason Statham vehicle The Bank Job. As for her supposed character, the Marvel Wikia provides this overview of Victoria Hand’s history with S.H.I.E.L.D.:

Three years before the Skrull Invasion, Victoria was an accountant for S.H.I.E.L.D., who was in a relationship with another agent named Isabelle. Victoria was determined to send a letter informing Director Nick Fury how he was mishandling the War on Terror. Isabelle implored Victoria not to send the letter but Victoria did anyways and was transferred immediately to Portland, Oregon. As a result, Isabelle, furious that she did not listen to her, ended their relationship. 

The character has also had dealings with H.A.M.M.E.R., which is what S.H.I.E.L.D. became following Norman Osborn’s takeover after the Secret Invasion. Victoria Hand could be a counterpoint to the generally (and perhaps blandly) morally-righteous S.H.I.E.L.D. agents the show focuses on.

Agents of SHIELD Cast1 Saffron Burrows Cast as Victoria Hand in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

There is no official confirmation from Burrows or her representatives, but we should expect an announcement soon. Marvel and Disney’s attempt to launch their multi-platform universe has yet to find its footing, but finding strong actors to fill supporting roles has not been a problem.

In fact, Ian Hart’s performance as Dr. Franklin Hall – who, it was strongly teased, will become the super-villain Graviton – overshadowed many of the regular players. The inclusion of Victoria Hand would be a fine way to introduce rogue elements of S.H.I.E.L.D. into the show’s continuity, and would mirror the darker parts of the agency shown in the full trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

We will supposedly learn just where the continuity for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fits in relative to the timeline of The Winter Soldier soon. Agent Hand’s ambiguous loyalty – if the show sticks to this aspect of the character – could help bridge the worlds of the show and the film.


Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs Tuesdays @8pm on ABC.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. I’m sure one particular user will honor his pun-related reputation on here and make magnificent use of the character’s surname.

    On the matter itself: I’m not at all familiar with the character, but honestly quite fond of the actress who excels at displaying a subtle charm. Her addition certainly won’t do any damage to the uneven storytelling of AoS.

    • I saw one movie with Ms. Burrows…Deep Blue Sea…and fell in love with her completely. Just beautiful, in every sense of the word.

  2. this show is pretty boring, not sure what could save it besides having People like Thor appearing on it. i sadly look more forward to watching Revolutions than this:(

    • I wouldn’t say “sadly”, Revolution is a great show. This one isn’t.

      You gotta hand it to them though, they’re still trying, bless them. It’s almost like knowing your child is a terrible painter but still encouraging them to paint anyway just so they feel good about themselves.

      • A nice simile indeed. But would you be so kind as to illuminate me with regard to any kind of redeeming qualities Revolution can pride itself on – except for Billy Burke’s awesomeness, of course?

        • Just to be clear: I’m still watching Revolution religiously, but the viewing experience is close to the masochism of following “The Following”, if you catch my guilty pleasure drift. Hopefully, it’ll pay off for me in the afterlife.

          • See, Revolution and The Following in my view are both great shows. They have a few interesting characters (in Revolution’s case, Miles, Munroe and whatever Giancarlo’s character’s name is, forget off the top of my head) and just leave me compelled and interested in what happens next.

            Take last night’s episode. I was genuinely surprised at Miles having his hand struck with a hammer. I’m also curious to know what the patriots want to do with Munroe considering it was they who set off the nukes.

            AoS though in comparison? I dunno, I just felt completely uninterested in what was going on. Two of the three likable characters on the show (Fitz and Simmons) are swamped by completely one dimensional characters drowning them out in various scenes while the third likable character seems to have his resurrection dragged on for the sake of trying to keep viewers by dangling the mystery over people and hoping they stick around through the incessant amounts of crap.

            I dunno, it takes a special kind of show to be so dull and lifeless that I’ll stop watching it and the only ones that managed to do so thus far in my life are Lost, AoS and pretty much every Joss Whedon show since the mid 90s.

        • revolution, to me, seems like a knock off of walking dead, but instead of something awesome like zombies, some idiot just turned all the lights off.

      • revolution is off the hook silly, but to each their own.

        • They started that show wrong. They jumped past everything compelling and went to ridiculous. I think had the show started with the first day after the electronics all went dead it could have been amazing:
          So all of my wealth is gone. Most cars no longer function. My job is now ridiculous and pointless. Etc..
          Maybe someday we can get a better rendition of this than the secretive nonsense which seemed stolen straight from Jericho. I never made it past the first 3 episodes…

      • I stopped watching Revolution after like 4 episodes because of the silliness and sheer stupidity of so much (not to mention sub par acting) I recently watched most of one episode last week and was not disappointed in my original decision.

        • Revolution has fallen so far off the radar Screenrant does not even bother to review it. The scattered storyline and random character arcs are finally catching up with them.

  3. they need to replace the 2 scientists with Dr. Selvig

    • Exactly! Erik Selvig would have been the walter bishop of this series!

  4. I’d rather see them add Dr Ted Sallis. Or better yet add Doctors Wilma Calvin and Barbara Morse then explore Project Gladiator story line or Project Sulfur.

    Why add another dead end, boring powerless character? When AOS can be used to develop origin story’s for future Low Cost/ small budget (5-35 mil) Fall release B movies.

    With the commercial success of films: Resident Evil, Hitman, Cloverland, The Grudge, Final Destination, The Game Plan, Friday the 13th (2009) and Space Chimps, Marvel should diversify their film catalog by making medium to low budget feature films, and extremely low budget Double Features and B movies based on: Adventures into Fear, Amazing Adventures, Savage Tales and Astonishing tales to go along with their summer blockbusters.

    For instance, introduce Ted Sallis on AOS, then produce a low budget – Man Thing, Korrek, the Barbarian, Wundarr, Morbius, and Howard the Duck Double feature B ($5-20mill)Grindhouse films.

    Introduce Project Gladiator on AOS, then produce low budget ($20-35 mill): Widowmaker, WCA, Hawkeye & Mockingbird, Ka-Zar, Shanna, the she Devil and DeathLok spin-off films under a Marvel Studios subsidiary.

    • If it wipes the memory of that horrible Man-Thing movie Marvel produced in 2005 then all the better.

      They do need to diversify though. Having the same tone in each project is the ideal way to lose people along the way who are looking for something they can enjoy but expect something different.

      I mean, take IM3. It went from being light and fluffy to slightly dark and personal and people didn’t like it because it wasn’t the Iron Man movie they expected.

      People would hate a Blade reboot that follows the same tone as The Avengers. Thor and Cap have had their sequels become darker and stray slightly from the light entertainment feel of their first movies.

      • LOL, I totally forgot about Man-Thing (2005), if any title needs a reboot its Man-Thing, HaHaHa!

        Blockbusters are risky business – (Lone Ranger, John Carter being two Disney supa dupa mega-bust) you would think Marvels strategy would include using Marvel television to develop lesser known properties into future features. It seems as if Marvel Television is not working in unison with Marvel Pictures. Perhaps Marvel Studios is forbidding Marvel television from using any (A, B, or C list) hero’s or villains on the small screen.

        Since Marvel Pictures is heavily invested in making comedies, perhaps they would be willing to give Marvel television the supernatural properties like Blade, Midnight Sons, Ghost Rider, Man-Thing, Morbius, Nightstalkers, Marvel Zombies, Deathlok, Werewolf by night, Ka Zar, Howard the Duck and Moonknight, that may not work well using their comedy blueprint. Create a film subsidiary with entirely new leadership structure to produce the edgier titles. Then treat AOS as a origins (before they became monsters) vehicle to launch their supernatural properties.

        Sleepy Hollow is a fine example of how a low budget super natural television series should be produced. AOS should move away from Extremis, and towards Project Sulfur. Instead of having the test subjects blow up, have them become monsters, that become Anti-Hero’s or the Tritagonist in films. Instead of attempting to give us laughs, give us chills.

        • As I keep on telling the seemingly endless flow of bashers who want more Marvel characters in the show, THEY WILL SHOW UP IN TIME, dammit! It has nothing to do with any interdiction or whatchamacallit, it’s just the will of the show’s creators to not detract from the core characters.

          Also, please no Howard the Duck! The only place he belongs in is the dump.

  5. @ Vieira….was Deep Blue Sea the only movie of merit Burrows has done in 14 years? That’s kinda sad.

  6. So is her new employment situation known as a “hand job”? (Sorry, couldn’t resist!).

    I am enjoying this show. It does have room for improvement in several areas, but does not deserve the hate stuff. It was never meant to be really big tentpole or cerebral, just entertaining. The salad appetizer, not the meat and potatoes main course. Smart viewers would recognize this before complaining too loud. Overloud complainers cost us Green Lantern #2, season #2 of The Event, the Flash movie, and probably a few more I could name (incidently, I liked Green Lantern, The Event, and would have liked The Flash, despite some flaws, so all of you just shut up!!). I hope Agents of Shield is around for awhile. Now if I were the writers, I would fast-track maybe an introduction to Heroes For Hire and Moon Knight as spin-offs, kind of like Arrow is doing for Flash. If marvel wants to save this from becoming a one-season wonder, they need to ramp up something that will grab the viewers’ interest. Or maybe a visit to Wakanda and a tea-party with a certain super-powerful King I hear lives there, if you know who I mean? That might get a few of the series mopers back out of the locker-room and off the benches and back onto the field to cheer AOS along. Business as usual does not seem to be quite doing it for alot of viewers (I myself will stick this series out to the end. It is not that bad, rather entertaining, actually).

    • @ Goldilocks

      I hope you aren’t turning senile… because this is an epic fail to not respond to the OP who gave you this credit:

      “I’m sure one particular user will honor his pun-related reputation on here and make magnificent use of the character’s surname.”

      • Nope, not turning senile at all (hmm, now where did I put my cerebral cavity??). (Help…dropped my brain, and I can’t get up???).

    • They advertised it like it was supposed to be something bigger than it is, so it is hard to wonder why people expected something else. The appetizer analogy seems spot on since Coulson is a side dish in the movies that is now being served with generic appetizers on this show. The main problem is they keep talking about that steak and potatoes dinner from a better menu.

    • “It was never meant to be really big tentpole or cerebral, just entertaining.”

      That’s where it falls down for me though.

      I never expected a big production or something intelligent, I just wanted a fun, entertaining show set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but it just fails completely and doesn’t entertain me whatsoever.

  7. Photo of this chick up top looks a bit like Sigourney Weaver in Alien! Va-va-va-voom!

  8. this actually can work without the avengers. if they need to shake things up by casting new faces i’ll say:
    - kill the british scientists (they’re too young) and bring in Erik Selvig (to be the walter bishop of this series) or even Betty Ross (Liv Tyler or a new girl) so we can possibly have a Banner’s cameo in the future.
    - Get rid of agent ward and cast Agent 13 aka Sharon Carter.
    - No case of the week episodes and should be more of tactical spionage action.
    - get rid of skye, too young too pretty and can’t act.
    - make cameos of happy hogan, justin hammer, rhodes.
    - drop the FAMILY THING, more violence, blood, torture, make us feel that shield members can actually not survive at the end of a certain mission.

    • this show needs to grow a pair, fast

    • So, what you’re basically saying is they should cancel the and make a completely new one?

      • Yes!

    • So they should just write and produce a whole new show ?

  9. Would prefer Amy Acker for this role.

    • I would prefer Amy Acker in many roles. She’s a fine actress who deserves more recognition, doubled with a lovely cutie. I usually tend to dislike borderline anorexic chicks but she’s just too cute.

  10. If you think that “more violence, blood, torture” is what will make this show more “mature”, then maybe it’s your maturity that needs to be brought into question.

    • XD

  11. The series is improving very slowly but generally It would improve a whole lot more by having more happen in an episode than just one linear plotline… If there was an overriding plotline to hinge everything to and more going on with each character the relative lack of development from episode to episode could be forgiven… Its a lot like Under the Dome up till now but with a season ordered there is obviously thought to room to take time over things… Any improvement however is better than none.

  12. They better do something, I want AoS to succeed! But it’s too shiny, too Disney, too… ABC I guess, that’s part of the problem. And they need a direction, not flying around the globe burnin gas and chasing all the two-bit fourth tier villains no ones heard of. If they’re savin all the interesting characters for the films, then what are they left with? Inventing new ones. Thats fine with me as long as they fit in the Marvel universe. And they should resolve the Coulson death issue, not drag it out til the finale… but they probably will.

    This show needs a more detailed continuation of the larger shield hierarchical structure as plotted out in the premiere. They set it up, then for four episodes Coulson and his team have been flying around waiting for a call to come in. What are the stakes? Whats the goal? Why the heck would anyone assemble this “team” of misfits for anything important? These agents don’t seem to be taking this seriously enough, they joke, they goof around, they tease each other, they hang out in the limo, seriously, Coulson could move his team to a cab stand and the scenes would be the same.

    I think people want superheros, not humans reacting to superheros.

    • That’s the thing though, humans reacting to superheroes is a great idea and worked brilliantly in the Marvels collection of stories in the early 90s. It just doesn’t work here because like you said, there isn’t much going on and there are zero stakes and no reason for this particular team to exist other than to fill in spy team cliches (the hacker, the hand to hand combat expert, the leader…Team America did it better and that movie was a parody of genre cliches that AoS seems to thrive on, to the detriment of a lot of people).

  13. She’s doesn’t have the dumb as a rock pornstar MILF personality that comic creator Brian Bendis was aiming for with the original character. Then again they do very little related to actual elements of the Marvel universe in this show.

  14. Who cares really?

    This show is horrible…. Shockingly horrible.

  15. That announcement doesn’t make me want to tune in. This show is gonna need more than Victoria Hand to turn it around. They should be more sci-fi and USE THE MARVEL CHARACTERS they don’t have to create new ones. That’s why people watch to see the comics put to life. They need a common enemy AIM or Hydra. Tesseract weapons Use B or C list heroes and villains the public would be happy with that. It doesn’t have to be Mordok, Red Skull or Baron Zemo. But they could have Death Adder, Madame Hydra, Yellow Claw, the Chameleon, Task master,or Sin

    How about bringing Mockingbird instead of Victoria Hand to the show or both. They can use Tony Masters or Gerald Simms ( agent with bionic arms or something). It s just some many ways they could have gone with this and made it epic. They could have changed the standard for CMB tv shows.

    Instead of dragging on what happen to Coulson tell what happened and make that into a bigger arc. Im just tired of being disappointed by the show I missed last week and will probably miss the rest of this season.

    • This endless bashing about the absence of Marvel characters is getting quite tiresome to say the least! Inform yourselves before pointlessly opening your mouths, will you? Marvel characters WILL be used, just not in the beginning. “That’s why people watch to see the comics put to life.” Erm, don’t they know the premise? This is probably the wrongest reason to watch this show, as it’s not a show about superheroes but, like the title bluntly says, a show about a cell of SHIELD agents. It would be like watching ER for the occasional paramedics who bring patients to the hospital.

      The Extremis storyline suggests a possible resurgence of AIM, or perhaps Killian. Also, Whedon shows often have a tendency to not reveal the enemy from the get-go, so I wouldn’t worry about the apparent lack thereof.

      • Jed Whedon is that you? If not, I’m curious how you can speak with such authority on what AoS’s intentions are.

        What’s tiresome is your inability to grasp that people understand what the premise is meant to be… but they’re saying that it’s clearly *not working*.

        To use an example I’ve used in a past posting (which you may have responded to… I don’t follow comments) you could build a show around the daily bugle, with J Jonah as the star. It would still be a part of the MCU and it would stilll, more than likely, be boring and unwatchable. How about a show where a static camera just focusses on paint drying… in Latveria?

        ME: “this show about paint drying is terrible!”

        YOU: “YOU’RE STUPID! The entire show is *about* paint drying! Why can’t you get that?!”

        ME: “Oh, I get it. It’s still boring and it’s hemorrhaging viewers.”

        OTHERS: “I’m gonna keep watching because I heard the season finale has Dr. Doom’s cape brushing up against the paint… I CAN’T WAIT!”


        • No, I’m not Jed or anyone involved in this show. I’m just a random guy who likes to inform himself and that’s how I can talk about their intentions. I did read an interview of one of the producers, maybe Joss himself (I don’t remember), who said that known superhumans would show up eventually but just not in the beginning because they would have detracted from the main cast.

          I know people want powers, they’re more than loud enough about it but I’m sorry, a show about powerless people is just not the right place to go begging for them. Do you walk into a bakery asking for steaks (yeah, I can use metaphors too)? If you don’t like bread, fine, just don’t get mad at the baker for not selling meat. Jeez, talk about inability to grasp something…

  16. I continue to watch this show since it is steadily improving but they really needed a least one stronger more seasoned actor on the team.

    The two scientist are very generic and not very charismatic. If they really needed to use more of a stargate formula with thier cast.


  17. One thing to never say to a leper: “Can I give you a hand?”

  18. Does she buy her hardware and home improvement stuff at a “Handy Andy” store?

  19. The drawn character reminds me of Sela Mathers from the Grimm Fairy Tales comics. Been checking some pics of Saffron Burrows, apparently she struggled with anorexia. I hope her troubles are over, I don’t want a walking cadaver (except if it’s a zombie character) in a show I’m watching.

  20. This show is getting better but far from worthy of a season 2.

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