Updates on ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Season 2, ‘Agent Carter’, ‘Flash’ and More

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agents shield season 2 renewal Updates on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2, Agent Carter, Flash and More

Superhero/comic book film adaptation are very much in fashion right now, while the genre may be on the verge of a renaissance on the small screen. Currently, ABC’s  Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the CW’s Arrow are on the air, though right now there are no less than four comic intellectual properties that are being developed into TV shows that could begin their run as early as Fall/Winter 2014, including the DC comic-inspired series Gotham, the Arrow spinoff Flash, and the Constantine show based on DC’s New 52 version of the Hellblazer IP.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. seems to have hit its stride, now that it’s begun to provide fans of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe with a more intimate examination of the fallout due to what happened to the S.H.I.E.L.D. organization in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. That hasn’t translated into better ratings yet, though it does appear to have renewed confidence in the series’ future. Deadline is reporting that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. looks likely to receive a season 2 renewal, which may come in conjunction with a pickup for Marvel’s Agent Carter series.

The latter project, inspired by the Marvel one-shot that features Hayley Atwell reprising as Captain America‘s Peggy Carter, has had a pilot script and a pair of respected show runners lined up for a few months now, with Atwell said to be “very interested” in playing the eponymous role yet again.

Hayley Atwell Agent Carter TV Series Updates on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2, Agent Carter, Flash and More

The same Deadline report indicates that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 2 will be split up between the fall and spring, with the Agent Carter series “serving as a bridge” between the different segments of S.H.I.E.L.D.. That seems like a reasonable possibility, given that the Carter spinoff is only being envisioned as thirteen episodes (or less) per season, according to Captain America franchise writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely (who also penned the Agent Carter pilot script).

Furthermore, airing the two shows in that manner could offer an interesting juxtaposition between the early days of the S.H.I.E.L.D. organization from Agent Carter and the post-Winter Soldier storylines on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. The shared universe aspect, if handled correctly, should also keep viewers invested in both shows, especially given the potential for overlapping elements (e.g. Agent Carter introducing plot material or revealing new dimensions to story points that come into play many years later during the events in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.).

First Official Image of Matt Ryan as Constantine Updates on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2, Agent Carter, Flash and More

Meanwhile, it’s all good news on the DC front, as Deadline says that Constantine is “garnering early buzz” at NBC, Flash is “flying high” at the CW, and Gotham is “practically on the air” already with Fox. This does’t come as a huge surprise, given the name creative talent working on Constantine (executive producer David S. Goyer) and Flash (Arrow show runner Greg Berlanti), as well as the ongoing casting for Gotham, signaling a confidence that the show will live on past the pilot stage. Plus, all three DC series have released official promo images, as the first step in a larger marketing strategy.

WB currently doesn’t have a shared universe plan for its DC properties; whether that bodes well or poorly for their films is a separate issue, but that might be for the best with their TV series. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. got off to a rocky start, partly because it had to serve multiple corporate masters (ABC and Marvel), whose demands were sometimes at odds with each other. By comparison, the incoming class of DC shows may have an easier time finding their voice, without having quite so many textbooks to lug around at the beginning of their first semester.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. continues its season 1 run this week with “Providence” on Tuesday @ 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

We’ll keep you updated on progress for the other TV shows discussed here.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Any iZombie or DMZ news?

    • iZombie’s been picked up to release later this year too according to the article I read yesterday afternoon that mentioned everything this article said plus more. It was basically a one line “oh and by the way, iZombie’s happening too, this is what it’s about”.

      Really looking forward to The Flash and Gotham, especially the latter.

  2. Super excited for all these new shows! Although, I really hope MAoS gets their act together. The first season was just terrible. You can blame “multiple corporate masters, whose demands were sometimes at odds with each other,” but despite all of that, the show still could have been entertaining at least.

    CW seems to have their act together, with a shared universe with Arrow and Flash. Hopefully, Gotham and Constantine will be just as good. But Fox is pretty hit or miss sometimes.

    • Get ready to have people who don’t know any better and have to be told what to enjoy (or hipsters who enjoy terrible things ironically) coming in to attack you for being completely correct about AoS being terrible.

      I’d be excited for it having a second season if the first hadn’t completely turned me off with its terrible writing and acting.

      I mean, great shows like Low Winter Sun get cancelled after one season but garbage like this, Two And A Half Men, The Big Bang Theory and others get multiple seasons? There’s something wrong in the world somehow and it makes me sad for humanity.

      • I agree with you (apart from Big bang theory, which i actually enjoy), Agents of shield was absolute rubbish, and a real wasted opportunity, I just cant put myself through watching it anymore, (thought channel 4 had wised up and werent going to show it, because it was such crap). I thought Low winter sun went on too long to be honest preferred it the first time round when it was just a mini series on channel 4.

        • Call me a garbage-picker, but I like Agents of Shield…!

        • Disagree completely. Agents of Shield was the best thing on TV this year.

        • agent of shield is the best..

      • I will miss Almost Human. Agree that, IMO, 2 and 1/2 men is ridiculous.

        I’m excited for Constantine and Gotham.

        However, be cool about the name calling man. I am not a “hipster” but enjoy AoS.

        You can simply say you don’t understand what there is to like about AoS without resorting to making fun of people’s likes and dislikes.

        • So is it official that Almost Human is getting cancelled? I kind of got a kick out of that show.

      • This guy has a huge boner for Low Winter Sun

        • “The Sun Also Rises”.

      • @Dazz
        Who died and made you god?

        If you don’t like a show then everybody else who love it are hipsters and of you do love a show then it’s the best thing on TV no questions ask?

        Get your head out of your ass. millions of people are enjoying that show around the globe and i”m sure you are not smarter then all of them (as your comments suggest).

        As I see it you like only shows with low ratings that most people don’t love and hate shows that most people do like (Big bang ext..) that is actually the definition of Hipster, look at yourself and before you Judge others.

        And Please, Please (!!!) for the love of god stop bashing other people shows just because that your shows are getting cancelled It’s really getting annoying we come to this site to have fun and talk about the things we love not the things we hate!

      • So lets see here. Millions watch the shows you hate and you wished their renewed shows are gone so you can be happy and enjoy your shows to yourself. Hmm, it falls in line with everything you been commenting on here at SR; which is basically I’m right, you’re wrong, you blow I’m artistic or whatever, your opinions means jack and mine means everything to you and everyone else.

        So instead of calling the millions stupid and ignorant for watching shows that are doing well and renewed I say you do what you’ve been saying all along and think outside the box for a change.

      • Call me crazy, or say that I watch garbage television, or I’m being mind controlled, and can’t choose what to watch for myself, but I really enjoy Agents of shield. I enjoyed it way before the tie in with Captain America 2, and the whole hydra thing, I’ve actually been watching it since the beginning. First off the Aos writers had to incorporate the events of the Captain America movie into the show, it was a guideline given to them by the head of Marvel, and why wouldn’t they want to tie in the events of Captain America 2? The show is called Agents of shield, and if shield was compromised in the movie then it would obviously affect the show considering they are agents that work for shield, which in the movie WAS COMPROMISED just in case you missed that, and since it’s airing on ABC I’m sure they have their own rules that the writers have to follow. So I’m sure abiding by all of those rules made it very difficult to be as creative with the show as they wanted to. But in my opinion I think that Aos is more of a series about Agent Coulson and his team, and all the crap, and drama, and complications, and happiness that comes with working for shield, and I’m completely okay with that, its very enjoyable. I think it gives us a closer look into what working for shield is like for “normal people”, and by normal people I mean people other than the superhero’s like Captain America, Iron man, etc. And it still has all the Supernatural/superhuman excitement, and kick ass battles that comes with the Marvel Universe, and the Shield agency, but it also provides us with the ability to become emotionally attached, and invested in Coulson and his team, and experience the sadness of loss, or the happiness of helping someone right there with them, and I think thats great. Also I personally don’t think the acting is bad, I think the show moves a little slow, and was a little disorganized, but considering the circumstances I think thats kind of expected. And recently the episodes have become even more interesting and explosive. I think you ( and everyone) need to just stop analyzing every little thing about the show, and try to enjoy it, and most of all just give it a chance. Just because Aos is associated with Marvel doesn’t mean it’s going to be PERFECT all the time. I mean seriously the first Captain America movie was really disorganized, and WAY less exciting than the second one, but I still watched it, and I even went to go see the second one and it was AWESOME. It’s really up to you whether you enjoy watching Aos or not, but just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s not a good show. I am not you, everyone else in the world is not you, so we don’t enjoy EVERY show you watch, and you don’t have to enjoy every show, OR any show anybody else watches. Which apparently you don’t enjoy any show anybody else watches because what we watch is garbage, and has bad acting, or low ratings. Did I get everything, or do you have more insults to share with us? I mean seriously who died and left you in charge? You don’t get to decide what shows are garbage, and what shows are worth watching, you are not god, to me you are nobody, so whether you enjoy a show or not doesn’t really matter to me. But what does matter to me is you rudely going around bashing everyones television choice, and stating that we don’t know any better, or that we have to be told what to watch. You don’t know us, we have minds of our own you know. We are perfectly capable of choosing what to watch, and deciding whether we enjoy it or not. Sure we see commercials, and previews, or hear about the shows from famous people, but think about it, if we didn’t then how would we find out about the shows? It’s called advertising. And you telling us what we watch is garbage, and should be cancelled, and stating that whatever that random show you like that I’ve never heard of shouldn’t have been cancelled after one season is basically TELLING US WHAT WE SHOULD WATCH, AND ENJOY, AND WHAT WE SHOULDN’T. And us watching Agent’s of Shield, or The Big Bang Theory makes you sad for humanity? REALLY? Why don’t you go watch the news, and listen to all the stories about the school stabbings/shootings, or all the bombings, OR countries taking over other places, or the children starving, OR the children being kidnapped, and killed, or the parents leaving there children in cars in extremely hot weather, or freezing cold weather while they go gamble or whatever, OR EVEN the parents killing there own children. THAT SHOULD MAKE YOU SAD FOR HUMANITY, NOT WHAT WE WATCH ON TV!! And lastly if you don’t even enjoy the show Agent’s of Shield why are you on this article? Did you just click on it so you could grace us with you’re rude, hypocritical, unwanted opinion, because that would be completely pointless. So why don’t you find an article on that random sunrise show you like and comment your unnecessary opinions on that article. I’m sure there are tons of people commenting on there that will completely agree with your opinions, and if not I’m confident you won’t hesitate to insult them, and tell them what they watch is horrible, and that they’re incapable of choosing what they enjoy watching, because that’s just how wonderful of a person you are.

        • tooo true!!!

          if your a true marvels fan you would be happy to sit back enjoy and watch anything and everything to do with marvel me myself i love MAOS and cant wait for season two

        • thx buddy, I totally agree with AoS part of you comment. the ones who like the show I assume do so as they root for the characters and like the basic idea and spirit of the show. I felt it was disorganized and I wasnt sure if I liked it all the way what they were doing or were told to be doing with the show, but I really enjoyed the 1st season and am excited for another one, and another … in the end of season 1 I think they managed to wrap it up quite ok for all the traids that had to be created.


      • I sort of agree with you.
        Pre Captain America 2-AoS were boring drivel
        Post CA2-I’ve really enjoyed and have been completely hooked on.

        Never seen LWS so I’ll take your word for it.
        Men should’ve been cancelled after the Sheen debacle.
        And I’ve never liked TBBT.

    • CW has a couple good shows (Arrow, Reign), and am also looking forward to The Flash. I believe they are the ones doing Hourman as well.

      • Anyone know what CW in CW Network stands for? I was thinking it was once “Country and Western”, but I could be wrong, and that certainly does not fit it’s format.

    • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. still has 4 episodes to go so maybe wait for those before making up your mind. And surely you can’t think it’s terrible with the improvement that has occured. That’s just my opinion though and personally I like MAoS

  3. There is no reasoning behind picking AoS for a second season. Just like every other show it happens too, it’s ratings should have it cancelled.

    • ABC can’t cancel everything. Nothing else they tried worked better than AoS this year. Might as well give them another shot. That’s how we’ve gotten whatever it is, five seasons of COMMUNITY.

      I’d cancel it because it’s lousy and I don’t think it’s fixable, but I understand the business logic behind renewing it.

      • Yeah but Community was written and acted brilliantly and is actually worth tuning in for and got renewed due to a rabid fanbase that rightfully fought for it.

        AoS fans seem to be the kind of people who follow the crowd and have to be told by the likes of Oprah what to watch, what to read and what to like and dislike. The kind who don’t seem to be huge TV fans and will put up with any old rubbish and enjoy it because they don’t know any better.

        I’m constantly criticising my mother’s TV habits because she sees a commercial for an upcoming drama show that looks absolutely terrible and says “that looks good” and then she watches it, tells me it was good and when I catch it on a catch up service to see if it was, it turns out to be a horrible piece of TV and I’m left annoyed at myself for going against my own gut instinct to see if it will somehow be changed by watching the rubbish and finding that nope, my initial judgment call was accurate.

        I guess it’s similar to non-horror fans enjoying the Paranormal Activity films and finding them scary or non-music fans thinking Coldplay is the pinnacle of musical talent when both things (PA and Coldplay) are dull, generic and the kind of things that the masses would lap up willingly because they’re not used to thinking for themselves.

        • Again, I’m not defending AoS from a creative standpoint. I’m just saying that networks can’t cancel everything. They have limited marketing resources and so, sometimes, they’ll hang on to shows that aren’t as successful as they’d like them to be so they don’t have one more hole to fill.

          AoS is a disappointment rather than a colossal failure, it does reasonably well with young men, it’s part of a valuable property for the parent company and, as such, may provide some minimal cross-promotional opportunities. So, if and when it gets renewed, it’s going to be a defensible business decision.

        • As a huge fan of Community since its first episode and a casual watcher of Agents of SHIELD, I can safely say that both shows have merits that warrant renewal. I realize that your bias won’t allow you to see that (evidenced by your dismissal of your mother’s entertainment choices, a subjective view that you assert with more certainty than a researcher discussing the findings of an empirical study).

          Community, as you say, is written and acted brilliantly. It’s hysterical, absurd and strangely relevant. It pushes the boundaries of the sitcom, and for that it deserves its six seasons and a movie.

          Agents of SHIELD, on the other hand, is trying something unprecedented in modern television. It’s trying to tie the happenings of two different media, film and television, into a single universe. It’s trying to tell its own story while referencing and incorporating the developments of a series of feature films. That’s hard. Really hard. That it’s managed it at all is something of an achievement. Is the casting or story sublimely compelling? No, not at all. It is, however, a highly experimental model for a TV show to follow, and it’s worth a second season to see if the producers, showrunners, writers and actors learned how to deliver that better over the last year. The latest string of episodes has already been far more watchable than its earlier installments.

          • +1

          • I just don’t think they did a good job this season of tying the universes together, beyond namedropping. The THOR tie-ins had very little to do with then movie. The show didn’t flesh out SHIELD as an organization to lead into CA:TWS the way one would have wanted, since they spent so much time in the field or on that plane. It didn’t do anything to provide a sense of what might motivate the people who turned out to be traitorous, instead engaging in misdirection in regard to one character (Hand), barely utilizing another (Sitwell) and poorly casting/executing a third (Ward).

            In addition, they should have found a way to delay the reveals from the movie a little longer to give US viewers more of a chance to see the movie, either by staggering the airdate or by cutting the team off from communications for an episode or two before they find out what happened back at Big SHIELD.

            • Like Mike said, though, recognize how new this idea is. Their failure to live up to the great potential of this new method of storytelling is not grounds for immediate dismissal. They’re learning. The Thor tie-in was far more disappointing than the Captain America one, which demonstrates progress. The Thor tie-in itself represented their first real attempt to integrate the two mediums, and so should be looked at with some forgiveness in mind (the use of extremis to tie-in with IM3 doesn’t really count). Could both have been improved? Of course. They’re learning, though, and I would like to see if they continue to do so. If the second season doesn’t get better than this, then I’d be more inclined to jump on the cancellation bandwagon. To do so now, however, would be to cut off a promising endeavor in multimedia storytelling. I’d rather give it a chance to mature.

              • I’d just go the opposite way with it. I think it needs to be more of a standalone franchise. Just as the individual character franchises have to be standalone in the MCU.

                • Captain America: The Winter Soldier was both the best film in the series to date and the most interconnected with the rest of the series. It was an excellent Steve Rogers story, but it meshed seamlessly with the larger universe in terms of name-drops, events and impact. It both stood on its own and was an integral part of the overall narrative. That’s what Agents of SHIELD wants to be, and it’s getting closer to doing it.

                  • CA:TWS wasn’t interwoven in the way that AoS is hypothetically trying to be, though. IM3 and THOR 2 were pretty standalone, so it’s pretty much just a sequel to THE AVENGERS/CAP 1 that didn’t incorporate anything from AoS. CA:TWS issued instructions that AoS has had to respond to, but there’s no reciprocity. And AoS seems to have struggled with how to stretch its opening storylines out to match the timetable set by the MCU. They didn’t even address the issue of the giant frost beast wandering around London in the THOR 2 tag.

                    I just think it’s unmanageable long-term and it encourages people to continue to compare AoS to the MCU, which the showrunners of AoS think is unfair. So decouple the show and stop letting the MCU dictate the storylines and timetables.

                    • But most fans *want* that conection!

                      Thats why the show is even there to be a bridge between the films. Coulsons character is partly that bridge and its more exciting to know there is an effect.

                      As for Cap 2 not being effected by the show, well thats mainly because the script was completed before the pilot was shot. The film was shot by the time the show finished its 5th episode. There was just no way to include anything from the show and Im guessing the show producers/writers had no clue what the circumstances of the show would be in relation to Cap 2 until the film was far into post production.

                    • The show isn’t there to be a bridge, no matter what the people making this show want to pitch to wayward viewers. It’s there to be a viable standalone franchise for ABC that also offers some promotional opportunities to the parent company. But Marvel can’t expect that people have to see 16 hours of this show every year to understand the movies. They just can’t. It’s not reasonable. And this show isn’t good enough to put it at the center of the MCU. Nor has Coulson ever been an interesting enough character.

                      But then the MCU doesn’t currently expect you to see IRON MAN 3 to understand THOR 2. Because IRON MAN 3 isn’t a bridge from THE AVENGERS to THOR 2. It’s a bridge for that one character, but not for the MCU as a whole.

                      Yes, there are some people who see it all. But the person I went with to CAP 2 has seen every Marvel movie in the theaters but he hasn’t seen one minute of AoS or any of the shorts or deleted material. He just watches the movies and the movies have to be able to sell to those people in addition to the hardcore fans. If there’d been a bunch of stuff related to AoS in that thing, he’d have been lost and/or annoyed.

                      And the films and teevee shows are always going to be out of sync in terms of their production schedules. AoS would have to be able to tell the movie people at least eighteen months out what they wanted to do to set up any kind of elaborate story-driven tie-in and then they’ve locked themselves into a direction they might regret later.

          • +1: very well said. Also, Dazz needs to learn to play well with others and respect other people’s opinions.

        • Those were some strong statements for AoS fans…I hate Oprah, screw you Daz I hate you now.

        • Dazz, you must be the living definition of a Hipster then. Not following the masses is still following the masses. If someone enjoys AOS ( I do) or Coldplay ( I don’t) then let them do so.

      • Well, I did agree with you guys and post a lengthy comment to support it but it seems no matter how many times I try to edit (switching “crap” for “rubbish”, etc) Screen Rant seems to have a natural filter that roots out intelligent arguments.

        I guess from now on, we all have to start loving AoS or risk being locked in Room 101 for purported “hate-speech”. Big Brother is watching and free thinking is outlawed.

        • @ Dazz

          Next time, please take a chill pill and try to be a little more patient when you post a long comment. For better or worse, they have a tendency to get flagged for moderation, no matter what the content is.

      • I am glad AOS is back…one of the more entertaining shows currently on television.

    • What about it’s ratings should have it cancelled? It was the fourth highest rated show last Tuesday and the Tuesday prior against difficult competition with The Voice and NCIS. Factoring in Live+7, it usually sees a 66% increase up to about a mid 3. If you don’t like the show, that’s fine, but ratings-wise its no where near cancellation territory.

      • Given that fourth-highest makes it second to last and it’s a distant second to last behind actual strong performers NCIS and THE VOICE, so that’s not much of an endorsement. It’s lost almost half of its audience from its pilot, whether you look only at live numbers or live plus DVR. It’s one of the network’s better performers with young males; that’s a bright spot.

        But, no, ratings-wise, this is not what ABC thought they were buying. This is a disappointment. It’s just not a colossal failure and, given the state of ABC’s lineup, that’s going to be enough to save it.

        • I think it was actually third, by the way. But, still, way behind NCIS and THE VOICE, beating out only a tired GLEE franchise and whatever’s on the CW and they don’t care about ratings anyway.

          • Fourth for the night OVERALL out of 16 total shows, not just the hour. And as you pointed out, it’s up against the two strongest nightly performers both with huge built in audiences and neither are really DVR-esque shows since one’s a reality competition and the other has an older skewing audience. What kind of ratings do you think ABC was expecting when they greenlit the show? A 5.0+? You do realize that ratings ACROSS THE BOARD are down and a show that can hover around a 2.0 is pretty solid.

      • ChiGuy is absolutely correct.

        A lot of you may not like the show but it does not have that low of ratings for ABC. And it especially does well with the male 18 – 35 demographic.

    • @Big Fudge.

      Technically its ratings are actually good. TVbytheNumbers has it as one of the highest rated shows for ABC this last season of shows. According to TVGUIDE it is one of the top 20 most popular shows on all tv. TV.com has it currently as the #2 overall most popular show on t.v.

      It’s ratings dipped from the pilot to episode 2 but it currently is having steady viewership.

      However, the should get a new time slot/day cause it is tough for AoS since it goes up against NCIS and The Voice on Tuesday nights.

      • Internet popularity doesn’t translate into actual ratings. It’s not a Top 25 show.

        • Which is YOUR opinion. I am stating sites that have actual data.

          1. Tv.com has a system of user ratings and voting. AoS is #2. Meaning there is a large following of that show that go to that site.

          2. Tvbythenumbers gathered data that shows it is the number 1 show in the men’s 18-35 demographic. That site also showed data that it was also one of the top shows for ABC this season.

          3. Tv guide has AoS as a top 20 show on tv.

          Point is, you can argue all you want that the show is not top 25 but data from various sites proves you otherwise.

          • It’s not a Top 25 show in terms of Nielsen ratings. Not overall; I’d be surprised if TV by the Numbers was claiming that. It does well enough for ABC that it will get renewed, but having a fan base that pushes it into the Top 20 of various internet sites isn’t as valuable as being a Top 20 show in the Nielsen ratings.

            And, yes, it is successful with young men. The network overall is more successful with women, so hitting that demographic is certainly a positive factor for renewal.

      • si de hecho esta semana lo ponen 1 hora mas tarde

  4. i think right now the dc properties should remain seprate. This is due to gotham being a pre batman gotham. As for flash and arrow they have said that it is possible to link up the two shows. The mystery here is whether or not constantine will be linked to either show. Also aqs it was said marvel got off to a rocky(understatment) start(and middle and so on and so forth) that has honestly so far failed to link the show and movies. What we see is the movie affecting the show, but so far nothing that the team does has any effect in the movies. Honestly you could get by without seeing the show but in some cases if you fail to see the movies you could be lost. I also don’t really care to see 1950s sheild.

  5. All you people who AOS should canceled are fools all of you. ABC needs that show or else all their shows fail period.

    • AoS did virtually nothing for the other shows on Tuesday night and it has absolutely nothing to do with the network’s actual successes, which are on different nights and preceded ABC to air. ABC needs Shonda Rhimes way more than it needs Marvel right now.

  6. Dont get me wrong. I love what marvel is doing but have they not heard of over saturation? I mean besides the movies. Agents of shield is the perfect vehicle to keep you up to speed in between movie releases.It provides perfect filler material. Adding another show is just to much. Plus idk about everyone else but I have ZERO intrest in an agent carter series. Shield has been really good lately especially with the whole hydra thing. Dont mess that up.

  7. I’m not standing up for AoS in terms of quality for most of season 1. It was fairly garbage and cliché and most people tuned in for the beginning since Marvel’s name was attached and wanted to see if the movie and TV universe could be connected. But in the past couple weeks, the show has found some footing and starting to head in the right direction, so I think giving them a season renewal is a smart choice to see if they can keep the momentum that they have going.
    Yes there are other shows that in terms of quality are much better and have been cancelled early on, but this isn’t new. It’s just an unfortunate part of the television world we have to deal with. Be it Firefly, Almost Human, Low Winter Sun (for some) or Arrested Development Pre-Netflix. But with AoS they are trying something fairly ambitious that hasn’t really been attempted before, so I’m not surprised they stumbled for a while, though I was surprised at how long and hard it did stumble. So if this does work out and season 2 is awesome, it could open up whole new opportunities for television. Again, with all that said, most of season 1 is not very good.
    A side note, I would really like an Agent Carter series, as I really enjoy Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter. The bitter sweet thing for me when she was cast for Captain America was that we were really only going to get her just that film. So to get a show following her character would be something I’m very interested in.
    Also excited for Gotham, Constantine and Flash, especially since Arrow is probably one of the best shows on TV right now, not just a good hero show.

  8. I know that my opinion won’t be popular, but I enjoy AoS… or at least I did with some of its episodes, particularly since they got rid off the stupid TAHITI plot. Last week episode was really good, and, if properly done, the rest of the season might give us enjoyable television. It’s not GoT, nor Justified, nor even Vikings (impressive episode the last one, by the way), but it is not that bad either.

  9. Whatever happened to Powers on FX?

  10. agents of shield started of ok, if watched on hulu a day or after they aired. then it got good, then a little later awesome. I’ve been watching then live here recently. I really want a season two so we can see where things go, and to have more tie ins and crossovers. it is like the 3rd most watched show for 18-49. nummber would be higher if ncis wasnt on at same time. When I first read that an agent carter show may happen, I was excited. Have watched her one shot like 5 times. Really want her show to happen.

  11. AoS has turned from something I dutifully watch between MCU movies to something I enjoy and look forward to each week. Granted, that took a lot of patience and eye-rolling, but it’s finally paying off.

    • As good a definition of AoS as there is.

    • +1

  12. Is it just me or does Skye look massively photoshopped in that image?

  13. AoS was so bad that… they’re giving it a spinoff? WTF?

  14. Sort of enjoy SHIELD, don’t really care for an Agent Carter show, love Arrow, can’t wait for Flash, Constantine and Gotham.

    • I’ll take Arrow, Flash, and while not sure it can “do the job”, am also hopeful for Agent Carter.
      Don’t know much about Constantine, and Gotham holds no interest for me.

  15. Sandy Schaefer: No news is not news, nor is a tweaked headline implying an update, nor is burying the source mid post. Stanley Steemer, BMV, Valvoline, Kotex and Huggies want their money back as each banner just got one more fake view.

  16. It’s hard to say AoS might be “hitting it’s stride” when there’s been such a massive upheaval, plus all the recent related plot developments. It’s really going to depend on how they wrap up the season and being to tie together some of these loose threads that will determine that, or not.

    Still, I’ll be a bit surprised if it doesn’t get renewed. It was an ambitious premise to use a tv show to connect a larger planned universe, especially through of bunch of unknowns. They’ve had some missteps along the way but overall I think they’ve done alright and I’m looking forward to the stretch run.

    Especially if they do choose to properly divide a possible 2nd season, and insert a short season of Agent Carter into the break. Getting to see the beginnings of SHIELD, Hayley Atwell reprising her character and the typical Marvel nods, asides and foreshadowings.

    I’m also really excited for the Flash. A little less because of the showrunners from Arrow are running it though. Arrow is just bad tv. It’s a poorly done soap opera aimed at the YA crowd in typical WB fashion, with vague comic book trappings and another instance of DC trying to make another character more Batman-like to sell to the fanboys. I’m hoping that it’s because Flash, as a character, more suits their storytelling strengths and they do a (much) better job with his show.

    Also, at this point DC really doesn’t need a shared universe. Keeping a separation will allow them to tell a better variety of stories, and allow the more fantastical aspects of their universe a chance to shine over the tedious gritty “realism” for awhile. I’d argue that Marvel was very fortunate to have their own universe splintered among 3 different studios and they should only integrate the upcoming Netflix fare into the greater MCU gradually.

    Constantine concerns me. If it was for a premium cable channel (HBO, Showtime, etc) or even AMC I’d be really excited, but I’m concerned NBC will really water down the property for network tv.

    Gotham is just a terrible premise to being with. The world just doesn’t need another tedious addition to the already over-crowded list of existing police procedurals. Especially one that’s looks at this point to being developed on the strength of a character who won’t even be in the show (Batman) and is already establishing characters that shouldn’t exist without him. But it’s Batman-related, so I’m sure there will be the usual suspects out there just lapping it up like it’s the greatest show ever to grace a tv screen.

  17. Kids today :/

  18. I started to watch aos and I have grown to like it.o
    I actually like 2&a half men

  19. I really enjoyed Agents of shield so im really happy there is going to be a seaosn 2 would have been very disappointing if there wasn’t alot of good programmes have been cancelled after the first series aired :( just glad this isnt one of em

  20. jetzt wann kommt der 2. Staffel ?

  21. Soo .. season 2 coming ?

  22. It truly is in point of fact a good in addition to valuable piece of information and facts. I’m happy that you simply provided this helpful information along with us. You need to keep us up to date like that. We appreciate you revealing.

  23. I’m sorry but Agents of shield was a huge success, articles like yours just seem like DC posturing.

    Look at the facts, AoS had viewing figures had the average total viewers at 8.31 million, more then twice the 3.68 million of Arrow series 1.

    Why people think Agents of Shield is less successful then Arrow is beyond me and I’m sure that other DC TV series will not do as well as future marvel series.

    Having an option is fine, but ignoring the figures while making an argument is sloppy.

    Saying that I look forward to watching the flash, as he is the hero I most want to see on TV or in films. I hope they all do well, but looking at the figures, I can see agents of shield and agent carter and daredevil far out performing the rest, even if I don’t watch them.

  24. No teks in indonesia

  25. This T.V. show is by far one of the best shows that I have watched. I DVR it and then watch it the next day. I can actually say when I watch this show I always want more after it’s over! The cast is amazing, the plot is amazing, and I like where it’s going. I personally was surprised when I read this article. I thought this show was doing good! The last episode has me drooling for more and I believe it’s only going to get better. I don’t understand why people were under the impression this show was going to be about the Avengers, there wasn’t even a perception that is was even going to be. I was under the impression that it was going to be just the way it is. About a team fighting Hydra.
    Keep up the good work! I love the show and can’t wait for more!

  26. Agents of SHIELD is one of my all-time favourite shows right now. It always was, right from the start, mind you. I love that combination of personal with the larger themes. Iain De Caestecker has been pretty stunning as brain-damaged Fitz, and Nick Blood is just hilarious as the mercenary with a heart. It’s a beautiful ensemble piece, deftly knitted together.

  27. Love Agent Carter. Hope it returns for Season 2. Lovely Hayley Atwell, and James D’Arcy.

  28. Does anyone else think that splitting seasons is a very bad idea? Not just for viewers, but for the survival of any series that takes that route. I’m thinking of Agents of Shield right now, but this seems to have become a newly common device for ‘extending’ the season while actually making fewer episodes per year. Personally, I think that if series producers are looking for a way to almost guarantee that a series will lose viewers, which means losing ratings, and then ultimately being pulled – they’ve found it.
    Oh sure, there is the rare series that is so HOT that is can survive this tactic. But few series have the loyalty factor and draw of, say, Mad Men. And if a series takes a 6-8 week hiatus in the middle of its ‘season’, in addition to the normal off-season break, it becomes too much work to try to remember what was going on before that hiatus. If ‘catching-up’ means having to go back and re-watch the last episode (or two, if it’s a show with long, intricate story lines) before the second part of the season airs, some people, perhaps many, won’t think it’s worth the time investment. And/or, during the hiatus, many will have found other shows, on other networks, to fill the gap.
    For those of us who try to limit the number of hours we spend per week watching screens so that we also have time for other pursuits, becoming attached to new shows that we discovered while the ones we used to watch were on hiatus means making a decision about how to allocate our screen time. Often, the older show that took a mid-season break, will lose out to the one in which we have become engrossed during that time. Then the producers of the one that went on hiatus say it has lost viewer-ship and won’t be picked up for next season – or is even cancelled before the end of its current season. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy, and again – a very bad idea!

  29. By comparison, the incoming class of DC shows may have an easier time finding their voice, without having quite so many textbooks to lug around at the beginning of their first semester.

    In other words, the DC Comics shows have less substance, making it easier for the viewers to swallow.