‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Mid-Season Premiere Review: Dead on Arrival

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agents of shield coulson death operation Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Mid Season Premiere Review: Dead on Arrival

[This is a review of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 1, episode 11. There will be SPOILERS (like the one above).]

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is back from hiatus and takes the Coulson (Clark Gregg) mystery head-on… kind of (not really). But hey – at least Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) and Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) are now thoroughly entertaining and pleasant to watch onscreen.

In “The Magical Place,” written by the newly paired Paul Zbyszewski (Day Break) & Brent Fletcher (Spartacus: War of the Damned), Coulson, still separated from his S.H.I.E.L.D. group, is exposed to poking and prodding by Project Centipede’s Po (Cullen Douglas) and Raina (Ruth Negga) under the direction of the mysterious Clairvoyant to find out the secret of his resurrection.

Meanwhile with Coulson missing, Victoria Hand (Saffron Burrows) steps in as the new team leader, which results in the group separating itself from its junior member Skye (Chloe Bennet), forcing her to find alternative methods to track down her missing superior.

How did Coulson come back?” is the question that fans of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe have been asking themselves since Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was first announced. After the first few episodes aired, however, many fans decided to step away from Marvel’s TV experiment indefinitely. These brilliant many may have made the correct decision all along, as it turns out, because there’s not much that’s contained within this episode – explanation included – to truly justify the investment of time required in order for Whedon and co. to right this upended series.

agents of shield season 1 episode 11 skye Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Mid Season Premiere Review: Dead on Arrival

This week’s episode is a curious one, and not just because of everything that happened (or didn’t), or because Coulson’s resurrection reveal was less than revealing. For the first time since the series began, two solo writers, Zbyszewski and Fletcher, were paired up for the mid-season premiere following the winter hiatus.

Pairing up writers isn’t particular strange (though it is unusual); however, one of the writers created a cult TV show and wrote the first thoroughly entertaining episode of the series (“F.Z.Z.T.“), while the other wrote a poor episode which introduced Scorch, Raina and Project Centipede (“Girl in the Flower Dress”). With a bit of Captain Planet logic likely behind the decision to team up writers, the “with your powers combined” idea unfortunately falls apart early on, leaving audiences with a story of two minds – neither of which are all that competent or worthwhile.

For the majority of the episode, Coulson is away from his team, and with it, we were finally able to see what the series would be if Coulson isn’t present to help smooth out the series’ rough spots with his charm. As it turns out, the series without Coulson’s direct involvement is much like the S.H.I.E.L.D. team in this episode: awkward, chaotic and… unfortunate.

Without Coulson, or the fond feelings that many terrific Marvel films instilled, the team aspect essentially falls away under Hand’s control, and two unnecessary tales – one with Skye, the other with the team – pop up to help fill time until the non-revelation ruse is unveiled to all those watching. Neither story is really all that in-depth or unique, and the same end result could be attained with a more streamlined adventure.

agents of shield season 1 episode 11 grant ward Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Mid Season Premiere Review: Dead on Arrival

Coulson, too, had a bit of difficulty handling what this episode threw at him. Agent Coulson is a character with established behaviors and settings, and it’s within these familiar confines that audiences’ fondness grew. Now outside of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers, strapped to a mind-reading device and forced to relive the pain of leaving love behind, this relatively two-dimensional man is forced to heavily emote and respond to reflections of a life and time that audiences were never truly aware of.

As much pain and heartbreak that Clark Gregg is able to convey in this episode, there’s no doubt that it would have been more impact if he wasn’t secluded in the “town that the bomb forgot,” or if audiences were able to meet him halfway, emotionally, and not require him to carry such weighty stories – not to mention the future of the series – on his own.

No matter what, there was a reveal, as promised. Coulson’s Tahiti charade turned out to be anything but vacation, as he was strapped to a gurney, dead for days and going through multiple operations throughout his getaway. How did Coulson come back? A machine poking at his exposed brain is the answer, apparently.

This is as much of a reveal as viewers get right now, and you’ve got to give them credit for believing that fans will tune in for the next chapter of this unnecessarily complex mystery. Will Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ever get that chance? The numerous powerful entities involved makes it too difficult to tell.

If the ratings continue to follow in the path of No Ordinary Family, then Michael Chiklis and J. August Richards will be able to agree on at least one thing: it’s not easy being a superhero on ABC.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns next Tuesday with “Seeds” @8pm on ABC.

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  1. I thought delaying Agent Coulson’s reveal (or not?) was a big mistake. Just get it over and done with. At this point the only thing that keeps me watching is the Marvel name in front of it which I guess is what ABC is banking on smh

    • Whether or not this is the final reveal for Coulson, we should have been given this in the pilot. Then they could have used the arduous surgery as an excuse to handicap Coulson a little bit. Like he’s still struggling to get back to the agent he once was and that’s why he’s not getting the top assignments or the top teams any more and that’s his story. Maybe he struggles with whether he still wants to be in SHIELD if he can’t be the best. Maybe he’s tempted to pursue a normal life with his cellist, except that she still thinks he’s dead. Then you’ve given the character some internal and external conflicts.

      • It would’ve been a nice starting point. And would have made a lot more sense as to why he’s leading these band of misfits. At this point the show just feels illogical and way too cliched.

        • I agree. It just felt a little too late last night and still felt like the episode fell short.

  2. I thought it was a pretty strong episode. Victoria Hand is a welcome addition to the show and she adds some great tension. I still wish they’d get rid of Skye, but overall, I enjoyed this episode.

  3. I don’t understand the negativity toward the other SHIELD agents. They seemed perfectly capable in this episode. I thought Coulson’s team worked very well without him. Yea the reveal wasn’t all that was promised but I thought this episode was by far the best one yet. Plus it leads to lots of fun speculation on what exactly the operations were.

    • I agree! It was great watching Skye work alone, utilising what she’s learned so far and winging it the rest of the way. It was also nice to how the team reacted to Coulson’s abduction, especially Fitz. I think he’s the one who’s changed the most after Coulson’s gone: more practical, less unsure of himself.

  4. The ‘reveal’ just told us what we had already gathered at this point. Coulson died and he was brought back to life somehow, with a false memory of ‘Tahiti’ implanted into him. It answered the mystery using the premise of the mystery, arguably never even leaving Square One. The episode was among the most anti-climactic hours of television I have ever seen, and it was enough to completely kill whatever interest I had in the series.

  5. Lets face it, no matter what sh*t they came up with, it would never have been worth this long ass wait. They should have just let Coulson die on the Helicarrier, that gave the Avengers a purpose and reason to unite. Having Coulson resurrected undermines that, and all for the sake of a tv show which is performing horribly and now this underwhelming explanation, its all such a waste. Its gonna be hard for me to watch all the films with Coulson now, just knowing the terrible path they’ve trotted Clark Gregg through.

    • Yeah and lets say they decide to kill Cap (hypothetically), it won’t mean anything because they can just bring him back the way they brought Coulson back. They are really handcuffing the creative team for some cheap commercial lazy written hack, tv show

      • Assuming Coulson is human ;)

    • Have you seen the Mentalist?? Ur head would explode lol There on season 5 or something with the exact same mystery they started with in season 1. Now that is a torturous wait. How does his resurrection undermine them coming together?? He did die and there reaction was normal. Just because he came back to life later on doesnt detract from the fact that it spurred them into action in order to save the planet. I am sure the Avengers aren’t sitting around thinking, “oh he’s alive?!?!?! I really wish I didn’t save the earth.”

      • You apparently don’t watch The Mentalist either… they solved and closed out the Red John mystery weeks ago and there seem to be many people unhappy with how it was all handled. The very next episode, they decided to time-jump some 6 Months and have transformed the show into an FBI centric procedural rather than a State agency centric one.

        • That doesnt change the fact that they milked it for five seasons lol

    • Maybe it’s me, but I kind of hate that showrunners/filmmakers think characters need to be given a personal reason for doing things. Like the fact that Loki was trying to take over the world wasn’t purpose enough, but Coulson’s death was? Skye isn’t undercover with SHIELD because she has some objections to their security-state overreaches; no, she just wants to find mommy and daddy.

  6. At this point, I’m less interested in Coulson’s mystery as I am in finding out who this “Clairvoyant” is. Another poor original concept or a Marvel comics character yet to come to life onscreen? I’m hoping for the latter, provided they do a decent job of it. Victoria Hand was a welcome addition, even though I’m not a big fan of her in the comics. A show called “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” should have more familiar (if at least small-time) characters from the comics in it, in my opinion.

    • Could the Clairvoyant be Arnim Zola? He knows about Erskine and his work. He has enough technological know-how to possibly be able to manipulate Chitauri metal (he made the Tesseract into a power source, after all). And now he’s looking for a way to cheat/come back from the dead. Also, someone (I think Moviebob from the Escapist) suggested that the term “Clairvoyant” might not necessary mean “telepath” (since there are “none recorded” in the MCU), but someone who can calculate probabilities to such an accurate degree that he is able to “predict” the future. Surely someone as intellectually gifted as Zola could manage something like this?

      Also, this is a long shot, Agents of SHIELD will somehow tie into The Winter Soldier, right? What’s to say that Zola is building an army for the returned-and-in hiding Red Skull, who many believed to be the true identity of Robert Redford’s SHIELD agent?

      • Agreed. What if the “Clairvoyant” is simply able to read anything and everything on the grid. Maybe Zola’s body is hooked up to a computer, or suspended in some sort of Transcendence-like state within a computer (digital face Zola).

        • “Clairvoyant”…sounds rather stupid actually !
          Or makes it more sense for native speakers ! For non native speakers is nearly unspeakable !

  7. This was NOT the Full “reveal”. Just another part of it. (The producers have already stated that the “Coulson mystery” will play out over the entirety of the last half of this season.

    All this told us was:

    A: Coulson died and was actually dead for several days.

    B: Several surgeries were required to repair/rebuild his damaged organs.

    C: His brain was stimulated electrically in order to maintain brain function and to keep his neurons from depolarizing.

    D: After his organs were rebuilt, he was injected with a blue serum which had previously been stored cryogenically, this is probably a sample of Abraham Erskine’s Super soldier serum.

    • I thought CAPTAIN AMERICA established that all of Erskine’s original serum was gone and unreproducible.

      • I always found it hilarious that there is no possible way to reproduce the serum. Erskine was working with SHIELD yet nobody took notes. Not to mention that decades later another scientist is yet to stumble upon the same method as Erskine. Contemporary science is not even up to par with 40′s science in the MCU.

        • It’s not clear, but I assume we’re meant to believe that, after Red Skull used an early version of the serum to make himself a supervillain, Erskine became protective and secretive about his formulation. So he, like, maybe wouldn’t write it down or wrote it down in some code only he understood and he’d make the serum all by himself so no one else would know the process. It was all in Erskine’s head and he died and took it all with him. So like Stark would have known all the mechanical stuff, but not the formula for the actual super-soldier serum itself.

        • It’s not as if they anticipated that he was going to die. And why would SHIELD want multiple scientists to know how to create a serum. When you’re working on something as serious as that you never tell everybody everything.

          • In The Incredible Hulk, Blonsky was given the Super-Soldier Serum, wasn’t he? Someone must have created more, because none was left after Steve’s transformation (I think the Hydra agent stole the last vial, which was shattered when he got caught but could be I remembered wrong).

            I think the reason why no one’s been given it after its “rediscovery” (which TIH suggests did happen) is because no one’s really “good” enough for it, at least, not as good as Cap. Maybe SHIELD or the US Army or whoever’s holding the reserve knows it’s a big risk to take? After the Red Skull? And especially after Blonsky?

            • No, Blonsky was given very limited doses Banner’s version of the super soldier serum (You know, the one that turned him into the Hulk?) so that he’d be improved physically, at the cost of his humanity. In the end, he was put through the same experiment Banner was put through by Samuel Sterns and turned into the Abomination.

            • No, Blonsky was given very limited doses of Banner’s version of the super soldier serum (You know, the one that turned him into the Hulk?) so that he’d be improved physically, at the cost of his humanity. In the end, he was put through the same experiment Banner was put through by Samuel Sterns and turned into the Abomination.

    • I do think this episode played it as if we were getting some kind of complete reveal. So the show should have done a better job of conveying that it was just the first piece in a bigger picture, given that a lot of viewers aren’t paying attention to interviews with the cast and creative team.

    • Well, there were samples from Cap himself, stored on ice as seen in The Incredible Hulk. So Coulson getting a little dose may be a stretch but its not too far out of the narrative. (introduce Ted Sallis! I DARE you! I double DARE you!) Only Erskine’s original work cannot be repeated. I’m also under the impression that this could tie in to Winter Soldier, however.

      Now, all that aside. I liked Ms. Hand and….this ep was underwhelming, annoying and running on empty. Oh, look! Nick Fury gets a mention! Y’know, it would have been easier if Coulson was healed through Asgardian tech or Chartari tech (those things go on the black market I guess)

      I did like the end tease, however. Kind of getting a mild Deathlok “lite” look there…

      But unlike the previous ep which had momentum, this was the turtle in the rabbit race.

      • But CA:TFA also seemed to establish that they were going to attempt to synthesize the serum from Cap’s blood, but that the serum itself had been fully absorbed and incorporated into Cap. So getting Cap from the ice would have given them a fresh supply of blood to experiment with, not the actual serum. CA:TFA also makes it clear Bucky was experimented on with whatever, but it would presumably have been Zola’s version of the serum that was given to Red Skull.

        So it’s probably safe to say that, in the MCU, the only person who has ever gotten Erskine’s final successful formula is Cap himself. Everybody else is getting attempts to recreate it.

    • I saw the blue serum too. Wonder what that was. The failure to include in both the articles is sad really, not much attention to the blue stuff, wonder why….Maybe it is a complete extremis and stable? Heck, for all we know it coulda been alien blood.

  8. This show sucks!!! Who do we get Victoria Hand a 2 second glimpse of Fury, some super-duper lame Thor tie-in. Now I know with properties and liscences,they can,t be flooding it with Marvel Characters, but where is Dum Dum Dugan, Alan Quartermain, Hell even the Howling Commandos. Thiss show is a MAJOR dissapointment

  9. So shied has a resurrection machine? So nobody has to die now I guess… Lol so much for the danger of mortality. This was their big reveal? What a joke. You win shield. I’m tapping out and thanks for nothing.

  10. So S.H.I.E.L.D. did some experiment to bring Coulson back and that is it? Okay, on to the next snipe hunt which will involve Skye’s mystery parents I guess. It is also notable they did not kill of the Mike Peterson character, but now some other shadowy figure has him and the comic fan predictions of him being Dethlok can start up even though he was Power Man in some peoples minds up until now; I guess he is the Black Rick Jones and is going to be every Black Marvel superhero until they figure out what to do with him.

    They still left the Clairvoyant carrot dangling out there while killing off the ancillary Poe character, keeping up the convention in a lot of shows today where they introduce characters to do busy work exposition and then get rid of them to a point where they all become disposable.

  11. this show is terrible and a waste of time and resources

  12. I have to say the momentum of this episode was the best so far. The dragging on of the Coulson story is getting ridiculous. His character did a great job in the movies of keeping things moving forward and he was well loved. The tv department at marvel needs to get there crap together and not completely screw this character.

    I thought the Melinda May character did the best job she has done so far. I also felt differently then most because it seems the team actually gel’d.

    I was really pissed off about the Peterson character showing up at the end. Enough already with all the subplots. Marvel tv needs to read the comics and see that people don’t need a hook to keep coming back.

    That’s all I got

  13. Someone needs to confirm that this is not the final reveal.

    I actually don’t mind shield. I like it. Helps me get along without Marvel movies. I never expected the show to be the highest form of drama..or action..or humor..
    Its an average show… but more on the side of good than bad…
    But if the reveal is operations and machines playing with the brain…It would be new levels of lame..

    I do think it isnt the full reveal. Gregg was quoted as saying that when he read what the reveal was, he was blown away. He couldn’t be lying outright.

    Maybe coulson is a version of the vision now? Now that the showrunners have gone to such lengths in creating a mystery….its hard to focus on something else in the show.

  14. Thanks a lot for the spoilery picture in the RSS feed. =/

  15. Screw the spoilers, they actually did it? As in they actually told us what was going on here rather then saving it for another episode? Wow I didn’t think they’d actually do that, I thought it’d have the woman just about to reveal the truth and then Agent Ward comes in and saves Coulson THE SECOND before she can say anything.

  16. Is that a Roomba?

  17. Came back for this episode. Did the show improve? Welp…

    I actually liked the opening bit where the agents each use their skills to take down the bad guys. Even Skye, in an unbelievable fashion but (regretfully) feasible in the reality created by the show, used established talents to contribute to the mission. It made me feel like the agents have grown as a team and honed their abilities since episode three, the last episode I watched.

    And then I had to wait until close to the ending for anything remotely interesting to happen. Implausible hi-jinks among the shield crew beating incompetent bad guys and henchmen? Give me a break! I know how it will play out.

    We FINALLY got a real answer to the big mystery they were hinting at with Coulson’s death! Coulson was dead but then SHIELD brought him back. That’s it? I would say they “played their cards wrong” but you cannot make a reveal when you are already playing your hand face-up on the table.

    Also, the doctor who helped resuscitate Coulson whines over the pain Coulson was in, furthering the anti-technology theme of the show. Why are so many sci-fi writers unaware of a little thing called anesthesia? How does one fail to subdue conscious pain when trying to get a dead guy’s brain to work again?

    Worst of all, despite the character now knowing what we already knew, they are continuing to drag this plot point out as a mystery. Sorry, SHIELD, but it was already a swing and a miss. I will not be tuning in again.

    Final note; the end teaser sucked. For several reasons, that guy we saw alive should be dea- oh screw it.

    • Mike Peterson was enhanced with a serum based on Extremis. Iron Man 3 shows that they can recover from some very severe injuries.

  18. Blue Liquid=Infinity Formula?

  19. A problem with the show is that they have tried to sell the show as a continuation of the movie universe and have only done so in a limited capacity. With Coulsen he was a character that drew the avengers together. In fact he had a particular effect on starks character and changed him into a team player and brought out the iron man I loved from the comics.

    That being said the premise of the show surrounding his death and resurrection seems like a bad long term goal. What it did was force us to watch several weeks about one time events that seem like this is normal. Also the fact that the world seems aware of sheild is not explained. But the mention of it is enough to be used as leverage and force people to do stuff. In the movies it was established that this was a group that was an agentchy that no one heard of in 2008 but by 2013 everyone not only knew of sheild but know enough to know they don’t play nice.

    This concept is odd and weird. What is the purpose of a secret group if the world knows you. I’m hoping that with information we have seen from capt 2 they incorpate the more shady aspects of sheild instead of the campy happy we love coulson club.

    Now as to his reserection….the have a reserrection machine? And hawkeye and black widow were discussing the amount of agents he killed under loki’s control and it encouraged him to fight harder was all for nought? Bring them back we have the resources….this was a deal breaker and then at the end we see our personal centipede guy missing a leg burnt up and now has the eye thing with the instructions…so instead of introducing a new plot they recycled…..in half a season! That is throwing flags up to myself and my wife who was bored to tears of the show and only watched to see coulsons revel..and was like wtf? Didn’t they use this plot…as a non comic book fan but liked the movies…the common movie veiwer they want to watch…lost intrest.

    I’m sad to see this experiment falling deeper and deeper down the roade to cancelization….

  20. Please, some needs to tell TV and movie writers that things only get sucked (blown actually) out of an aircraft as long as there is a huge pressure differential, which should be equalized in about a second with a small interrogation room like that. After that it’s only quite loud and drafty. And of course there is the danger of hypoxia at high altitudes (~10.000 ft or higher). There is no way that dude would have been sucked off his chair like that, especially not with a slowly opening hatch that made the decompression controlled. His ears would have popped a bit, that’s it.

    • *someone

  21. You do realize that all we saw was the implanted memory of numerous surgery and pain ,which is the cover memory, designed so Coulson will stop looking into what happened to him, before he gets to the real magical truth.

  22. Anyone else think the clairvoyant is a possible set-up for Avengers 2? The clairvoyant being Jarvis computer from Iron Man.

  23. Why can’t the writer of these articles give us a review instead of slamming his opinion down your throat to make you seem the show is a load of pig’s dung. This episode came in strong(minus the very poor action scenes)and the writer has obviously been having a bias routine of writing. The show also promised a reveal, and it wasn’t one at all. Multiple surgeries, and a machine poking the brain was to make him think in was in Tahti, not to revive him. So yes, the reveal is still UN-revealed. I thought Skye came through to better acting and Ward actually stepped down a bit and the others were kinda in the pocket for this episode. Why can the writer of this article, write two sentences without saying the show is crap. Sure it is not the best but it a good show.

    • You do understand a review is an opinion, correct? That’s what reviewers are supposed to do, offer their opinion of what they just saw.
      If you don’t like the reviewer, find someone who you agree with most of the time and trust that person’s opinion.
      I frequent many sites just so I can get a more balanced review of a movie/show before I check it out.

    • That’s what reviews are. They are an opinion about a show. Sorry but the reviews are correct and it’s not just this site. So far, out of the 10 sites I look at from time to time, this site has actually been the nicest of the bunch. Other sites are comparing this show to Jersey Shore, another site said that if someone has problems sleeping they should watching this show because it would put them to sleep right away, and so the slams go on. I understand it’s your Marvel baby but come on people. Lets face facts here. If this show didn’t have Marvel in front of it nobody would be watching but because it has Marvel on it, fan boys will continue to watch and give excuses as to why the show is soo bad.

      • Anybody comparing this show to Jersey Shore should be flogged and banned from reviewing. I get if you don’t like the show, but that’s extreme.

        • LOL, I agree but to say that this site is the only one that is giving constant criticism of this show is not true when there are tons of them. That argument or constant topic gets old especially when this site is actually one of a handful that actually give a nicer criticism of the show, LOL. I mean, I’ve read another comic book site that reviewed the episode saying “it’s like a pill of Melatonin. The show starts with promise but halfway into the episode you either fall asleep because it’s remarkably boring or are extremely upset because they managed to take a show that could have had promise but instead managed to make Iron Man 3 look like a masterpiece. “

    • Why do people complain about the content of a review, is it because you do not agree with the opinion of the article or find it somehow non-informative? If you saw the show then what do you need the article to tell you about what you saw yourself?

  24. First of all it’s all supposed to be entertainment, I was entertained, if you don’t like it don’t watch, you people who don’t like the show, need to stop watching so we all can stop reading how much better writers you would be, It’s a decent show for the time slot they’ve even picked up the pace of the show for some strange reason, the review has been skewed to negativity, I think it’s reasonable to assume as well that the writers are indulging themselves and what they like about the characters, we all should sit back and enjoy the ride, it’s such a waste time complaining when if you’re not happy watch something else, and let the rest of us enjoy!

  25. How about this? Coulson is an LMD, the very first LMD and it took 7 attempts to successfully pull it off. That I’d buy.

  26. Last nights episode of the big “reveal” was something pretty much everyone knew already and was a big waste. They should have done this reveal within the first 5 episodes but instead they milked it and ruined any hope that this series will ever regain more viewers. This wasn’t the worst episode but it also wasn’t the best. So far, this series isn’t even close to being as good as Arrow Season 1. Marvel is great when it comes to the big screen universe but as far as its part in the TV world, it hasn’t even come close to DCs Arrow.

  27. I just wanted a show about badass spies…

  28. So Coulson keeps talking about the girl he loves and plays an instrument. He said he loved to hear her play or something like that.. Last night he said he never told her he is still alive.

    What if it is Scarlet Witch but NOT his lover…HIS ADOPTIVE DAUGHTER!!!

    When he “died” SHIELD lied to Scarlet Witch. In Age of Ultron she ends up being on the bad side cause she is mad at SHIELD for Coulsons death and then finds out Coulson isn’t her REAL father cause she was adopted. Then she finds her brother.

    • Why would they force that connection together if it is not really needed and they will not follow it up on the show anyway?

      • It could be a season ending reveal where he talks about how much he misses his daughter and then researches where she is to make sure she is o.k.. The show doesn’t have to reveal to us in AoS Scarlet Witch is the girl that he is referring to. In Avengers 2 it could be revealed that her adoptive father died and worked for SHIELD. This allows for Coulson to come into play in the movie and the show.

        And it would be a good reason Scarlet Witch would have daddy issues because she was abandoned by her real father and not her foster father is dead. Also, gives her a reason to have a grudge against SHIELD and Fury and even bigger reason to be mad at SHIELD and Coulson once revealed he is still alive.

        Either way, I don’t see it as forced. This isn’t the forced time he has discussed a girl in his life who plays the cello. He could have always been referring to the one woman in his life that he cares about…his adopted daughter.

        • *first*

          not *forced* in the second sentence of last paragraph

  29. The show still sucks just as much as when I stopped watching after the 5th episode. I just hope the same people writing this show aren’t doing the netflix shows because I’m looking forward to those shows.

    Hopefully they wont be a disappointment like AOS. They wont trick me into watching that crap again!!