Extended ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Trailer: Agent Coulson Welcomes You to Level 7

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This past Sunday, ABC and Marvel released a 30-second promo for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.; it teased The Avengers writer-director Joss Whedon’s new TV series – which is now officially set to air on Tuesday nights beginning in Fall 2013 – and the return of Clark Gregg as fan-favorite Phil “His first name is Agent” Coulson, who is alive and well despite (apparently) having been skewered by Loki’s staff during his last onscreen appearance.

Whedon’s show will reveal the whole truth about Coulson and S.H.I.E.L.D. head Nick Fury’s deception in the first Avengers movie installment. However, today we have the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. extended trailer, which is focused on introducing the new additions to the Marvel universe – and teasing what life is like, now that the rest of the world knows about the existence of aliens and superheroes - as well as the “unclassified” specimen that Coulson and his team must attempt to keep a lid on.

Rounding out the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. cast are Ming-Na Wen (Stargate Universe) as Agent Melinda May, Elizabeth Henstridge as Agent Jemma Simmons, Iain De Caestecker as Agent Leo Fitz, Brett Dalton (Killing Lincoln) as Agent Grant Ward, Chloe Bennet (Nashville) as Skye and J. August Richards (Angel) as a yet to be revealed super-powered individual.

agents shield trailer Extended Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Trailer: Agent Coulson Welcomes You to Level 7

The majority of the extended Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. trailer is devoted to expository dialogue, setting up the characters and establishing the pecking order, with Agent Coulson and Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders, who appears in voice-only here) being the top dogs. However, it still manages to slip in some of Whedon’s famous self-aware zingers (“… And what does that mean to you?” “It means someone really wanted our initials to spell out shield”).

Besides the truth about Coulson’s return from the dead, the other big topic – which remains open for speculation – that this promo calls attention to is the identity of Richards’ character. Many fans have already begun to speculate that he could be a well-established Marvel superhero, with the guesses ranging from Luke Cage (doubtful) to the more-obscure Rage (still kind of unlikely).

j august richards shield tv show Extended Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Trailer: Agent Coulson Welcomes You to Level 7

Chances are good, though, that Richards is playing a character who was created specifically for the Agents of S.H.I.EL.D. TV show (like most of the main players). Whedon and Marvel President Kevin Feige has gone on record in the past, saying that they’re still working out how to incorporate guest star appearances from residents in the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe; that includes, whether or not to introduce iconic superheroes in the TV show.

Then again, the folks over at Marvel have been evasive about their plans before (and flat-out lied in some cases), in order to keep them secret for as long as possible. So, we’ll just have to wait and see…


Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. begins airing on ABC this fall on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

On the film side, Iron Man 3 is in theaters, Thor: The Dark World released on November 8th, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4th, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1st, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1st, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6th, 2015, and Doctor Strange sometime after that.

Source: Marvel/ABC

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  1. hell yes!! cant waitttt

  2. Looks pretty good. Now give me the Star Wars Live action show and I will watch TV again!

  3. Hmmm for some reason I could really see them introduce Daredevil, Moonknight and punisher in this series, just seems like it would fit

    • Marvel Knights does make sense in this context, I agree.

      • However the thought that he could be rage isnt out of the question, bringing in a E-class hero as a recurring character would be easier and cheaper, and allow him to get introduced tot he general audience.

        • Not familiar with Rage. Whats his story?

          This looks much better than the teaser we got yesterday. Im excited, this should be good TV!!

          • I’m assuming he meant Luke Cage? Exciting looking stuff! This is home for a season arc of S.H.I.E.L.D vs. either The Punisher, Ghost Rider or Blade. This just seems like such a great home for those second tier characters whilst maintaining the 2 films a year schedule.

            Wishful thinking, but If they can thrash out a deal with Sony and Fox for cameos and creative imput in how to make all this stuff cohesive…. then that’d be what a bunch of us have been dreaming about since we were little kids.

            I feel pretty spoiled in the modern blockbuster era.

            I have faith the DC movies are going to be awesome too so good times for me :)

            • No, I meant Rage. Low tier hero, powers from chemical accident, general overall power boost, not as tough as say Luke cage, and his power increases with well, his anger(or rage if you want to say)
              member of both New warriors and Avengers at a time.

              • Nice, thanks. Sounds pretty BA to me, for this show at least. Whoever he winds up being, he looks cool.

            • The Baxter Building is in the large panaramic of the city, opposite side of the screen to the Stark Tower. Cool stuff.

              • I think I see it, that’s awesome!

    • could be nicholas fury jr. with the infinity formula

  4. Any word yet on whether or not the characters from the Marvel One Shot “Item 47″ will make an appearance on the show? I was hoping that they wouldn’t take the “One Shot” thing too literally. ;)

  5. Show looks cool, but the side characters make me nervous. Some of the new cast just doesn’t look all that great. And *facepalm* to the tagline. “Not all heroes are super”… really, that’s all you got?

    But, the show could still be fun. It’s from Joss Whedon, who has a reputation for good TV shows :)

    • Marvel doesnt have a history of spectacular writing. It is what it is. They have a viewer in me.

  6. Cooouuullllsssooooonnnn!

    Sorry, my inner fangirl escaped for a moment. As long as it doesn’t conflict with NCIS I’ll watch it.

    • Flo

      It going head to head with NCIS.

      It will lose.

      • Different demographics. My grandpa watches NCIS, my niece and nephew will watch SHIELD.

        While it may not have better ratings than NCIS, it will do well enough to succeed.

        • All I can say is, Bravo… Bravo, Mr Traps Like Bane.

          • Hey, could you cast April O’Neil as April O’Neil instead of Megan Fox as her in TMNT?

            • @Gr8GooglyMoogly — I love that song…

        • @Traps like Bane

          Negative, NCIS Demographics

          Run the entire gambit of demographics, and after tonight season finale, it already being talked about next season. The Production Cost is far lower than what a show like shield would require. This is not about Popularity among viewers when it comes to Network TV, it is about Revenue

          NCIS Had a high of 21.3 million to as low as 17.Million. Those are monster numbers, and it does not say seniors are the only one who watch it.

          Last Resort fit the same demographic as SHIELD is targeting, and it failed, same with shows like The Cape, and The Event. The production cost has to be made up.

          SHIELD Does not have the big budget special effects that The Avengers had, and do you think kids will show up to watch a tv show without Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Ironman. Yeah they may make cameos, but they will not be the the the focus.

          I want SHIELD To succeed, but reality is. It will be an expensive show, that follows the same formula of shows that came before it…Action, but no substance.

        • http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2013/03/12/ncis-rules-weekly-ratings-in-viewers/173161/

          This is the most current demographic for NCIS

          This show is across the board a ratings monster and not just for seniors.

          • Im man enough to admit when proven wrong. I didnt know the demographics of NCIS.

            Its not like SHIELD will get cancelled if it doesnt make as much money as NCIS, though. SHIELD will get its viewers one way or another and do well.

            • @ Jeff W “Last Resort fit the same demographic as SHIELD is targeting, and it failed, same with shows like The Cape, and The Event.”

              Really? I didn’t realize that Last Resort, The Cape, and The Event all have multiple billion dollar movie counterparts? Yeah, it’s the same thing, no doubt.


              • And those shows werent even good.

                • I am going to say this,

                  To twist Captain Americas words.

                  What are you? Take away your Hulk, Your Thor, your IronMan, you captain america, your Hawkeye, Your Black Widow, and yur Nick Fury. What are you?


                  I want SHIELD to succeed, but even I know. It is tough if you are in time slot, where your demographic is not enough.

                  Some of you trash NCIS, But you can do that all you want, there are 17-23 million people who watch it on rerun/first run basis. So you can question those numbers, but those numbers are still there.

                  And I am not even a fan of NCIS. I Watch it on DVR.

            • Nothing to man up about. Traps like Bane.

              I just learned over the years, that certain types of TV Shows draw different results.

              Cost is the reason shows like SHIELD Gets canceled, or have short life span.

              Take Once upon a time. I think the show is ok, nothing great, I am surprised it made it to a third season. Same with Revenge, these shows are not that good on premise, but they work in time slot that makes it appeal to the masses across all demographics
              SUNDAY NIGHT.

              SHIELD Will draw big numbers in the premiere, but we all know, younger people will bail on it when they see no Avengers in it. Take the Avengers away, it is a spy show going after bad guys.

              • I guess we will have to wait and see what the show actually does with itself. AND how viewers react to it.

              • I really thought no one under the age of 35 watched NCIS.

                Not that it matters, Jeff, but why watch the show if youre not a fan of it?

                • Its the procedural drama fan in me that makes me watch it. I use to watch it.

                  I should rephrase, I am not a die hard have to watch fan at the moment it is on.

                  I am more like,Ok I will watch it when I get home from work in the morning type.

              • Ah, but Agent Coulson is in it, and he was a bit of a fan favorite from the Phase 1 films. If the premiere is done right, and with Whedon I’d be surprised if it wasn’t, that should be enough to draw in the Avengers fans and the stories themselves will keep them hooked. Plus I am SURE that Disney is going to have a HUGE online presence with this show to keep the “kids” talking about it on Twitter and Facebook. Throw in the fact that Tony Stark or Cap might show up for an appearance, you have got yourself a hit show.

                I do agree the timeslot was poorly chosen, though. I don’t watch much on ABC, but SHIELD should have been given a better timeslot.

      • This NCIS thing isn’t that big a deal.

        Like @Traps Like Bane said, NCIS has a different demographic (to be honest, the only people I know who watch the show is my grandparents and my one 28 year old cousin who has 10 cats – but somehow the show still has a huge viewership number, so I won’t discredit that).
        This show will mainly be watched by comic book fans, the sci-fi crowd, and the younger demographic… and with a trailer like that, I can see a whole bunch of regular viewers getting on board with this as well.

        Also, the premiere slot isn’t everything. This show will be downloaded like crazy and I’m sure the online-viewings will make up for a large piece of the pie as well, and then of course, there’s DVR.
        Sure, with those viewing options it means less money from commercial advertisers – but there’s another type of advertising (one which Arrow seems to be making use of) – it’s called product placement, and in many cases it can be the source of better funding than regular commercials could ever do.

        Another thing: The “clash” with NCIS is only applicable in America. There are huge international markets where the show could be aired without any competition.

        Mentioning @Traps Like Bane again, while the show might not get NCIS’s (confusingly) high viewers-ship ratings, it’ll still do well enough to ensure success.

        • Great points about the downloads and DVR.

          Product placement is perfectly okay with me as long as it is done right. I love the way that ‘Psych’ does it. But that way would probably detract from the tone of the show. I think the opposite of what Psych does would be great. Dont throw it in our face or be extremely obvious about it.

          The one thing I disliked about ‘Book of Eli’ was the OBVIOUS product placement. It was very out of place.

          • Well marvel movies have pushed products frequently. From the shirld Acura trucks in Thor, Audi in Ironman (and their connecting advert campaigns from the manufacturers). Budweiser was prominent in Ironman 3… Hehe. Good ‘ol synergy. If they can use these as a way to offset high production costs for each show then I’m ok with some sometimes blatant product placement. I wonder how long before Shield agents are all using Sansung Galaxy 4 phones lol

            • @BellCure.

              Throw out beer commercials. How many beer commercials have you ever seen during weeknight show Prior to 9PM?

              ABC/Disney Beer Commercial, for a show targeted a demographic where most are not old enough to drink?

              Acura and Audi? Not actually the cars that people in the 18-25 demographic that will be watching the shows.

              Demographics in Movies are far different than those on TV. They are there in movies to make you aware of the them, and relate with them.

              Product Placement in geared for the demographics that the show targets.

              • Agreed on your points was just using my examples to support to notion that marvel is used to including and working with companies to have their products featured in their works. Yes of course they’ll maximize their time slot and intended demographic when it comes to product placement on the show.

              • Iron Man 3 had a beer commercial during the Mandarin twist.

        • The Problem with your theory and it is a good one. But Arrow films in Vancouver British Columbia.

          The overall production cost is cheaper, the sets are rented out buildings. One overhead shot of Starling City was actually a shot of Philadelphia.

          NCIS has the benefit of filming in Washington DC, Aboard Navy Ships and Bases. Hell, a couple of seasons ago, the actual director of NCIS had a cameo. It is one of the most watch Televions shows watched by the US Military, is Popular in 200 countries and is in the top 5 in 6 countries, top 20 in the rest. It has a broad appeal. Arrow at best has a viewer ship of the same demographic as what SHIELD is aiming for Pilot drew in 3.9 million with a weekly average of 2.6 million according to Metacritc.

          2.6 Million is not enough to make a dent in NCIS 17.Million weekly average and a 23 Million season premiere average

          Remember, with Males 18-49 NCIS is established.

          I just do not see shield based on its demographic it is targeting able to compete.

          • NCIS fils in Santa Clarita, CA, brah.

            • ^ films

            • Primary, but they have been known to shoot in DC A Few episodes. Still the Production value is not what S.H.I.E.L.D Will be.

        • @The Avenger

          NCIS is rated highly in over 200 countries.

          Rated top show, France, Italy, Spain, Australia

          Rated top 3 shows in Germany, Portugal.

          Tops 10 in 100 other countries.

          • Too bad its ratings are so good since it’s a crap show.

            • Crap show.

              20 Million viewers?

              Going on its 11th season?

              Define what successful show is?

              • Ive heard enough about NCIS I think haha

            • I’m gald I’m not the only one that thinks that. I did not know much about it until a few months back when I went to visit friends and family. First night back my parents said watch this it is really good. So I watched it not great. I went to my uncles same thing happened, I went around a friends and guess what I had to watch another episode. I don’t say its completely rubbish maybe it would be ok as background noise, but as a tv show to sit down watch and enjoy, no chance IMO

          • @Jeff W: I see your point, but those numbers aren’t all that reliable (nor all that relevant to be completely honest). There’s a whole other market out there, other than those who watch a show when it airs for the first time on tv.

            Did you know that an immense portion of Game Of Thrones’ viewings come from illegal downloads? The first episode of season 3 had 1 million illegal downloads within 24 hours of release (by now it’s probably over 2 million already)… those numbers aren’t included in the network’s official viewing reports (and it seems HBO doesn’t even mind the illegal downloads). And that show has a huge budget. What does that tell us? it tells me that perhaps there are more factors involved with a show’s success than the mere tv-viewed “numbers”.

            Like I said, the show might not get numbers as high as NCIS (probably won’t), and it might not get a lot of money from companies who want to do commercials, but there are other options and other factors that could very well lead to this show’s success (I mentioned product placement, but that’s only one example – to name another, there’s also licensing to online-streaming-applications – give me some time and I could probably come up with a few more ;)).

            And again, just because this show is going head-to-head with NCIS in America, doesn’t mean it will do so in all those other countries you mentioned.

        • @The Avenger

          You make a great point about international markets but I think we all know thanks to the movies that US based execs only care about US viewing figures and box office intake and the rest of the world can go to hell.

          It’s a silly way of thinking but I doubt non-US markets tuning in will make a dent on US ratings. Nice thinking though. If they took international markets into account then the box office draws in America that failed overseas would never get sequels and those that did well overseas but failed in America might have a chance.

          Translate that to TV too and we might not have so many shows cancelled by hasty US execs.

      • DVR

      • Fear not…you can always watch one of them at your leisure at a different time on the station’s website. That is what i often do when my work schedule conflicts with a show I want to watch.

  7. Mann there are a lot of good tv shows coming out lately. This one looks okay; the acting seems like it’s gonna be iffy at moment, but I’ll be watching.

  8. Knew it wasn’t nitro as some speculated but rather a holographic recunstruction of an explosion. Anyways, for s pilot there seems to be alit of different storylines going on all at the same time or maybe its just how the trailer was cut. Thought? Will they intro some sort of villain/villainous organisation or criminal element in the pilot or will it be your typical team recruiting story? Personally id like Marvel to clarify how many supers there are thought to be (since the mutant element isn’t part of the MCU).

  9. I hope the one girl takes a few episodes to join the team, start out with them having to find her and then move on from there

  10. Some bad acting and cheesy dialogue, but nothing too egregious. That is to be expected from a network TV show. But overall, it looks really exciting for fans of Marvel and it’s movie-verse, and it looks like a pretty good X-Files type show. I personally can’t wait.

    • 100%

  11. This looks pretty interesting. I’ll be watching, of course.

  12. Don’t know why he can’t just be Luke Cage. It would draw more audience. What are the odds of a Luke Cage movie coming out in the next decade? So who cares if he gets some screen time in the mean time? The show will probably be off the air before a Luke Cage movie ever happens. They treat so many characters like they are saving them for something big in the future, and in the present, a recognizable characters could help a new show be successful. I feel Luke Cage is comparable to Green Arrow in their respective heirarchies.

    • My thoughts, exactly.

    • I want Luke cage (Power man), but I also want iron Fist (Danny Rand) teamed up with him (“Heroes For Hire”). Let’s noty just have one or the other, let’s have both! Better potential for storylines, than just having one guy as a supporting character for everyone else.

    • Luke Cage is a much bigger much buffer man. If that kid is Luke Cage it’s a crying shame.

      • I know, but Wolverine isn’t tall and Hawkeye isn’t short… but whatyagonnado, y’know?

  13. Hmmm. Can’t help but think that the Agent Coulson survival cheapens…everything. Also means that future potential deaths are less worrying for the audience… shot themselves in the foot dramatically haven’t they?!

    • My guess is that the Coulson we saw die in The Avengers was not the real Coulson. Probably just a robot decoy of some sort. With the technology SHIELD has, it would make sense for them to not have their “higher ups” walking around in dangerous situations.

      • Well, thankfully, nerdy doctors have explained in the past that the wound Coulson took would be survivable, if given correct care, which I’m more than certain SHIELD is capable of.

    • Marvel has a long standing history of killing their characters and bringing them back. It’s kind of a tired trick and it’s blatantly manipulative but in a world where there’s really no sacred element (time, space, magic, science), you just kind of have to accept that the MMU isn’t our universe where people die and stay dead. I doubt anybody is upset that Coulson is back, regardless of how. He’s like a dorky legend.
      But if you want to look at it one way, it can actually have some very damaging repercussions for the Avengers 2 movie so hopefully it plays out realistically and the characters involved aren’t all like, “Oh, hey, welcome back. We accept this. Now let’s smash robot aliens.”

    • If any potential death worries you… you really don’t know much about Marvel, do you?

      • Actually do, but I was looking at this more from a Whedon perspective. He usually doesn’t use deaths lightly.

        And lol he was impaled from behind by a spear… generally unsurvivable but of course depends exactly where and with immediate SHIELD surgery.. makes sense. Didn’t think of the idea that he could just been patched up together again.

        • Oh yes, it will be revealed that Agent Coulson is actually Humpty Dumpty.

  14. that is not luke cage, he has superspeed too so people are now thinking its patriot!

    • Ya not Cage.

  15. Looks great! Very happy we’ll get another weekly superhero show. Arrow is great & now bring this on. The only thing I don’t like is the agents seem like very cheesy actors (aside from Coulson of course)but I’ll take it!

  16. Soooooooo, this is going to be X-Files Marvel style with a side of Superheroes.

    Well of COURSE I’m gonna watch it.

  17. heroes on marvel wax…looks boring

  18. I havent gotten a X Files vibe from this. Can someone explain those comparisons?

    • It’s more of a vibe than anything. I don’t think it’ll be as creepy as an X-Files or Twilight Zone, but it’ll be along the same lines. Agents seeking out the unknown.

      X-Files explored the unknown, the supernatural and the possibility of aliens. SHIELD looks like it’ll explore the unknown like new tech, magic and super powered characters and aliens (at least I hope they do). I think it’ll be a lot more fun than the X-Files, and maybe not as dramatic.

      • Ya not Cage. Its marvel so it may gave shades of xfiles and some other beloved series but in the end it would be as serious and will prob be more of escapist fun.

      • You got it.

        And definitely less drama and more fun than the X-Files.

  19. Tom Jayne Punisher cameo would be awesome.
    David Boreanaz as Namor…?

  20. I don’t think it would be Rage. Rage was a child who ended up looking like a muscle bound adult with super strrngth. From the clip I didn’t get that vibe. Unless they are doing a slight re-write of the character.

  21. Well it isn’t Luke Cage & it can’t be Patriot because he got his powers through a mutant growth hormone and anything mutant related is owned by Fox. So it’s either Rage or a character that they made up for the show.

    • Actually War Clown, this is impossible to know, as Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch’s potential acquisition for Avengers 2 has proven, certain mutants and mutant-related items and ideas are somewhere in between Marvel and Fox’s domains. Aside from this, they could easily write off MGH by going with Eli Bradely’s original (false) origin, where he was given an emergency blood transfusion from his grandfather, Isaiah Bradley, the black Captain America, however unlikely this is. Also, just saying that it cannot possibly be Luke Cage is plain dumb, as none of us actually know what Marvel is going to do with Power Man, if anything at all. Personally, I find that it could go either way for Luke Cage, as he’s not the most famous black hero, so getting a start on the TV show before stepping up to the big leagues could certainly be possible.

    • @War Clown

      Patriot started out with powers beacause of MGH but after sheilding Cap and baddly injured he received a blood transfusion from his uncle who was a supersoilder and gained those abilities.

      All they gotta do is jump straight in to the blood transfusion and miss out all the MGH stuff.

      The back story about his uncle could be a reveal through out the first series as it looks like the main thread of this first series will be SHIELD trying to id J August’s character and bring him on side

  22. Is he Power Man? Why is it doubtful that he’s Luke Cage? Because he’s kinda flying around? Couldn’t that just be him jumping around like the Hulk because he’s that strong? I think it’s actually probable and hopefully is. It’s the perfect way to introduce this third-tier character. They probably won’t have room in a budget to make a Luke Cage film anyway and if they have characters from the TV show making appearances in the film, why not Luke Cage in the Avengers movie and possibly in Dr. Strange or Ant Man? Do it! Do it! Do it!

  23. “Don’t touch Lola” is gonna be the new “His name was Phil.” :D

  24. Why do people want Luke Cage so bad? He’s a generic character with a generic background. The guy can’t even hold his own with any of the heroes in the Marvel Universe, he constantly gets his butt kicked.

    • +1

      Truthfully im not sure, think he appeals because hes the everyman.

    • Are you serious? Luke Cage can’t hold his own against any Marvel hero despite the fact he went toe to toe with frikken Namor in water. Oh yeah Dman could totally take Luke Cage. Plus he’s a high profile hero now people recognise him in the street and he is in charge of The New Avengers. Which includes A-listers like Ms Marvel, The Thing and Doctor Strange. I get how you think he’s generic because of his past but in the past Superman was a massive dick to everyone Batman was campy and Wonder Woman was defeated by bondage. But things change with time. Luke Cage is a family man one of the only active heroes in all of comics to have no secret identity and a wife and child that aren’t divorced or dead or suddenly appear out of nowhere due to a One Night stand. So he isn’t generic anymore it just sounds like your stuck in the past.

  25. Kinda cheesy, but I love it!

  26. Marvel (also parent company Disney) owns the Spider-Man TV rights, not Sony, since 2009. You think Whedon would bring in Spidey, or any other character or element, of Spidey’s universe?

    • My guess is that they could but they wont since this is within MCU if say spiderman were shown then there would be an expectation to see him in the movies. They still need to maintain some internal consistency, besides there are ALOT of questions to be answered for The MCU that the films haven’t tackled at all.

      For example:
      - number of supers (good and bad)
      - whats AIM up to?
      - whats Hydra up to?
      - other aliens of earth?
      The list goes on and on. I’m curious to see who the main antagonist(s) will be.

      • How can the Avengers bother with A.I.M. or Hydra when they have to contend with Thanos? Whedon will make it work, I pray, but any way you slice it, it is a slippery tight rope on a slope, my friend. Everybody knows when super villains aren’t treated with as much respect as the heroes. The story gets bogged down, no real threat is felt throughout and a sense of purpose that drive these movies is lost.
        Just for funsies.
        AIM – Threat level: Putty Patrol
        Hydra – Threat level: Foot Clan
        Thanos, Ultron, Scarlet Witch – Threat level: Midnight.

    • They may not own the main rights, but Sony owns the movie rights which would also include TV and without major negotiations there would be no way of getting Spidey. The same goes for The X-Men and Fantastic Four.

  27. My eyes just lost their virginity

  28. I find this far more impressive than the first trailer this looks fantastic to me I like how Marvel is expanding themselves through television and not just movies I think that’s an interesting approach to the whole thing. Any of you know who that superhero is or do any of you know if he is a famous marvel character he reminds Meir Luke Cage.

  29. So Gunn stole The Hood persona from Arrow when he got killed off?

    • Gunn was never killed off. He died in the Angel Season 6 comic ‘After the Fall’ becoming a vampire. However, Angel got the Senior Partners to roll back time to the point where Los Angeles wasn’t in Hell and Gunn was still alive. Angel ends up killing the vamp as he was about to sire Gunn. Today in the comics Gunn is still kicking.