Does the ‘Captain America 2′ Trailer Prove ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Has Failed?

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agents of shield coulson sad 570x294 Does the Captain America 2 Trailer Prove Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Has Failed?

For the past five weeks, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  has been attempting to make the transition from fledgling series into an earnest entry in Marvel’s ever-growing universe. But with the release of the spectacular Captain America: The Winter Solider trailer – while Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is taking a week off –  one must begin to wonder if Marvel has accidentally put the coffin nail in their struggling television counter-part with but a mere trailer reveal.

Let’s get it out of the way now: The Captain America: The Winter Solider trailer – all 2:27 minutes of it – is a better episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. than all the aired episodes of the series combined. Of course, when it comes to watching minutes of a $150+ million production, there’s no way a television show budget can even compare. Not one bit.

This, however, is not what Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. should be worried about.

agents of shield coulson 2 570x294 Does the Captain America 2 Trailer Prove Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Has Failed?Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Throughout the Captain America: The Winter Solider trailer, viewers are finally able to see more of the inner-workings of Marvel’s secret agency which, from the point of view of the television series, has largely consisted of cramped office spaces, a generic computer lab and parking so scarce that Coulson has to park his sports car, Lola, in a plane. On the other hand, the S.H.I.E.L.D. depicted in the trailer is an impressive, awe-inspiring organization whose resources are on full display. Putting the theatrical  vs. TV budgets debate aside, what the newly-released Cap 2 trailer unfortunately does is call into question the purpose of the Aos TV series – even more than audiences already have.

517986061 c 620 439 Does the Captain America 2 Trailer Prove Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Has Failed?

What we have so far is this: Agent Coulson – (formerly) S.H.I.E.L.D.’s top agent – is killed, brought back to life (somehow) and is “stuck” with a cast of misfits who don’t really do all that much and aren’t all that successful. In the 5 episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. that have aired, there have been multiple accounts of inside information being leaked out, 2 supervillains created, 1 new girl leading an “important” mission, and 0 mysteries revealed during those never-ending plane rides. It seems, in part, that Coulson may have been given the most boring division of S.H.I.E.L.D. there is.

With a rag-tag group consisting of the silent one (Melinda May), the generic one (Grant Ward), the new one (Skye) and two “geeks” who are likely too talkative to make it onboard the Helicarrier, Coulson has been traveling the globe for seemingly no reason or purpose. Nothing, as of yet, has really come from any of the missions that they’ve been sent on, and Coulson is still making over-the-top references about how something is a bit off.

captain america 2 agents of shield 570x294 Does the Captain America 2 Trailer Prove Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Has Failed?Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Then comes the Captain America: The Winter Solider trailer, and S.H.I.E.L.D. is shown as the powerful organization that it is – not just by its impressive arsenal of planes, vehicles and a Helicarrier, but by its intense dedication to the protection of the planet. This is what one can simply intuit from the trailer; no mysteries or over-the-top musical accompaniments are needed. Everyone and everything has a purpose, and there isn’t a single person running around wondering what they’re supposed to be doing, or making references to how important a specific mission is. If something is important, audiences – especially in today’s age – will know.

In short, what the Cap 2 trailer lacks in time to fully develop its characters and their story, it makes up with CGI and effects. Don’t know how impressive S.H.I.E.L.D. is? Watch the gigantic Helicarrier crash in to the earth. As a television show, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. cannot keep up in that way – and it isn’t, thankfully. What Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. should be doing is taking the extended time provided – its version of a $150+ million budget – and tell intimate tales worth telling, or that are at least interesting, while actually making us feel like we are embedded in an actual top espionage agency dedicated to protecting the planet.

agents of shield plane 570x294 Does the Captain America 2 Trailer Prove Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Has Failed?Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Right now, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is a series with no soul or purpose, and there’s no number of supervillain origins that will change that. It’s a television show that exists because it need$ to. Instead of stretching the small cast and limited budget to the max with production tricks, viewers are met with unnecessary, over-reaching tales that make it absolutely obvious that you’re watching a superhero(-esque) series on a budget, on ABC at 8pm. But even if S.H.I.E.L.D. makes the necessary tweaks to finally earn its early season renewal, can it survive the upcoming onslaught of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?


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  1. When taking into account the success of ‘The Avengers’, it would be fair to assume a lot of the audience were made up of passersby intrigued by the cast, the synopsis and the fondness into consciousness from some of the most celebrated TV work of Joss Whedon. So it would therefore be fair to assume a lot came to ‘AoS’ with the same level of prior knowledge to the movie (as in, none), offering the goodwill built up from their previous experience from said movie. These then will be the numbers quickly bolting from the building, unsure as to what the point is and perhaps unrealistically (but understandably) expecting some of the stars from the movie to appear. The diehards, whilst having concerns, will stick with it until the show comes to an end.

    Whether those numbers alone will be enough to give it anymore than one full season is another question entirely.

  2. AoS has been awful. It is written and marketed for 8 year olds, which I suppose is fine, but it should be on Saturday morning TV if that’s the intended audience.

    Thinking that Gotham will be done much better is silly though. What has DC done that is better than what Marvel’s film studio has done? There is no track record of DC doing superior work. The Dark Knight trilogy was fantastic, but it was a standalone trio of films born and created while DC sat on their hands afraid to act. Even the concept of another AoS type of spinoff, this time with Commissioner Gordon and his police sounds ridiculous. Either give us the superheroes, Marvel and DC, or don’t even try.

    • Gotham isn’t film, it’s television…and right now, DC’s got a pretty great TV track record, with “Arrow” blowing SHIELD clear out of the water…if you haven’t seen it yet, I strongly recommend getting into it…great show

  3. Ya you misspelled a lot in this article not to mention how much it hates the Show….(pulling attention to the TWO (not to) biggest superheroes in existence) real nice job with that editing there. Just because the Hellicarrier crashes doesn’t mean Agents of SHIELD will be cancelled…The show wasn’t made to simplify what SHIELD does, it was made to last out making money and to explain Couslon’s return. That being said would you rather have it be explained over 3 minutes in a Marvel movie or a series of episodes that are obviously pointing out technologies that are a part of Coulson’s survival. Did no one catch that the technologies they find are a big finger in the butt that points to his return? Surely the person that wrote the article didn’t see it probably ‘cus he doesn’t watch the show. I don’t want to be mean here but I must because all of you are missing the point,in other words you are ALL expecting way to much from this show.

  4. This would be a great way to kill the show!

  5. If they do Gotham right, it’ll be a generic police show. If they do it wrong, it will probably not be much better.

    And AoS killed AoS, let’s not grasp at straws. The new Captain America movie isn’t what’s doing the show in, crappy writing and an uninteresting and un-engaging plot are doing that just fine.

    • +1

    • Actually read the article this time. This is exactly what the author says and includes Captain America has the ‘finish line’ in why fans are more interested in that movie than Agents of Shield (besides the fact that Cap has a bigger budget).

    • Not really up to speed on Gotham.

      What’s the crack, is it just following Jim Gordon and crew fighting crime in Gotham????

      How’s that gonna work, anytime one of the players show up, even second stringers like Madd Hatter etc. Bats will be all over it so unless there’s LOTS of cameos of a chin in the Batsuit then this would be a pretty lame, generic procedural show.

      If they are dealing with 2nd stringers (which seems to be the premise with AoS although they seem to be keeping everything Extremis related – YAWN) WITHOUT any Bat cameos then they need to explain that cause as we know Bats gets involved from everything from a simple mugging to Joker gassing the city with Smilex.

  6. HAHAHAH two nerds who are too talkative to be allowed aboard the helicarrier.. I love it.

    I’m not convinced the trailer killed the show though. I feel like I’m watching the show commit a very slow, painful suicide every week.

    Spoilers I bet Coulson dies again at the end of the series.

  7. I’m having a major problem with Marvel’s narrative as it maneuvers through it’s movies and now with AoS.
    Also I’m getting a bit tired of the corny-ness of AoS. If they took themselves a bit more serious it would be a good show. But, right now I can’t see it lasting past one year.
    I’ve been fooled before though, Arrow got much better as the season progressed.

  8. So clearly this author hasnt watched AoS… Coulson wasnt stuck with the team, he picked them. Which they clearly state in the PILOT… watch the show, form your OWN opinion, THEN write your article.

    Also, Arrow didnt get good until well past its first midseason. Patience

    • Yeah I feel like that’s an aspect a lot of people are forgetting. Obviously he picked them for a reason. Perhaps by the time it’s all said and done he will have been vindicated.

    • I bailed on Arrow after three or four episodes. I take it most people would suggest trying it again?

      • Yes. Arrow became much better towards the end of the first season, and the second season has already blown the first season away and is my favorite show to watch besides The Walking Dead. I think DC may surprise everyone and beat Marvel down the road, as long as they don’t do another Green Lantern.

      • It varies from week to week but Arrow definitely picked up part way through Season 1 to be worth watching if you like the genre. Season 2 so far hasn’t disappointed either.

      • I actually thought it got better past the pilot which wasn’t bad but was kinda lame when you were dealing with Ollie’s supporting cast. Like his sister….so annoying

  9. I didn’t know Coulson had a hairlip.

  10. Watched the pilot. – It was kinda ridiculous and very underwhelming, introducing young annoying generic characters as the main group of agents.

    Fanboys – “Don’t be ridiculous, you can’t judge any show from a poor pilot, you have to give it at least 3 episodes”

    3 Episodes in – Still crap, with awful dialogue and stupid story lines. They’ve seriously let Skye become an agent of Shield now, for gods sake that makes no sense. What’s happened to the elite Shield organisation from the movie universe that I know and love, these guys are amateurs. kids flyin about the place not knowing what they’re doing.
    ( if the best thing after 3 WHOLE episodes is a 30 second cameo by Nick Fury, well then you know the characters and story line has let you down )

    Fanboys – *You can’t judge a show or characters after only a couple of episodes, you have to give it a chance, maybe 5 or 6 episodes to really tell

    5 episodes in – Right that’s it, I’m done, The characters are becoming more annoying and nothings improving. Awful writing and too many in your face Avengers references. The only saving grace for this show is that it’s set in the Marvel Universe, if it wasn’t for that it would be nothing.
    Now I’m just after watching the awesome Cap 2 trailer which reminded of how the TV show is portraying Shield as a piece of s**t.

    Fanboys – “No way, you can only truly judge a TV show after 1 WHOLE season.”

    AGGHHHH, gimme a break fanboys, the show is utter crap and it’s going nowhere and you know it.

    • You and I are in a similar boat. I hated the Walking Dead’s pilot and didn’t watch it again until almost a year later and ended up liking it. But I’ve seen up to episode five of AoS and STILL don’t like the show. It’s easy to look back on shows like Stargate SG-1 and tell people exactly where the show gets good, but since this show is currently in motion, they’re losing viewers with each episode and very few feel it will get better.

  11. AOS will run two seasons. At the end of season 2 Ultron shows up and kills them all except Coulson…

    • TWIST = Coulson is Ultron

  12. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t. I think it’s getting better though. Early days

  13. Will everyone give this show a chance to evolve on its own. Come on people!!!

    • I gave it five episodes. What more do you want?

  14. The plots are flimsy and formulaic, the characters are thin-souled.

    I think we’re watching the beefing-up of Coulson. Nothing more.

    That said, I can think of five or ten other shows I’d rather see cancelled instead.

    It might not be as good as we all hoped it would be, but there is a LOT of crappy TV shows out there. I’d be happy to see this crappy show continue, wouldn’t you? Perhaps they can pull it out of their ass, where it’s currently lodged.

  15. Good god, if you guys hate the show so much, why do you keep watching it and talking about it? There are clearly dozens of other TV shows that are worthy of your time but it seems like there needs to be a negative AoS article on here every other day.

    Pointless to keep talking about how the show sucks, and how its doomed and all that. We’ve seen that in the 7 other articles you’ve posted blasting it. Just change the channel man, lol

  16. Ok I’ve worked it out. Coulson died and this is his own personal hell!

    • That was pretty creative there! I hate people that hate this show but that comment was pretty great! LOL

      • Yeah, I have to admit, that got a chuckle out of me too.

        It seems like this site is bent on convincing us all that this show is crap. I enjoy it. It’s fun.

        Is it amazing? No… rather, it’s simply a bit of fun. The Eye Spy episode was a good ride.

        Anyway, this article is really, really poor writing. There’s so much conjecture going on, and so much assumption that AoS is the bane of comic book television. I bet if there was a simple poll as to whether or not people enjoy AoS, the writers would be surprised.

        But they’re too busy trying to convince us all that it’s not a good show. It’s like they want it to fail.

        • I like the premise of AoS, I’m just not enamored with some of the cast which I feel lets it down. Mainly Ward and Skye who are both characters with no depth and was looking forward to seeing one of them removed after she betrayed the team, and am hoping that the upcoming death is Ward, with no “magical Tahiti” to return from.

          Whether the stories need spreading over 2 or 3 episodes, so as to expand on the actual plot, is maybe something they should play with. Stop pandering to throwaway episodes and allow the storyline to develop!

          You’ve got a pre-established universe, where you admit Superheroes exist, run with it, instead of just completely ignoring it.

          And is the best that SHIELD could do for computer tech is Skye? This is an agency that has been hiding stuff for over 50 years, including a fleet of fricking flying aircraft carriers, and they try to say that they need a hacker in order to do their job? Tony Stark has an AI that can supposedly get into any system and he works as a consultant for SHIELD, so would he not have programmed them some sort of hack. Hell if you follow the premise, that most tech will have been developed from Stark Tech, would he not be incredibly short-sighted not to have hard built back doors? Howard Stark was a genius, who helped to found SHIELD, so do you not feel that he would have done surreptitious stuff to make his job easier.

    • Good one. Maybe he’s in a coma and this is some hologram program he is trapped in…

  17. I would be more than happy to offer ideas of my own for AOS, but I doubt big companies will listen to just one fan. I have ideas for an episode with the SHIELD villain Mad Dog.

  18. ScreenRant…write about something else already..we get it, you don’t like the show

    • +1

      I was very skeptical after the first previews of AoS because I thought the “Michael Extremis Guy” was going to be Luke Cage. And Luke Cage being anyone but Terry Crews is just criminal. So since that didn’t happen I’ve been content with the show so far and am willing to stick with it.

    • +1
      I’m surprised there wasn’t a story ripping the rerun of the Pilot!

  19. i said before this show began that joss whedon and the executive team
    were off on their statement by saying this needs to stand on its own. the show is not that terrible, it just needs to be refined with marvel characters we can indentify with and better story telling. they could spend time chasing the punisher around for a few episodes, figure out who is the
    crimson masked horned guy in hells kitchen, chase aim or hydra, investigate
    the ghost rider, bring out the sons of the tiger, the zodiac cartel,etc and do buildups to their MCU releases. the ratings prove you can’t do a shield show without heros,anti-heros and villians that are tangible. having crap
    like extremis infected people, the red tide, a scorch no one knows about
    ,a non-named colombian hydra is not going to cut it. they should have seen
    this coming… i know i did…

    • Yeah!!! Bring on Stilt-Man!!!

    • I think you are spot on with the recognizable character track. With the rights to all these characters back “in house” this show is the perfect place to showcase properties to see if they are worthy of a movie budget.

      Intro Heroes for Hire or the guy with the magic red hood that starts a super villain group.

      I hope this “Centipede” group ends up being something cool like Hydra or AIM and not just an original idea for the sake of original ideas. The point of licensing Marvel content is to use that previous content and adapt it.

  20. I don’t understand why you keep hating on the show and being so negative, when the show has barely started. Overall story lines have been brought into the light, and you have to wait to see where the story goes. You can only do that by watching the whole season, and not sit looking for things you hate in it.

  21. Well right now, regardless of whether you like the show or not, chances are that AoS will be renewed. I doubt that ABC will cancel all their new dramas, and, at this juncture, Lucky 7 has already been canceled while Once Upon a Time in Wonderland & Betrayal are next on the chopping block. Unless ABC’s spring lineup includes a hit or two, AoS will beat out the rest of the competition and remain the 3rd highest rated drama on ABC behind Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy (right now it is technically 1st due to the premiere ratings)

  22. Answering the title of this note:
    Yes it does.

    Even more.. It´s like SHIELD were divided in sections like the “SHIELD Veteran Agents Zone” or “The Rookies Experimentation Area” and so on…

  23. Arrow’s weakness lies in its generic uninterersting CW/Smallville stock characters, terrible plots involving too much PIS to induce false drama and of course our lovable tokens, who just exist to be black. This whole set up of Arrow is in fact just a play off of the original Smallville dynamic. *Alex is Clark, *Digg, is Pete, the contrived black best friend of a rich white man with a mistrustful attitude, *Laurel and *Thea basically comprise Lana, the brownhaired emotional girl of the group + love interest and *Felicity is most obviously supposed to be Chloe. Several other characters are just darker versions of the above SV archtypes. Not to mention, they already have too many characters for a first season. Roy shouldn’t have been introduced so early and they are dragging with the ever-loathsome Deathstroke (He is the new Sylar, just here because he is popular, just like Diggs is there so blacks will waste their time watching this show). They follow the villain of the week formula like they did with CW’s other hit superhero show Smallville, again cementing my opinions that this show is just a hack job rip-off of a great show made by someone more talented. Only due to great advances in movie making tech and the fact that (thanks to Snyder + Singer mainly) superheroes are more well understood nowadays is why Arrow is seen superior to AOS, when is fact they are just as bad as each, in different ways. Atleast AOS is bright, and original and has an actual diverse mix of characters without tokens. While they do follow the obnoxious villain of the week episode started by the cheese-fest the X-File they at least aren’t carelessly formulaic about it (Like CW is about everything). Don’t get me wrong, Whedon is a little overrated but FOR ME AOS wins in this contest. :) I think Arrow would have received the universal praise if it had done business with ABC instead of the CW. DC is really on its last legs nowadays, now that Nolan has ruined the Bat franchise and “BoyScout Supes” fanboys ruined MOS becoming a big hitter since he killed enemies and fought like a warrior instead of a peace loving hippie throwback from the 60’s.

    • I see what you’re saying (yeah, Arrow isn’t very good) but AOS is just as generic.

      And saying that “Nolan has ruined the Bat franchise” doesn’t help. If you’re in the minority about something, NEVER use that to prove your point. I don’t care about what you do or don’t like, but saying that something is garbage that a LOT of people love just isn’t going to get people to listen to you. Just saying.

  24. I don’t understand why you guys were so merciful to Arrow’s terrible first season all of last year but have been totally ragging on Agents of SHIELD from the very start. It’s a decent effort, it’s solid, and it’s not failing as hard as this site would lead many to believe.

  25. I don’t hate AOS (neither does the person who wrote the article) it’s just that the show simply isn’t very good. I understand giving a show “time to grow” but there have been plenty of recent great TV shows that DIDN’T have underwhelming pilots, which is why that just isn’t a valid excuse anymore. We’re past the time where TV shows are given a break for the first few episodes being subpar. Hannibal, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead being just a few examples of shows that started great and didn’t need time to “find their footing” during their first season.

    I’m a huge comic book fan and love The Avengers (I even enjoyed TV shows like Smallville). And I am a fan of Whedon’s work (Firefly being one of my favorite TV shows. Ever) but I’m still able to see that AOS is NOT great TV. I understand why some people like it, but those who love it and are getting agry with us saying that we’re hating on it are STILL saying stuff like “it will get better, you’ll see”). The show is several episodes in, and we’ve yet to see quality improve.

    And to be honest, I enoyed that Captain America trailer more than any episodes of AOS. Not because of the action, but because the story in this movie just looks more engaging and the characters look more interesting than anything we’ve gotten in AOS. Again, I understand that some times a show takes time for characters to get interesting, but with those shows I mentioned earlier (like Breaking Bad) I found those characters to be incredible just in the pilot episode. I’m not someone who wants to see AOS fail (I really, REALLY want to like it) the reality is that, whether you like the show or not, it REALLY needs to step up it’s game, or else it’s in trouble.

    • By the way, I don’t watch Arrow (not taking sides here). Wathed the first few episodes, didn’t like it. I’ve heard it got better later in the season (possibly what will happend with AOS). The thing is, I don’t want to sit through a bunch of dull episodes hoping it gets better. If I don’t like what I’m seeing, I’ll simply stop watching it once there have been several bad episodes in a row. Say what you will about Smallville’s later seasons, but the creators new how to make a great first season.

      I’m not here to hate on AOS. I’m saying it’s simply not as good as it could be, and NEEDS to get better, or else it will get cancelled after one and a half seasons. The ratings are still good, but they’re dropping every week. If they don’t figure something out, it will get cancelled pretty early (which is a shame since this show has a lot of potential, but has failed to do anything intriguing so far).

  26. I know, I know, I’m clicking into and reading these articles so I have it coming.

    But seriously, did Agents of Shield touch some of the writers, esp. the one who wrote this piece, in a bad place or something? What is up with all the hating on a show that’s not even half way through the season yet??? I don’t recall seeing so much hate directed at Arrow for instance.

    • Actually, Arrow had a LOT of hate toward it when the show started. The thing is, it’s not exactly a show people were looking forward to as much as AOS. I understand that expectations can hurt your view of a show, but it’s still just average.

  27. I must be the only person on earth that likes this show. It’s a good TV series I think. Comparing it to the Marvel movies…it doesn’t compete. I think if this had been put out after Iron Man 2 people would judge it less harsh.

    I think a lot of fans get butt sore when they don’t get answers quickly. An article here on Screen Rant a week or so ago talked about where in the continuity the TV show fits would be told before Cap 2 comes out. Everything in this article about how big and awesome SHIELD is may not be true post Cap 2. If the series takes place post Cap 2, then it would explain the animosity toward SHIELD and the “low budget” operations.

    The Cap 2 trailer makes it look like SHIELD gets too big for its britches post Avengers and oversteps their authority. Cap then has to take SHIELD down and AoS takes place in that “reconstructive” period after. Hence the suspicion and lack of fear some of the bad guys have toward SHIELD in the TV show.

    It no one buys that, then I go back to context. Is AoS any worse the Smallville? Honestly? If it were 4 or 5 years ago people would be liking the show. Quit trying to hold it up to the Marvel Movies or Firefly.

    • There are plenty of people who like this show. I don’t have a problem with that. Sure, Smallville was pretty bad at times, but the first season was one of the best. But, with AOS, I’m still waiting for something interesting to happen.

      I’m not comparing the show to ther Marvel movies, I’m comparing it to a lot of TV shows that are out right now, which are incredible (and better than most movies nowadays).

      And again, like the show or not, they really need to do something. I’m not saying it’s going to get cancelled any time soon, it’s just that the reality is that ratings have dropped a LOT.

    • your not the only person that likes it. Everyone I know in the real world (i.e. not on the internet) really likes the show and looks forward to it every week,

  28. I’ve said it before, the reason people don’t like this series is because it is essentially is a superhero series without superheros. People go to the theatre to see Iron Man, Captain America, Thor kick ass, they don’t go to see who S.H.I.E.L.D.’s going to track down next. If ABC and Marvel want to bring a property to television, bring something people want to see from one of the biggest comic book companies in the world, not something they’ll settle for. I am so disappointed by this weak effort that I am openly rooting for its cancellation. Perhaps then the big wigs will get the message.

    p.s. Arrow frickin rocks!

    • Arrow does frickin rock. It’s action/drama show I look forward to the most each week since I don’t have cable and can’t get Walking Dead. (even if it is a rehash of Smallville/the Darknight trilogy. They were both good, so the rehash is good!)

      • I wouldn’t say it’s a rehash of either of those. Arrow has fully come into its own, last nights episode “Crucible” emphatically proved that. It has now surpassed Smallville on pretty much every level. I highly doubt it will ever rival Nolan’s trilogy, but you’re talking about the best thing to ever happen to comics there, so it’s a nice bar to not be able to reach. Last nights episode was so good I nearly sh*t myself.

  29. @Robert W.

    “Nolan has ruined the Bat franchise”

    To be clear I am not disparaging Nolan’s movies. They are a work of quality but nonetheless generic action films that move from one set piece to another set piece. Basically these are the kind of movies Micheal Bay or Johnathan Lieberman would have directing had they been born with a poets heart like Mr Nolan has. However, the future for Bats is as dark as his tale is, and every film following will be subjected to abject humiliation publicly because it won’t live up to Nolans films, and will have to take an even more darker route to get fans engaged and will soon be the movie version of The Shield or other wise people will pout. Besides, Nolan should have made it more clearer that Bats was alive instead of killing him off in that grim and terrible end of an “epic”. The third movie was a waste and should been used an early step to building a CU. Instead they used a hero that has failed at the big screen for over 2 decades (or maybe 3?) to try to initiate. Again, DC on its knees before Marvel :) And DC’s own claimed fans ruined their only chance of seeing a full force MOS and Dc dominated movie market.

    • Well, a lot of people would have to disagree with you there. The Dark Knight is one of the best written superhero films ever, it’s not generic at all. You can say what you want, but just because it’s your opinion doesn’t make it fact. You can say that about my opinion, but the difference is that you are in one heck of a minority, which you fail to acknowledge.

      I’m not going to keep debating with you simply because that would be debating with your opinion, which is a waste of time.