Does the ‘Captain America 2′ Trailer Prove ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Has Failed?

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agents of shield coulson sad 570x294 Does the Captain America 2 Trailer Prove Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Has Failed?

For the past five weeks, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  has been attempting to make the transition from fledgling series into an earnest entry in Marvel’s ever-growing universe. But with the release of the spectacular Captain America: The Winter Solider trailer – while Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is taking a week off -  one must begin to wonder if Marvel has accidentally put the coffin nail in their struggling television counter-part with but a mere trailer reveal.

Let’s get it out of the way now: The Captain America: The Winter Solider trailer – all 2:27 minutes of it – is a better episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. than all the aired episodes of the series combined. Of course, when it comes to watching minutes of a $150+ million production, there’s no way a television show budget can even compare. Not one bit.

This, however, is not what Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. should be worried about.

agents of shield coulson 2 570x294 Does the Captain America 2 Trailer Prove Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Has Failed?Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Throughout the Captain America: The Winter Solider trailer, viewers are finally able to see more of the inner-workings of Marvel’s secret agency which, from the point of view of the television series, has largely consisted of cramped office spaces, a generic computer lab and parking so scarce that Coulson has to park his sports car, Lola, in a plane. On the other hand, the S.H.I.E.L.D. depicted in the trailer is an impressive, awe-inspiring organization whose resources are on full display. Putting the theatrical  vs. TV budgets debate aside, what the newly-released Cap 2 trailer unfortunately does is call into question the purpose of the Aos TV series – even more than audiences already have.

517986061 c 620 439 Does the Captain America 2 Trailer Prove Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Has Failed?

What we have so far is this: Agent Coulson – (formerly) S.H.I.E.L.D.’s top agent – is killed, brought back to life (somehow) and is “stuck” with a cast of misfits who don’t really do all that much and aren’t all that successful. In the 5 episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. that have aired, there have been multiple accounts of inside information being leaked out, 2 supervillains created, 1 new girl leading an “important” mission, and 0 mysteries revealed during those never-ending plane rides. It seems, in part, that Coulson may have been given the most boring division of S.H.I.E.L.D. there is.

With a rag-tag group consisting of the silent one (Melinda May), the generic one (Grant Ward), the new one (Skye) and two “geeks” who are likely too talkative to make it onboard the Helicarrier, Coulson has been traveling the globe for seemingly no reason or purpose. Nothing, as of yet, has really come from any of the missions that they’ve been sent on, and Coulson is still making over-the-top references about how something is a bit off.

captain america 2 agents of shield 570x294 Does the Captain America 2 Trailer Prove Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Has Failed?Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Then comes the Captain America: The Winter Solider trailer, and S.H.I.E.L.D. is shown as the powerful organization that it is – not just by its impressive arsenal of planes, vehicles and a Helicarrier, but by its intense dedication to the protection of the planet. This is what one can simply intuit from the trailer; no mysteries or over-the-top musical accompaniments are needed. Everyone and everything has a purpose, and there isn’t a single person running around wondering what they’re supposed to be doing, or making references to how important a specific mission is. If something is important, audiences – especially in today’s age – will know.

In short, what the Cap 2 trailer lacks in time to fully develop its characters and their story, it makes up with CGI and effects. Don’t know how impressive S.H.I.E.L.D. is? Watch the gigantic Helicarrier crash in to the earth. As a television show, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. cannot keep up in that way – and it isn’t, thankfully. What Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. should be doing is taking the extended time provided – its version of a $150+ million budget – and tell intimate tales worth telling, or that are at least interesting, while actually making us feel like we are embedded in an actual top espionage agency dedicated to protecting the planet.

agents of shield plane 570x294 Does the Captain America 2 Trailer Prove Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Has Failed?Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Right now, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is a series with no soul or purpose, and there’s no number of supervillain origins that will change that. It’s a television show that exists because it need$ to. Instead of stretching the small cast and limited budget to the max with production tricks, viewers are met with unnecessary, over-reaching tales that make it absolutely obvious that you’re watching a superhero(-esque) series on a budget, on ABC at 8pm. But even if S.H.I.E.L.D. makes the necessary tweaks to finally earn its early season renewal, can it survive the upcoming onslaught of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?


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  1. Here comes the fury.. *Cue Marvel fanboys going insane*

  2. Hey! What happened to Clark Gregg!

    C’mon, the show sucks but leave Coulson alone!


    Seriously, LOL @ that picture.

  3. Wow, this is really negative. I’m not “pro” D.C. or “pro” Marvel, but this article comes off as very one-sided. Gotham is barely an idea in someone’s pants and you’ve already got it whooping butt. Be clear: AoS is losing viewers and it is five shows in. That’s it. Every article coming out of SR on this is full of “all they have to do is tell compelling personal stories.” Like they aren’t trying?

    Shows like this are a boon for the fans. We need to help it along with constructive ideas. Speeding it into the grave will only make shows like Aos AND Gotham harder to make in the future. It gives producers a website to point to and say, “See. We’re not making Wonder Woman b/c it’s too risky. Look at what SR did to AoS.”

    • Well, things should be defended when they deserve to be defended. If something only serves as a detriment (which is AoS current status) better to bury it quickly and move on.

      There is absolutely no reason to eat spoon-fulls of turd pudding and insist that eventually it will taste like tapioca. It’s still the same turd pudding, you’ve just gotten used to it is all.

      • but no one is making you watch it. don’t watch it. it doesnt take anything away from you if you just ignore it. stop commenting on it. quit trying to belittle the people who do like the show and who want to give it a chance. what do you care if it’s on? is the shows mere existence that much of an annoyance to you?
        i don’t watch WWE, because i think it is the worst $h!+ ever on tv. i don’t go out of my way to comment on it. there are no articles on SR about that that i have seen, but if there were, i would never read the articles or comment on them. no point. yes, i know i have the RIGHT to [before you lawyer up on me ;)], but it would just be counterproductive.
        just sayin’.

    • I think by criticizing AoS, SR is actually doing the show justice. I’m by no means a marvel fan boy but I enjoy the cinematic universe they’ve built and I’d like to see the show succeed. If we settle for the status quo then it’s hard to imagine things getting better. I hope they can get things going by season 2. If so, I’d gladly watch. For now, I’m sitting out.

      • Could be more constructive criticism. Otherwise, I agree with you. ;)

        • I m ONLY watching…or keeping one eye on, so I can find out what the deal is with Coulson’s “death”.

  4. It is what it is. aos was made for kids to watch or for kids to watch too. I think the idea of having a family friendly aos was kind of a miss step. A lot of ppl who wanted a shield tv show wanted a tv-ma one. But when you add Disney + abc = you normally get a giant crap fest. All I can say is that evey kid I know( my god daughter cousins and friends kids) love aos. Its almost like they should either move it to another station and make it more hard core or they should show it at 11am on Saturdays after cartoons

    • If you were expecting a TV-MA Marvel show, then it’s your own fault that you’re disappointed. The movies have had generally a lighter family-friendly tone, so I have no idea why any person in their right mind would have expected differently.

    • why is making something “family friendly” the kiss of death? does everything have to be all GTA all the time? i guess you don’t have a family or something? that word is somehow distasteful to you? if disney is too friendly, what are you doin watching it? wtf? all the marvel films in the MCU have been pretty much the same way. they have some violent material. in CAP:TFA the monk getting shot. cap throwing 2 people off a plane. a dude chopped by a propeller. even in AOS a guy got a visible hole burnt thru him. kinda gruesome. if you want graphic torture porn go watch the hostel films.

      • You can have family friendly bad and family friendly entertaining. Just look at what they did with Avenger; Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and then they decided to scrap that for Avengers Assemble. The problem is not catering to children. The problem is thinking that children are mindless idiots who you can just jingle keys in front of for their entertainment.

  5. I have said before the show concept is flawed.
    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is low rent S.H.I.E.L.D.

    S.H.I.E.L.D. is a brand that carries expectations
    none of which Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. could meet.
    Failure was destined from within the show blueprint.

    Only a fool would repeat himself.
    I repeat,
    only a fool would repeat himself.

    • Good acoustics in here….. listen to that echo… echo…. ech….. ec


  6. Not feeling the negative tone of the article. Like if I was watching FOX news.

    • Truth hurts, some people can’t deal with it.

  7. Couldn’t agree with you more Screenrant. I’ve been utterly disappointed with the show so far and I’ve tried my best to give it a chance. Let’s all be honest, it’s so horrendously bad, generic and mis-cast that it’s actually insulting to marvel, comic book and Tv fans alike.

    The SHIELD organisation depicted for the few seconds in the Cap trailer,,, well, hmmm, for some strange reason I can’t imagine they’d hire a 20 year old pretty girl (with no experience or training) and have her leading team missions in no time at all because she was able to blog and hack from her van.

  8. you do understand that gotham will be on fox. who’s last good live action tv show was grounded for life? the idea that gotham show on fox will be good is like saying im going to stick my thing in a glory hole that is know for homosexual random relations and hoping a women’s lips is what you get. its like a 95% chance any tv show on fox is going to be crap

    • I really don’t understand the logic in blaming a US network.

      Over here, FOX airs The Walking Dead, Dexter, Low Winter Sun, Falling Skies and American Horror Story, to name just a few.

      AOS airs on a channel that gave us a show about couples boinking in a soundproof box in front of a studio audience and then talking in graphic detail about it.

      What I’m saying is, quality comes from anywhere and saying “This show is on X network so it will suck” is pretty ignorant. Maybe we need to get out of the “network” mentality and get into the “lets look at the show’s writing” mentality instead.

  9. “Did Marvel accidentally kill ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ by revealing the espionage action in the ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ trailer?”

    Mr Ocasio, your line of thinking is both intelligent and obvious at the same time.

    The answer to your question: YES.

    Coming from a neutral POV, I expected “Agents Of SHIELD” to be, at the very least, an entertaining television show. It is not.

    From a partisan POV, even the most hardcore Marvel enthusiast is frustrated with the show.

    Here’s another question: If anyone has an hour to kill, which television show is the one to watch – “Arrow” or “Agents Of Shield?”

    • Arrow lost me much faster than AoS. Couldn’t get past the “damaged” tough guy playboy billionaire living with his mommy and little sister. I really wanted to get into that show.

      • I think the Nielsen Ratings and your average television viewer is choosing “Arrow” over “AoS.”

        Numbers don’t lie.

        • I don’t disagree. I’m merely pointing out that I turned off Arrow after fewer episodes than five, and today Arrow has moved beyond its troubled infancy. (BTW, has Olly moved out if mommy’s house yet?) AoS seems stronger in its first 5 eps than Arrow.

          • no but mommy’s in nick (jail) and is facing the needle so guess it’s his pad now.

            • Sweet! Par–TAY!!!

        • I watch both on Hulu.

          But if I could only watch one, Arrow is far more interesting.

          And I AM a Marvel fanboy.

          AoS was a flawed premise…normal people in a super hero world. There’s a reason people want to watch the Superheroes and NOT the normal folks. And how many super powered people have shown up in AoS already?

          They broke their own premise in the first scene of the show and then only went halfway with it leaving viewers unsatisfied with the results.

          Not enough espionage to make it intriguing and not enough superheroes to make it fantastic.

          The show could be saved by giving it a complete overhaul, but I doubt the effort will be made. I expect this series to be canceled soon.

      • I tried Arrow when it first aired and probably just stopped watching it right after 1st episode. But all my friends were so much into it. So I gave it another chance. First season ended up being quite good and the second one is great and far better the AoS so far.

        Even though, I still watch AoS just because it reminds me of Stargate/Chuck/… style of series, where every episode is somewhat random, but all of them are partially connected. And also beacuse I want to see if/when they kill the boring characters :D

        • @ rancor1223
          I had a similar experience with Arrow.
          When it premiered last year I watched the first 4 or 5 episodes but it wasn’t grabbing me so I stopped watching. Fast forward to about a month ago when it hit Netflix streaming and I gave it another shot and I’ve already finished season one and I’m 2 episodes into season 2.
          I still don’t think the first 5 or 6 episodes are all the great but eventually the show found it’s groove and got a whole lot better.
          I’m trying to be patient with AoS but I’m close to bailing. So if it doesn’t improve by the time the holiday break comes I may just stop all together. Maybe I’ll try it again when the full season becomes available on streaming but for me anyways there doesn’t seem to be a way for it to improve the same way Arrow has. Even though there’s only a minor connection to the MCU it hinders where the show can go IMO and I don’t see a way around it.

        • Ah, but Chuck was a better spy show, and funnier too.

    • Bait post is baiting.


    • Out of your options….. Arrow hands down, season 1 or 2.

      I’d also like to add Blacklist to the options.

    • My opinion is that Arrow is the better of the two shows.

      • Same here.

        Arrow was cheesy in episode 1 but still way better than AOS has been so far.

        I’ve said it before but it bears repeating. Arrow came back last week with a 2 hour special. AOS had 4 episodes by then and after the first hour of Arrow, I had more fun and excitement than I had with 4 hours of AOS.

        I wanted to enjoy both shows but at this point, Arrow is like the fine dining experience and AOS is food out of a dumpster.

  10. Look how bad SG-1 was in its first series. No real propelling narrative other than to find Daniels wife. AoS could be good, it’s early days, but get rid of one half of the exposition twins and give us some damn motivation/purpose for the team.

  11. is Coulson even in the new Cap?

    • Was Coulson in IM3? Is Coulson in Thor 2? Is he in Cap 2?

      No. In Marvel’s “Cinematic” world, he’s DEAD.


      • Yep Avengers are only level 6 so as far as they know he’s deader than a dodo.

        (obviously need more experience points to level up)

        Have to say would be good if Steve found out and confronted Fury about it though…. add to the whole secrets that have secrets vibe and mistrust coming from CA:WS

  12. “Coulson might be better off preparing for a retirement with his favorite violinist.”

    He’s cheating on the cellist?!

  13. *SHIELD thrown under bus* lol

    I do agree though, I don’t think Agents of Shield will be able to carry itself through the coming years very well. If there’s no actual plot established, I’m not sure a whole lot of people will even watch it anymore, even those who are watching it for the sole reason it’s Marvel will probably stop lol. Arrow is starting to really step up its game though unfortunately, it’s on the CW. I’m not sure how many people watch that channel compared to ABC. But then comes Gotham, which has the potential to be a great show as well as having some hefty number of viewers each episode given that it’s on Fox. I would also say Gotham and SHIELD are somewhat similar so there’s bound to be comparisons.

    SHIELD can still end up being a hit by the end of the season but I think it’s going to take a hell of a lot of writing. The characters, from the get-go, are one dimensional and the story doesn’t seem very focused to me (I’ve only really watched 3 or 4 episodes so far). You can also say shows get better as it continues but, to me anyways, there’s usually something in the first few episodes that show people the series is actually going somewhere. I thought the first few episodes of Arrow were mediocre but there was a back story to it all as well as some interesting three-dimensional characters. With SHIELD, there was none of that. It was just littered with Disney background music and several jokes and gags.

  14. “Agents Of SHIELD” is not the S.H.I.E.L.D. of the Marvel cinematic Universe.

    It is “SHIELD” in name only.

    A cheap, knock off version.

  15. I have never once believed that AoS is taking place in the same world as the Avengers. Like the article says, tv budget just cannot compete with film budget.
    AoS kinda reminds me of that short-lived Charlie’s Angels reboot and should probably be done away with in the same fashion.

  16. I’m going to be the naïve one & say that it still has a chance. I’m hoping that they’re taking all of this criticism seriously & are tweaking the show for the latter half of the season. No, there’s no way that they can match the budget of the movie, but at least make it feel like I’m watching the world’s top secret organization & not a bunch a children running around.

    • +1

      haha agreed. We don’t need to see huge 100 million dollar movie set pieces in order to believe we’re watching a competent secret agent organisation , all you need is a decent budget and good writing.

      Less of the Scooby Doo and James Bond Junior nonsense thanks.

    • Who’s to say it won’t turn around the second half? Lots of shows improve tenfold as their first season progresses. Smallville was nothing but freaks of the week the first half of its premiere season. Was everyone complaining back then?

      Remember the episode with Camilla Reyes, and she criticized the team for being “young and pretty.” Obviously if the show is poking fun at itself, the writers are aware of its issues, and maybe the plan all along has been to correct those issues, develop the characters into being something more than just young and pretty, and develop an overarching plot. the reappearance of the mysterious group behind Centipede seems to indicate that there is indeed an overarching plot in the cooker.

  17. AoS is a tricky beast.

    I confess to enjoy it. It’s not that good, however nor is it awful enough for me to turn off.

    The show feels constrained by it’s budget.

    SHEILD as everyone keeps mentioning is a uber super spy; extra governmental, international, IMF on steroids and extremis type of organisation but you don’t get that feeling from AoS.

    If the team need to call in back up, you expect them to have to reverse the charges.

    You don’t feel they have the resources to lock down a hammer in the desert in 6-12hrs or have two squads as backup while having a chat with a doctor.

    Apart from the bionic eye episode the “problems” to be solved have been pretty half assed as has the way the team tackle them (yes I get it, they’re crap cause they’re getting use to each other).

    Is Coulson running this team or is he just there to baby sit…. show some leadership and kick this group into shape.

    The show lacks…… energy, bounce, sparkle. It feels like a show that’s already 3 or 4 seasons in and is struggling to keep things fresh. (Burn Notice-its)

    None of the characters really zing, their motivations and personalities are fairly generic. Any surprised that Skye is looking for info on her folks….. nope me either.

    It’s been a while since I saw the pilot but have it actually been explained WHY Fury has commissioned this little task force? What’s the mission?

    There must be hundreds of teams dealing with similar incidents… how about a joint team adventure, shake it up a little bit, maybe our guys see how the pros do it and decide to have a bit of that action.

    Is it simply a baby assignment for Coulson while the higher ups assess him after his “return” and as soon as he has his mojo back it’ll be canned and everyone goes back to doing what they were doing.

    Certainly feels like it at times.

    Where’s the stakes…. if this team balls up an assignment how consequential are the consequences.

    At the moment it feels that the biggest tragedy that could befall this group is Skye breaking a nail.

    • well put. i think things will turn around with this show. i could be wrong, but, we’ll see

    • Yea don’t call it a failure until it has a full season. Arrow sucked for the first 10 episodes, and now it is an awesome show. I’m going to continue to watch AoS and hope it gets better like Arrow did.

      • Arrow most certainly didn’t suck for 10 episodes. 2-3 at the most maybe.

        Besides just cause AOS has a full season order, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t suck. Look how many crappy shows got several seasons undeservedly.

    • I’m pretty sure Screenrant are only reporting on facts and what the general consensus and feelings about the show are from the majority of fans. The ratings have been taking a huge drop from show to show and there’s a reason for that. It’s not like Screenrant are the only site reporting negatively about it.

      If you enjoy the show then fair enough, that’s your opinion, but the majority of people are disappointed and underwhelmed by it. Nothing wrong with fans com in on here and venting their frustrations about it. Who knows, being negative about this could have an overall positive effect, it the writers take note, maybe they’ll get their s**t together and produce better quality characters and story liners for future episodes.

      • Don’t get me wrong it’s not like I was saying that Screenrant isn’t reporting facts its just that every article almost seems to want it fail I am just say maybe take a step back and look at things objectively there is nothing wrong with fans voicing their opinions on whether or not it is a good show or not its just that to me if you are going to write an article like this one here the writer should take an objective approach that’s all I’m saying

  18. This is a problem I had from the very get-go. The TV version of SHIELD is a goofy joke compared to what has been established in the movie universe. You wouldn’t think they exist in the same world if it weren’t for Coulson.

    • How is it not objective?

  19. AoS isn’t a supplement to the MCU, it isn’t a stand alone show, it just is.

    There is no excuse for this show to be as boring as it is, Gregg might be likable and Coulson might be popular, but this is a wafer thin presentation with a few nods to the movies and that’s about it.

    Hell, the central mystery of the show DIDN’T EVEN HAPPEN ON THE SHOW… in my mind the Coulson issue should of been dealt with within the first few episodes because a quick continuity update to explain away a comic book death isn’t where a new show should START, that should be in season 3-4 when the show has found an audience, has its footing, and built up audience goodwill on its own.

  20. This Show is really bad. I’ve fallen asleep the past 3 episodes. I can’t even keep my self awake to watch a full one. Terribly written , No humor and their dragging out the ” Mystery” as to why Phil is up and kicking. I look for it to only be a season long if that. I love phase one , but come on. They could have done better.

  21. There is one way for a television show to play more or less even to big budget films, and that’s to have really good writing matched to well-cast actors. Special effects are not necessary to impress if the storytelling itself is fantastic. AoS, from what I have seen, is in-between. It seemed like a decent idea to begin with, but in execution…maybe they should just let it die and move on to other show ideas.

  22. It’s staggering to me that a supposedly professional website such as Screenrant can devote as much time as it does to (literally) daily articles about “how bad Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. is”. It’s been nearly every single day for over a month now. WE GET IT. YOU DON’T LIKE THE SHOW.

    Frankly, I have no faith whatsoever that you’ll give up this campaign of complete public pettiness and so instead I’ll simply give up on the site. It was already fast becoming a joke before Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. was even greenlit, it’s content since has just been pathetic. This is no longer an entertainment news and review site, it’s a blog about how bad Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. is, interspersed with a smattering of trailers I can just as easily catch on the Apple trailers site.

    Like I was with AICN a decade ago, I am done with Screenrant. May your endless daily bitching about a single TV show help you sleep at night, losers.

  23. Coulson looks a bit SOUR! or at least like he just sucked on a lemon and got pissed at the same time, that scour is hilarious!

    • That pic of Coulson (Clark Gregg) was taken immediately following his exit from the “Iron Man 3″ premiere viewing back in May.

      Just sayin’.

  24. I think a lot of problem for the show is it’s tone and atmosphere as many here pointed out ! I just doesn’t feel serious enough to be Shield !

    It feels just not marvel as well ! Its the typical ABC and Disney Show here,
    watch Once upon a time and you know what I mean !

    The show really needs more drama ,a bit more serious tone !
    It can be like a companion to the movies,so with Thor 2 coming out lets integrate this into the show ! Attack on London ? Great,let Coulson and his team appear in the Movie for a second,and go on a mission to help Thor,and execute this in the TV Show and show their side of story there !

    Not sure if you guys get my mean,I guess you do !

    It would be like a cameo in the movies but on the TV show they could show the other side,not the Super Hero but the guys in the back ground !

    Same on the TV Show…we could see Coulson in front of the camera and in the background Cap or Thor doing there things !

    Bring the TV Crew to the Movie sets,and let them use them !

    Special effects…they are done and rendered for the Movies,it is really not that hard to take an existing 3D effect and show it from another angle in the show !

    All they need is connect the 2 things ,and let them lead up to the Movies ! then have a couple of eps play the same story as in the movies ! Maybe Cap needs somethings so shield is doing it ! Show it !

    Anyway,really wanted to like this show and I am still trying but the tone of it really drags it down !

    Hope Marvel moves the show to another channel,Blade was great back in the day ! Best Marvel Live Show out there so far !

    • *sigh*

      *removes spectacle*


      • you mean monocle.

        Why facepalm??

        Okay it’ll never happen but it’s the sort of correlation that could be done with a bit of forethought, would give the show some meaning, give the fans a bit of a giggle.

        Everyone’s biggest complaint is that SHEILD is bigger than some kids in a 747, well lets drop ‘em in the big game.

        When there’s a new MCU release lets get a tie in episode…. get them involved.

        • Thats what I am talking about !

          Cheers !

  25. ^^LOL. Could be him watching the Cap 2 trailer.

  26. The last three episodes have been solid, that’s all I have to say. Take Skye away, and it’ll be fine.

    • solidly bad yes.

  27. Captain America: Hey Coulson eat a snickers.
    Coulson: Why?
    Cap: Your show sucks when you’re hungry.
    (Hands him Snickers bar)
    Cap: Better?
    Coulson: Nope still hungry.