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sr underground 110 agents of shield Agents of SHIELD   SR Underground Ep. 110

The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode one hundred ten of the Screen Rant Underground podcast.

Join host Ben Kendrick, fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw, as we review the Agents of SHIELD premiere, discuss the prospect of three more Fast and Furious movies (as well as the problems of franchise filmmaking), a Walking Dead spin-off show, and answer mailbags.

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 110 - Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

We review the Agents of SHIELD premiere, discuss the prospect of three more Fast and Furious movies (as well as the problems of franchise filmmaking), a Walking Dead spin-off show, and answer mailbags.

[0:00] News: ‘Tokyo Drift’ Star Lucas Black Returning For Fast & Furious 7, 8 & 9 and AMC Developing ‘Walking Dead’ Companion TV Show for 2015.

[1:04:10] Rants and Raves – Mailbag: Movie Endings We’d Change and Why Well-Respected Classic Films Were Bashed by Critics.

[1:37:50] Review: Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD premiere (read our full Agents of SHIELD review).

[1:59:10] Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD premiere SPOILERS Discussion.

[2:16:34] Twitter Handles and Contact Information.

[2:17:53] Game Rant News Brief: Grand Theft Auto 5, next-generation consoles, and more!

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw.



Next Week: Breaking Bad and Dexter Series Finales

Last Week’s Official Box Office Battle Reader Winner (Insidious: Chapter 2 opening). Sal reports Kevin7 took the win with a perfect score of 15!

Opening in theaters this week (Wide):

  • Baggage Claim – 1,800
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 – 3,800+
  • Don Jon – 2,200
  • Rush – 2,200

Opening this Week in Theaters (Limited):

  • Metallica Through the Never – IMAX Exclusive Preview

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  1. Cloudy meatballs 2
    Don Jon
    Insidious 2

    • Cloudy meatballs 2
      Don Jon
      Insidious 2

      Wizard Of Oz

  2. Caught the SHIELD pilot at comic-con. I agree with you guys for the most part, except Anthony when he says he doesn’t see the show lasting past a season. The nature of the show is going to appeal to the general audience in a big way imo. The CSI/Fringe/Person of Interest crowd is going to eat this thing up. That crowd brings in big ratings and lets be honest, that all that matters when it comes to network television. So it will be commercially successful, as to whether the comic fanboys love it is another question altogether.

    • Ehhh i dont see how those 3 shows translate to agents of shield. There is similarities no doubt but i think the csi crowd will just watch ncis since its been huge for god knows how many years. Ncis is on at the same time i believe

    • I’m a Person Of Interest fan but I have no real interest on Agents Of SHIELD.

  3. Spin-offs? Maybe. Breaking Bad, sure, might be fun. With Walking Dead, I don’t know. The series is getting worse. So, I’m not sure whether writers freedom will make it any better.

    • I agree. I’m looking forward to the Saul spinoff show, since he was one of my favorite characters and wouldn’t mind visiting his world again. I’m not sure why TWD gets a spinoff though when they can’t even keep it together with the writing/story on the current show. I finally stopped watching with 3-5 episodes left in the third season.

  4. lol @ kofi saying CBS is for f’ing old people!

  5. you all also forgot Kid Rock was in torque…[shudder], what a waste.

  6. I would change the ending to both Wolverine movies. Erase the end to origins sense it bastardized Deadpool before my eyes and take out the entire 3rd act of The Wolverine. Also change the end of Phantom Menace and make Darth Maul survive to replace stupid Count Dooku in the sequels.

    • Ooooh, that Darth Maul idea is great.

    • Its basically canon now that maul survived and got robot legs, but it wouldve been cooler had hed been the recurring antagonist of the preguels instead of dooku and wouldve tied them together better while making him a focal character like vader of the original.

      • Yeah thats what I mean. Darth Maul had the potential to rival Darth Vader in terms of being a cultural icon for villainy had he been the villain in the entire trilogy. You can argue Darth Maul is a huge icon now but thats thanks to the expanded universe.

  7. I do agree with Kofi, I think many of the Man of Steel haters will go back and realize how awesome that movie is. And years down the road once Batman gets re-casted again all the Ben Affleck haters will complain about so and so and be crying for Ben Affleck to return.

  8. I love these PodCasts, but Carlito’s Way had a great ending. Iron Man 3 had a horrible ending, to easy of a wrap up. I would change the ending to Grease, just because why is the car flying away? Anyways, Castaway was a painfull ending to me ( Poor Tom Hanks.). Great PodCast Guys!

    • You win! The flying car in Grease is 10x worse than Falcore disobeying the flight regulations of Fantasia.

  9. Box office battle

    1. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
    2. Rush
    3. prisoners
    4. Don Jon
    5 Insidious 2
    10. The butler

  10. another horrible bike movie was Biker Boyz, I had forgot about Torque… in relation to the F&F franchise, I actually liked all the movies, but I didn’t really like fast 6. I just couldn’t get past that 10 minute runway scene at the end, and some extremely bad directorial moments if you know anything about cars actually drive. But i’m going to keep coming back for the franchise, they’ve got hooked.

    changing the end Iron man 3, its not necessarily the end but I would change the Mandarin being a junkie-actor too, that moment killed that movie for me. Ben Kinsley did such a good job bringing that character to life

    I also agree with Deadpool87 about changing both the ends of the Wolverine movies, origins actually wasnt THAT terrible up until that final volcano scene and the changes to Deadpool, and the silver samurai echoed Iron Man 1 in a really bad way

    • Much to my dismay, I actually did enjoy the fight at the end of Origins Wolverine. I thought Wolvie and Sabertooth back to back fighting that horrible Deadpool spoof was cool. But good call about Iron Man 1. Iron Monger looked cool but that final fight wasn’t much to behold.

  11. kofi, you HAVE to watch Contact. that is a great movie. Matthew McConaughey is kinda dooshy in it, but jodie foster more than makes up for it. if you like her films you really should end the boycott. jodi never done nothin to you man.

    • Seconded.

      • Thirded. It’s an amazing movie, like everything live action by Robert Zemeckis.

  12. i would change the end of the last 2 matrix films so that they would makes some fracking sense!

  13. No Prisoners discussion? Damn. I was really looking forward to that. Great podcast as usual though.

    • Same.

    • I’m going to touch on it for a future Rants and Raves for sure. I thought it was great.

  14. You want terrible biker movies? Other than Torgue there is also Biker Boyz with Laurence Fishbourne.

    I would change the ending of Fincher’s The Game. Up until the end it was a really interesting thriller, but they really should have let Michael Douglas’ character die at the end. His friends taking the game too far and him falling to his death would have been so much better than the actual ending of him jumping off the correct side of the building, landing squarely in the middle of that jumping cushion and living happily ever after. Yes, I get that the game company was so good at analyzing people that they could predict what their clients would do next, but that ending was just too silly and too happy.

    Oh, and while we are at it: I would change the endings of movies like Priest and Underworld: Awakening. Or rather I would give them an ending in the first place. These movies are being criticially slammed, and I understand why, but I actually kinda like them. I would like them even better, though, if they wouldn’t just stop at the end of Act 2 after 70 minutes. I wanted to see the big showdown with the vampire queen in Priest and I wanted to see Selene catching up wit Michael, instead of just getting setups for sequels that most likely will never happen. Sure, building franchises is all the rage at the moment, but that shouldn’t be an excuse to not have self-contained stories with a satisfying payoff. I paid the full ticket price so I expect a complete movie in return.

    Forrest Gump is amazing. I’ve seen it over 10 times and I’m going to watch it many more times.

    Oblivion is fantastic as well. It borrowed a lot from other movies but what it does with those ingredients is pretty much perfect. Visually stunning and with an amazing attention to detail. Joseph Kosinski is definitely a director to look out for in the future.

    p.s.: I have to keep mentioning it: I love Battleship. I’ve seen it three times already and it’s due for another watch soon. :D

  15. The Movie ending I would change would be Man of Steel. Not the last fight or even the neck snap. But the part right before they fought where he said he was gonna kill everyone. I would have had him say Kneel before Zod in their somewhere. I was waiting for it the whole movie and was a little disappointed it didn’t happen.

    I think alot of peoples negative views on MOS will change once its on dvd and bluray. Because alot of comments I have read about the destruction at the end, i don’t remember it like others do. When they fought i remember all the building being empty. Because of the world engine tore the city apart. I doubt if anyone is going to go thru the city shaking and go back upstairs to work. i just think once people see it again they will get a better appreciation of how good it really is.

    • Agreed. People cling onto stupid small problems like that as justification to hate a movie. And as for the destruction at the end, comic book fans need to shut up about that cuz that type of mass collateral chaos happens in many comics. Especially in the New 52, Superman destroys everything!

      • Um, what? Superman destroyed alot at the beginning before he knew who he is, when he was really young and absolutely unexperiaced. But even then he was building destroyed buildings making them way better than they were originally etc.
        But yes destruction in MoS wasn’t on Superman mostly and he was first time facing people of his own caliber.

    • Even more dude. The building that Zod destroyed with heat vision fell on the road while people were shown around it not underneath. Unless ofcourse people thing that Superman flying on the straigt line wouldn’t save people beneath him.

  16. Agents of Shield will definitely last many seasons. They are going to invest alot in the show (including special appearances) to keep the energy and enthusiasm going. I think they realize doing a poor show with the tv show could translate into bad results for the movies, and they are going to allow that to happen!
    AgentsOfShieldForum dot comm out!

    • I really doubt any main marvel hero will show up in the show. If anyone samual l but i sincerely doubt it. Idk how long the show will last we wont know till around 6 episodes. But didnt revolution get a second season? And that show is utter trash so anything is possible

      • I like how you switched it up and started ragging on Revolution!

        Revolution was given a second season because NBC couldn’t cancel all their new shows (really). Eric Kripke brought Ben Edlund over from Supernatural to help Revolution out. Will it help? Probably not. (I am, however, worried about how it’ll impact Supernatural as he was the “heart” of the show.)

        My problem with Revolution is that there was no reason for it to be created in the first place. I mean, there wasn’t even a person who had an idea for a show that they wanted to get made. Here’s what happened: Abrams called Kripke into a room and threw out an idea about surviving after some big event. Their first idea wasn’t even the whole electricity thing – nukes and zombies came before it.

        The funny thing is… Abrams did the same thing to Lindelof with Lost. He pulled Lindelof in a room and tossed out an idea about people surviving on an island where weird things happen. That’s it! Lindelof ran with that idea and created the mysteries of Lost.

        But yeah… don’t expect to see anyone big on SHIELD anytime soon. That is, unless the show REALLY needs the help.

  17. Kofi, just watch Contact. Just do it and it will change your life. It’s one of my most watched movie since 1999. Stop boycotting and give us a quick review on the podcast.

    1. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2
    2. Prisoners
    3. Rush
    4. Insidious Chapter 2
    5. Don Jon
    10. Riddick

  18. I’m more of a movie guy, but I think I need to start watching these AMC shows. I really feel like I’m missing out by not watching ‘Breaking Bad.’

    • You sure do.

    • How did you slip through with such a terrible sin? ;-)

      AMC, HBO, Showtime, FX, Starz, BBC, PBS, A&E…. get on it, buddy.

  19. 1 – Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2
    2 – Rush
    3 – Don Jon
    4 – Prisoners
    5 – Baggage Claim
    10 – We’re The Millers

  20. …I think that Agents of SHIELD and Person of Interest go really well together, I thought the show was a really good first time TV show for MARVEL. I hope this garners more interest so that they go with ‘ Peggy Carter’ show…

    1)Cloudy meatballs 2
    3)Don Jon
    5)Insidious 2

  21. Kofi, you are dead wrong about Man of Steel. That movie is soulless corporate schlock and I never want to see that abysmal mess ever again.

    • You clearly saw a completely different movie than I did dude.

      • Oh, don’t get me wrong. I know people are going to have differing opinions of Man of Steel. My point was I’m not going to look back at it and say ‘Oh yeah, this is actually a classic.’ In fact, I predict people who like it looking at it less favorably as time goes on.

  22. I’d change the ending to The Grey. I wanted to see Liam Neeson fight those wolves, dammit!

  23. I’m glad Anthony Ocasio was the lone voice of dissent about The Fast & The Furious franchise. I hate those movies so much and no matter how many times people try to justify them to me they will always be lame. Kofi’s also wrong about the types of people who watch Mad Men. I’m a 31 year unemployed old black man still working on a BA in History and I LOVE that show! Great podcast as always, looking forward to next week.

    • Just to be Clear: I’ve been a Mad Men fan since the pilot. So I know it appeals to more than JUST yuppie couples. I was talking about the type of people I hear generally discussing it in social spaces.

  24. I was tempted to vote for “KILL IT. For it is an abomination!” It was so funny :D

  25. Kofi…have you actually read All Star Superman? Seems hard to believe if you feel Man of Steel captured it’s essence on film. All Star Superman was wildly creative, epic in scope, nostalgic and earnest, while remaining true to the spirit of the mythology. Zach Snyder just took elements of Smallville, Avatar, Transformers and Avengers, put it in a blender and poured the dog’s breakfast into a steaming pile. Nothing unique or visionary about it. Other than turning Superman into Dirty Harry, that is. Pay the $50 now. In five years, it’s more likely MOS will be compared to Batman & Robin than The Dark Knight or Blade Runner.

    • Really, Batman and Robin? I seriously doubt Man of Steel will be compared to Batman and Robin any time in the near or far off future. Man of Steel is most of the things you mentioned, creative, epic and honors the mythology and giving it a much needed update at the same time.

      • I said that about the All Star Superman comic book series…not the Man of Steel movie. The movie was all hollow bombast and no heart. Box office reflected that. Started off with Avengers-like numbers then flamed out when people realized the emperor had no clothes.

  26. on the whole i have to agree with deadpool
    there is no way that in 5 years MoS is going to be looked at in a similar way that people see Batman & Robin, it just wont
    in 5 years the batman vs superman film will have come out, and likely go down very well (despite some of the complaints its currently getting) and wb/dc will have announced and possibly even released another dc film, that should continue to expand the dccu, so its more likely that people will look at it with similar fondness as iron man 1

    Aside from the superman character i dont see what elements of smallville were used
    Avatar and Avengers – both made more than a billion dollars in theatres despite their flaws – i dont have a problem with synder trying to emulate films of that caliber
    transformers, fair enough, but it can be hard these days to do big action in a city without being criticized as echoing that series

    heres a crazy thought – what if all star superman and Man of Steel are BOTH creative, epic in scope, nostalgic and earnest, while true to the mythology
    The fact that you suggest that MoS is none of these things is silly – even if you dont like the film, which is fair enough, it is certainly at the very least epic in scope

    also just because it didnt make avengers-like numbers doesnt make it rubbish, a billion dollars is hard to make and isnt exactly a good test for a movies quailty or creativity (iron man 3 and avatar made that much), and no comic book characters origin movie has made that kind of cash ever

    • Every scene of young Clark Kent seemed pulled out of Smallville. Even the tornado sequence with “grown up” Cavill. I was with a group and we laughed when we saw they went as far as duplicating the Tom Welling haircut. Pretty shameless. Or was that an homage?

      Look, Kofi suggested that MOS will one day be recognized as a classic despite the poor critical reception it initially garnered. That it will one day be seen as visionary and groundbreaking…and he made the comparison to Blade Runner. I just don’t see that happening to a movie that’s so completely derivative, has an often incoherent plot and has so many eye-rolling moments.

      I love big summer movies. I love comic books. I love Superman comics and movies. But this movie, and the Snyder/Goyer approach, was a colossal disappointment for this fan.

  27. Ben – Justified is available on Amazon Prime, if you have that.

    Kofi – Do not watch Contact. These people have done nothing but hype it up way too much and all it will do will anger you after watching it. On second thought, watch Contact. Angry Kofi makes funny podcasts!