‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Teaser, Logo & Cast Photo Unveiled [Updated]

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agents of shield logo Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Teaser, Logo & Cast Photo Unveiled [Updated]

[Update: The first full teaser for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has aired.]

The 2013 pilot season has delivered its fair share of surprises (including CBS recently passing on the Beverly Hills Cop pilot), but there are still a number of shows that haven’t been decided on. One of those was the much talked about and highly-anticipated Marvel pilot Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which ABC released teaser footage from on Thursday.

On Friday, ABC announced that it had ordered Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to series with the premiere set for the fall. The network also released the series logo (above) and a cast photo featuring Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson (among others).

Joss Whedon directed and co-wrote the pilot, along with his brother Jed Whedon and Jed’s wife Maurissa Tancharoen (who also worked on Dollhouse), but even with the Avengers director on board, the test episode sat in the can for two months before ABC finally announced the series order.

Iron Man 3′s big box office haul certainly might have given ABC confidence that the show could attract an audience. Considering one of the complaints about the latest Tony Stark adventure was that it didn’t include any S.H.I.E.L.D. members, perhaps ABC realized that fans were dying to see more of Agent Coulson and his esteemed colleagues. Besides Gregg as Coulson, those colleagues will be fresh faces in the Marvel universe.

Check out the cast photo below:


Agents of SHIELD Cast Photo 280x170 Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Teaser, Logo & Cast Photo Unveiled [Updated]

Rounding out ABC’s S.H.I.E.L.D. team are Ming-Na Wen (ER) as Agent Melinda May, Elizabeth Henstridge as Agent Jemma Simmons, Iain De Caestecker as Agent Leo Fitz, Brett Dalton (Killing Lincoln) as Agent Grant Ward, Chloe Bennet (Nashville) as Skye and J. August Richards (Angel) in what is still an unknown role.

The cast definitely has fans excited, but the possibility of Marvel superhero crossovers may be the most appealing aspect of the show. Though Whedon has said there may not be a ton of familiar faces popping up in episodes, we have heard that Robert Downey Jr. is open to the idea of a cameo appearance.

It’s certainly an exciting time for Marvel fans. Let’s just hope the show is a bright spot for ABC’s lineup and that it lives a long life on network television. We sure could use more shows like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in primetime. The only other comic book-based television show is, of course, the very popular Arrow on The CW.


ABC has released a teaser trailer for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – which you can check out below. Make sure to check back here later tonight when the network debuts the full announcement spot during the Once Upon a Time finale:


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will premiere this fall on ABC.

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  1. This can be a great show, but I hope they don’t stretch it. This could possibly last for a good 4-5 seasons.

    • this is america… they stretch everything until no one can stand it. smallville has that problem. at least they redeemed themselves with the last season but damn… that show had so many fillers it was annoying

      • That’s not entirely true. I think that Lost ended at the right time. I think that the West Wing and the Sooranos ended at the right times too. X Files did go on too long though.

        • X-Files could have ran for 27 seasons and I would be happy. Maybe the best show of all time IMO. Its just tough getting through those seasons with all of the Monster of the Week episodes.

          • Haha, 27 seasons???

            • Okay, maybe a bit of an exaggeration.

    • People do tend to make shows that should last longer than they do, like Stargate Atlantis for example, that was one of my favorite shows, but they stopped it in favor of a crap show that completely screwed up the whole stargate universe for me.

      • Tending to do something is different than stretching everything. Words matter.

      • To be honest, the first 6 seasons of Smallville were filler and then whent he show actually got good, it continued to throw in the crappy Dawson’s Creek episodes and plotlines as a way of reminding everyone that they weren’t taking anything seriously at all and going for that campy teen drama crap.

      • It wasn’t a crap show, Stargate Universe suffered from the worst thing too happen to a show the fans.

        • A show without fans is a cancelled show. SciFi/SyFy pulled the plug on what the fans wanted (Atlantis) and then gave them a show that was Stargate in name only (was more Battlestar Gallactica than Stargate). (Most of) The fans didn’t like the new series and revolted. Who’s to blame here? SyFy…not the fans.

          • Actually it was the fans who didn’t watch it! So yeah the fans are the worst part of any good sci fi show. Atlantis or vampires in space was the worst stargate they ever made. All those fans feel like they are so entitled to what they want, what does that lead to, no more stargate on T.V.

  2. I have followed SR religiously for a number of years… however I also follow other sites of the same nature and SR seems to be getting worse for reporting news after everyone else.. not just this article, but pretty much every article on your homepage right now I read a day or two (at least) before it makes it on to your site.

    This is making you slide down my list of “priority” for the sites I visit daily as I know by the time I click on your URL i’ll know more than what your site is telling me already.

    Hopefully this will be sorted – as I prefer the writing on here.

    • +10

    • Who really cares? As long as the information is there.

      • I do. Others obviously do. The site owners should also.

        I would love to be able to JUST visit Screen Rant once a day and be up to date on movie and TV news/reviews. As is, this is not possible, and will drive people to other sites that they CAN do that at. This, my ignorant friend, is how websites die.

        • Go elsewhere then, we won’t mourn your passing

          • Yep, I’ve heard and read a few news items before they were mentioned on SR but as others said, I prefer the writing here and I imagine SR’s writing staff prefer being a day or two later than everyone else and being able to verify sources and items rather than throwing any old crap up on the site just to be first with a scoop.

            I liken these comments to the old arguments about Metallica. People complained that they weren’t the same band and others did it better but they still listened to their music. If you don’t like it then use the other sites and be satisfied with knowing news first.

            Choices my friends. We all have them.

            • This site is better at giving fans and casual blogger browsers a better take on what they’re reading about instead of going to Conicbookmive.com and them slapping an article together with no further information regarding their articles, kinda puts a damper on the “news” they report.

              More information is always the best and that’s what SR is great for. I’m very very hopeful and excited about seeing AGENTS, it’s going to be a very good show, and can see it having a “movie” (cinematic” look like Revolution does on NBC. It’s not gonna feel or look like a TV show, I can tell you that.

        • I just visit SR and still am almost up to date.

        • Well, I started coming here when news started appearing late, or not at all anymore, on mainstays Ain’t It Cool News and other sites. I still mostly learn things here first, and often in greater details, than anywhere else. I really have trouble seeing what you’re complaining about.

          Could we have an example of one of those mothers of all genre movie news websites you seem to know about ?

    • Personally I don’t visit screenrant because they are fast at getting information out I come here because I love the writing styles of each article. I like how they post different theories and educate you on the topic in case you don’t know much about the subject. Also the commenters.

      • As I’ve said many times one of the top reasons I come here to Screen Rant is the comment section.
        It actually feels like a community and you can have conversations with other people who will actually be civil most of the time and on the rare occasion that a troll finds they’re way here they don’t last long which I’m sure you know is pretty rare on the net.
        I’ll visit other sites for one reason or another but will only comment on a very limited basis.
        As far as stories being posted a day or two after the news breaks, I’d rather wait to read a article that gets the story correct rather than one minute reading a story than bye the time you’re done reading have that story retracted or proved wrong.

        • Well said Kevin7. Couldn’t agree more.

          I have to say, lately SR has been a little slow with some of their news stories (I think there was a Star Wars one recently that I had heard about two weeks before I eventually saw it on SR), but speed isn’t everything.

          Like you said, the “community”-feel of the website is something I’ve never come across on any other site. People can actually talk to each other here like civilized human beings and there’s also a line of communication between the readers and the staff/writers.
          Plus, the quality of SR’s articles, reviews, editorials, etc. are miles ahead of any of the other similar websites.

          That’s why SR is my #1 source for movie and tv news and reviews.

          • As I said.. I prefer the writing on SR.. But a certain site with the initials CS is always days ahead, and very rarely have i ever noticed a story pulled because it was so early it was false. What’s the point in a movie news site posting anything if the majority of people who search this information out already know more than the site..

            Would you a 3/4/5 day old newspaper?

            Just putting my view across that this site has been letting me down of late.

            Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

            • @ JDH
              I hear what you’re saying, I just look at it differently.
              I’ll call out some other sites. :)
              EW. Will post a headline quickly but that’s all you get. The comment section is one of the worst on the net.
              AV Club. Same as EW news wise but the article will just be filled with jabs and jokes and the comment section is the same.
              CBM. Seems to print every rumor on the net and the comment section is as bad as EW.
              Screen Rant. May not be the 1st to break a story but when a article is posted it’s always followed with an analysis of what the headline means and what it could lead to. Spoilers always come with fair warning. Editorials aren’t presented as a fact that no one can dispute. Readers are encouraged to comment and the staff will participate and at times even include a commenters theory/idea/opinion in the piece.
              And like I’ve said before the comment section is the best online IMO. It’s a community. There’s plenty of people here who I’ll never know or meet who’s opinion I actually value.
              It’s the best of all worlds…

              • Exactly!

              • I know there is one out there, if you disprove anything, which happens quite a lot, they delete your comments.

                Sad, but funny at the same time.

            • We’re not a “breaking news” site – we’re an Editorial site. THE END.

              We don’t shout out what’s happening, we discuss what those events mean. And as our traffic shows, a lot of people aporeciate that.

              • Preach!

          • I wholeheartedly agree with Kevin and Avenger, that while maybe things have been a little slower lately, I still really enjoy getting and reading my news from SR along with the comments. On a side note, kind of would have liked to see Lizzy Caplan be in the show after the “Item 47″ short from last year.

      • This. Usually, when I hear a piece of movie news somewhere else, I’ll come to ScreenRant to look for it, because I enjoy the writing and perspectives of the contributors here. It doesn’t matter so much if it’s about information I’ve already heard (if I just wanted information – most movie news can be summed up in about a headline-length sentence…It’s the quality of the site’s presentation that matters to me).

      • @mighty avenger

        I agree. Last time I checked, I’m not in some race to be the first to know every little detail about every movie. I also prefer to simply get my news here because I like the community feeling and the style of the site…

    • I completely agree with you JDH. I like this site, but I read other sites too, because they are often more up to date.

    • What other sites?

  3. this is a pretty short cast !

  4. That photo looks like – “Agent of Shield (Colson) and the cast of One Tree Hill.

    • +10000 That certainly a lot of teen angst look. Maybe SHIELD has decided to take a note out of the Ender’s Game book and start young. Why are they wearing fashion model clothes? shouldn’t they be in suits or SWAT gear?

      • Idk, just a possible explanation, but maybe Coulson gets a team of newbie Agents (taken from different places like law enforcement etc.) and is ordered to train them up. That would explain it.

    • i agree.On this page was the first time ive seen a picture of the cast, and i wan’t impressed.

    • @mindbender

      I agree, and it’s one reason I’m afraid to watch it. I think they tried too hard to cast “cool” looking people instead of people who are likely to join such an organization…

    • YES. This pic is totally discouraging. Coulsen and a few ADULT characters might be able to carry an interesting show, but all those models doing a pose-off is very dissapointing. If the first commercials don’t look better than that I won’t even watch the pilot. It looks like another fake, shiny crap fest like the many awful pilots of the past seasons. From the look of this it’s probably NBC. The marketing may not be a fair representation but it is a hint about the quality and intended audience. Hard to believe any of those people are good actors or characters, except maybe the plain guy by AC. Sick of these generic installments of unambitious, broadly palatable pretty people. Last time a show had promotional posery this bad and I saw it anyway it was Fringe, and I regret not judging that book by its glossy cover.

      • The pic is a bit discouraging… but perhaps photos are for tweens anyhow? The teaser for the show looks way better than that pic, that’s for sure.

        • Good thought, and I dig the optimism, but mine is fading fast.

  5. Hmmmm so is the first case is about a mutant on the cast of 16 and pregnant? Oh wait let me guess S.H.I.E.L.D Jumpstreet? Gah nevermind I see Agent Coulson and Agent May will be foster parents to the kids of heroes when they go off planet or to other dimensions S.H.I.E.L.D Kindercare!

    I dont even think Agent Coulson can save what appears to be a takeover of CW or WB or whatever teen angst channel is out there currently.

    • HAHA SHIELD Jumpstreet! yes. After the events of Amazing Spider-Man SHIELD has decided to place key teen agents in high schools all around new york. Coulson plays Dad to register all the kids and Agent May plays mom. Geek sheek agent, mr. cool agent, Jock agent and teen girl squad invade first period biology.

      • “Geek chic” I think you meant there. Which would make sense since the comic books lately and Ultimate Spiderman cartoon have had Coulson as principal to keep an eye on Spiderman and the other teens with powers that study there.

        • yes. sorry I did mean “chic” had a brain fart there.

    • Haha, Shiekd jumpstreet. That’s a good one.

  6. Those S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are hawt!

  7. i just wanna see more coulson cant wait!!

  8. I apologize for beating a dead horse here but because I’m super excited and am anxiously awaiting this show I’m worried about it finding a big enough audience to stay on the air.
    Just because Marvel’s movies break box office records doesn’t mean that 8-10 million people will tune in every week to watch this show.
    It’s been proved time and time again the Sci-Fi or high concept shows struggle to find an audience on “network” tv, especially the big 4 (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX). Yeah, Arrow does well on The CW but those numbers won’t be good enough for ABC when you consider how expensive the show will be.
    I hate that I’m constantly being a Debbie Downer bye overthinking this topic but the last thing I want to see is another great Sci-Fi show yanked from the airwaves after barely a season because nobody watched.

    • Honestly brother your being realistic. I too hae the same worries but I mean if we just get a season out of this and they tie in some pretty cool stories to the movies then id be happy.

      If they don’t introduce some low level unknown heroes into this show then they wasted a very cool opportunity.

      • A lot will depend on how much the production cost is as well.

        • Wow, you guys are most conned about the show being cancelled early or not finding an audience or not having a big enough budget/profit margin?

          What about the more basic, crucial details, like whether or not it will be any good at all or worth watching in the first place or worthy of the time and anticipation you will have invested in it? The photo alone makes me suspect that AI have already wasted time looking forward to it. This looks like a total debacle, and may tarnish the suddenly golden name of Joss Whedon. I couldn’t watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the spinoffs, but even they didn’t look stupider than this fashionista gathering of leathery young heros.

      • I think the heroes that they could really have some fun with in this show would be Daredevil and Luke Cage.

    • Along with this it does not bode well when you watch The Avengers, Thor, Ironman, etc, and when you see S.H.I.E.L.D agents they are dressed within reason with the ‘job’.

      The adults up there are S.H.I.E.L.D. Those other people do not belong.

      There are enough ‘low tier’ non-super villians out there that we dont need Supers every episode. However we do need S.H.I.E.L.D agents that appear to be S.H.I.E.L.D agents.

      Im sorry while I realize there are some young 20 somethings that may be the cats meow the stuff S.H.I.E.L.D agents run into usually test the mettle of seasoned agents sometimes.

      Its just sad. I will watch the first episode. However I dont see anything good coming from this.

      oooo oooo I got another.

      Its bring your kid to work day at the S.H.I.E.L.D office! :D

    • you did this twice, so i will say it’s “by”, not “bye”

      i agree with you, i also worry the show wont find a large enough audience, but i thought the same thing about lost after i got hooked on the 1st episode, and am glad(mostly) i was proven wrong.

      • HaHa!!!
        I don’t know why I do it but I always type bye when it should be by. It’s like a tick or something. I consciously know I’m doing it but can’t stop…
        My theory on Lost being the rare Sci-Fi show that was a ratings success was because at first no one knew it was going to be a Sci-Fi show.
        Every promo leading up to the show made you think it was going to be a drama about survivors of a plane crash. There wasn’t a single mention of the Sci-Fi elements of the show. So as it turned out it was a smart move because I guarantee that if they advertised the show for what it really was it wouldn’t have gotten off to such a strong start.

    • The Problem is, Time Slot.

      Last Resort was a rather good, albeit way out in left field scenario.

      It got killed by Big Bang Theory (Which is you think about it, a rerun of TBBT Crushed a American Idol.) Hard to find a niche show and then find a time slot where it wont get crushed.

      If they put SHIELD on Thursday, it will be destroyed, if it goes up against NCIS IT WILL GET Destroyed times 10, Wedensday could be a good time slot, if it leads into Modern Family, and not much to go against it.

      So, Tuesday, Thursday out of the question. Can fight on Monday at 8 PM. But it will deal with Monday Night Football….Friday night, I doubt the demographic for the show will stay in on a Friday Night, same with Saturday, Sunday night is open, but Once Upon a Time owns the 8 and Revenge owns 9, 10 pm on a Sunday? So pretty much Wednesday at 8.

  9. Thank god no Robin Scherbatzki….

  10. This show will suck.

  11. Can’t wait to see this! I heard there will be a special preview of Agents of SHIELD during the “Once Upon a Time” finale tonight.

  12. Without supers I’m afraid this show will quickly become one of the many spy/espionage shows (with a few gadgets). They need to be battling more than just spy’s to keep me interested so I hope they are thinking of how they can keep bringing in those “super” elements somehow.

  13. @Kevin 7, you raise some valid points. (That’s the reason why I’ve stuck with Screenrant for years now: you get various interesting perspectives to a thought-provoking, well-researched article and with time we have grown into a small community of people passionate about film. I’m not sure SR has ever claimed to be first in breaking news. But I digress…)I do worry how long this series will last. From the cast, they remind me of a lot of ‘NCIS/CSI/Homeland’ series out there. They just have to stand out to survive. This might involve some interesting cameos early in the series to keep it afloat. I doubt that Agent Coulson alone can save the day. One would have thought that Cobie Smulders (being a TV regular) would be part of the cast as well. Correct me if I’m wrong but was Jed Whedon not the producer (or was it director?) of Spartacus?

    There is one TV series I’m rooting for though; hopefully Marvel will see its huge potential someday. That’s Daredevil- the character has massive potential for series longevity having, unlike SHIELD, created his independent universe that can survive for seasons to come. With a rich rogues gallery (Kingpin, Bullseye, Typhoid Mary, Gladiator etc), supporting cast (Foggy Nelson, Ben Urich, Karen Page), auxiliary heroes and love interests (Elektra),legal,mafia and ninja twists in Hell’s Kitchen, a dark origin (Stick, the Chaste), a shared universe with Spider-Man… so many toys to play with for many a season. They could call it ‘The Man without Fear’. Pardon me, I digress again.

    • I think that there will be little to none when it comes to cameos and crossovers, at least for now. If the show isnt a hit and can’t prove it’s own worthiness to be a part of one of the worlds biggest franchises, they will want to distance it from superior products. Most likely this will mean cancellation. If the show is as hollow and youth oriented as it looks, they won’t risk tainting larger properties by association. No Iron Man cameo for a show that is an embarrassment. Hopefully it won’t be as bad as the pic suggests, by I am suddenly not enthusiastic at all anymore. If it IS in fact awful, then we should all hope for a quick cancellation before it does much damage to mythos or credibility.

  14. Glad to read these comments. I thought it was just me. They look like agents of Sesame St.

  15. Guys I think it’s a little unfair to judge the series just from the first promotional image. Remember the images for X-men: First Class?

    • I see your point, but this image screams “bad ideas warmed over.”. Xmen FC was headed by a few very strong actors, and filled out by some solid veteran actors that helped gloss over all the silly, shallow teenagers. Plus it only lasted two hours. I can’t see wanting to catch up with these folks every week.

  16. I remember when everyone said Arrow would fail. Now look how badly they’ve been proved wrong. Don’t judge a book by its cover we know hardly anything about this show. They could all be in civilian clothing because they’ve recently been recruited. It would make more sense for Coulson to team up with newbies because he’s kinda meant to be dead remember? He probably assembles this team to deal with things on the down low for Fury.

    • I think that we should put a moratorium on hyperbole. I are it too much, especially on this site. Everyone dint think that Artow would be a bad show. In fact, I thought the exact opposite.

  17. kindergarten shield …with coulson as schwarzie.
    seriously the girl and the boy (sorry can t say man or woman) at the left of coulson must take a lot of s… when they have to investigate undercover in sleazy bars… “hey gimme a long island ice tea ? no ? ok gimme a shot of tequila ! no? ok gimme a cuba libre. uuuh by the way you have heard something about a dude called the Red Skull?” . “….. Son you can have a regular tea or a regular coke and you young girl what is your father phone number? “

  18. I think most people on this thread are about to change their opinion. http://www.comicbookmovie.com/fansites/MarvelFreshman/news/?a=79414

  19. two things, firstly a question, how much rights does marvel/disney actually have on spiderman, i mean do they own just the movie right or any live action rights to spiderman. what i mean is, could Marvel add a new spiderman to the Agents of Shield show or not?

    second, a theory
    i think a secret deal has been done between the major film studios who own the rights to the marvel characters, what i mean is, i think that all these univeres that are being created by film companies with each one saying they would not ignore or cancel the marvel universe i think this is leading up to a huge trilogy of films called CIVIL WAR which would see the comic brought to life over three films.

    please someone answer the question.

    • i mean sony, how much rights does sony have on spiderman.

      • Marvel/Disney own all the rights EXCEPT the theatrical rights to Spider Man and the other characters in the SM universe.

        • So Disney could add Peter Parker/Spiderman to their SHIELD show if they wanted? That just doesn’t seem right. Is an animated show different from live action in this aspect?

          • According to the various things I’ve read, Sony relinquished ALL of its tv rights it had for Spider Man to Marvel.

            • I would think that they would be actively trying to make a live action Spiderman show, wouldnt you? Maybe they just dont want to compete with TASM, even through a different medium.

              • I’m not sure. I think that Marvel is so busy with its movies and now SHIELD that it doesn’t want to focus a lot of money and time into developing a live-action Spider Man tv show.

                • The money part makes sense, to a point. There are making a TON of money, why not invest the profits? At least make more of a bad ass animated Spiderman series.

  20. I’m sorry but I don’t see this show lasting long. I can’t see a show that is being centered around SHIELD holding my attention every week. SHIELD are better off being supporting characters and I know some butthurts will hate my comment but I’m only speaking the truth.

    • It’s not just SHIELD there are Supers. And even then how can a SHIELD show not interest you? Im actually genuinely intrigued. I mean its basically Men in Black with Superheroes, what’s not to love!

  21. I think I just peed in my pants!! :D

  22. So…Luke Cage, anyone? Powered by Extremis or something? Could that be a possibility?

    • I had an idea that could stem towards introducing the likes of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Ha anyone ever heard of MGH? It’s short for Mutant Growth Hormone, Patriot took it to become stronger and it is known to cret a variety of different abilities in different users. Now if they introduce this as a sort of synthetic drug created by someone (either Hydra or AIM) it could introduce a whole host of characters that don’t have to be mutants. For example Pietro and Wanda don’t have to be mutants they could just be test subject for MGH. It makes sense because in the MCU there is only three ways to become a hero or get powers. Being from space or having mystical powers (Thor, Loki), being a SHIELD agent (Hawkeye, Black Widow, Falcon) or being affected by science or technology (Iron Man, Hulk) and MGH comes under Science.

      • I actually think that you presented a plausible explanation.

  23. Oh god we must complain!
    Gosh! they got young people dang it! Gosh!
    Gosh! they are wearing something other than what I wanted them to wear Gosh!
    Dang it! They…Insert typical internet whining meme!

  24. I… I will watch it for Coulson!

    No, seriously, I’ll only watch it for Coulson.

  25. Personally I have found the “Ass hole” of hollywood, they digest the stuff I don’t need and give me the crap I do. Thanks screenrants :)

  26. Honestly, the only reason I can think of that makes me willing to watch this show is to see ‘his first name is Agent’ Coulson. It doesn’t seem like any other characters of note will be added.