Coulson Lives in First Epic ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ TV Spot

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When fan-favorite supporting character Agent Phil Coulson stood up to the villainous Loki in The Avengers, no one saw the memorable confrontation ending the way it did. Thanks to Joss Whedon, Coulson didn’t make it out alive but his sacrifice motivated Earth’s Mightiest into joining together as The Avengers and saving New York from an alien invasion.

For months after The Avengers broke box office records around the world, the most diehard of Marvel fans started a “Coulson lives” campaign – one that convinced Marvel and Joss Whedon to not only bring actor Clark Gregg back to continue playing the role, but to lead his own show titled Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..

Of all the stories Whedon could have selected to launch a live-action Marvel series on ABC, we knew from the beginning that one centering on covert S.H.I.E.L.D. organization made the most sense. It not only allows for new, original stories to be told while not being beholden to specific Marvel Comics stories, but it can do so without interfering with the Marvel films. It shares the same universe as the films and can take advantage of crossover opportunities while also serving as a platform to launch potential spinoff programs. It’s the beginning of something larger and the Whedon name and Marvel brand made it obvious from the beginning that ABC would pick up the pilot for a season order, and they did. We don’t yet know how many episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will air, beginning this fall, but the marketing campaign begins today.

Agents of SHIELD TV Commercial Coulson Lives in First Epic Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Spot

During the season 2 finale of Once Upon a Time, ABC aired the first exciting TV spot for the Marvel TV show [watch up top]- the first program developed by Marvel Studios and the first series that shares the same space as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It takes place after The Avengers, and stars Clark Gregg returning from the “dead” as Phil Coulson, with a cast including Ming-Na Wen (ER) as Agent Melinda May, Elizabeth Henstridge as Agent Jemma Simmons, Iain De Caestecker as Agent Leo Fitz, Brett Dalton (Killing Lincoln) as Agent Grant Ward, Chloe Bennet (Nashville) as Skye.

The production values are high for the pilot, reminiscent of the Marvel One-Shots featured on the home video releases of Captain America: The First Avenger, Thor and The Avengers. We’ve selected some stills from the teaser, featuring shots reused from The Avengers, along with some revealing imagery of super-powered people, including someone who can explode. Also note the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo on the cargo plane – perhaps a mobile base for Coulson’s team?

The answer to how Coulson returns for the post-Avengers TV show will be answered in the pilot and Clark Gregg told us there’s definitely an element of deception at play while Marvel high-ups including Kevin Feige and Joss Whedon hinted that it’s a certainty that Coulson will eventually make a return in the films as well.

We were also told that SHIELD’s absence in Iron Man 3 – one of the criticisms from fans – will be explained in the other Phase Two movies, which most refers to the SHIELD-focused Captain America: The Winter Soldier. If that’s the case, the stories of SHIELD in between The Avengers 1 & 2, along with Captain America 2 may spillover or have an impact on the show. How Whedon – the overseer of Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – accomplishes this remains to be seen.

If you’re interested and want for information on Agents of SHIELD and the secret missions they’re tasked with, head to the official site:


Or this viral site:


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. premieres this fall on ABC. On the film side, Iron Man 3 is in theaters worldwide, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and Doctor Strange sometime after that.

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  1. “Don’t touch Lola”.

  2. hmm, is J. August Richards going to play Luke Cage?

    • I just hope he’s in it as re-occuring or something along that effect.

    • Well, this show could help give a nudge to launching Heroes For Hire (Luke Cage/Power Man, Danny Rand/Iron Fist), and could also allude to Hank Pym-ish stuff that would help (along with the Ant-man movie) to lead to Goliath/Giant-Man and Wasp appearing in The Avengers, and I am especially all for that!

  3. This actually looks really good, I find it’s a bit similar to Angel’s season 5, maybe because of August Richards though. Either way, after watching the tv spot it became one of the shows to look out for.

  4. it says coming soon but I just came now if ya know what I mean

    Agent Coulson FTW

    • “Fang-asm”…is that what an excited vampire gets when aroused?

  5. Is that Luke Cage? Introduce Iron fist,, Daredevil, Ms Marvel and Spider Woman next!!!

    • Yea this would be a great format to introduce these supporting characters.

      • This would be a great way for them to introduce the characters in a way that they would not need a movie of their own. With RDJ supposedly done with the Iron Man movies, they could bring him in to help train the heroes. In the case of Daredevil, they should have him as Matt Murdock for a few episodes and then slowly transition him into the Daredevil persona. Like, he takes a case and it doesn’t seem to be going his way, so he decides to take matters into his own hands. Those are just my thoughts though.

        • Probably kind of like they have transitioned and evolved a could characters on Arrow, yes, I could see that.

        • RDJ as Tony Stark to “train the heroes”?!!! Bwahahahahahahahaha… *falls of chair laughing*

    • If you have Luke Cage, you gotta have iron Fist. As for Daredevil, it was once suggested after the first Daredevil movie that had a second DD movie come into being at that time, the villains would possibly be Kingpin and Mr. Fear. Now that is one I would like to see made, the two of them facing “The Man Without Fear”!

    • Introduce Spider Woman…to me! She had a heck of a great shape, if memory serves me correctly! Oh, to be a comic book hero with her phone number!

      • @Goldilocks, The girl in the purple Chloe Bennet reminds me of Jessica Drew aka Spider Woman for some reason. I wonder if they will just incorporate Jessica Jones into this show being that, that project has been cancelled.

      • I can get you a date with Jessica Rabbit if your desperate…..

  6. I was hoping to see more especially with that teaser this morning, especially if you add in the fact that everyone is saying/assuming that Luke Cage makes an appearance but I think they played up the Avengers more in this teaser then they did with any of the Iron Man 3 marketing. So good teaser for me hopefully we get a full trailer later on this week.

    • Yup, the only real footage we got was the 6 second clip earlier today. Besides “Dont touch Lola”. That was great.

  7. Has it been said for sure that we were going to get an explanation of Coulson being alive in the Pilot?

  8. Luke Cage, aw shucks!!!!!!!

  9. booyah we can Luke Cage son! (at least that what he looks like) this has definitely peaked my interest can’t wait to watch it next fall.

  10. If Luke Cage is the man jumping from the building, could he be an agent/secret weapon of sheild or would they find him and set up a potential phase 3 Luke Cage movie

    • Honestly, to consider a couple of things: I think if the show did introduce someone like Luke Cage it would take the liberty to introduce many more characters *over a period of time* (not all at once, not once a week, but a handful per however many seasons it gets).

      Likewise, I doubt it would be to set the stage for a solo movie for any single character. However, if they could introduce enough principal characters it could set the stage for something like a Heroes for Hire movie. But, the big question there is whether they feel that any of the characters they may introduce through the show are worth bringing into the movies or only worthy of being regulated to (and better utilized through) the show.

  11. Looking at this promo reminded me why I should stick with cable.

    • Cable? Why, silly, Cable is an X-Men character!

      • I think he was talking about cable, as in, DIRECTV or another similar company.

        • That’s goldilocks attempt at humor.

          • I laughed.

            But I thought Movie 43 was funny.

  12. What I want to know is if Phil got with that musician in Oregon. Well that and how he lived through a spear in the chest.

    • never saw the spear go through his chest though…

      • then u didnt pay attention to the movie, or you live in a country where it was edited out, but the version i saw in the theater, and my bluray, that spear went through his back and out of his chest, and was sticking out a good 6 or 7 inches. looked painful.

  13. Should be worth watching just for Coulson at first. I hope they successfully introduce some memorable and recognizable characters along the way. Looks awesome for fans of Marvel.

  14. Check out the still of the skyline – clearly visible is Stark tower on the right and the Baxter Building with the bog “4″ on the left of the frame! Awesome!

    • theres no Baxter Building

    • What still of the skyline?

      • At 0.07 there is a panoramic view of the city that clearly shows Stark tower on the right and a building on the left that looks suspiciously similar to the Baxter building,up to the number 4 prominently displayed. It’s right next to the blue Metlife building.

  15. Hate to put this on this page but didn’t anyone else see Man of Steel TV spot 4?

  16. I have been not liking the idea of this show until I saw J August Richards. Now I have to watch. I LOVED him as Gunn. Can’t wait to see more!!!!!

  17. This trailer looks amazing, I hope this show is good. I don’t want it to have to much super powers like smallville or no ordinary family. I thought it was going to be about the missions that did not evolve super powers.

  18. It’ll be great to see some characters that we won’t be able to see in movies. Origins can be told in the show, so we won’t go through another origin story in a movie.

  19. Awesome!!!

  20. It could be fun.

    “A bit of deception” for Coulson being alive. Hm. I’d like Fury/SHIELD to be a little more honorable than that, but if it brings back Coulson, that’s fine, as long as it doesn’t compromise the character of Coulson who I find to be very honorable and heroic. So, please don’t taint the character, Whedon. Thank you.

    • Fury’s secrets have secrets remember

  21. This show could easily be used to introduce Marvel characters like Cage, Panther, DD, Pym, Wasp, etc for appearances in other movies in supporting roles if the characters catch on. Great way to test the waters without spending (hundreds of) millions on movies.

    • Quite true, Rick; my thoughts exactly.

    • Agreed.

  22. Got my interest (like it I didn’t have any to start with) nut hopefully the show is not full of just cheese. I want some nice dramatic quality. Hopefully the film is more Iron Man 1 rather than Iron Man 2 or Iron Man 3 in which it perfectly balances selling off stand-alone independent stories while casually building or acknowledging the larger universe.

    Hopefully Marvel can finally make a tv series to rival Arrow which is kicking ass (not without its own issues).

    • Arrow? You mean that show on the CW? The one that looks like its aimed at Tweens like all CW programming lol. Another typical DC “hero” with the same born rich, buy gadgets storyline as Batman with the same bland boring DC personality? Boo lol

  23. Ont touch Lola what a funny line that’s proof to me that Whedon and Gregg made this looks great

  24. Yes, please.

    • Now please.

    • Actually Cage was clean-shaven at first in the comics when I first encountered him years ago.

      • @Goldilocks, I’m not saying he isn’t Cage but to me he just doesn’t fit. Either way he’s obviously playing a MAJOR Marvel character for them to keep his character a secret.

  25. Maybe they could mention, cameo, or introduce Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man into this program since Spidey is really important to the Avengers in the comics, he can make up for his abscence in the Avengers films for assigned missions in this TV Show.

    • Spider-Man isn’t really an important part of The Avengers per say, but he is a VERY important (if not THE most important) character of the Marvel universe.

    • There might be a rights problem with introducing Spider-Man. Also, while he is important in The Avengers time-lines currently in play, back when The Avengers first came into being, he was not that important to them or a member, although The Avengers did encounter him in a couple early stories. I would rather see Marvel concentrate on the early heroes, villains, plots, and story-lines for awhile, and introduce the ones who founded the team and maintained it in the early years, before they jump all those years of history and plow into these modern times, where the story-lines frankly are not that good in my opinion. Way more source material to be explored before we get to more recent story-lines/characters. Don’t get me wrong: I love both Spider-man and The Avengers in the comics and movies as well, but frankly would be more than happy if they kept them seperate from each other in the movies (although I am sure I would buy the DVD if they combined in the movies).

      • Not true. Google it. Sony gave up the TV rights in 2009 to focus on only film rights. I’m 99% certain that means Spidey, or any character related to him, could make an appearance on the show. If Sony had a TV network or nod it partnered with, they would’ve not sold the TV rights back to Disney.

        • Even if they had a cameo of Spider-Man just swinging by, that would be great!

        • Bingo

  26. Ugh. Someone needs to tell their marketing department to no use a light blue glow around every bit of text that comes to screen. It looks like everyones first attempt at making text ‘pop’ in Photoshop.

    I was interested in the show beforehand, and still am…just don’t like the glow.

    Ceases being nit-picky.

  27. “Someone who can exp;lode”…I thought of Cannonball, but he is X-men property.

  28. It looks good but im seeing a firefly problem it looks to expensive