‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’: Was the ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Tie-in a Success?

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agents of shield episode 8 the well team 570x294 ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’: Was the Thor: The Dark World Tie in a Success?

It’s the Thor: The Dark World tie-in that fans have been waiting for; though perhaps it’s not the one everyone had hoped for. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. made good on its promise of film-linked episode and, believe it or not, delivered a respectable tale of another Asgardian who happened to choose love on Earth over life in the higher realm. Even so, there’s still some growing to do for ABC’s fledgling show – and perhaps moving away from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the way to go.

A ticket to Thor: The Dark World not only bought you a fun, portal jumping adventure with the God of Thunder, it also allowed you to become guinea pigs for Marvel’s first attempt at turning the synergy dials up to “11,” or perhaps “2,” as this episode unfortunately revealed. But hey, it was a fun 3 minutes, right?

In this week’s episode, ‘The Well,’ written by Fringe and Revolution producer and writer Monica Breen, Norse pagan cults get bit of free advertising, as an ancient and powerful Asgardian staff, trisected and hidden away for centuries, is pieced together by three would-be gods. Only the Norwegians forgot one thing: Coulson has a Ward – and they won’t like Ward when he’s raging, primal growl and all.

agents of shield episode 8 the well ward 570x294 ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’: Was the Thor: The Dark World Tie in a Success?

‘The Well’ is not so much a tie-in to Thor: The Dark World as it is a proverbial hallway pass for Marvel’s little sister series to get close to part of the hallowed mythology that fuels Marvel’s billion-dollar box office – which is encouraging to see with a mythology so vast and rich with lore. But such a pass also comes with a cost – one that minutes of lip-service to Thor doesn’t completely justify. Still, an encouraging tale does eventually reveal itself, thanks to Peter MacNicol (praise Odin) and Clark Gregg; unfortunately, the series itself still appears to be fighting against the parts that make it so the entire way.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is able to recover from the fumble that turned out to be the short-lived tie-in to Thor: The Dark World, but the actual implementation of the related tale, no matter how encouraging and successful, is still caught under weight of the series’ large and often misused cast – and this episode is no different, unfortunately. What it is, in a sense, is a step backwards for the struggling series which just began to find its footing two week ago, as the series has already shown fans that the team can actually work in harmony with all the comic-based devices. Throw one more being, human or Asgardian, in the mix, however, and, well, things begin to get a bit clunky.

agents of shield episode 8 the well may skye 570x294 ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’: Was the Thor: The Dark World Tie in a Success?

Thankfully, the core tale of this week’s episode does allow Coulson to stretch his legs and become more comfortable with his television confines, and the dialogue has been elevated to include the familiar Coulson wit, as well as the sense of leadership, that he brought to all of Marvel’s Phase I films. Grant Ward, too, bless his heart, strapped on big boy shoes and made an earnest attempt at selling a poorly realized backstory for everyone’s favorite Boy Scout. But at the end of the day, is all the added trouble worth it?

Even with Ming-Na Wen finally being able to bring Melinda May out of the shadows, there’s still a sense of mediocrity that surrounds the heart of the series. At its best, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is a fun look into the inner-workings of Marvel’s secret agency, good and bad; at its worst, it’s a generic procedural with no real purpose; and when it’s attempting to tie-in to the Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, it’s a mixture of both, with the latter slowly eating away at the former.

But there’s still hope for ABC’s experiment, as the next scheduled tie-in, for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, is many months away – so any attempt at juggling that act of synergy will come well after the series will have had to prove itself to the network. In the meantime, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. can now take a deep breath, put the tie-in behind them, celebrate the attempt at delivering a genuinely enjoyable episode, and once again return to building its own foundation outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Of course, Tahiti is always an option – Coulson seemed to have enjoyed it, even if it did mess up his accuracy.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns next Tuesday with ‘Repairs’ @8pm on ABC.

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  1. This is the first time in like what, 7 episodes that Agent Ward didn’t seem so wooden of a character. But that isn’t saying much, lol. And Peter MacNicol is great in almost everything he’s in and Jonathan Frakes did a good job at the directors helm for this episode.

    • Wasnt expecting it at all either. It was a great episode.

    • That was a shocker to me as well!

  2. I’m sorry but this episode didn’t do it for me.
    Maybe if they added a throwback shot of the Asgardian as the BERSERKER “raging” woulda been cool :/
    No THOR cameo? I thought we were gonna get one? not even one of he warrior 3? This show is not getting better. I needs …something!

    I feel like they are THIS close to saying this has all been a simulation to see if COULSON is “healed” and they can start the show over a ANY time.

    • There was never going to be an actual cameo from anyone in the movies…Even Fury was a total surprise.
      And it just sounds like you dont like the show because u keep expecting the movie heroes to show up.
      That’s just not what this show is.

      • I WANT TO LOVE THIS SHOW! trust me.

        But be honest, other than COULSON do you really care if they kill off everyone else? If that answer is yes then where does that leave us?

      • You’re right! I’m sick of hearing of that argument too.

    • I think you just revealed the series finale

    • It was never supposed to be The Avengers The Series?

    • Did you notice even when they were going to show Thor they cut away before they showed his face? I know they were all parts from the movie but its not like we havent seen commercials or any of the movies. I just thought that was weird.

  3. I think you guys should stop reviewing this show…. I love Screen Rant, and I admit that AOS is not the best show on TV, nor is it what a lot of people were expecting, but even on their better episodes, Screen Rant sounds pretty one sided in their reviews.

    • I thought this review was a pretty fair assessment. It’s getting better. I’m enjoying it overall more than screenrant is, but there’s still scope for it to become AMAZING… eventually.

      • You can only live off potential for so long.

    • Yeah, ditto… I’m truly shocked at not only how NON-SPECIFIC this review is but how PATRONIZING the criticism is. It’s as if they realized Thor wasn’t going to show up so they went into ‘Screw it: This whole series is lame anyway’-fanboy auto-pilot mode.

      In a nutshell, I completely disagree with this review. This was arguably the second best episode of the series and the professor (whose name they don’t even bother to mention) is perhaps the most interesting Asgardian the MCU has introduced thus far, save Loki. I could go on about the many leaps the show made this week, but if they apparently don’t have the energy or interest to elaborate, why should I?

      • Oh please elaborate on the leaps. I need a laugh.

        • You’ve already given your opinion of my ‘elaboration’ in your snarky comment, so I’d soon as not waste my time entertaining your facetious request.

      • This probably was the best episode other that the pilot and the ‘FZZT’ Simmons episode! So is Ward’s brother the reason he’s so screwed up? Did he let that kid in the well die?

        And just like the writers to finally have Skye chill, open her heart up to Ward and he disses her for May??

        After this episode though I guess it makes sense. While Skye and Coulson are trying to find out everything about their past, you got May and Ward finding out everything about their past but not wanting to at all. This was a very clever episode, even though we didn’t get Thor coming in and beating up the Jotunheim Monster running through London!

    • ^Agreed. This review seems very biased. Maybe the author just wants the show to distinguish itself outside the marvel cinematic universe but this series os based on that universe and attempts like this to connect the series to the MCU without actually bringing any of the main MCU characters in really made the episode enjoyable. I can’t wait for the captain America tie in. Should be more interesting since SHIELD has a big role in that movie.

    • @Matt, in your comment, you even state it is not the best show on TV, so does that mean when Anthony reviews this show he cannot be critical at all? Fanboys need to take a step back and take the show for what it is. It seems that any critical comment is taken that the writer hates the show. It’s ok entertainment for now, but we all wish it could be better. Anthony even stated that it is getting better, but I agree, it’s still not there yet.
      I’m not satisfied with this show, it still needs to pick up its game. I gave Arrow every opportunity to do this as well and by the end of the first season it did that, now it has me hooked. I’m waiting and hoping that AoS can do it as well.

        • This isn’t the only show they do that on though. They also make the same assessment with TWD, Under the Dome, Revolution, and other shows. They are just giving a fair opinionated assessment. I am not going to get upset just because they don’t think a show isn’t living up to their potential. For the most part, once I step back and look at it from their point of view I tend to agree with them.

          • What exactly do you agree with?

    • I agree with Matt. I have been saying this for a month. Screenrant just seems to have a thing about this show they can’t drop. I mainly read this website at this point purely to read the next AOS article. Its like watching someone keep doing something over and over and you can’t stop watching. LOL.

      At this point I think the show could drop all of its actors, all of its production staff, all of its creative staff and all of its writers and they still would do nothing but complain.

      Its almost like an obsession with them. Kind of sad and pathetic.

    • It seems like screenrant is running against Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for political office and is running a mostly negative campaign. Of course they claim it’s their responsibility to warn us about their adversary and point out all the little flaws with their opponent. Each podcast is going to include some negative Ads against “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D”.

    • Yeah they stopped reviewing Revolution and things have gotten much better for that show, I guess. Is anyone here still watching that ?

      • Nope. I stopped watching Revolution after episode 12. I didn’t think it was bad, but I just sort for forgot to keep watching it. I guess it wasn’t that engaging. ;)

  4. I liked it too. Interesting twist and more exciting than the earlier episodes for sure. Watched it with my 80-year old grandma and even SHE liked it, although she didn’t care for the scenes with the little kid in the well.

  5. Meh. That describes the show as a whole. Without the marvel in the title this show would not be picked up for season two. And since when is Thor an alien?

    • Since forever in the MCU….

      • That’s up for debate.

        • Is Thor an alien? – Comic Book Resources Forums

          • Definition of Alien

            Noun –
            1. A Foreigner, especially one who is not a naturalized citizen of the country where he or she is living
            2. a hypothetical or fictional being from another world.

            Thor covers both. He’s from another world/realm/universe which automatically makes him a foreigner.

            Why do you think he’s into Jayne Foster…. dude’s after a green card.

        • Not really. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Asgardians are defined as aliens to our planet, not literal Gods.

        • Who is debating it? In the movie universe it is quite clear he is NOT a God as we know in Norse mythology or how he is portrayed in the books.

          If you saw the first movie he explains it:

          Thor: Because you’re right. Here, look. [opens her notebook] Your ancestors called it magic and you call it science. Well, I come from a place where they’re one and the same thing. [Thor is connecting the circles in her notebook]

          Foster: What is that?

          Thor: My father explained it to me like this, that your world is one of the Nine Realms of the Cosmos, linked to each other by the branches of Yggdrasil, the World Tree. Now you see it everyday without realizing. The images glimpsed through… What did you call it? This Hooble Telescope.

          Foster: Hubble.

          Thor: Hubble Telescope.

          Foster: Tell me more.

          Thor: So, the Nine Realms. [points to circles] Now, there is Midgard, which is Earth. This is Alfheim. Vanaheim. Jotunheim. And Asgard. And that’s where I come from.

          It is (IMO) one of the better explanations out there that ties into science. While I still want to see ‘true’ magic(?) in the MCU I am satisfied with Thor and the other races being alien.

      • At the start of his career his origin is ambiguous at best. Marvel didn’t want to step on the religious zealots toes.

  6. Again this show ain’t really getting any better… I find myself piccing any an everything it is to picc about on this show… From the corny pointless lines an jokes to the terrible fighting scenes… Grant succs at fighting period I just can’t get pass it lmao he look just like he trying to act out a fight… I’ve seen right seen that blew me away an as much as this show cost an is hyped smh c’mon man

  7. An how many time were they really gone use thors name… They trying to hard an one good thing about this episode( kept skyler quiet) SONS OF ANARCY IS THE SHOW TO WATCH RIGHT NOW…. This last episode smh suprises everywhere

  8. Is it good for the viewer to feel physical pain?

    Every sentence they use to try and tie into the MCU is so lame it hurts. “I’ve seen aliens”, “I know Thor”, “since New York” blah blah blah. Take the training wheels off and stand on your own two feet.

    And the final scene? Wow, talk about beating a dead horse? Either show us what happened in Tahiti or leave it alone. Constantly referencing it the same way EVERY time is annoying, not intriguing. Oh SHIELD, the blue chip prospect that never panned out.

    • Relating to your comment, they have tried to stand on their own feet for several episodes yet there are still people who continue to criticize their episodes. The show was created as part of the MCU therefore should include events that happen in that universe. I agreed with the name dropping but it just gives the show that corny feel which for most kids and geeks will enjoy. If the show were based on a rag tag group of spies and scientist flying around the world to investigate non-human activities without actually connecting it to the MCU, this show would just be one of those cop investigation show nobody really cares about.

      • Really agree with your thoughts on Tahiti. The only time I appreciated the constant mentioning of it was when (last week?) Coulson caught himself saying “it’s a magical place” almost involuntarily .

        • @PeterDarker

          I get what you are trying to say but the only issue I have with your point is that 9/11 really did happen and the Avengers was a fictional event. I know you know this already so I’m not trying to be a jerk about it.

          However if people were saying things like “Since the towers fell” 20 times a day and applying that saying to meaningless situations, it would get a bit annoying, or things like “I’ve seen Arab’s, have you?”

          My point is every episode they act like they are explaining everything all over again to a 5 year old viewer. Instead of moving forward and letting anyone behind catch up, they’re making us all stand still until the “special” kid learns his ABC’s, you follow?

          • “I get what you are trying to say but the only issue I have with your point is that 9/11 really did happen and the Avengers was a fictional event. I know you know this already so I’m not trying to be a jerk about it.”

            That doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. You know “I know this already” because I stated it in my comment. I never said you were being a “jerk about it,” YOU did. It’s like saying, “I don’t mean to be a jerk, but I mean to be a jerk…” Please. Project much?

            I read your comment and it’s more of your repeating the exact same meme you’ve constantly repeated throughout this thread regardless of the response. It’s clear you had your answer ready before you even read my post, similar to your earlier “let me hear your opinion, I need a laugh” comment.

            My opinions stand because you’ve given no evidence from the show or any specific scene to refute them. It’s quite obvious you’re playing the part of the obnoxious troll looking for attention and you HAVE no point.

            • I wish I could post an ‘applause’ gif to your last two posts, @Peter!

            • @PeterDarker

              There is the laugh I needed. Well I tried to be polite about it but oh well, you ruined that. Only a fool would even bring up 9/11 (there no skipping around that one). It actually shows what type of desperate person you must be to cling to this show that you would even bringing that up. I should have just said it was dumb to say and moved on. My mistake. Care to disagree? I already have my response ready.

              Of course my posts are saying the same basic things. They’re coming from the same person… me. I noticed your posts share the same basic ideas to, a blind love for poorly written and poorly acted television.

              So let me get this straight, I’m a troll because I dislike the direction a show I had high hopes for is going. Well then put me under a bridge and call me the Billy Goats Gruff buddy because I am a troll I guess.

              I would say that the final joke is on you because you actually have to lie to yourself that this is a good show. Not only that but you have to come on here and defend it against intelligent people who already know that it’s trash. Do I keep watching? Yes. Do I tell people the sky is red simply because I wish it to be? No. I can admit when something is not good even though I want it to be.

              • @MovieB I was going to stay out of this and I rarely defend comments, but you really AREN’T making any sense on the 9/11 deal. How you CAN’T see the allusions to 9/11 in The Avengers and SHIELD is beyond me, whether you like them or not. When the movie came out, critics spoke about how obvious it was(Adam Serwer of ‘The New Yorker’ wrote the best article about it IMO, look it up). SHIELD picks up only a few months after that and critics have said the same about the show (the FZZT episode). Iron Man 3, The Dark Knight and SHIELD are other comic book properties that deal with ‘terrorism’ in a post 9/11 world (The Joker, The Mandarin, The Chirtauri Attack). Christopher Nolan and Shane Black THEMSELVES talked about this when they made these films.

                I completely agree with @peterparker and you misunderstand: No one’s using 9/11 to DEFEND how good or how bad SHIELD is. 9/11 is the template MARVEL is REFERRING to. Period. It’s not breaking news. You sound too young to remember 9/11 so maybe you don’t make the connection most people have.

                Personally, I couldn’t care less if someone doesn’t like SHIELD. It’s an okay show overall, but the last 3 episodes have been great imo. but that’s not what me and others are complaining about. It’s the immature level of criticism like “not good”, “trash,” “dumb” and other empty words people use when they can’t describe what they’re criticizing with intelligence. Or when you ask them about a specific scene they can’t answer because they didn’t actually watch it and are just here to hate on something.

                As for being “polite,” you started this thread by soliciting a poster and not being polite at all, and you haven’t talked specifically about anything on the show. You sound like you’re just here on the threads to start trouble and to hurl insults at people when you can’t refute their arguments. I also saw you say on another thread that you were going to report someone for no reason. That sounds like a troll to me considering you’ve made a few comments on the threads that you could be reported for. If you don’t want someone to describe your behavior that way, you shouldn’t act like it.

                • I was reading your comment until you said I sound to young to remember, that’s when I noticed you were here to sling insults. Perhaps if you read my original post you would see that I made it very clear why I don’t like the show but I hope for it to get better. Go ahead, go read it and then come back and say you were wrong.

                  You don’t just get to cherry pick which posts of mine you want to discuss. So please read my original post. Thanks.

                  Thanks for your opinion though. I really respect it.

                  • One more thin Ambrosia, I really don’t think you get the 9/11 point. The battle of New York didn’t happen on AoS, therefore it’s not a reason for the show to OVER reference it. You see none of the characters were affected by the battle. So I don’t see where 9/11 plays in to an excuse for why this story is bad. You STILL haven’t addressed that part of my point in your pompous rant.

                    For the last time, I’m not saying don’t mention the battle of New York, I am just saying don’t reference it 15 times a week because it is lame. Reading he other comments in here, I think I am in the majority. I won’t make any silly rationales about your age to try and sound smart, I will just let my points speak for themselves.

                    • Where at ANY point in my comment did I state that 9/11 plays in to an excuse why the show is bad? I didn’t say that at all.

                      I also couldn’t care less what the majority of anyone thinks. That’s like saying that whoever the majority of people pick as the next ‘American Idol’ means they’re the most talented or the best singer. Doesn’t make it true.

                    • I’ve watched the show since the beginning and they don’t “over reference” the Battle of New York. the only one who talks about it so much is Coulson for the reasons Perterdarker mentioned. Skye’s a groupie (who’s probably going to be revealed as Jessica Drew) and so she’s always dying to know about these heroes Coulson met. It really doesn’t sound like you actually watch the show. I asked you about Simmons the other day and you had no answer. And no one said 9/11 is an excuse for why the show is good OR bad so why are you saying Ambrosia said that when she/he didn’t?

        • Even though some may find all of that a stretch there remains the fact that Coulson was “dead” by the time the battle in New York happened, and since the New York invasion is talked about so much how come they have flown everywhere around the World and never landed in New York.

  9. I feel the biggest weakness for this show is the writing and direction. SHIELD needs to be more than just a “McGuffin of the week” type series and with such a large cast we need to find a way to showcase them more intelligently or trim the cast. I love Ming Na Wen but I’m not the least bit interested in her character when all she does is have one or two lines, does a poorly choreographed fight scene and is panned to for a stoic reaction shot. This actress is so much better than what she has been given to work with.

  10. The show has gotten a lot better. I don’t see what Screenrant and the naysayers are talking about. I really believe people are comparing the show to the movies ( which is absurd) or pessimistic about every show they view ( being objective is a lost art). This show is a lot better than most fare on TV nowadays.

    • This isn’t the only show they do that on though. They also make the same assessment with TWD, Under the Dome, Revolution, and other shows. They are just giving a fair opinionated assessment. I am not going to get upset just because they don’t think a show isn’t living up to their potential. For the most part, once I step back and look at it from their point of view I tend to agree with them.
      I for one want AOS to succeed but for right now, this show isn’t living up to its potential. I also don’t want to hear arguments about budget because AOS has a rather decent production budget whereas Almost Human has less but has provided compelling storytelling, amazing visuals, and beautiful fight sequences in just 2 episodes. The issue with AOS isn’t that there isn’t a Thor, Stark, Hulk, Cap, Hawkeye, or Scorpion but that the storytelling isn’t up to its potential along with fight scenes. Also, its character attachment. Aside from Coulson I don’t really care about the other characters because they are not that interesting to me. The Skye storyline has life to it but the transition of subplots into this storyline isn’t well executed.

    • Wrong on all counts.

      I’ve never compared the show to the movies because I know the difference between the two and have done since the show was first announced.

      I also go into new shows wanting to enjoy them and deciding after a few episodes whether I do or not before either continuing to watch or dropping the show from my viewing schedule.

      AOS is one I dropped after 5 episodes. I already forced myself through a terrible show I wasn’t enjoying to the season finale to find out what happened next and how it’d end with American Horror Story season 1 and feel guilty for subjecting myself to that when my better judgment was telling me to walk away.

      As for AOS being “better than most fare on TV nowadays”…

      Arrow, The Tunnel, Sleepy Hollow, The Office, The Blacklist, Homeland, Revolution, Dracula and Casualty beg to differ and those are just the shows I watch and not mentioning shows like The Walking Dead that I’ve never seen.

      • I agree. I never really expected AOS to be mini Avengers but I expected it to be compelling, exciting, and to have some decent storytelling. Right now it’s inconsistent. They only really had 1 episode that I would call excellent TV. The rest hasn’t been all that great. I also tend to stick with a show for at least a season whether good or bad(Under the Dome) but with this show it’s gotten to the point where I just don’t see a point in watching anymore. Also “this show is a lot better than most fare on TV nowadays”, I strongly disagree. Maybe it’s better than say 50% of the material out there but with shows like Almost Human, Arrow, Revolution, The Blacklists, Dracula, The Following, Hannibal, and that’s just some of the shows I can think of just on network TV. Throw in cable channels along with comedies and you have a growing list.

  11. This review was incredibly vague.

  12. They should reference TNG, DS9 or Voyager. Whenever a new Star Trek movie came out, it would be referenced on the various tv shows and then they went on with the story for that current episode.

  13. Am I the only one that caught the “Did I fall asleep?” Dollhouse line? Are they trying to say Coulson is a downloaded doll now?

    Or does this further support the LMD theory?

    • I caught it too. And the masseuse replies “For a little while.”

      I think it was just a wink-wink-nudge-nudge reference more than anything substantial.

  14. I find it interesting that people complain that SR reviews are always negative. The show is a lightning rod for the comments section here, and each article likely gets a ton of hits. A “glowing” review each week would be bad for business.

    And I still enjoy the show. is it perfect? Of course not…but I still find it to be an hour of mindless fun each week.

      • How much do you need to trust articles that are opinions about something as trivial as television and movie content? This is not a news site and what they say here really does not have a world changing effect on anything.

      • This isn’t the only show they do that on though. There are tons of site(especially with comic fan club sites) that share opinions about a show, good or bad. When a show isn’t living up to their potential then it will get a review based on this. I have 2 other sites that I visit and frankly Screen Rant is the nicest review of them all. It’s all a matter of opinion and shouldn’t be taken personally. I come to SR because out of all the sites that I visit, they have the most non-biased reviews. Others you can tell are fan boys and other just do not know the source material.

    • I disagree Marino. If SR was writing “glowing” reviews for this polished turd I would comment on the article also. Instead of agreeing with the review I would just disagree and state why. I think most people agree the show is falling short so I don’t see how negative reviews bring more traffic.

      • @MovieB

        I totally agree, with everything you’ve said.

        • Thanks Dazz. I know we see eye to eye on this dung pile, so far. I guess I’m a gluten for punishment because I’m going to keep watching haha.

          • It’s ‘Glutton’. Being a ‘GLUTEN’ for punishment implies you are allergic to certain bread and pasta products.

            Sorry, I really like the show so far and I think its writing has improved dramatically. Forgive me if I call out someone who says someone else’s writing is bad yet they don’t know the difference between two totally different 6th grade words and can’t spell them….

            • Oh John L all is forgiven. When did I call out someone for their writing though? I would hate for you to just make stuff up and appear to be just acting like a 6th grader as you put it. Please direct me to the line where I corrected someone’s spelling?

              1.) I am allergic to punishment so thanks for bringing that up…. again.

              2.) I find someone who calls glutton and gluten 6th grade words when they are obviously 5th grade words a bit disturbing. Is there some infatuation that you have with grade school that you would bring that up John?

              Don’t worry I’ve flagged your name and hopefully ScreenRant will report you to the proper authorities. Also please feel free to proof read my reply before you respond. That way I you can notify me of any corrections needed.

              Thanks John!

              - MovieB

            • lmao

      • May be the case. It just seems with each negative review that a flurry of posts come in defending the show. In my opinion the posters here seem to be split 50/50, which makes for an active thread.

      • Just one other point, look at the total number of comments for each SHIELD review vs. Arrow or other shows. Typically 100 or 200+ comments vs. 50-80. That is what I was referencing and should have included.

        • I agree with the post count Marino. I think AoS started off with more anticipation than Arrow though. I think the initial ratings speak to that and I think that leads to the traffic.

          You’re right that discussions lead to more posts on a certain article but AoS is divisive so far and other sites have huge post counts as well for AoS.

          It’s the nature of the beast.

          • Agreed on your Arrow point as well…not as much anticipation as with AOS.

      • Ha, this is a polished turd. The thing is all of us who are here complaining about how bad the show is, wants it to be good. But it’s not and the people who think we are wanting a avengers jr are just making up stuff to try and justify their bad taste in tv.

  15. Was anyone else bothered by the choice of Peter MacNicol as the Asgardian? I like the actor, but I had a really difficult time viewing him as this berserker.

  16. AGENT COULSON IS AN ASGARDIAN! The paradise seen at the end is a place in Asgard! That is how he survived!

    • By the way this was the best episode yet imo

  17. Even if I am the last man standing, I will say I like this show, even though it could be better. It is probably getting a tiny bit more hate from people than it deserves. Maybe people expect too much out of it. Still, I do agree that there is room for improvement, which better come quick and significantly, before it becomes a one-season show. Hasn’t fallen in the frozen pond yet, and could regain it’s footing, but there is still some slipping and sliding going on near the edge of the broken ice, and that cancellation water could be mighty cold (Cold-son??”).

    As far as wooden characters, I see potential for Ward and Coulson, but the other four main characters are not rocking the casbah for me at all.

    • Leave the jokes to Coulson ;)

  18. The show is definitely going somewhere it is just taking SO LONG to get there that it loses any steam it has (assumint it ever builds any up). I’m still convinced there will be a payoff, but man. This coulson thing needs some actual developments instead of just teases. There has been no real reveal yet. We know as much about him as we did in the first episode.

  19. What was up with the second to last scene, did Ward sleep with May?

    • Yeah, my thoughts on that were “please don’t try to create an awkward love triangle….”

    • Ward was very James Bond-like with that scene

    • I got more of a “come on, let’s get drunk and open up about our feelings and past and stuff.”

  20. Marvel Universe is awesome, until they try to hard.

  21. If people make the obvious comparison to Arrow, as both as superhero shows essentially (for argument’s sake), then personally I thought 8 episodes in Arrow was no better than AOS is at the moment. Suddenly, around episode 15 or so, everything opened up and I became really excited for the next episode. With AOS, at the moment I am watching because I see its potential and I look forward to seeing what’s gonna happen in the future with it. I’m not expecting Iron Man or Thor to turn up, why should I? I’m enjoying some of the stories that would happen in a post-Avengers world. Stories where cults based on Norse paganism would go public after the Dark Elves attacked London. And also, I enjoy these characters and I want to see what’s gonna happen next to them. Finally, in the preview for next week’s, I noticed Roxxon Oil, so I have a feeling that the story arc could potentially involve them later in the series as a way of linking to Cap 2.

    • Disagree.

      Arrow had me hooked and enjoying its brilliance from episode 1, even though it was cheesy and a little cringeworthy at times, it was still bearable. AOS isn’t.

      • As someone who’s enjoyed Arrow from the beginning and thinks the second season has been brilliant (or close to it) the first half of season 1 was most definitely not brilliant. The only brilliant thing about it was when they started to move away from the Oliver/Laurel drama.

      • I know exactly what you mean, but I just think that it got better and better because it didn’t have as much pressure as AOS does, and therefore could take its time to do stuff and flesh out characters. Hell, we still don’t really know what’s going on on the island!

    • For me, Arrow really got my attention by the 8th episode. By that time, although cheesy, I saw the writing improving, the plots becoming more detailed, and most important a direction.

  22. Watch Arrow. #OlicityForever
    The only successful DC show since Smallville.

    • Isn’t it the only other DC show since Smallville?

      • lol

        most likely, doesn’t invalid the statement though, just makes it meaningless….

  23. DC TV VS. MARVEL TV – Winner: DC
    DC MOVIES VS. MARVEL MOVIES – Winner: Marvel

  24. I agree as well with the other comments that Screenrant reviewers (and a lot of other naysaying fanboys) need to really get out of the preconceived mindset that they apparently have that this show is supposed to be “Avengers Weekly”.

    It is not.

    It is supposed to be a series about what happens to relatively normal people who get caught up in the aftermath of a world that has just been turned upside down by the introduction of superheros, gods and aliens and how both they, the agency that they work for and the world around them react to these events.

    And as a series with those goals in mind, this episode played out quite well.

    • And people like you need to get out of the pre-conceived notion that those who aren’t enjoying the show are assuming it to be “Avengers Weekly”.

      We knew it wouldn’t be when the show was first announced and honestly, whoever uses that assessment against those of us who comment and react negatively to the show are just revealing how shallow they are and incapable of intelligence to throw around such a laughable reason for people to not like the show.

      It feels like “Oh, that person thinks people hate the show because he assumes they expected movie stars to appear every week or be similar to the movies, that person is clearly someone to ignore because they invalidated any and all opinion they have about the show via vague and ridiculous accusations”.

      • Actually the simple fact that you chose to attack me personally over addressing the majority of my comments and the fallacious construction of the one point that you attempted to make are what invalidated your arguments.

        The personal attack I will ignore as it is unworthy of comment.

        As to your fallacy, please tell me where I stated that the people that I was referring to were expecting “movie stars to appear every week”?

        I did not. Which makes your rebuttal against such a non-statement purely fallacious.

        My statement of “Avengers Weekly” could just as equally referred to the expectations regarding the budget, scope, story lines, or the overall lack of an “epic” event each week in the series versus the cinematic Avengers portrayals. All of which are unwarranted expectations in my opinion for a serialized television program but which have nevertheless been brought up by detractors of the show since day one.

        So other than personal attacks and logical fallacies exactly what did you contribute to this discussion?

        • For myself, I never thought there would be an Avengers weekly type of thing mostly because it was said from the beginning that no avengers would appear on the show. My expectations was that the show would provide a story with direction. So far, I still don’t see a direction or improved writing. I thought it would improve with episode 5/6 but has declined with the next episode. I also hate the whole budget arguement because although it’s not a movie budget, it’s bigger than say Almost Human but yet AH has delivered a better brand of storytelling, plots/subplots, action, and acting in 2 episodes than AOS’s 8.

        • If you would’ve read any of the numerous comments above, you would’ve noticed statements like, “we knew this wasn’t gonna be a avengers show”. Everyone here had known that from the get go. This site is one for film fans and geeks who are fully entrenched in the medium.

          So for the last time stop using this lame argument of we aren’t getting an avengers movie every week poop.

    • Anyone who frequents this site is fully in the know about what this show was suppose to be. It’s weak sauce spewed by fan bois who think that this show has reached and surpassed it’s potential that need to wake up and stop defending it’s sub par presentation.

      Get a new argument.

    • While I am sure there were casual viewers who were expecting something close or slightly resembling the movies (even if stripped down), the majority of the people on a site like this probably knew better. That said the issue some may be having with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is that the agents showcased on the show are kind of flat character-wise at this point. The set-up for the show as you mentioned being how normal people deal with superheros and aliens is also lacking here since they actually do not come across many live examples of either. The whole notion that all they are doing is picking up remnants of things left behind from things that happened in movies or in the past is not a ground-breaking idea, and it is being done other shows at this point.

  25. Fitz-Simmons paring is going to happen eventually, just get it over with.

  26. Tahiti is a magical place, it’s where SHIELD has a facility for the creation of genetically identical copies of individuals, or REPLACEMENT CLONING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if you ever watched “Ultimate Spiderman”, Thor calls Coulson “Son of Coul” … and Spiderman is really confused by this..

    • A clone would not have a scar from where Loki’s staff stabbed the original. It would also not have any of the other scars, dental work, etc. that the original body did.

      A clone would also have completely different fingerprints and retinal patterns from the original as well.

  27. What up Biatch.
    Breaking Bad Rules.