Jaimie Alexander’s Lady Sif Appearing on ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’

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Lady Sif Jaimie Alexander Agents of SHIELD Jaimie Alexanders Lady Sif Appearing on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

As the ratings for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. continued to fall and critics (including TV Guide and The Huffington Post) labeled the ABC program for being the fall season’s “biggest disappointment,” we looked into what the decision-makers behind the series planned to do after the holiday break to turn things around. From the words of series executive producer Jeffrey Bell and Jeph Loeb, Head of Marvel’s TV division, viewers were told to be patient and that there’s “a plan” in place, one that would make the show “feel more Marvel.” They referred to deeper stories connected to the films and more characters from Marvel Comics.

This week’s episode “Seeds” – the 12th in the season – offered an origin story for Blizzard, a character from the books, and next week Stan Lee will be making a special appearance. We also just found out that Bill Paxton will be joining Agents of SHIELD with a four-episode arc as another important character from the comics so it’s clear Marvel is making every effort to boost interest and connections to the source material – especially since it was officially announced today that Jaimie Alexander will also be making a guest appearance as Lady Sif, coming to Earth from Asgard after the events of Thor: The Dark World.

The first time Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. attempted to hype up a direct tie-in with the films came with the episode “The Well” where Coulson and co. encountered an old Asgardian hiding on Earth. While the episode did well to flesh out some of its core characters, the episode represented some of the larger issues with the show and its lack of ambition (or ability) to truly synergize with the films or take advantage of the source material. In the end, the episode really didn’t have much to do with Asgard or Thor at all and the alien character and his artifact/weapon could have been replaced with any made-up original character.

Jaimie Alexander as Lady Sif in Thor Jaimie Alexanders Lady Sif Appearing on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Marvel has a second chance to make up for that missed opportunity in episode 15, an episode that’s very intentionally tied into the February home video release of Thor: The Dark World. This time around, an actual character from the films is showing up – another Asgardian. Lady Sif, according to Marvel’s announcement, is on a “very specific mission” to Earth in this episode but no further information is currently available. Since the events of Thor 2 have already taken place, meaning Thor is living here on Earth with Jane Foster, we can only assume Sif is here to meet up with him, perhaps send him a message about Loki?

We’re already trying to piece together what would put Sif in contact with Agent Coulson’s team. Perhaps her mission to earth has something to do with the mystery about Skye’s character that we learned more about in last week’s episode? Much like Coulson’s backstory requires some fleshing out to determine why he must be kept alive (read our new Coulson theories here) and why he’s so important to the leaders of S.H.I.E.L.D., viewers were tossed another mystery regarding the hacker with a heart who was recruited by Coulson in the pilot.

The idea of Alexander popping up on the program is a nice one, but it raises the question of whether or not Chris Hemsworth – and the bigger stories of the movies - will as well. We can’t see Hemsworth or Natalie Portman making an appearance which again hearkens back to the bigger issue. Why would Sif come to Earth but not see Thor? Will Sif know Coulson is alive before Thor? Or is that an potential surprise for viewers? What mission is Sif on and does it tie into upcoming events in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Or will this be another throwaway episode that doesn’t have lasting implications for the franchise? Will she wear her Asgardian armor?

Let us know your thoughts and theories!


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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns Tuesday, February 4th @8pm on ABC.

Thor: The Dark World releases on 3D Combo Pack, Blu-ray and DVD February 25th.

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  1. Really hope it has bigger implications to the MCU rather than a “throwaway” ep. Her arrival to earth does suggest that the choices made by her, Hemdall and the warriors three didnt seemingly lead to imprisonment. So thats good. Kinda informs us a bit of what’s going on in Asgard. Hopefully more is explored.. Personally would be surprised if he don’t see a Thor cameo at the end. Why the heck else would she come the earth.. Or better when if she’s here why would she not bother meeting up with Thor.

    • Would Sif come to Earth because of Skye’s storyline?……..

      • Nothing from Skye’s backstory suggests asgardian involvement. It so would feel forced idk. Figured maybe she’s part kree, or something more original. The back story though suggest possible inhuman ties.

        • You evidently didn’t watch the last episode.

          • Watching the last episode still doesn’t lead to any definitive conclusion that anything going on with Skye is Asgardian in nature. What it does is imply, through visual references, that whatever is going on with Skye is cosmic in origin…

            Given Marvel’s insistence on expanding their cosmic universe (as opposed to their Asgardian universe), the rumors surrounding how they are going to explain Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver’s powers (since they cant use mutants or at least the term “mutant”), and the comics (which have lately have seemed to push story-lines that are reflective of the film direction), the episode leaves open anything to and including anything cosmic or Inhuman related.

            Asgard is not the entire cosmos, merely a small part of it.

    • Maybe Heimdall saw the events during the episode of The Well and comes to pick up the lance-scepter thingie?

      • Either that or there is a giant frost beast running around on earth.. Thats never been addressed or mentioned. Maybe she’s been sent to put it down.

        • Ya, kind of a dumb post-credits thing if it has no implications. There’s a giant monster roaming around, lols.

          • Godzilla will take care of it.

  2. The last episode did resolve whether centipede was AIM.. Clearly in Fitz’s little speech.. They are considered a seperate organization.. So that kinda sucks. An organisation created specifically for the show, kinda dropping the ball on the whole synergy part, as the article alludes.

    • Or they just don’t know enough about it yet to know its connected to one of the bigger organizations. Just saying, not all thing always rule out absolutely.

  3. she’s the most cheapest actor from the MCU they can afford. yet, it’s only for a cameo, i guess.

    i rather see maria hill.

    • She’ll fit right in, she IS a TV actor after all she her biggest role was on Kyle XY as the other person where the dude was from

      • You must have wiki’ed that LOL. I can tell by the wording

  4. Yeah not having Thor doing a cameo would be weird but he didn’t have one earlier in the season so its certainly possible.

  5. Bring it. AoS has improved while no one was looking. I hated Fitz and Simmons early on, and now I am finding them fun and interesting. Coulson’s back story is interesting, and I am all in on Melinda May. The show still has potential.

    We need Coulson to prove his worth as a bad butt SHIELD leader, something not happening yet, and Skye is still overly used and Grant Ward is still under used.

    But I am liking it. The first 6 episodes the show just floated, and maybe will not recover from that bad press. On top of which it is inexcusable for them to have launched this series without a real feel of where they were going with it. But it has become more fun and more interesting.

  6. Heck, Why couldn’t Heimdall see that Coulson is alive and tell Thor?

    • Preach it! The more of her we see, the happier I am!

  7. The more Jaimie Alexander the better, so I’m in.

  8. The more Jaimie Alexander the better, I’m in.

  9. Will she be wearing that dress she wore to the Thor2 premiere? Cuz if so I’m in!

    haha jk but seriously.

  10. Jaimie rocks.

    I don’t normally watch Television, much less AoS, but Jaimie is cool and worth watching.

    Anyone out there who enjoys her acting should see the flick “Collision.”

    The main reason I really liked “Thor:The Dark World” was because it had great eye candy with Jaimie, Katt Dennings and Natalie Portman.

    One wonders how the world could have been had J Alexander been cast as Wonder Woman….

    (Although I DO believe Snyder made the best choice by casting Gal Gadot )

    • Good to see a fellow pro Gal Gadot Wonder Woman.

      • Gal Gadot would destroy Jamie Alexander in a fight.

        As a matter of fact, an athletic trainer for the IDF would win in a fight vs. any of Hollywood’s actresses and a majority of it’s actors as well.

        The correct choice was made.

      • Right on!

        When everyone sees Gal Gadot toned and strong like a real Amazonian, wearing her updated warrior armor, ALL of the “naysayers” will have the stupidest, most befuddled and awestruck looks on their faces.

        And when she’s actually up on screen….aw, heads WILL roll!

        Go Gal!

        • I agree… I want Affleck and Gadot to do well, so people can shut up. I understand that some would be disappointed at some cast news, but give it a damn chance first, at least. I love reading people’s comments on their fan cast choice. Some of them are terrible and is based off looks instead of the look and acting ability combined. I am glad that Gina Carano didn’t get picked. You mad fanboys?

  11. she shows up to fix the internet connection

  12. Even if you’re an absolute critic of the show..(I’m not..i like it..its not bad.)…Everyone’s gotta admit —>> This is Cool. Jaimie Alexander hsa been awesome as Sif..and bec. she’s gonna be on earth for a “specific” mission… the assumption shd be that her role is fairly fleshed out in the episode.
    Last Week we had Blizzard..Skye was said to be 0-8-4…bucky barnes was mentioned..aim was mentioned… Stan Lee in the next episode…Sif coming in..
    Hope it continues to do better.

    • Makes me wonder why the heck they didn’t start of like this. Feels like the first half of the season were pretty pointless.

  13. Heimdall saw that the show was a piece of crap and decided to send Lady Sif to help boost it’s ratings.

    • Ha. Love this.

  14. That’s nice..but between you and me? I’d much rather see supporting characters/actors from Incredible Hulk and Iron Man -such as American Family’s Ty Burrell reprising Samspon) or even Leslie Bibb as reporter Christine Everhart.

  15. shes answering an intergalactic booty call from Deadpool.

    • Aaaawwww yeah she is!!!

      • Hahaha well played Deadpool. Well played.

  16. Agents of SHIELD gets the highest ratings of any new show on ABC. It has the third largest ratings of any scripted hour long in ABC history. It’s the only show on ABC guaranteed to be renewed for next year. It’s almost universally loved by Marvel fans. It’s so successful that they’re already planning an Agent Carter spinoff.

    Seriously, what is your problem? Every single one of your articles is negative on this show. Did one of the producers leave you at the altar or something?

    • I don’t know where you get your info buddy, because this show is nowhere near being “almost universally loved by Marvel fans”.

    • Pffft, facts. This is the internet…

    • Gotta agree with Smokey. Huffington Post dislikes anything if 90% of the cast isn’t black and if the show has a good message. The show is about the AGENTS of Shield. Not the Avengers or anything else. It’s the first season too, they are setting up plots, it’d be dumb to hit viewers with every A-list hero and villain in the first season. That would have been like if Thanos was the villain instead of Loki in Avengers 1. The show has so many easter eggs too, in the Seeds episode they mentioned Bucky Barnes and AIM. It’s only getting better.

    • Those high ratings lasted for exactly one hour and have been going down in small doses over the last few months.

  17. Maybe Agent Coulson’s resurrection really is Asgard related?

    • Like shield had to turn to Thor to help bring him back and because of the methods of his revival he is becoming Asgardian?

      I can dream…

    • The Asgard connection has been made before, but how and why would they help SHIELD bring Coulson back to life and they gave Frigga the old Viking Funeral?

  18. You all eat poop

  19. Now thats Hyping!
    Especially for the Jaimie Alexander fans, who were so enthusiastic for her casting as WW.

  20. Everytime I see her, I think Wonder Woman…so fitting for that role. Oh well…

  21. What the heck, why not! I love Jaimie Alexander so the more she is on screen the more I will be tuned in. This doesn’t restore faith in the series, but it does restore interest in this episode. Hopefully she has more of a part then the last episode to tie in with Thor, they spent like 10 minutes talking about Asgard when in a world with Aliens an organization like this would send them reeling.

  22. welp…this is cool. Lets hope its not a useless cameo

  23. Spoiler Alert..,,,

    Since Paxton is playing Jon Garrett I want Jesse Ventura to play Cornelius Van Lunt…

  24. Screen Rant sucks I used to like these people but their hate for Agents of Shield is just too much. They should hire someone who is not biased and are not fools.

  25. I’m not sure why people are claiming this is bashing AoS… Rob has been pretty honest about everything he’s said, not just bashing for sake of bashing like Occasio. There hasn’t yet been a single episode that has been MUST-SEE

    It does seem like they are stretching to try to make these “connections” we were all promised. The first Thor tie in episode was BS, it really wasn’t related at all, so now they are trying to rectify it and time it with the blu ray release… idk it could be cool but i’m really skeptical. Its not like Sif knows Coulson (I don’t think they really talked during Thor, although they were present in the same town) so this special mission she is on better not be some meaningless crap

    Chris Hemsworth seems like he is pretty happy to be Thor, it would be awesome to see him appear even if it was only a few minutes of scene time. I’m not holding my breath for that, but Sam Jackson NEEDS to make another appearance that isn’t just him yelling at Couson about the plane, or the stock footage crap that was seen during Coulson’s reveal. Considering I see hime every night doing credit card commercials… its not like he is above working on tv

    I really want the show to improve, and Bill Paxton’s reported 4 episode arc has the best potential to add some substance.

  26. People who dislike this are dumb if they think a network is going to spend $5-10 million an episode bringing in A-list superheroes. It’s called AGENTS of SHIELD for heaven’s sake, not Avengers. It’s about the Agents. It’s the first season, and they’re setting up a foundation. The Easter Eggs have been awesome too. The last episode mentioned Bucky Barnes and AIM. Who cares what Huffington Post thinks anyways.

    • I was just about to give up on Agents of Shield, but I’ll give it another chance given this news. As others have mentioned, I really hope Jaimie Alexander will have an actual guest star role rather than a cameo. She’s great!

      This is probably Marvel’s last chance to keep me as a viewer. I was so excited and optimistic about the show before it aired. The show runners and writers of this show have really let me down. I want to like the show and I don’t want to be negative but it’s plots have been so generic and bland. I don’t care about the characters. So far, other than perhaps Coulson, I don’t feel like I have anyone to root for. I can’t believe I’m saying this about a Marvel show.

      I’m disappointed that we are focussing on a rag-tag team of “misfits” rather than the actual agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I wonder who the actual agents are and what they’re up to? Short of a complete cast change, I doubt anything can be done about that, unfortunately. I also want to see some clear signs that “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” lives in the same Marvel universe. Having Jaimie Alexander guest star is a good place to start. For that, I will keep watching and hope things get better.

  27. Next time you guys have a podcast you guys should talk about how idiotic it is to have a show like this have weeks where there isn’t an episode. I mean we’re not getting another one until Feb 4th?? I mean hasn’t ABC learned from Lost that you have to have these shows run consecutively to build the fan base and keep it going? This show can’t afford to have “breaks” between episodes! I mean they have 22 episodes to air! They can’t do 11 up, 11 down?? People are use to watching serialized shows consecutively. Let go of that old way of airing episodes…

    • I agree. Especially in a show’s first year, it’s counter-productive to have people wondering if and when the next new episode is going to be shown. The only thing worse is moving around the show’s day and air time. So far they haven’t done that to AoS.

    • Yea I hate it when shows take unexplained breaks for weeks. I was thinking it might because the Olympics, but those aren’t for another few weeks and are not on ABC. Poor planning on their part

  28. The main avengers will never show up in this show, but the secondary characters could.

  29. I’m a Sif fanboy, so whatever she does it’ll make me happy, especially since the release indicates it’ll be more than a “walk-on” role. One possibility that occurs to me is that Centipede might get hold of the Asgardian Berserker staff. Can you imagine what one of their “enhanced” warriors could do with that? It would take someone like Sif to bring that kind of a mofo down. But who knows? Lots of possibilities! (And maybe they can’t locate Thor ’cause he’s in Tahiti playing snuggle-bunnies with Jane. The slut. And maybe before Sif leaves she’ll find Jane’s car and key it. Heh.)