Jaimie Alexander’s Lady Sif Appearing on ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’

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Lady Sif Jaimie Alexander Agents of SHIELD Jaimie Alexanders Lady Sif Appearing on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

As the ratings for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. continued to fall and critics (including TV Guide and The Huffington Post) labeled the ABC program for being the fall season’s “biggest disappointment,” we looked into what the decision-makers behind the series planned to do after the holiday break to turn things around. From the words of series executive producer Jeffrey Bell and Jeph Loeb, Head of Marvel’s TV division, viewers were told to be patient and that there’s “a plan” in place, one that would make the show “feel more Marvel.” They referred to deeper stories connected to the films and more characters from Marvel Comics.

This week’s episode “Seeds” – the 12th in the season – offered an origin story for Blizzard, a character from the books, and next week Stan Lee will be making a special appearance. We also just found out that Bill Paxton will be joining Agents of SHIELD with a four-episode arc as another important character from the comics so it’s clear Marvel is making every effort to boost interest and connections to the source material – especially since it was officially announced today that Jaimie Alexander will also be making a guest appearance as Lady Sif, coming to Earth from Asgard after the events of Thor: The Dark World.

The first time Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. attempted to hype up a direct tie-in with the films came with the episode “The Well” where Coulson and co. encountered an old Asgardian hiding on Earth. While the episode did well to flesh out some of its core characters, the episode represented some of the larger issues with the show and its lack of ambition (or ability) to truly synergize with the films or take advantage of the source material. In the end, the episode really didn’t have much to do with Asgard or Thor at all and the alien character and his artifact/weapon could have been replaced with any made-up original character.

Jaimie Alexander as Lady Sif in Thor Jaimie Alexanders Lady Sif Appearing on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Marvel has a second chance to make up for that missed opportunity in episode 15, an episode that’s very intentionally tied into the February home video release of Thor: The Dark World. This time around, an actual character from the films is showing up – another Asgardian. Lady Sif, according to Marvel’s announcement, is on a “very specific mission” to Earth in this episode but no further information is currently available. Since the events of Thor 2 have already taken place, meaning Thor is living here on Earth with Jane Foster, we can only assume Sif is here to meet up with him, perhaps send him a message about Loki?

We’re already trying to piece together what would put Sif in contact with Agent Coulson’s team. Perhaps her mission to earth has something to do with the mystery about Skye’s character that we learned more about in last week’s episode? Much like Coulson’s backstory requires some fleshing out to determine why he must be kept alive (read our new Coulson theories here) and why he’s so important to the leaders of S.H.I.E.L.D., viewers were tossed another mystery regarding the hacker with a heart who was recruited by Coulson in the pilot.

The idea of Alexander popping up on the program is a nice one, but it raises the question of whether or not Chris Hemsworth – and the bigger stories of the movies – will as well. We can’t see Hemsworth or Natalie Portman making an appearance which again hearkens back to the bigger issue. Why would Sif come to Earth but not see Thor? Will Sif know Coulson is alive before Thor? Or is that an potential surprise for viewers? What mission is Sif on and does it tie into upcoming events in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Or will this be another throwaway episode that doesn’t have lasting implications for the franchise? Will she wear her Asgardian armor?

Let us know your thoughts and theories!


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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns Tuesday, February 4th @8pm on ABC.

Thor: The Dark World releases on 3D Combo Pack, Blu-ray and DVD February 25th.

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  1. i look at AOS in the same manner as some of the back stories Stephen King gives the towns in some of his novels, specifically It. If you’ve read that book, you know what i’m talking about. it’s ok filler for the MCU as a whole until the main players are back on screen. i feel that it’s getting better and hope people give it the whole season before giving up.

  2. Well I am positive about this addition to the show – I do hope Sif is significantly better used than how the terrible Thor tie-in episode was done
    It is a worthwhile question of why would Sif come to earth and not drop in to see Thor (I know avengers won’t show up in the show, but she is 1 of Thor best friends after all)

    I’m not sure why the show keeps going to Asgard for these larger universe related episodes, there is plenty they could do on earth that would make more sense, without needing Avenger level cameos
    For instance why haven’t they gone after AIM? Or at least hear something about them? More than the throwaway name drop that we got – that company seems to have basically got away with kidnapping and trying to kill the president, as well as a number of terrorist attacks and the only punishment that they got is the loss of Guy Pearce and a few extremis guys

    I would probably rather see Fury or Maria Hill show up more often – perhaps even just a video call hear or there or checking on Coulson following the reveal (although Fury is in Coulsons’ bad books at the moment)
    More of Shepard Book (Ron Glass) might be nice as well, he was there during Coulsons resurrection

    Looking forward to seeing Jamie Alexander on the show
    The Bill Paxton story arc has the most promise for the near future
    The Stan Lee cameo episode will be standard Stan Lee I expect – so nothing special
    In my mind though this show for all its improvements is still hovering around mediocre quality – which is a unfortunate

  3. yawn, each time Marvel sends an actor to guest star on this horrible show, it weakens the Marvel Brand.

    This show is the shyt stain of the MCU.

  4. Jaime Alexander will appear on Agents of Shield?
    How I wish she would appear on me!
    I do like this show; and this can only help shore it up a bit.
    Wish they would introduce Moon Knight here as well.

  5. I only saw Thor once, and I admit I have a terrible memory. I remember the movie ending with Thor standing with Jane Foster, but I don’t remember him bringing a suitcase. Why do we think he’s now living on Earth? What am I forgetting?

    • I don’t think the implication was that he’s “living” on Earth, but the conversation he had with Odin/Loki was (to the best of my off-hand recollection) something along the lines that he would return to Asgard whenever he was needed, suggesting that he would be spending a lot more time on Earth, both as its guardian and to be with Jane Foster.

  6. This show is just way to cheesy for me. It’s all over the place and has the script execution is like someone trying to be Joss Whedon. I would have preferred AOS be about Black Widow and Hawkeye or a team of assassins that they’ve trained. I haven’t watched an episode since the episode where that girl scientist almost died. I’m just ready for the Marvel series that will be premiering on netflix in the coming year!.

  7. I personally love the show. They have picked some great characters which they all are learning to fit together like any family. And people need to understand that when they watch the show, they even said these are the cases the the superheroes are not needed. So what seems to be the damn problem. I have liked Coulson since the very first time I saw him. And I’m sure they will figure it all out.

  8. For what its worth…TV Guide.com has Agents of Shield ranked 14th most popular show on t.v. ahead of popular shows like Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Arrow, etc.

    I feel like Agents of Shield is still toughing it out and more well liked than we think. The general public seem to like it. It is the die hard Marvel fans who are picking it apart harshly cause its not what we expected.

    From my research, it is doing just fine in the ratings.

  9. Will there be any reference to Odin/Loki, I wonder. As in has the king started acting funny. I am glad to see another Asgardian visit but I hope it makes sense.

    • LisaM — There are a number of lines they could take on her appearance that would make sense. One is the one you mentioned, she comes looking for Thor because Dad’s doing some weird stuff and no one knows what to do about it, but that would have to segue into sonething else or it’d be boring, ’cause that’s an issue that’s not going to be resolved on the TV show. They could do something with the Asgardian Berserker Staff from Episode 8; or even have her come to hunt down the critter that was running loose fromn the end of the last movie. I just hope they come up with something that’ll give the character the opportunity to show off her badassitude. I’d love to see someone REALLY IMPRESS Agent May. :-)

  10. Agents of shield would do a lot better if you would get rid of those two so called scientists and put some good actors in their place. Also the cast is a little too pale. How about adding some African Americans in the loop. Trust me, you would get a higher rating and a larger following. The series is not appealing with the cast as it is.

  11. I personally love the show. It took me a few episodes to get used to it and I was wondering whether I should continue watching it or not, but it grew on me.
    However, I still have to admit that it’s not what I had in mind when I first heard about a Marvel series. It definitely doesn’t have that MCU touch, it’s fits better with shows like The tomorrow people or Heroes even.
    I was expecting something spectacular while it ended up being just another average show. But, I feel like it’s getting better and I’m hooked – for now.


    As you know, Sif refrained from killing Lorelei in the end because “Odin” ordered her to capture Lorelei alive. This is after the event of The Dark World so we can safely assume that the “Odin” she’s talking about is still Loki in disguise.

    That means so far, no Asgardians are suspicious about the impostor king since Sif’s still following his order without question.

    What we should be asking now is “Why” Loki’s “Odin” wanted Lorelei be captured alive? Does he have a special plan in motion that requires her help? Probably his next big plan for Realm domination? We shall see…