‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Season 1 Finale Review: Fun With Cliffhangers

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agent of shield season 1 episode 22 coulson Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 Finale Review: Fun With Cliffhangers

[This is a review of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1, Episode 22. There will be SPOILERS.]

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has done much to right itself this year, and for that they should absolutely be commended. This highly-anticipated season 1 finale is not a great example of the series’ many triumphs, nor is it any indication of what the series may bring in season 2. Even so, there’s still much fun for fans to have in this closing tale, if they so choose.

In this week’s finale, “Beginning of the End”, written by Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen, Coulson (Clark Gregg) and co. bring the fight to Garrett (Bill Paxton) and Ward (Brett Dalton) and infiltrate the heart of Hydra, while Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) works on bringing the “rest of the team” back together. As a battle breaks out, Garrett truly becomes a clairvoyant, forcing Coulson to use a familiar weapon he now knows the function of. Elsewhere, Deathlok (J. August Richards) gains his freedom, and Nick Fury lays out the future of S.H.I.E.L.D. and reveals who will run it.

The plot of this story is simple: defeat Garrett. Everything else that happens, no matter how compelling or dire the story arc, is funneled in to this overall goal of defeating villains; villains who just so happen to want to distance themselves from S.H.I.E.L.D.’s true nemesis, Hydra. As such, the subtle series mechanics which helped many disappointed fans enjoy the show’s new life are removed, leaving a bunch of action and not much plot to fill its final 60 minutes.

agents of shield season 1 episode 22 may skye Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 Finale Review: Fun With Cliffhangers

Thanks to Garrett’s most recent injection of GH 325 alien serum, he as well as everyone else around him are now more enlightened, though angry, which makes for an odd juxtaposition that neither benefits the story nor the future of the series. Still, it’s difficult to fault a family show for going the “big boss” route in its final episode of the year. Even so, after what all came before it – especially the first 15 episodes – it’s unfortunate that producers chose to bet on themselves – not their characters, actors or story – to help bring this season’s adventure to an end. To say that this episode is heavy-handed would be an understatement.

Even after Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. made a tremendous turn for the better, there was always concern about the show’s season finale and what it would contain, and for good reason. Previous episodes have been able to thrive on action and/or story alone, and through all of it the characters themselves were evolving and building towards something greater. The season finale put a stop to all these helpful mechanics unfortunately, and forced them to “show their cards,” deal with the task at hand and make a reason for people to want to tune in next season. The finale accomplished all of these things but in the end, too much of what was included was unnecessary and overwhelming, and generally a step back in tone from where this series was just one episode ago.

agents of shield season 1 episode 22 coulson Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 Finale Review: Fun With Cliffhangers

Agent Phil Coulson is not special, according to Nick Fury, and was only brought back to life because he trusts so few people – This is a perfect representation of the overall sentiment of this finale. New mysteries are created, introduced and hinted at throughout this finale; mysteries which may go on to break new ground for Marvel and help propel elements of the Marvel Cinematic Universe from far below. Sadly, this series doesn’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to mysteries paying off, and it appears as if mysteries and unanswered questions are the only things Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is willing to use as a lead-in to next year. Aside from Fitz, that is.

Fitz and Simmons are safe, it seems – or at least Simmons. Fitz is, for all intents and purposes, being held hostage by the series because of the fans. He was the first character who truly earned his spot on the show and at any moment could spin whatever situation is at hand into an earnestly entertaining moment, and because of that the fate of Fitz’ disfigurements or disabilities will come at the price of watching the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 2 premiere in September. No matter what, it’s safe to say: Fitz cannot be 100% ever again; the episode leans too much on his status throughout to simply “write it off” as a battle wound which healed.

On the other hand, Nick Fury’s return feels more required than relevant this time around. Sure, the future of S.H.I.E.L.D. has (somewhat) been laid out, forcing Coulson to take over and rebuild the agency “the right way,” but at some point Nick Fury’s use on this series should be more than looking cool and relaying information that sounds more impactful than it really is.

agents of shield season 1 episode 22 coulson 2 Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 Finale Review: Fun With Cliffhangers

With all that said, the good should be celebrated as well. Garrett, no matter how overreaching, is/was a promising, energetic nemesis for the group to go up against in their first full adventure. Ian Quinn, Hydra or not, is also a helpful villain and manages to ground the series’ fantastical elements in the real world. Garrett clearly shines in this episode, along with Coulson, and the two help establish a fun battle where alien weapons and hilariously snide comments work perfect. This final battle is the finale’s success; everything else is what was required in order for the final battle to occur, essentially.

Through all the many evolutions of this series, no matter how fun or entertaining, there’s still something about this finale which feels as if producers are not as confident about next season’s adventures as previous episodes would lead fans to believe. Everything is a plot device now, it seems, or at least the has the potential to become one, if need, and the last 20 minutes of the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 1 finale opens the proverbial buffet line up and allows its characters to pick and choose which secret, or (magic) box, or secret formula, or secret origin they’d like to hold on to until next year, which is then supposed to hold audience’s attention until next fall.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has gone to Hell and back in an attempt to stay on the air, and at the end of the day, it has earned the timeslot that it was given and eventually became a “real” show. When it comes to these season finales, even the best in this industry have major difficulties with their execution. So, while the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 1 finale isn’t an example of the best or worst that this series has to offer, it also isn’t an indication that things will go belly-up next year. If anything, it’s a much needed break following a monumental battle – something both fans and producers greatly deserve right now.

[Update: Check out our feature on the 10 big unanswered questions the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. finale left us with!]


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 2 premieres September 2014 on ABC

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  1. “Agent Phil Coulson is not special, according to Nick Fury, and was only brought back to life because he trusts so few people”

    I’m sorry, were we watching the same show? Maybe next time wait a little before the episode actually ends to put up a review?

    • I think maybe it was more that he let his disappointment that Coulson is not “special” (read an alien etc) get in the way of fully understanding the gravity of Nick’s choice. Fury is essentially saying that Coulson is just as important to the world as Thor, Iron Man, Cap etc.

      • Exactly. He implied that he considered him one of the Avengers.

        • Exactly this.

          Then again this place is called Screen Rant! Shame this author’s rant is nearly always incorrect.

    • Ok I thought it was just me! He basically said Phil is an Avenger. Does Fury just consider him part of the Avengers team (dropping a hint that we will in fact see Clark Gregg in Avengers AOU)? Will Coulson turn out to be “special” (maybe Mar-vell as Gregg has hinted at in past interviews)? Whatever it turns out to be I heard the exact opposite- Coulson is important and not just because he’s one of the few people that Fury trusts.

    • Anthony and I have both had the episode for a few days now. Coulson is a normal human guy – that’s what he means by not special (i.e. not an alien, not super-powered, not Inhuman, not an LMD, etc.).

      • Agreed, but it was apparent that Fury still thought he was special, in the sense that he implied that he ranked among the Avengers.

        • Yeap, that’s 100% not what we’re talking about though. He’s a loyal friend of Sam L. Not exactly Avengers qualification but yes, I like Phil.

          • So if he’s not special just what was that massive diagram he drew perfectly in freehand?

    • This.

      • Holy c**p. totally not what I replied to with “This.” I could not be in more disagreement with the writer of this review. Perhaps it is just the way in which it’s written, and not that he didn’t closely watch the episode, as I first thought.

        • Agreed. Fairly negative review bordering on whinging. I liked it. I liked the cliffhanger threads and didn’t think them lame at all. Will be back for S2.

  2. I like how they brought the Destroyer gun back. And for a split second I thought Garrett was gonna be a Ultron prototype or something but it was nothing but a stupid joke.

    • I thought the same thing that would have been kind if cool to

    • Why would they introduce Ultron like that?

      • Not Ultron himself, just for a fraction of a second I thought maybe he would be a prototype or the first of Ultron’s soldiers or something. When he got on that table, it was a epic build up to something but then it was just a joke moment so Coulson could kill him.

  3. How did you get this review up so fast? And why? Please tell me that you had an early look at the episode instead of making a knee-jerk reaction.

    • Because we watched the episode the day before.

  4. Im totally convinced about the terrigen mist/Inhumans thing. And it ties into Age of Ultron and the idea that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are gonna have altered origins. So instead of them being mutants because Marvel cant use that, they’ll be Inhumans along with Skye and Raina. Go back and pay close attention to Raina’s dialogue in this ep. And this will all then lead into AoU next year like this year AoS lead into Winter Solider. Great finale imo.

    • Yes when Garrett and Raina were talking about human evolution and crawling through the mist… that sealed it for me.

  5. So any speculation on who Skye’s parents are?

    • well i always thought that she might be sin the daughter of the red skull but i don’t think it might work with the timeline as when he(red skull) has disappear but would still be cool, but now with the huy a the end i don’t think so anymore

  6. Best episode of the season ,I had more real fun wwith this one hour ,than I did watching that bloated mess that calls itself spiderman. Well Done!!!!!!!

    Well Sky’s Parent isn’t Wolverine, since diffrent he’s with a diffrent Company right now ,so I’ll still go with my first guess the Winter Soldier .

    • Yeah, I’d say I enjoyed theses last few episodes more that ASM2

      • I can name two members here who clearly have no taste then.

        Even that scene with Peter and Gwen meeting up and talking about her moving to Oxford had better writing, better actor and more excitement than the entire first season of this mess of a show. I tried to give it a chance but it’s just crap. I won’t make the mistake of watching it next time and will retain hope that it rightfully gets cancelled.

        • You’re coming off a littttle troll-like there Dazz. Did you watch the back-end of the season? We tend to have similar tastes in comic-book movies (ie I love iron man 3 and Amazing Spider-Man 2) and I can confirm that the turn-around in quality for AOS was HUGE. The final 9 episodes totally make up for the poor start and will really enrich your viewing of the MCU. It’s a completely different show at this point… A few issues but consistently excitedly and fun to watch.

        • @ Dazz

          No taste because it differs from yours…… man, no wonder you are get flamed so much these days.

          Okay you disagree with their opinions and have an alternative perspective, fine express that, no need to lead in by being insulting or derogatory

        • ASM2 was the worst Marvel character movie ever made, even worse than ASM. There was not chemistry, not tension, no story, bad acting and plot. A complete mess that I could not wait to end. The only redeeming quality was the cinematography. The CGI Spidey was pretty cool. The story really sucked – improperly paced because of terrible writing and the jokes and the way Andrew Garfield delivered them were lame in the extreme.

        • Dazz speaks the truth, and the reviewer offered up “real” show, which was in all seriousness…….pretty funny.

  7. How the heck did you put this up so fast? It was poorly written in all honesty. It felt like I was reading the same sentence over and over. Dod no one notice Skye’s father? And the reference that Flowers/Raina could make people into the ‘monster’/Kree Raina referenced when the monsters came looking for Skye?

    • Some reviewers got an early look. I read IGN’s review 2 minutes after the episode ended.

    • But I agree. This review is crap.

      • +1 It’s as if they couldn’t stand the fact that for most of the season SR had sealed the fate of this show and then were forced to back down after the CA:TWS tie-in episodes onward. It is so obvious that SR had to get their last barbs in for the year. The editors should have an opposing opinion review just to balance out this tripe.

        • Hey steven,

          Very simply – We watch episodes, give our honest opinion and analysis. It’s the same process from episode 1 through to 22. There’s no master plan to control shows or perception.

          If you love everything about this show, that’s great. If you don’t, that’s great. No one here is going to attack you for these things, these OPINIONS. A lot of people didn’t love the first two-thirds. And if you think that’s only SR, you should totally read some more reviews.

          Check out Forbes & The Huffington Post who both labeled the series the “biggest disappointment of the fall” – clearly just getting their barbs in right? Do they need to be “balanced” because everyone needs to feel exactly the same and the feeling should always be positive? No.

        • They have a comments section for people to give their own opinion on the show, which may oppose their own review. Viewers who like the show seem to have more to say about not liking the reviews then giving their own views on the show.

          • @ Slayer. This is both true and sad.

  8. I have one question.MY frend says Garrett is alve. im pretty sure h died. Who is right If someone doesn’t mind answerigm.

    • Dead. Obliterated.

  9. There’s no way we watched the same thing. This finale was fantastic. 9/10. Excited for Season 2.

    • It was a lot of fun! It dropped the ball on the answers/mysteries/connectivity front though for me though.

      Like there’s no reason for them not to show us Fitz’s state other than to make us wait. Same goes for getting clarity on the blue alien, Raina’s background, etc. Too much just saying wait.

      • Come on Rob, there’s only so much that they can do in 44 minutes. Clearly they knew that they were getting a second season, so it makes sense that they hold off on some answers and saved them for season 2. And I’m totally okay with that. I don’t mind waiting.

        • Hence, the term “cliffhanger”.

          It is the way of most season finale’s lately.

          Gotta include, or not include, some things that will keep people hungry for more.

        • When you say 44 minutes, I say 22 episodes.

          • They seem to leave a lot open to either give themselves an out or something to do later on. They seemed to have tied up the Clairvoyant and who revived Coulson angle, how much people liked it is debatable.

            They still left the who or what is Skye question open, what was the torso in the tube, and added an origin mystery possibly connected to Skye for the seemingly in and out Raina character. And now Skye’s dad is teased, covered in blood in a crack house some where.

            And for fan cred they bought Oswald back as another Koeing to feed rumors about LMD’s again, which is just going to open up speculation about other characters coming back and further weakening the impact of death in the show.

          • Touché

            • Personally, I don’t mind waiting for some answers. If we had all the answers we wanted, then the show would just be a series of self-contained episodes. This is, by far, not the only series that has a running storyline with unanswered questions.

          • Well said Rob.
            They were not even sure of a season 2 so why film it with such huge gaps being left out. Its not like they will take the time to explain the stuff in any of the movies. Im not asking for everything to be explained but atleast answer more than “who is the clairvoyant?”

          • Other than good writing and acting, NO, you don’t. Joss Whedon proved this several times during the run of Buffy:TVS. He ended several of the stronger seasons with no cliffhangers whatsoever, ending with clean and clear plot conclusions.
            This is one of the things that really disappointed me with AoS… Other than a large number of great punctual moments and jokes, this was severely lacking in the writing consistency and brilliance I came to expect from his previous works (yes, several). I am really hoping that this is due to restrictions that had to be dealt with, within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or at least due to getting up to speed and comfort with the characters and show structure.
            I do believe (IMO) that the latter half of the series was better, and I will be watching the next season… I just hope it will be better than the first. And that they will try to work within the bounds of real physics more often… the obvious impossibilities break Suspension Of Disbelief too easily.

  10. While AoS thankfully has the Marvel Universe to provide direction, the show plays out like an inferior version of LOST as it unfolds. It’s like sitting for a Tattoo that simply wasn’t worth the pain and time.

    I desperately wanted Coulson to be Marvel or Marh-Vell or however the hell each version is spelled. We get a version of Steve Rogers sans super soldier serum who self mindwiped for his fellow man.

    It wants to be a bit like ALIAS but isn’t that good. It flirts with Stan Lee and Kirby-esque grand Marvel mythology, but doesn’t have the budget to showcase and impress, like Star Trek TNG somehow did.

    So now Skye is an alien whose parents want her back. All we have to do is sit through 10 more episodes of bland secret agents using gadgets in a budget-restricted psuedo-superhero universe sprinkled with bread crumbs of movie tie-ins and Marvel Lore to keep die-hards happy and fulfill on continuity.

    Then Coulson can fight them.

    What sucks is that the actors keep it on life support.

    Oh well, exploding, monologuing Garrett was hilarious.

    • “Inferior version of LOST”?!

      I watched LOST religiously, and that show went from good to terrible, whereas this one is going in the opposite direction.

      I’m baffled that anyone would still bring that crap of a show up.

      • Lost was excellent to the last. It always put character and philosophy ahead of mythology, so it fit that the finale focused on what it did. Lost was a show with ideas, real and pertinent questions to human identity and a gripping plot and sense of mystery. It was about Life with a capital ‘L’, from birth to adulthood to death and afterlife. It was about transformation and redemption, love and hate, dark and light and why any of those things matter in the end. Agents of SHIELD, while great fun, is not this.

        Don’t hate because it subverted your expectations. Life does that all the time.

    • Are you convinced that the Marh-Vell possibilities are out of the question now?

    • Check it:

  11. I liked it also
    so does anyone think the Avengers are gonna be pissed when Coulson turns up in A-AoU? Or will he just show up in the post credits? Is Fury now done and gone? CUD that stuff Coulson was drawing have ANYTHING to do with Ultrons creation?

  12. To all those who thought Ward would be “redeemed”…told you he wouldn’t.

    He’s a villain, period. After he has murdered so many people, there is simply no coming back for him, unless he sacrifices himself for someone but dies in the process. The show would make a joke out of itself, and send the wrong message, if it ignored all of the blood on his hands and allowed him to come back as a Shield agent. Will never happen.

    • Ward will be back. They didn’t kill him. Why?

    • @Jeff:

      Yet they let Deathlok escape and have his redemption.

      • Because Mike Peterson turned into Deathlok without his permission, and forced to do bad things for Garrett/Clairvoyant/Centipede to make his son safe. It’s only logical if he’s allowed to redeem himself. Wasn’t the comic book Deathlok some sort of anti-hero or something?

        Ward on the other hand, he follows Garrett with his own will. He was given choice by Garrett whether he want to stay in prison or escape with Garrett, and he chose the latter. It’s just he follows Garrett because he feels he owe him, though he could’ve just become some sort of ungrateful bastard toward Garrett…

  13. LOST was great episodic entertainment that was a horrible betrayal at the end because it had no mythology or true backstory. At the same points in their series runs, LOST blows AoS away with intrigue and mystery.

    • LOST was great the first two seasons. It began to drift thereafter and became a terrible joke by the end. All smoke and mirrors with no substance, peddled by snake oil salesmen.

      It’s dead and gone. No reason to discuss it here.

  14. Why is Coulson writing on the wall like Garrett is someone controlling his mind or has something gone wrong and Garrett has come like ghost into coulson’s body or is he really gone into hydra which nobody else knows

    • Whatever that stuff they used to bring Coulson and Garret back is makes them see things, probably from outer space.

  15. Mixed feelings about this one coming back. If your cliffhanger relies on a disposable character like Fitz returning and whe the Koenig is a LMD then the show is in trouble. I did like Jackson in this but the tongue-in-cheek “How did you get here?” got old pretty fast. How Coulson suddenly started writing in Kree (or whatever that was) is just as an example of the poor planning by the show’s leadership. Rob any word if Colbie is signed for S2? A permanent upgrade in the cast is the only way I can keep watching.

    • It was a technical diagram of some sort – computer algorithm – schematic of something. Could it tie in to Ultron. You bet!

  16. LOST was a great show – one of the best ever on TV (from start to finish) – if you think you can do better – please do so.
    if you always expect TV writers to do as you think is good, don’t hold your breath, either way – everyone is entitled to an opinion.

    re: the AOS finale – it was a fun episode that now sets up season 2 – that’s what cliffhangers are supposed to do (duh) – tell a story but leave some left over elements for forward momentum. The world is now their oyster for the next year until AOU.

    re: Skye’s parents – everyone is convinced that the blue guy was an alien … but apparently Raina knows Skye’s father and he has a bloody hand ?? they’ve mentioned “monsters” multiple times now … Aliens are not the only route they can go … there is another
    may be … it’s leading to a connection to or introduction of … The High Evolutionary … ???

    could then also tie into the origin of Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver ? Raina is apparently intrigued with “human evolution” …?

    re: Erik Koenig – Patton Oswalt – http://marvel.wikia.com/Eric_Koenig_(Earth-616)
    yes he’s definitely a LMD, he has to be based on the way he repeated his intro to the new base – the comic book version is a WWII era character originally – try this on for size …. he’ll be a recurring for season 2 – and possibly lead to the creation of Vision in some way ? or also – may be Patton Oswalt could play the “real” Erik Koenig … in the 1940′s – ie. he’ll be featured in Agent Carter as one of the founders of Shield along with Dum Dum Dugan (Neal McDonough is on record saying he’d love to reprise the role) – who is almost certainly on the list of characters they’ll want to bring back. and it could … could … make sense that an LMD that guards the various secret bases was a SHIELD founder.

    look up the two links above … connect a few dots … use a little imagination …

    re: Coulson becoming Captain Mar-vel …. not likely. Whenever Captain Mar-vel is introduced it will be a major movie and most likely a younger actor – and may be even a guy named … Chris …. may be Chris Pine ?? he could definitely play the part
    Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt …. Marvel does like guys named Chris …
    the point is – it is a major character that could be part of Phase 3 – introduced to go against Thanos … or may be they’ll save him for later – but it will most likely be a new character – not Phil Coulson.

    but … as for the “map of lines and circles” Garrett and Coulson made – it’s definitely related to the blue “alien” – remember the little design or “tattoo” on the chest of the blue guy … they’re the same – most likely one of two things
    1 – a “map” or something like that to outer space leading to the home world …
    2 – a “genetic” map of some kind … which will lead the team to discover … Monsters … aka the New Men …

    and look at this link: http://marvel.wikia.com/New_Men/Gallery?file=New_Men_%2528Earth-616%2529_008.jpg
    one of the New Men was Snakar – a blue humanoid

  17. Wow I didn´t like the finale.
    It was very badly written (in my point of view and without actually be a tv/movie writer of course.)

    This episode reminded me of a bad written, bad directed low budget action movie.

  18. re: Erik Koenig – Patton Oswalt -
    he’s got to be a LMD – he repeated the EXACT dialogue from his first appearance
    in the comic books he’s a WWII era character originally – safe assumption he’ll be returning for Season 2 and they’ve already killed him once, so it’s not likely they’ll do it again that quickly (hopefully not at all) and if that just keep him at the base it’s the perfect angle for a a recurring role and if he is an LMD – could this lead towards the creation/ evolution of Vision? ie. the reality of LMDs

    also here’s another idea – the real Agent Koenig was a WWII character – may be … just may be …Patton Oswalt could play the “real” Agent Koenig … in the 1940′s – ie. he could also appear in Agent Carter as one of the founders of Shield along with Dum Dum Dugan (Neal McDonough says he’d love to reprise the role) – and it would definitely make sense that an LMD that guards the various secret bases was a SHIELD founder.

    re: Skye’s parents –
    they’ve mentioned “monsters” multiple times now … Aliens are not the only route they can go … as Obi Wan said, there is another
    … could it be … leading to a connection to or introduction of … The High Evolutionary … ???

    which also ties directly into the original origin of Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver? Raina is apparently intrigued with “human evolution” …? and coincidentally the High Evolutionary is also tied to the Inhumans …

    re: Coulson becoming Captain Mar-vel …. not likely.
    Whenever Captain Mar-vel is introduced it will be a major movie and most likely a younger actor –
    and may be even a guy named … Chris …. may be Chris Pine ?? he could definitely play the part
    Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt …. Marvel does like guys named Chris …
    but Phil Coulson is definitely his own character – and Clark Gregg is not exactly a muscular super-hero type

    re: the design of lines and circles both Garrett and Coulson made – it’s definitely related to the blue “alien” –
    take a look at the little design or “tattoo” on the chest of the blue guy … very similar – could be:
    1 – a “map” or directions to outer space leading to the home world …or other galaxy at least — leading to GOTG
    2 – a “genetic” map or something … which leads the team to discover … Monsters … aka the New Men …created by the High Evolutionary
    note: one of the New Men was named Snakar – a blue humanoid (yes I looked it up)

  19. Sam Jackson’s cameo was awkward, forced, disappointing, and it seemed like it was thrown together at the last minute. I get the feeling he only agreed to do it if he could wear his sunglasses and personal hat.

    • Yea Anyone else feel that Samuel L Jackson just didnt seem to have his heart in the acting for this episode that much? He just kinda felt meh during most of the scenes. I dont know maybe it was just me. It just felt like “ok lets get this over with”

      • He totally phoned it in.

        Wonder if he had to do it for contractual reasons?

      • He also seems to have lost a lot weight since Captain America 2. I hope he isn’t sick.

  20. Please put the Cavalry out to pasture before next season.

    • I enjoyed seeing Nick Fury, but I disliked how he just happened to be there right when Fitz and Simmons surfaced. He joined Coulson, et. al. far too quickly as well…don’t know how he got there that fast…

      We do agree about May. I don’t particulary care for the actress who plays her and feel that she doesn’t exactly fit the role, or at least has not convinced me in it.

  21. What was with the Coulson/Fury stand-up comedy act at the end? That was cringe-worthy… all it was missing was rim shots and a laugh track. Ugh. I was kind of digging the episode until that part. I like little bits of humor to keep it light, but you have to know when to stop…

    • Agreed

  22. This show went from bad to decent in the first season. It’s not a great show and has a long way to go when it comes to great television (Tyrion’s last monologue in GoT is an example of my standard that qualifies as great television). Coulson really is the only redeeming character worth watching on this show, character development is just not it’s strength but maybe next year they will improve but this first season was just meh for me but I’ve never been much for the cheese stuff.

  23. That big diagram that garrett and coulson seemed to be drawing the same thing. Looks to me like an intergalactic map, or as Garrett was saying he could see the universe, some how ties in to guardians of the galaxy perhaps?

  24. Anxious to see Ward come back as a good-guy (hoping, anyways). Hope this comes out on DVD soon for purchase…my money’s ready!!

    • Yea…sure…he’ll come back as a good guy, and all those people whom he willingly chose to kill will just be forgotten about.

      Not going to happen.

  25. On whether Koenig is an LMD:

    If you remember when Eric was first introduced, he mentioned his brother and how they play online FPS games all the time. So until they introduce LMDs, they covered this one ahead of time (and how do we know that Koenig isn’t a triplet, so there could be more).

  26. The problem with this series lies in Whedon’s strategy. He wanted to set AGENTS in the same timeline as the Marvel film series. Bad move — this makes the story and plot lines in the television series subservient to the movies. The pacing and storytelling of AGENTS suffers as a result.

    Whedon would have been smarter if he had made AGENTS an “Origin of SHIELD” story with a timeline well before the Marvel films.

    • That would of been awesome. Just look at the Carter one-shot, it’s very good.

      Hatwell and the bloke who played Howard, couple of cameos from the laconic god that is TLJ.

      Maybe have some of the Howling Commando’s knocking about, Neil McDonough has done plenty of TV

      Would definitely freed the writers of the baggage of holding back cause of what was happening with Cap2. I do think that the writers had to change a lot of what they had originally planned with season 1 because of Cap2 and they was sort of in a holding pattern till the H-bomb dropped.

      • Well if you liked the one-shot, let’s hope the series next season will live up to it.

        • Well if you liked the one-shot, let’s hope the series, Agent Carter, planned for next season will live up to it.

    • They could call it Agent Carter and show Peggy before the Marvel timeline as she helps build SHIELD. Oh wait…

    • Also, the show was at its best when it was directly affected by events happening in the movies, so I wouldn’t really blame the movies for bringing the show down.

  27. So this finale was…actually worse than i expected…i’m a little confused with the reviewer,everything was wrong apparently but the final battle?

    the last battle was a symbol of everything that was wrong with this episode,a lack of gravity

    even during the action scenes it was like there was bunch of levity with nothing on the line,like little kids playings cops and robbers in the backyard

    like watching gi joe(cartoon) where nobody gets shot…or watching an episode of the a team…nah the a team always had a clear goal and it felt important

    i did enjoy it but it just felt like the reviewer said ,they lost a good part of the improvements they have made along the way

    improved it has,starting out as a cw like show…bad cw,supernatural seasons 7-8,smallville seasons 5 on for example.

    they just canceled one of the shows that premiered with AOS and another got renewed

    both of them are in fact better than AOS,they have had their formula down from the very first episode and there is not one episode where i thought they could have done better or needed to.

    AOS needs to get the formula down they make some progress and then screw up every few episodes and it’s kinda worse as this was the season finale

    but yes i did enjoy it even as it was and will continue watching.

  28. A fantastic finale for Season 1, some nice nods to the first Avengers film and references to previous episodes.

    I’m really looking forward to Season 2!!!

    Make Mine Marvel.

  29. “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has done much to right itself this year” are you serious? Having a few good episodes compared to a series of bad ones shouldn’t be consider that. The reason this show is renew because for Disney it’s where they advertising their feature films. The rating of the show is slipping so fast and it’s at alarm level( http://tvseriesfinale.com/tv-show/marvels-agents-of-shield-season-one-ratings-30009/ ). The show should have its own direction and not be using as an advertising tool. It has so much potential and so far it wasn’t delivered. One could hope that the next season the show will head on the right direction.