‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Redefines Itself with ‘Captain America 2′ Tie-In

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agents of shield season 1 episode 17 review hydra Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Redefines Itself with Captain America 2 Tie In

[This is a review of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1, Episode 17. There will be SPOILERS.]

The uprising has begun, and this week Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. delivers a thoroughly enjoyable Captain America: The Winter Solider tie-in episode which manages to not only completely justify its synergistic world and movie prerequisite, but it also makes terrific use of the momentum of Captain’s America’s most recent adventure to dare everyone watching – network executives, fans, etc. – to try and let go of this now blossoming series.

In this week’s episode, “Turn, Turn, Turn,” written by Jed and Maurissa Tancharoen, Coulson (Clark Gregg) and co. take a one-way flight to the HYDRA-infested Hub, where Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) and Triplett (B.J. Britt) continue to investigate Skye’s blood sample. After Agent Hand (Saffron Burrows) takes control of the Hub, and Coulson and co. make their move to bring down the HYDRA threat, allegiances are broken, friends are lost and traitors are revealed.

Experimentation in any medium can be dangerous; on network television, specifically, it can quickly become disastrousAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s launch, while not perfect, was met with more than enough missteps to allow fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to step away without feeling as if they were missing something. After this week’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., however, it’s fair to say that they’re missing quite a bit.

In this week’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier tie-in episode, which reveals Garrett (Bill Paxton) and Ward (Brett Dalton) as HYDRA agents, among many others, a new, energetic soul is breathed into the continuously evolving series. It may not technically be on-par with Marvel’s theatrical endeavors, but what it does do, surprisingly, is reignite the feeling you get in the theater, from being immersed in 70+ years of comic book characters and tales just waiting to be revealed. Most importantly, it makes you want to earnestly tune in next week and the week after that.

agents of shield season 1 episode 17 coulson fitz 570x294 Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Redefines Itself with Captain America 2 Tie In

Even with a visual budget pushed to the limits of what television can afford, and a string of action scenes which will get the heart pumping, this week’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. never allows Captain America: The Winter Soldier to redefine what the series is at its core; instead, it provides the characters with the perfect setting to show their full range, while also making sure to include enough humor to make its viewing as entertaining as it is enthralling.

Coulson is now in charge, against all odds, and it truly feels like he’s actually the leader of a team that is ready to take on the world and HYDRA. All of the supporting characters – Skye (Chloe Bennet) included – are much stronger than they were before, and their ability to maintain such believable roles throughout the episode is pleasantly surprising, and hopefully a sign of things to come. Such a drastic shift in quality, at first, is very disconcerting, as if they’ve just recently realized that Agent May (Ming-Na Wen) can successfully deliver more than a few words of dialogue; however, the tone and execution of this episode – as well as a few recent revelations – leads one to believe that Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. has finally found its voice.

agents of shield season 1 episode 17 coulson fitz skye Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Redefines Itself with Captain America 2 Tie In

Series co-creators Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen recently revealed that, after the series was picked up, they were then made aware of what’s going to occur in Captain America: The Winter Solider, which meant they had no option but to stay afloat until S.H.I.E.L.D.’s doomsday arrived. Sure, previous episodes could have been filled with alternative filler, but with the weight of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe hanging over their heads – and 16hrs of time to fill – there’s not much room to adequately envision a series which will essentially be changing toward the end of its first season run.

Fans will have to tune in next week and see whether or not Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. continues upon its new path and maintains its newfound energy. Either way, no matter what happens next, the strength of this episode is proof that Marvel’s experiment in synergy, when executed correctly, delivers a viewing experience you won’t find on any other network.

Perhaps now it’s time to talk about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 2.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns next Tuesday with “Providence” @8pm on ABC. You can check out a preview of next week’s episode below:

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  1. Screenranters can you help???

    This episode is a tie-in with Winter soldier right? Can I watch this episode without seeing Winter Soldier or will I wait until I watch the movie? (I’m going to see it tomorrow but I really wanna watch this episode today.)

    • I would strongly recommend that you see CATWS before viewing this episode. Know that this episodes events occur at the same time as the events of the movie. But this episode reveals a few large things from the movie that would probably spoil it.

    • Thats a tough one. There are some reveals during this episode that might ruin Cap2. On the other hand the things they do reveal, could actually add to the suspense you will find in Cap2 as well, its really a matter of perspective. It was well done in the fact that they did reveal things from Cap2, but not so much as to give everything away. Just some of the obvious things, but little of the “how”. So you could watch it, but if you’re a purist, skip it until you have watched Cap2.



    • Dude i was having a similar dilemma only im not going to see the movie tomorrow so i went on and watched the episode. So, yeah man it has major spoilers for captain america, if you dont want to know anything wait till you see the movie, its only a day, and itll be nicer to see the movie without knowing how it sorta ends with you paying for it and all..

    • Thanks for all the replies guys, cheers. (@Chris @sneaky @pete @Eddlicious @5ausy @Sam)

      Sounds like this episode contains spoilers for Cap 2 alright.

      Reading all your advice I think I’ll definitely wait until I watch Winter Soldier. Dammit, think I’ll go see it tonight instead and watch this episode when I get home,

      Thanks again

      • oops its @snealy pete (only one guy, not two,, aaaaaaahhhhhh)

        • oh dear god, its @sneaky pete,,,,,,, I’ll let myself out. (no typing comments before coffee from now on)

      • That’s the spirit!

    • Another vote for the ‘wait’ team.

    • It didn’t really spoil all that much. The gist of the movie is still in tact.

  2. On the spoiler site for Cap 2 most people kept saying that SHIELD was now destroyed. I knew that wasn’t true and this episode proves it. Looks like Coulson is now the top agent and the de facto leader.

    I do think Ward is a plant on Coulson’s orders and that Hand is not dead. I can’t explain the two head shots, though.

    • i was thinking the same thing but i truly hope ward is a traitor but i kinda doubt it

    • Coulson will save SHIELD I believe Coulson gave Ward a signal meaning Ward is now a fake HYDRA agent that will lead him inside HYDRA`s secret plan. I believe Ward shot the SHIELD agents with fake bullets

      • Maybe the ‘fake’ agents were actually LMDs and Ward knew that and shot them with real bullets?

  3. My thoughts on Ward:


    While I consider it possible he’s actually “gone to the darkside”, but I think it’s really an undercover operation.

    When Hand and Coulson say goodbye, it didn’t feel like a “I’ll see you later” goodbye, it felt more like “well, I’m going to die now” goodbye. It’s a common trope that all three were either volunteers, or terminally ill. The look he and Coulson share when they leave…Coulson looks worried and Wards looks resolved. It comes of as a “good luck, you’ll need it” exchange. And Ward’s expression at the end, that says to me that he didn’t like what he did, but he knew he had to do it.

    I will acknowledge the possibility that they are making room in the team to add Triplett, and that Ward is really with Hydra, but I’d bet otherwise.

    • It’s an interesting theory and I wouldn’t surprised if hand was an LMD or wearing some sort of protective vest with convincing blood packs or something, or maybe she really did giver her life. I just don’t think they would let him go just to get a man on the inside or have enough time during all that commotion and not knowing who to trust to get this plan together. She did suggest that Ward shoot Garrett though. I aslo think you’re right in pointing out those looks they gave each other.

      • Remember the first rule of Comics… if you dont see the body… TWICE… then they arent dead.

        This is what we saw… Ward pulls off two shots at the guards. One is clearly shot in the head as we see the tell tale red hole in his shiny bald head… if this is faked somehow then its damn good (of course I know its makeup it is a tv show still).

        He then turns and shoots Hand in the body, from the positioning of the gun it looks like a gut shot. She falls forward to the ground and he stands over her. He then fires two more shots at the ground where we assume she is lying.

        At no point do we see her head erupt in blood splats as we never get a clear shot of the those shots going into her. We simply dont see her body in the frame. So we could make an assumption that they were not head shots after all, but rather two to her back. We assume they are head shots because movies have taught us that is what you do when you execute someone. But this does not necessitate that it actually was unless we see the shots go into the head in frame.

        So it could be that Agent Hand will survive this encounter and that Ward is a plant into Hydra. But he still shot the two guards clearly. How they explain that away will be interesting. My guess is that they wont bother. They were “red shirts” and their story isnt a story worth while for the show.

        My instinct tells me that Ward isnt leaving the show anytime soon. We havent heard anything about AOS being picked up for a second season yet, which means there is also no word on contracts for the actors yet either. So we just dont know yet. And thats a good thing. Keeps the suspense and guessing game alive which builds interest. All good things for fans of the show. My instinct tells me that the writers have a penchant for tortured love stories in the middle of bigger genres that arent romantic in nature. Just look at the writers history. Ward and Skye have something clearly developing. So they arent going to abandon this easily. He will either be the bad guy that she is constantly trying to save and redeem, or he will be the protector that will go to any and all measures to secure and safeguard Skye from anything that would harm her. Maybe both… who knows really. The point is, if they get another season I would be genuinely surprised if Ward does not come back.

        The thing about this being a planned plant by Coulson seems it could be plausible. Here’s why I think it could be… In the last scene before they cut to Hand and Ward on the plan with Garret… they have them talking in the control room and agree to Ward joining the “ride”. It seems that business is all wrapped up. Then they cut to Garret being escorted away with Ward and Hand in tow. Then Coulson slips into frame with a very grim look on his face. Why? Was this needed? Did Clark Gregg need more screen time due to a clause in his contract? It just seemed to foreshadowy not to be something of significance. So it does make sense that Ward is being planted into Hydra by Coulson. The question then becomes, when do they reveal this? Do they make the reveal on the season finale, or do they let this sit and fester for a couple of seasons? You would have to have faith that you are going to do a few seasons before you would invest in something long term like that, but you never know. I have a feeling however, that we will get a the big redemption/reveal of Ward at the season closer.

        And then everyone lived happily ever after…

        • You see Hand’s hand at the end of the show and it’s dripping blood. no movement.

          • Still doesnt equal dead.

            Coulson had a gaping hole in his chest after a god like alien shoved a spear through his back and out the front, yet…

            • Think about that statement for a moment. Her had had blood dripping from it and no movement..


              She got gut shot first, fell to the floor, then (if we assume correctly) she got shot twice to the back of the head… at what point does her hand come into contact with blood?

              Grabs her midsection and then flails her arms before hitting the floor?? I guess its possible but it goes counter to what we see in frame.

              Poor direction choice that sets up a dramatic shot.

              If it were me…

              I would have done an overhead shot showing Ward standing over her lifeless body lying on the ground and across from Garret and the now two dead guards… then fade to black for the commercial break. That would have given the implied death of Hand in a much better fashion than the bloody lifeless hand…

              • I’ll tell you why, and it’s a simple thing you neglected to mention in your over-abundant explanation. It’s a simple thing that gives validity to the exact opposite of what you propose.

                It’s called Network Television.

                Here’s the thing about network television: you can get away with a lot more than you used to but there are still massive limits on what can be shown and, more importantly, how much. There’s a barometer, just like how you can skirt by with a PG-13 with one F-Bomb but one too many quickly pushes you into R territory.

                There is also the issue of Hand being female. You don’t get away with as much female bodily harm as male and you’ll notice that scenes portraying violence against women are even edited much more differently.

                While your explanation might have merit in some circles (like comics), it’s the the more practical TV limitations that take precedence and those are something that can’t be completely ignored.

                • I wont argue the vagaries of television editing and censorship. It is what it is…

                  But from a writing and directing standpoint, not showing the body allows you a lot of leeway. And since this IS a comic book show/movie, it still adheres to that style of writing and artistry. Not showing the body on screen is just as relevant as not showing the body in a panel.

                  I would not be surprised to see Hand stand up and stip out of a vest that shows one shot in the front and two in the back.

                  Or better yet if they want to give a real nod to us perennial fans, have the real Victoria Hand step in over her LMD’s body and inspect with a look of satisfaction.

                  • Everyone talks about LMD’s like they are going out of style. So far in all the movies and especially Cap 2 we saw NO LMD’s. Cap2 would have been perfect place to have them. So I am leaning towards the fact there are no LMD’s in this version of SHIELD. There have been no mentions of LMD’s at all in the MCU and in AoS.

                    He shot Hand in front of Garrett. IN FRONT OF. Don’t you think Garrett would KNOW about LMD’s since he is a high ranking officer? Don’t you think Garrett would know if someone was dead or not?

                    So far no LMD’s so I am not even going to use that as an assumption until they start mentioning them in either the MCU or AoS.

                    • @ Fume…

                      We are forgetting 3 important things that makes Garrett a believer that Ward would actually kill them without wanting to check the bodies.

                      1. He witnessed Ward “go crazy” and kill the “vegetablized” guy in the chair in that computer room which could convince Garrett that Ward was secretly doing that to make them all think THAT was the clairvoyant

                      2. Garrett is locked up so wouldn’t check the bodies

                      3. Garrett used to be his mentor and S.O. so he would buy into the fact that Ward would follow him and free him.

                  • “I wont argue the vagaries of television editing and censorship.”

                    In other words: “I’m going to be dismissive of anything that doesn’t support or validate my argument, especially if it has merit.

                    This is what is known as “stacking the deck”.

                    • @Chance

                      Hardly… its called ignoring a straw man… At no point was censorship and women’s rights a part of the discussion prior to your intervention. So I decided that to both acknowledge I heard what you had to say, while at the same time defusing it, I did not feel the need to validate your strawman by buying into its insistence and attempting a counter point. It was and is a non-point with respect to what was being discussed.

                      We were talking about possibilities of who and what is going on, and I added from a writing perspective, how it is handled in the current source material. This complies with the discussion at hand. Your attempted segue into another topic, that would derail us into a useless discussion on corporate politics was not on topic and added little to the discussion.

                      Now if you would like to continue the discussion I would be delighted to hear your theories on what Ward was doing and thinking and where the show might be going from here. However, SR has another article detailing the abysmal ratings this episode got and if ABC’s track record is anything to go by, A.O.S may get the A.X.E, making all of this moot.


                      On LMD’s – See Avengers, Stark Tower scene with Tony Stark with Coulson and Potts.


                    • I get exactly what you are saying. Ignore all real world implications for the sake of maintaining a position that those existing standards have an effect on.

                      That isn’t a strawman (an overused term, rarely used accurately), it’s an acknowledgement that since the show exists in the real world and on network television, any real world effect on how a narrative is displayed can not be dismissed out of hand regardless of the narrative.

                      Essentially, you’ve admitted that you’ve intentionally ignored such components because they don’t support your hypothesis on the narrative, yet the narrative can not be unaffected by them because it’s portrayal exists within the industry that has adopted such standards of portrayal.

                      A strawman, however, would be ignoring an actual position and substituting a distorted, exaggerated, or misrepresented version. Since no such distortion or misrepresentation was done and I merely offered a counterpoint in the form of unconsidered practical reasons why the portrayal of the narrative may have been done in the manner it was, no such strawman exists.

    • Ward’s look at the end almost made me think he was under someone’s control or drugged.


  5. Ok, first of all, my first reaction to this episode was “Holy Crap!” The episode is aptly named, “Turn, Turn, Turn” because of all the twists and turns it takes. I was convinced that Hand was Hydra from the get go, even when she did her “test” for Triplett and Simmons I thought it was all hocum. Who would have guessed that it turns out Garrett and Ward are the actual Hydra agents!
    All those that are saying that Ward is still good and just being a double agent, you are forgetting that Garrett didn’t seem surprised at all when Ward shot Hand and the other two. If Ward is a double agent then he would have had to have been planted as one a long time ago to be able to fool Garrett. So my personal opinion is that he really is Hydra. I don’t like it, but there it is.
    That being said, I think that Triplett could be in line to replace him on the team as well.

    • You really think Garrett was aware of everyone who’s HYDRA? It’s easy for Ward to fool Garrett since Garrett will be expecting HYDRA agents from anywhere and he was Ward’s SO. I seem to remember Ward mentioning his deep undercover work in passing in the episode as well, sort of an ignorable comment at the time but a key comment looking back. Garrett’s not the main HYDRA guy and Coulson knows this so he’s got Ward going in to find out who is.

    • I liked the “Don’t fear the reaper music” when Reaper drones come up to kill Garret. I wish they would incorporate more good music in these shows.

  6. To me this seems like a lame excuse: “Oh, we couldn’t write anything good, because they told us we’ll have a Hydra tie-in with Captain America 2; so until then we don’t know what to do…” That’s just balloney.
    Besides, they could have even involved Hydra a lot earlier. In fact it would have made the tie-in that much stronger. Because then in fact Captain America 2 would have (seemingly) had an Agents of Shield tie-in.
    For all the talk of cohesiveness and tie-ins, to me it never feels that anything on the show impacts the movies. From Marvel Studios perspective this makes sense as they don’t want to restrict their movie process, which is much more important than a TV show.
    And yet I can’t help but think of a show that would have had a strong enemy from the beginning in Hydra. Like a cat-and-mouse spy game with attacks and counter-attacks till finally Hydra reveals itself within Shield through Captain America 2. Now that could have been exciting and would have made us feel as if the show actually has an impact on the Shared Universe.
    But hopefully the direction they are now going in will be as exciting as this episode.

    • It just proves that the Jed and Maurissa show couldn’t write themselves out of a paper bag.

    • If Hydra had been present in “Agents Of SHIELD” this whole time, it would have had a pretty significant effect on the big reveal that was basically the foundation of “Winter Soldier”. I think that would have been shooting themselves in the foot. I think the Clairvoyant angle was a great way for them to have put the TV team on the scent without giving too much away too early.

      • I agree but it was fairly drawn out and uneventful as shown by decreasing audience #s.

  7. Was anybody else waiting for an “Alexander Peirce” name drop in this episode?

    • Yep…

      But then that would have been too spoilery. They only spoiled enough to keep you still interested in how things went down. The didnt fully spoil anything if you think about it. I would say they “half-spoiled” things.

  8. Europe

  9. I hesitate to say that going under cover in HYDRA is even really possible… in Captain America The First Avenger, after they captured Zola, it was stated that he was the first HYDRA agent that they had gotten into custody who didn’t chomp on the poisoned tooth and die immediately. So even being able to take HYDRA agents in seems a stretch to me. So I think that Ward is HYDRA. I can’t imagine a scenario where it is going to be OK that he just murdered all of those SHIELD agents, undercover or not.

    • He wouldn’t just murder them. Not under orders from Coulson. Coulson is too much of a straight shooter.

  10. I think Ward’s mention compartmentalization was a reference to Fury in CA:TWS which may mean that Ward had his own assignment just like May did.

  11. Ok, if Ward is faking it, how does Garrett, Ward’s old training agent know that he is really with Hydra. Seems to me his training agent would know because he would have been the one to turn him. This is only true if Garrett turned while still training Ward. In fact, he could have turned, or turned half-ass, after Ward was turned loose on his own. So if Garrett doesn’t know Ward is turned, how will he accept him into Hydra now? One could argue that murdering Hand is evidence enough. But if that is just a ruse, one would think that that a seasoned operative like Garrett would check her vitals, unless they have a way to put her under temporarily. I think they have to have Garrett check the agents to make sure they are dead before he accepts Ward, unless Ward really has turned and Garrett knows this because he is the one who turned him. Lots off complications to all of that for tight plotting. I prefer to think it’s a ruse and Hand is not dead.

  12. I am also believing that Ward is a HYDRA plant. SHIELD has pulled off fake deaths before at higher levels with success, so why would Hand and the guards be any different. Fake bullets with blood spatter and a toxin that drops pulse rate to one beat per minute to fool Garrett the deaths were real if he checked. Ward NEVER said Hail HYDRA at the end like all the others did. Come on, a high level Shield Agent just hands Ward a gun to execute a high ranker HYDRA Agent in cold blood? He’s a wealth of information under interrogation but getting someone on the inside would prove more valuable. I doubt the decoy is dead too. Ward was probably under direction to “execute” him to hint to Garrett, if he was unaware, that he’s HYDRA.

    I could TOTALLY be wrong and he could end up a villain that Skye tries to “redeem” as was mentioned earlier. This show has been full of disinformation to make you question the obvious all season and I’m sure there are a few more twists coming in the same manner.

  13. I like Ward. He’s a damn good operative on this team, almost equal with May, who I also like. The only way he’s getting in under Garrett’s nose is to do something drastic like murder hand. If Garrett checks, though, Ward is in deep s***. Then again, how does Ward revive them if they aren’t dead and keep the ruse going with Garrett? Next episode should still be rocking. This was a bad ass episode and I do mean GOOD. Showed some life, finally.

  14. When Hand mentioned SHIELD station in Eastern Africa. Could that be a possible easter egg?

    • I thought that too! Wakanda?

      Or maybe Cap 3 involves Cap on the hunt for bringing Bucky to justice and going to secret SHIELD bases to get weapons, etc with the help of Falcon. He then comes into contact with other agents who help along the way or other heroes. Maybe Black Panther or Dr. Strange?

      • East Africa is where the “Sandbox” was, they went there in one of the early episodes.

        • Wakanda is also in eastern Africa…(Technically northeastern)

          Still could be Wakanda.

          • Part of the draw for some fans who follow the comics might be the speculated connections to the books. But all the wishlists in the world filling in the blanks left in the writing do not mean anything if nothing ever materializes. Some people are of the opinion that people’s expectations might be too or high or unrealistic about the content. Bringing up characters and stories that might not show up just feeds into potential let downs.

            • Agree. However, we know vibranium exists cause its brought up and we know that MCU personnel have said they would like to bring in Black Panther.

              Plus, wishful speculation is part of the fun!

  15. Holy Crap!. AOS hit a series low with ratings last night and was down three tenths (OMG) from last week. I asked my adm asst to IM me the ratings.

    Even $300MM awesomeness of Cap 2 of could not boost the ratings of this show. Now thats a twist I didn’t see coming. Shocking

  16. I think Ward is faking like he is HYDRA for a few reasons…

    1. He mentions compartmentalization which I think shows us he has contact with Fury and has his own assignment

    2. We see Coulson is secretly talking to Ward off to the side and Sky looks at them like she knows what is going to happen or overhears it

    3. Garrett wouldn’t wouldn’t necessarily know who is HYDRA since it showed him say something like: “You boys know what to do. I’m Waiting.” Then the HYDRA soldiers turn and shoot the good SHIELD agents. This implies that the soldiers didn’t know Garrett was SHIELD and that Garrett didn’t necessarily know the soldiers. Maybe the “I’m Waiting.” is the code words that the Hydra agents needed to hear to be given order to shoot.

    4. The look on Garretts face when Ward shoots Hand and her guards was that of “I’m pleasantly surprised that you are Hydra!” Plus, Ward didn’t say Hail Hydra.

    5. The death of Hand seemed planned. Hand allows Ward to assassinate Garrett but (think about it) Ward was going to be in trouble for assassinating the vegetable dude in the computer room. It seems Coulson and Hand used the fact that Ward took measures into his own hand previously to make it more believable for Ward to be able to shoot Garrett.

    6. Turn Turn Turn could be implying the transition of Ward from agent to double agent and back.

    • Like you comments, especially #6. The title itself is a huge foreshadow of turning (only seeming to) then turning back.

    • Your #2 is way off. He was talking to Ward to tell him that Garrett was in fact Hydra since they paraded Garrett in front of everyone with handcuffs on. He and skye did not know that Garrett was Hydra until that point. Coulson and the others knew prior cause they were there when Garrett revealed himself. Ward and Skye were not. Also Coulson knew that Ward was under Garrett for some time in SHIELD. SO he was just talking to him on the side to let him know. That is when Ward said he’d take Garrett to the SHIELD holding facility.

      Garrett KNOWS Ward is Hydra and Ward knows Garrett is Hydra. There was no look of shock. It was a look of “Job well done.”

      • @ Fume…

        We don’t know what was said between Coulson and Ward cause music was playing over the scene.

        They could have been talking about Ward needing to go undercover and Ward could have been reacting skiddish or unsure about it for all we know.

        • True, but given Trip’s reaction in the background and Ward’s stunned look, it seemed like a “breaking the bad news” scene. Or it could have been a “Holy crap my HYDRA handler is in some serious sh*t! Quick improvise!” Time will tell.

      • Do you get the feeling the flashbacks Ward keeps having about his childhood and the water well tie into this somehow? Could they be planted memories by Hydra and he has been under their control and brainwashed for a very long time?

        • Oohh…thats a good call.

          Maybe he was “programmed” through repeated torture and training.

          Maybe Sky is (at times) opening him up to his human side again. A side he hasn’t known before because of his programming and training.

  17. considering some of age of ultron has been shot in johannesburg, i’d say so.

  18. I personally thought the episode was good, maybe 3 stars out of 5. I still genuinely think that actress who plays Skye is the weakest link from the group. I wouldn’t mind if she gets killed off and Maria Hill becomes part of the team.

    I also like the idea of Ward being a Hydra agent along rather than the brain-washing theory. It just seems that a lot of story lines could be done with him being the villain this season and the reaction of the group. Then season two could be his redemption(If it gets renewed, considering how hyped this episode was, it hit a series low)

  19. Still, Arrow is miles and miles ahead of this tv show.

    • *yawn*

    • I have to agree, BUT Arrow was just as shaky as AoS in its first season and didn’t really gain tract until the final 5 episodes of S1.

    • Personally I have never really gotten into the WB superhero shows. Don’t like the look and feel of them. The only exception being the early episodes of Smallville. Arrow feels much more like the later episodes of Smallville.
      What I do like is Almost Human. That show is pure quality.
      I wonder what the comparative budgets are between the three shows?
      It would seem Almost Human must have a better budget.

  20. Is it ironic that her name is Victorie HAND and it showed her bloody hand?

    That has to be somehow a message through the writing or directing.

    • Victoria not Victorie

  21. I know many people will use the “Last nights show of AoS had season low rating” to say the show is still falling.

    I feel it has to do with the Cap 2 and show connection. I think a lot of people havent watched last nights episode cause the don’t want to be spoiled if they haven’t seen Cap 2 yet.

    • I hope you’re right and if you are then we will see next weeks ratings jump.

  22. If Ward is not actually Hydra, I think he’s functioning autonomously. Just like when he killed the decoy clairvoyant, he’s going rogue in a “do what needs to be done” fashion.

    Faking the deaths of Hand and the other S.H.I.E.L.D agents on the plane would be super lame, pending a plausible LMD or otherwise introduction.

    There’s no way Coulson asked him to shoot hand. I think he’s gone rogue to infiltrate Hydra on his own.

    Although, there’s so much more they can do with Hand, so I won’t complain if they find a good way to keep her around.

    • I’m with you. There are way too many reaches going on around this.

  23. Honestly, I hope Ward is really Hydra.

  24. Aren’t ya’ll forgetting the CLAIRVOYANT ? would’nt the Clairvoyant know if WARD was a triple agent? They never explained who the Clairvoyant was. We should all assume it’s ARIM ZOLA correct? So if WARD is a HYDRA plant would’nt the Clairvoyant “see” this coming? And after the events of Cap 2 would’nt FURY be looking for COULSON? Or COULSON looking for Cap? or ANY of the AVENGERS? Hopefully they tie these things into a nice tidy bow before seasons end. Can’t believe this was the best episode of the season hands down and got the worst ratings.

    HAIL COULSON!!!!!!

  25. hand may not have been all that likable at times, but she is such a strong and focused character, and shield really needs that right now. It looks bad, but I hope it was planned or that she’s able to be saved. They have a lot more that they could with her

  26. Ward is pretending to decieve Bill Paxton and infiltrate in HYDRA.
    i’m out.

    • I concur, Garrett is the one that put the hit out on his beloved Skye, did Ward shoot the wheel chair bound dude to protect Garrett or to protect Skye? Why did Coulson hand cuff May the entire episode and release a cold blooded kill – Ward, to run amok. Has Coulson gone off his rocker… He killed the two GH security guards (still don’t know what organization they worked for) and now it seems as if he had Ward kill Hand and her two goons in an attempt to infiltrate Hydra. Or perhaps Hand was right, Coulson is Hydra too, or he is some other type of spy, Fury had May spy on him for a reason.

  27. You know how I know an episode is really really good? 160+ comments in less than 24 hours.

    So basically the AoS fandom is divided in EvilWard and RedemptionWard. Personally I’m in the first camp. Like I said earlier, it’s the first interesting thing Ward did all season and I’m really hoping they go all evil with him. Not Diet-Evil. Rich, high-calory, heavy on the cholesterol evil. Evil that you love to hate. And in order to hate it, it needs a face. Centipede did not have a face, unless you count the well-spoken polite Girl in the Flower Dress, but she was just a minion. This show desperately needs

    a Big Bad that is memorable, like Loki or Magneto or Deathstroke (incidently, Deathlok should get the number of Deathstroke’s tailor. Dude, seriously). So make Ward the face of that evil.

    To take another character from the book of Whedon, who was more fun to watch: Dark, brooding, but kinda boring Angel, or crazy homicidal psychopathic Angelus?

    TeamEvil all the way