‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Redefines Itself with ‘Captain America 2′ Tie-In

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agents of shield season 1 episode 17 review hydra Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Redefines Itself with Captain America 2 Tie In

[This is a review of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1, Episode 17. There will be SPOILERS.]


The uprising has begun, and this week Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. delivers a thoroughly enjoyable Captain America: The Winter Solider tie-in episode which manages to not only completely justify its synergistic world and movie prerequisite, but it also makes terrific use of the momentum of Captain’s America’s most recent adventure to dare everyone watching – network executives, fans, etc. – to try and let go of this now blossoming series.

In this week’s episode, “Turn, Turn, Turn,” written by Jed and Maurissa Tancharoen, Coulson (Clark Gregg) and co. take a one-way flight to the HYDRA-infested Hub, where Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) and Triplett (B.J. Britt) continue to investigate Skye’s blood sample. After Agent Hand (Saffron Burrows) takes control of the Hub, and Coulson and co. make their move to bring down the HYDRA threat, allegiances are broken, friends are lost and traitors are revealed.

Experimentation in any medium can be dangerous; on network television, specifically, it can quickly become disastrousAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s launch, while not perfect, was met with more than enough missteps to allow fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to step away without feeling as if they were missing something. After this week’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., however, it’s fair to say that they’re missing quite a bit.

In this week’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier tie-in episode, which reveals Garrett (Bill Paxton) and Ward (Brett Dalton) as HYDRA agents, among many others, a new, energetic soul is breathed into the continuously evolving series. It may not technically be on-par with Marvel’s theatrical endeavors, but what it does do, surprisingly, is reignite the feeling you get in the theater, from being immersed in 70+ years of comic book characters and tales just waiting to be revealed. Most importantly, it makes you want to earnestly tune in next week and the week after that.

agents of shield season 1 episode 17 coulson fitz 570x294 Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Redefines Itself with Captain America 2 Tie In

Even with a visual budget pushed to the limits of what television can afford, and a string of action scenes which will get the heart pumping, this week’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. never allows Captain America: The Winter Soldier to redefine what the series is at its core; instead, it provides the characters with the perfect setting to show their full range, while also making sure to include enough humor to make its viewing as entertaining as it is enthralling.

Coulson is now in charge, against all odds, and it truly feels like he’s actually the leader of a team that is ready to take on the world and HYDRA. All of the supporting characters – Skye (Chloe Bennet) included – are much stronger than they were before, and their ability to maintain such believable roles throughout the episode is pleasantly surprising, and hopefully a sign of things to come. Such a drastic shift in quality, at first, is very disconcerting, as if they’ve just recently realized that Agent May (Ming-Na Wen) can successfully deliver more than a few words of dialogue; however, the tone and execution of this episode – as well as a few recent revelations – leads one to believe that Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. has finally found its voice.

agents of shield season 1 episode 17 coulson fitz skye Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Redefines Itself with Captain America 2 Tie In

Series co-creators Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen recently revealed that, after the series was picked up, they were then made aware of what’s going to occur in Captain America: The Winter Solider, which meant they had no option but to stay afloat until S.H.I.E.L.D.’s doomsday arrived. Sure, previous episodes could have been filled with alternative filler, but with the weight of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe hanging over their heads – and 16hrs of time to fill – there’s not much room to adequately envision a series which will essentially be changing toward the end of its first season run.

Fans will have to tune in next week and see whether or not Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. continues upon its new path and maintains its newfound energy. Either way, no matter what happens next, the strength of this episode is proof that Marvel’s experiment in synergy, when executed correctly, delivers a viewing experience you won’t find on any other network.

Perhaps now it’s time to talk about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 2.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns next Tuesday with “Providence” @8pm on ABC. You can check out a preview of next week’s episode below:

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  1. The writers definitely listened to the complaints. You can get that from the line where Ward called himself boring. Now he’s kinda not, although the romance between him and Skye is horrible, he finally has an interesting angle to him. This episode was solid throughout, and a perfect tie in. This episode alone, justifies it’s reason to exist, and I’m glad the second half has been better. I’m call in it now though, Ward was under orders to do what he did at the end of the episode.

    • Agreed! I’m not so sure Agent Hand is dead. That could have all been staged so Ward could work himself into Hydra.

      • Her red accented hair always reminded me of Baroness in GI Joe. She always seemed bad to me.

    • Nope, not under orders from Shield to execute a top Agent (Vic Hand). Now way no how. And it sure as hell does not look like it was faked either.
      More likely, he was following his allegiance to Garret, but in the button scene, it looks like his is clearly conflicted, which most likely has something to do with his feelings for Skye (yawn!). So in the end I suspect they will redeem him through his love for her and make it some happy hippy love fest. Oh well… I still love this show.

      Im going to maintain that the voice we heard as the Clairvoyant is still the clairvoyaint. In that Brad Dourif is still the big C and the Clairvoyant is still the Leader from Incredible Hulk. He is most likely the leader of Centipede, which works for or with Hydra.

      Then again Marvel may be holding on to this baddie for the rumored Hulk stand alone film with Ruffalo that may or may not be happening depending one what day of the week it is and how the wind blows. Having the Hulk go up against the Leader with his band of mutated Gamma goons would be fun to watch.

  2. Not that great episode, The twists where so many and so forced that i thing i saw Shamalan in the background yelling watta twist, especially one with Ward, that came completely out of nowhere…

    • And reveal of who the clairvoyant is, so disappointing…

      • Well if you still remain bitter about this show after that episode, then it’s probably best you move on. This was by far the best episode of the season, and exactly how this show can tie-in and enhance the movies. Excellent.

    • There’s been a few subtle hints to Ward’s turn. The most notable is a Skye saying just how much is going on in the world and as she says “lies” and “evil” the camera focuses on Ward

      • the look that Ward gives Coulson just before leaving makes me think that Coulson told Ward to go under cover…

        • There’s going undercover and there’s shooting three fellow agents in the head…

          • and there’s both!

            Not a move a real government agent would make, but this poorly written show… yup.

            It’s painfully obvious he isn’t HYDRA. It is the continuation of his “I’m a trained killer!” subplot. He saw a way in to HYDRA, and he took it, regardless of the consequences. It’s bad writing, but it’s clearly what’s going on.

            • The writers confirmed he’s really Hydra and purposely made the character a big hero from the start to make the turn feel crazier. But yes he was always a Hydra agent.

    • It was a bad twist because it came out of nowhere? Isn’t that required?

      • Yes, you need to throw the seeds for the twist to work. Let’s take 6 sense for an example, there are so many clues that when you finally get the twist you know that it all makes sense (no pun intended). Here it just feels tacked on

        • The best twists are the ones you don’t see coming, which with Ward, no one did. If you need your twists spoon fed to you with hints and subtleties, more power to you, but the rest of us would prefer to be genuinely shocked.

          • I think you both have it right (@Evil_Ash and @Electric Evil)

            The best twists are the ones you don’t see coming
            But the ones that really stand out do include those hints and subtleties so that when you see the film/show again there are still new things to see that make it enjoyable

  3. Ward HAS to redeem himself one way or another!! although he’s pretty bland, i kinda liked the character. Its hard to believe that one of the main characters of a show, maybe second most important behind coulson, can really be a villian. Maybe he’s a double agent within HYDRA? but then again Marvel has proven to take some risky and ballsy movies. so if they do keep him as a villian, i hope he’s a damn good one and sticks around for a while.

    And im interested to see where they take Agent Triplet in the series. IMO hes really the only character that i instantly liked and didnt really need any warming up to. and he’s the perfect parallel to Wards bad guy.

    • There’s always a possibility that Ward is playing this up (pretending to be Hydra) as well, to protect Skye from the inside of enemy’s lair…
      Let’s just see what happens next week

      • Maybe that’s what Coulson was talking to him about!His face at the end made me question him going with HYDRA.

      • I do agree with the Clairevoyant part since I love both the original character of Garrett, who was definitely not a shining example of a human being but was was definitely not HYDRA level evil, and Paxton has played the role in a really likeable manner.

      • If pretending to be Hydra includes killing three fellow agents then what’s left of SHIELD deserves to be destroyed and there are no good guys. There would be absolutely no excuse for taking that kind of action, regardless of what the stakes are.

    • I really hope Ward is not a double agent it would seem a waste of a great scene at the end when they revealed Ward as a hyrda agent. That last shot of ward was good. Liked that twist

      • The last shot of Ward, that twist that you liked, was clearly telling us he isn’t HYDRA. Sorry.

        • Killing 3 shield agents in cold blood proves he’e *not* Hydra?? Pleaes explain.

          • The killing part could have all been staged, so Ward could work himself into Hydra. I’m sure with all of their technology, they could fake a couple deaths. Not outside the realm of possibility for a TV show.

            We’ll see.

            • How do you stage headshots? I don’t remember seeing any squibs on those two guys’ foreheads.

              • First, I didn’t see any head shots, but let’s assume you are correct. It’s a freakin TV show! Life model decoys, perhaps? Hydra agents that Hand drugged up to be docile until Ward took them out? It’s not like they haven’t brought anybody else back from the dead. Ward certainly didn’t look happy at the end, but very, very concerned and/or conflicted for what he was entering into.

                It’s a theory, but just as valid as any other here. Like I said, we’ll see.

                • True it’s a theory. But as with any theory it should be tested with the facts that have been presented to us within the show. Those two guys were the same guys that have been next to Hand throughout the episode. Second, LMDs have not made an appearance in the MCU besides as a joke in Avengers. To use it at this point, without precedent, would be an ass-pull. Third, while it could be theorised the gun might have carried rounds with reduced, non-lethal charges, that last shot of Hand’s bloodied hand, done strictly for the viewers’ benefit mind you, not Garrett’s, is a rather strong indicator that Hand’s time one the show has passed. Does anyone know Saffron Burrows’ contract details, as in for how many episodes she was signed? I didn’t count her appearances, but if this episode’s appearance coincides with her contracted number of episodes, it might be a clue towards the finality of her death.

                • He shot the two guys in the head. Bullet holes and all.

              • ward used a gun that hand gave him. it could have been some kind of fake gun that splats some blood on the target, possibly mixed with whatever the nite-nite guns use. it could have been quickly set up off camera. i guess we’ll see.

        • I wouldn’t say clearly at all.

      • It may be worth pointing out that Ward never said “hail hyrda” which every sleeper agent said when they revealed themselves. So that may be an important tidbit. Agent Garret looked a little surprised by the way.

        • It’s also worth pointing out that a great many people were all about Hand being the Clairvoyant as of the episode prior to this one because there was seemingly irrefutable proof of it in how the final scene of that episode was filmed. That was until this episode.

  4. Great episode, too bad I was already spoiled with some of the twists after I accidentally saw the pictures for episode 18… :(
    I don’t think the Clairvoyant is revealed yet in the show, or was the answer to that has already been answered in The Winter Soldier? Hmmm. That HYDRA image at the end was splendid hahaha.
    Is this show moving towards Agents of S.W.O.R.D….? or Fury’s Secret Warriors? Let’s wait and see

    • Nope, Paxton (or is it Pullman?) is The Clairvoyant, a character that isn’t mentioned or hinted at whatsoever in Cap 2.

      • They never say he is THE big bad, just that he’s a HYDRA agent.

        • My theory from the beginning still holds. The Clairvoyant is Ultron.

  5. They worked the tie-in pretty well but I don’t think they had to mini-spoil Cap2 near the end of the episode.

    The kid version of Cap2 commercial was awesome.

    • I have to agree with this.

      That line of dialogue could have just as easily been along the lines of “Captain America has negated Hydra’s plans” rather than pretty much giving away what exact context the pertinent scenes from the previews actually are to those that may not have made it out to the theater this past weekend.

      There are any other number of ways they could have made reference without necessarily going into brief yet precise detail.

  6. I hope she isn’t really dead, and that it was planned

  7. It all sort of makes sense now. The writers were hamstrung and couldn’t reveal anything… before the Cap #2 debut. So the series was sort of aimless until now. Now that their hands are untied we are seeing some great Whedonesque writing! I was hoping all year HYDRA would make an appearance. I kept thinking – this is a SHIELD show.. where in the heck is HYDRA?!?!?

    But like I said. It all makes sense now. It’s too bad they had to lop along weakly until their hands were untied though.

  8. AoS just keeps getting worse every week, and the fanboys keep on defending this goatscrew mess of a show. Extremely bad acting, poor production, and hack writing are just a few of the issues that will always make this show a huge joke. If it wasnte for them constantly stringing certain groups along with promises of BIG REVEALS AND TIE INS this show would already be off the air. I mean come on the forced plot twists were terrible and contrived, and the acting was so bad I thought I think the cast of glee seems Oscar worthy in comparison. No way this trainwreck deserves to be renewed for a second season.

    • Yet you watch it, unless you are making assumptions that it is bad. STFU please

      • Mention an apologist and he shall appear.

        I watch the show because I love Marvel and I wanted this to BE good. I continue watching because I hope it will GET good.

        Neither of those things have happened. So I complain about it, because it’s something I care about that is being handled so very poorly.

        • …but you are aware that plenty of people like it, right?

          Your opninion is not the end all, nor is anyone who likes it an “apologist”.

          • Yes, you need to throw the seeds for the twist to work. Let’s take 6 sense for an example, there are so many clues that when you finally get the twist you know that it all makes sense (no pun intended). Here it just feels tacked on…

            • So exactly how many aliases do you use?
              Three in this one post is a bit much don’t you think?

        • “So I complain about it, because I have the maturity of a 12 year old.”


    • you seem to be biased DC and thats ok they have “some good stuff” some most of its crap but this episode tied in awesome to the show LONG LIVE AGENTS OF SHIELD!!!

      • Where did he mention DC, exactly?

        Honestly, I find it strange that the only comeback people like yourself have when someone (justifiably) criticises a poor Marvel product is “well, you’re a biased DC fan”, despite the critic not even mentioned the Distinguished Competition in their critique.

        I mean, is that all you have? No retorts explaining why YOU think the show is good, just angry and aggressive accusations?

        I agree with him, I’ve caught up with the show (binge watching from episode 6 to last night’s since I stopped at episode 5 last year) and the show is still poorly written and poorly acted. DC doesn’t come into it because they’ve released some stinkers over the years too (Green Lantern, Batman Beyond, the Joel Schumacher movies for example) but you can’t attack one company without attacking the other for its own terrible output.

        The only brilliant thing I’ve seen recently regarding Marvel (other than Cap 2 and by recently, I mean in the last 4 months) is the amount of “Hail Hydra” images and memes all over the net since Cap 2.

        • What was wrong about Batman Beyond? I thought it was a thoroughly entertaining show

    • This goatscrewer says “Baaaaa!” to you. I’m liking this show, and hope to buy it on DVD when available!

      • You still buy physical copies of TV shows? And on DVD?

        • Hey, I did too until just recently when I got my first ever Blu Ray product (TDK trilogy, mainly because it has more extras than the regular DVD versions I already owned).

          I don’t agree with digital copies of anything because just like with digital copies of video games, if something happens to your hard drive, you’ve lost it forever and have to waste money buying it all again.

          Plus I’m old school. I like to read the back of DVD and video game cases and miss the days when I’d read the video game instructions manuals cover to cover before even putting the game in the console for the first time.

          • I’m old school too. However, get a backup drive. Problem solved.

          • There’s nothing more reassuring than having the physical DVD/Bluray in your hands. That’s also why I doubt I’ll buy an e-reader anytime soon. I’m a 26 year old Dinosaur, and that’s how I like it :P

          • If you get a digital copy from iTunes, you can redownload it from your iTunes account anytime. I’d imagine other companies would do likewise. I totally understand your enjoyment in having a physical copy, but something happening to your hard drive wouldnt result in permanent loss of your ownership of the film..

  9. def a double agent just by seeing the next episode promo, just dont know how they will justify the killing of Hand and Co. He sure didnt “ice” them.

  10. This show has gotten much better IMO and it’s the kind of show that makes people discuss . Whether you love it or hate it, you still watch and that to me is the makings of a good show. I also really hope Ward isn’t just a good guy pretending. I am not a fan of the whole schtick of “haha just kidding I was really good all along” I say let him be a bad guy! Let’s not stick to the played out clichés!

    • That’s not entirely accurate. I watched 10 minutes of it, and it reminded me of people that stop and stare at wrecks just to see how bad it was. In this case just how bad or contrived the show could get. At least Sharknado was good fun. AoS is no where near that, and that’s just plain sad. If you took the marvel names out of it and put it on tv it would have failed after the first 3 episodes. The name is the only thing keeping AoS afloat.

      • you liked sharknado enough said your a terriable decision maker

        • you liked sharknado enough said your a terriable decision maker

          • You can’t come up with a decent argument without resorting to childish insults, enough said, you’re a terrible person.

            See how that works?

            So just stop. You disagree with him, fine, just quit following him around the comment section of this article with your “my insults were written by a 5 year old” style remarks. It’s not big, it’s not clever and you’re not gaining any “cool” points for doing it. You’re as bad as that annoying guy who does the same thing on TMNT articles.

            Grow up, accept that his opinion differs to yours and walk away.

            • Dazz, most of the arguments here, for or against, could be defined as childish. It’s a freakin TV show! The previous commentator essentially compared all those who like it as “people that stop and stare at wrecks”. So, that’s not childish?! Stop defending those who are against and belittling those who are for.

              Grow up, accept that his opinion differs to yours and walk away.

      • Totally agree (although I saw Sharknado and that was also bad and not in the “so bad it’s good” way).

        I took a poll of my geeky and nerdy friends regarding Firefly since people on this site seem to love the show so much but most of my friends called it terrible and said the only reason it lasted so long was because of the Joss Whedon association after he gained their faith with Buffy (which I also couldn’t get into back in the day, just didn’t interest me whatsoever).

  11. I’m thinking Stark will become the next head director of SHIELD.

    Cap 2 shows Maria Hill (one of the highest level agents) going to work for Stark Industries.

    RDJ will be the surprise guest at end of season saying that they are all now on his payroll.

    I’m thinking season 2 will focus on Coulson’s team being given more freedom to do what they need to to capture high level super villains and also bring in Hydra agents now that info is available on the web as a result of Cap 2.

    • As if Stark could be bothered running something like SHIELD.

      If he was to purchase the organisation it would probably only be to make Nick Fury wear silly hats 24/7 or something.

      • In the comics Stark does run shield for a long time
        Hence the civil war story line

        • And remember what brought him down too… Skrull plants in all levels of SHIELD and Hero teams and solo’s.

          Would be freaking cool as hell to see that play out in the next couple of years. Problem is though, that the skrulls belong to the FF4 property. Guess who owns that?

          However, watching Cap2, you can almost see a way that they could still pull it off. I dont want to give anything away, but what if the tech used in the movie actually was something they pulled off the Chitauri, leaving the Chitauri to take up the roll of the Skrulls.

          It could happen.

      • @ Rukai…

        Not sure if you were agreeing or disagreeing..

        At the end of IM3 Stark destroys the suits and his home and lab is torn apart.

        We could be getting to the stage where Stark becomes head of Shield since his dad helped make it and he was the first avenger contacted to join the Avengers initiative in IM 1.

      • If Zola and Hydra is in Shield databases then you need someone like Stark to get them out. She could be there for his help.
        PS: Hill wasn’t working for Stark she was in Stark Human Resources with an instrument on her upper arm likely measuring her reactions to questions. Happy has gotten real serious about security since he landed in the hospital. She is probably trying to get a job or being tested about the truth about the Hydra infiltration which is not widely known.

        *****possible spoilers*******

        In the comics she becomes romantically linked to Tony and even suggests Tony is the one to run Shield in Fury’s absence.

  12. I think Ward is either acting like a HYDRA agent to infiltrate HYDRA and find out who the clairvoyant is since we don’t know


    Ward is a Hydra agent but is regretting it cause he is gettting feelings for Skye

    • BINGO!

    • I hate the show and don’t watch it but even I have feelings for Skye.

      Can’t blame the guy.

  13. best episode yet by far. I personally thought both reveals were handled very well. it kept the intensity up but still found time to fit in some humor organically. whatever the deal is with Ward, he’s hydra, being brainwashed, or undercover it has added a much needed layer to the character and I’m excited to see how it plays out. with that said i think it would be freaking awesome if they had the balls to actually make Ward a Hydra agent and he really did shoot the heck out of Hand. i doubt the Whedons and ABC have the guts to do it, but it would be some quality TV if they do.

  14. So help me to understand how Marvels Captain America TWS has incredible choreography but Marvels AoS continues to have the worst fight sequences? Hey Joss, how about you give Kevin Feige a call and get The CA2 guys to help out so you can actually get some fight scenes that doesn’t look like I’m watching a fight on Baywatch! C’mon man you guys need to get your act together with this…

    • Big budget blockbusters have the time, money, and resources to plan and create what they put on screen. Near weekly television shows don’t have those luxuries.

      • Buffy, Chuck, Nikita, 24, Alias, Arrow, Sons of Anarchy, Spartacus, etc. etc.

        Yeah, it’s impossible to put entertaining choreography on TV. That right is solely reserved for film.


        • lol i remeber thinking buffy was good, go back and watch it and lol at how it doesnt hold up to todays standards at all. Looks like dreck. Gosh im a dork.

    • What I watch on Baywatch isn’t the kablooies and kapows, but the kablongas! Hope I come back reincanated as those girls’ Maidenform bras!

    • Simply put, a film can spend days to a week on one 5 minute fight scene while a TV show has about a week and a half to turn over an entire 42 minute episode for post production.

    • @Kryptonian Knight:

      I think you are illustrating one of the problems that people are having with AoS.

      They are expecting blockbuster film quality from a TV series budget/timeline.

      Sure, the fight scenes could be better but I don’t watch it for that. Am I to believe that Ward, without Super Soldier Serum, can fight off 12 guys (even though they are “only Level 5″)?

      Not sure how JB can think Chuck, Nikita and Alias have much better fight choreography… but perception is reality.

    • That being said, I felt the action in this episode was a lot better than it was earlier in the season. Before it was just straight up cheesy.

  15. The episode was good. But does that mean there will be no #SkyeWard?.. or maybe at the end, he´ll return to the light side…

    Either way the author needs to leave Skye alone for once! She is the heart of the series. She is supposed to be emotionally weak at first.

    • Once can only hope. There are few things that annoy me more than injecting romance between regulars simply because some executive formula needs that particular box checked off.

      The only thing that “reveal” did for me was induce an eye-roll, especially knowing it was inevitably coming since episode 2 and dreading it’s eventuality all along.

      The problem with formulaic decisions within a series is that relative events can be predicted with a fair amount of accuracy.

      • I think Skye is the weakest of the whole cast. She is one of the biggest reasons I hate this show next to the writing. When that part came on between her and ward I immediately knew Ward was either A. gonna die or B. Hail Hydra.

  16. Ward a baddie?! NNNOOO! Say it ain’t so, that he’s a double agent! Ward is my favorite character after Coulson! I would sooner have May as a baddie, since she seems like she could be one, any day! I am glad Ward and May are done, and I figured sooner or later Ward would fall for Skye, since I think she liked him (and she looks good in her undies, although that’s about all good I can say about her character). Turn-Turn=Turn…this series has me spinning; truly enjoy it despite some short-comings. Hope Ward proves to be a good guy after all, though. Even though May can fight, I don’t care for her character. Ward seems like the only one ondish-enough to do anything secret agent-ish or be good in a fight for the red, white, and blue. Have not seen this episode yet (been watching it on the website and have to catch up one or two episodes yet, since I usually am working when the show actually broadcasts). Looking forward to it, tho.

    • It ain’t so.

  17. I’m still having a love/hate affair with this show. While it’s entertaining enough to keep me watching at least until the end of the season, it never really has lived up to its full potential. Having to tie in to the bigger MCU is more hampering than helping this show. How are the showrunners supposed to create a compelling story arc when the entire landscape of the MCU can shift with each new theatrical release? I also agree with the posters who pointed out the poor quality of the fight choreography. The examples that JB gave above prove that it’s possible on the small screen. Perhaps they should divert some money from the CGI budget towards hiring a better fight choreographer. It’s not like we need to see The Bus do its VTOL schtick three times an episode.

    Personally, I hope that Ward is truly evil. It’s the first time in the entire season that character did something interesting. It’s quite telling that agent Triplett displayed more personality and likability in just three appearances than someone who is supposed to be a lead character. After shooting Hand (who, for the first time was used effectively as a character) and those two guys, I will have a hard time buying into any “good guy all along” arc. And before the Ward-hogs climb up in arms by pointing out that the shooting of Hand happened “off-screen”, she might still be alive so there might still be hope for redemption, those two guys got headshots. That’s not something you can just handwave.

  18. It would appear there are two Adrians here.

  19. How could Coulson and company possibly reuse the plane, it was breached via an explosive device, they escaped by creating another large hole, and there should be hundreds of smaller holes created by machine gun fire, LMAO.

    And Coulson is a lousy co-worker for putting a hit out on Hand, LOL.

    Hopefully, this show has finally turned the corner, its still bad, but at least now it feels like its tied-into the greater Marvel Universe. It lacks the big guns (like the one Coulson had in the Avengers); and the female characters remain over-dressed, but overall – this episode was what I wanted when they announced the show (a weekly 45 minute B movie that ties into the MCU).

    Totally satisfying episode!

  20. Why do people have to be so negative about it in the comments? I mean, I get you don’t like the show, and that’s cool and all, but why do you have to attack people who DO like the show? Just simply say you don’t like the show. Simple as that. No need to attack anyone else, unless… you can’t stand it when other people have different opinions as you.

    • For some, when others hold a different opinion, their ego is threatened, because they think that they are always “right”.

      I very much disliked MOS, and you should have read some of the responses to my criticisms of the film.

      • Good point. I made “I don’t like MoS” comments as well, and they rioted me in the comment section.

    • Most haters of the show NEED Marvel to have a disaster of Green Lantern proportions and will stop at nothing to make other people believe that’s the case.

  21. I enjoyed this episode, but it serves as an annoying reminder to what it should have been from the start. Although I’ve watched it from the beginning, I only find the show to be ok. The premise should have been SHIELD doing what SHIELD does. Covert ops, spying, assassinations etc… This episode could have played the same way, but have the reveal be that all the ops Coulson’s team went on were actually helping HYDRA to gain a foothold into other government agencies (foreign and domestic) and extending their reach.

  22. You liked it? Who are you and what have you done with Anthony Ocasio?

  23. Just a thought: with Ward’s hopefully permanent face-heel turn and Phil somewhat cross with May, it seems that Team Coulson is short of a reliable Operative. They should move Triplett in as a replacement. He’s likable, has personality and there was some real chemistry between him and Simmons. One of my main problems with Ward was that although we are informed that there is some chemistry between him and Skye, it’s just not there.

    Maybe the writers realised that White Hat Ward has become a dead end. Ward himself said it best. He’s boring. May does the cool, withdrawn operative part better and with her we got at least some backstory and a sense that Coulson and her share quite a bit of history. All I can remember about Ward’s background after 17 episodes is that he used to get beat up by his older brother.

    So, exit Ward, enter Triplett. Wouldn’t mind seeing him promoted to regular if the show gets picked up for a 2nd season.

  24. So I go back and catch up on this show due to the praises of SR. Don’t make my mistake.

  25. Anyone else laugh when Bill Paxton said “hail hydra” all nonchalant and shrugged his shoulders? Just how he delivered that line was hilarious to me

  26. If this show gets another season you can all thank the Russo brothers and Captain America 2. Last night’s episode was the first one I could sit through without rolling my eyes and turning it off. I am still not a believer in this show. It’s going to take a lot for them to get back the viewers they lost. This is a start.

    • On the other hand, if the Russo bros and cap 2 hadn’t set up the hydra infiltration, this show probably would have been better from the start.. Just food for thought

  27. A CAP 2 reference and POTENTIAL CAP 2 MINI-SPOILER – although I’ll be vague.

    Did anyone else notice that the escape from the plane in AoS mirrored exactly an escape in Cap 2? And when Fitz said that the device he used (I forget exactly what he called it) was a prototype that was rejected, Garrett said that the top brass gets to keep all the toys. Was that a reference to who helped the escape in Cap 2? A very subtle connection…

  28. First of all: STOP BEING IMBECILE, YOU PEOPLE OF EARTH. Let’s respect each other shows, It’s very normal and common that we all have different taste buds, some of us like AoS some of us not, Some of us like Arrow some are not. So please if you don’t like Aos dont watch, complain once then you go, move on. Stop being childish and immature this is just a show a free tv show so be thankful that we have Marvel entertainment on tv for free rather than we buy comics cos it will costs us 2 dollars . after all this is not real just sci fi entertainment. PLEASE STOP BEING RETARDED HAVE FUN WITH THE SHOW. I LIKE AOS MORE THE ARROW BTW. Take care you people of EARTH, be CIVILIZED AND BE WISE

    • This site is called screenRANT. I come here to rant or rave about what I like or dislike. You are allowed to do the same, but to come here and say to “move on”, then you can go F yourself. This show had/still has major flaws. Last night’s episode was the first time I could watch the whole thing without turning it off.

  29. The only thing better then this amazing review was last night’s amazing episode! Glad to see the show has finally started to deliver a quality product not even those whose job it is to be critical can diss. Thank you Screen Rant!