‘Agents of Shield’: Praise Odin for Fitz & Simmons!

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agents of shield season 1 episode 12 fitz simmons Agents of Shield: Praise Odin for Fitz & Simmons!

[This is a review of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 1 episode 12. There will be SPOILERS.]


This week’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., “Seeds,” written by former Fringe producer Monica Owusu-Breen and series creator Jed Whedon, sends the majority the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents back to school – Sci-Tech Academy, specifically – in order to figure out how an entire pool instantly froze over and, more importantly, who could be behind such a frigid power. Meanwhile, Coulson (Clark Gregg) and May (Ming-Na Wen) investigate the mystery surrounding Skye’s childhood and the Agent who found her, which leads to even more deadly secrets needing to be protected. Also, the supervillain Blizzard is created.

As with last week’s episode, “The Magical Place,” which unnecessarily paired up previous solo writers – sans Whedon, in this week’s case – “Seeds” is very much a tale of two minds and, surprisingly, the storyline which should be the most compelling – Skye’s (Chloe Bennet) past – is (almost) anything but, while Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) and Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) continue to serve as the lone hearts of the series, elevating their stories to a level beyond what any Coulson-attachment or overarching mystery reveal could now hope to attain. As they’ve likely come to say at Marvel Television: Praise Odin for Fitz and Simmons!

Though these two cheeky chaps started off as proverbial bottom-barrel annoyances in the pilot, they benefited far more from the subsequent episodes than Coulson, May, Skye, Ward (Brett Dalton), or even the series as a whole. This week’s episode allowed them to flex their charm even more and present a seemingly convoluted – yet wholly delightful – story about the desire to be accepted, the impact of influences, and how those two elements can come together to drastically alter the destiny of one’s life. And then there is Agent Avery. (Who?! Exactly!)

agents of shield season 1 episode 12 blizzard Agents of Shield: Praise Odin for Fitz & Simmons!

Neither Coulson nor Fitz and Simmons really have all that much to work with in this episode, as far as content is concerned; however, each story does have its own unique elements: F&S have Blizzard (Dylan Minnette) and all that comes with him, while Coulson and May have the “Skye mystery” and a flying “Lola.” Unfortunately, it’s the obvious weaknesses in Coulson and May’s arm of the episode that reveal the true obstacles the series still faces.

After all the love earned by Coulson throughout Phase 1 of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, there’s still an increasingly apparent disconnect when it comes to him driving a storyline audiences are supposed to care about, and even the mysterious Melinda May has difficulty coming to his aid this time. When it comes to May, it’s still more interesting to hear her talk about herself than anything involving her teammates (including Coulson). Calm and quiet has served May well throughout Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s evolution, and it’s still a bit awkward when she steps out of those previously laid confines and attempts to convey anything that isn’t immensely profound – especially admitting to having sex with Grant Ward.

agents of shield season 1 episode 12 melinda may Agents of Shield: Praise Odin for Fitz & Simmons!

Even so, there’s at least something that lies deep within Marvel’s television experiment that actually works. What that is and how they’re going to use it to bring the series together are two completely different questions – and, unfortunately, neither one has an answer. Fitz and Simmons were never established as strong characters, so their heart, however overflowing, can never fully carry the weight of the series; and Coulson, like the introduction of this episode explained, was dead for days – and his lack of anything serves as a constant reminder that all good things must come to an end, and perhaps he, too, should have.

At this point Coulson’s mystery – existence, really – hurts the series more than it helps, and there’s absolutely no explanation that could make up for such poorly handled and artificially lengthened stories that truly lead nowhere. Coulson in the movies is loved, unequivocally, and for no real reason other than attitude; here, on television, the Whedons attached a plot-device to those emotions, for no real reason (other than necessity), and it required all the many fans to absolutely define what it is about him that they care about. As it wasn’t really anything more than “just him.” everything else that was implemented while transitioning to television added unnecessary weight to a character who is known – not to mention beloved – for not actually doing much.

Simply put: Marvel fans love Coulson, and the only people who really care about what brought him back to life are the show’s creators – but not enough to reveal the secret without the abuse of many ratings traps. Stop killing a character that has already died – because now you’re doing in front of the eyes of everyone, and that does last forever. We’re now up to hour 13.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns Tuesday, February 4th @8pm on ABC.

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  1. I am enjoying this show enough that I will buy it on DVD when available. However, while there is room for improvement (it has gotten a bit better), if Marvel does not start thinking smarter and giving the fans a bit more satisfaction with this, they will help kill it’s chances of renewal for another season…”they” being both short-sighted people at Marvel, and also those fans getting a bit too over-critical until they will lose this show and have nothing to do but sit at home and stare at a blank TV screen during that time-slot and their library card, and say, “What happened? Must be somebody else’s fault.”

  2. From where this show started its on another level now. It’s truly evolved into a much better show and the producers have started figuring out what works and what doesn’t work and I love the origins of these super villains they’ve shown. If this show keeps going we could have an absolutely amazing season finale that leads into CA2 and possibly tie into other marvel related bits like the netflix shows coming up. This show is going nowhere but up right now!

  3. Shields at Hogwarts or how was it spelled in Harry Potters ?
    So that is the ultimate secret organization and what its made off..AMAZING !

  4. Really!?!? The show is just bad…and getting worse… It needs real help before it’s cancelled…

    • Agreed.

  5. so I just finished watching the episode seeds and ive been watching since day 1 and I gotta say yea the episodes before havent been amazing but still somewhat enjoyable but this one was really good. A couple things on my mind after the episode that i found weird and would like people with more knowledge to discuss and comment. So first thing agent coulson okk i understand they operated on his brain and what not and i thought they would tell more and expand on it but they didnt why is that and also what does this mean for his character can he truly be a LMD or a clone or what? My second thing is with skye I dont know why everyone hates on her but I really like her. This episode not only her acting chops but her overall character was much improved we saw that raw emotion that ive been waiting for but didnt marvel somewhat back themselves in a corner because they refer to her as a 084 so doesnt that means she has super powers nd if thats the case why havent we seen any abnormal or undescribable events in past episodes that would even connect the two. my final point is im happy that we got another supervillan in blizzard to add to gravitron but what does adding these villans do to the show? is it trying to foreshadow a episode where all the villans they add team up? overall i liked this episode and would like answers to my questions and hopefully in the next episode they come back as strong as seeds

    • Not LMD, not clone.. They just brought him back from the dead using some weird tech. But they havnt revealed everything.. Could be more to it. Skye is cool, like her too. Hmm they may well have, possibly her parents had abilities? So unknown if she actually has any. Dont think a villain team up is in the foreseable future. Scrotch is dead, graviton is locked up and is so powerful that he’d never bother to team up with third striggers. If graviton got out.. It would take the avengers to stop him.

    • I’m firmly on team Skye too. I don’t get all the hate (on this website anyway). She’s my favorite character. They just added an interesting wrinkle to her backstory tonight. I look forward to seeing how things develop in that regard.

      • Mine too..
        She has an interesting back story.

      • Though there were problems with how she was written at times, I always liked Skye too.

  6. I liked tonights episode. When I saw the description had them going to SHIELD Academy I was kinda worried, but it worked out pretty well. Fitz and Simmons are the highlights of the show, and it was nice to find out why they (being as young as they are) are part of this team.

    I didn’t see the Skye thing coming… so she’s of unknown origins? that raises a whole new group of questions… For the first time in watching this show I actually want to know more about Skye…

    The show is far from perfect, but it has been getting better, and its nice to see these reviews focusing on positives instead of ragging on its flaws. I wish they hadn’t drawn out the Coulson thing, I think it would have been better served moving on from that and focusing on the larger picture, but can’t change that now. Hopefully the people in charge are steering in the right direction

    • How funny opinions and views can be and differ,for me the kids were the down of the show !

      Enjoyed the more mature Coulson and May part of it without any kiddies to take care off !
      The kids stuff feels so out of place ! SHIELD is a mature secret organization but here we have an Academy ? That was awful for me !

      SHIELD should be those cool guys in suits,like Mister Smith in the Matrix !
      SHIELD as shown here are kids and immature babies ! Didn’t like it my self that much !

      • Why wouldn’t they have an academy? It makes perfect sense for S.H.I.E.L.D. to want to keep eyes on special cases.

      • Of course SHIELD will have an academy. EVERY law enforcement/enforcement type of agency has a training facility where their people are sent to get taught the basics of the job their supposed to be doing. FBI, CIA, NSA – MI6, the military, etc. Why *wouldn’t* SHIELD have an academy?

      • I think it’s important to also point out that we only saw the sciences division or something. Operations would be a LOT different, same with the division that they said Skye would probably belong to had she gone to the academy.

  7. You hate this show so much. god damn man. get someone who actually WANTS to review this show in a more positive light, and giving more details about what the show was really getting at.

    They (and you) glossed over the fact that Skye IS an “0-8-4″. Kinda depresses me.

    Hey Screenrant, get someone who actually wants to review the series in a more positive light. It pisses me off that all you do is find the negativity in the series. While there is some positivity in your review, it gets outweighed by the negativity completely.

    Also, who the hell says at “Marvel Television”… Praise Odin for Fitz and Simmons, lmfao… I believe you made that up yourself buddy..

    Anyway, the episode itself was fantastic, and that scene when May was telling Coulson about sex with Ward, was cringe-worthy…. ek.

    • Are 084 explicitly shown to have powers or simply suspected? Since she hasent displayed any, stands to reason then that they give her the 084 because her real parents more than likely had powers.

      • 084 is an object of unknown origin. And she has some powers. An entire village had died to protect her. And she was the only survivor. The agent says she has powers…probably.

      • I wonder if she has powers like Forge from the X-Men where her ability to talk to machines (electronics) is what makes her such a good hacker.

    • Maybe when there is something positive to review about the show, it will be positive. Face facts the show stinks and the ratings and reviews show it…

      • Are you still watching it ? If you are..you gotta admit its improving… If you dont even bother to watch before commenting..well..whts the point?
        Ratings and reviews really don’t mean a damn thing. They’re the reason why a ton of good shows get cancelled.

        We have a proper effort at a connected universe..new super-villains being introduced..
        Its just another one of whedon’s works..just takes time to grow into awesome.

        • If your only argument for the show is “well it’s improving,” that should tell you something. You can spray a whole can of Febreeze around a pile of crap and call that an improvement, but it’s still a pile of crap. A show “improving” from unwatchable to just barely watchable doesn’t magically make it a good show. The show is nothing like it should be, the writing is horrendous, the acting is garbage, the casting is mind boggling, and the over-all tone of the show is the exact opposite of what a show about SHIELD should be.

        • While, I agree that the show has improved, it’s still rather bad. The show still has a lot of issues in the way of writing/storytelling and the direction. Yes, there is somewhat of a direction in which the show is starting to go but it’s also still all over the place. The character still are annoying at times. Aside from Coulson, I have no interest in any other characters. Skye is fine and it helps that she’s nice to look at but her storyline has issues as well. Being that this show is Marvel, this show is still nowhere near at the same level as Arrow (A CW show). Is this show entertaining? Yes, but does it deserve a 2nd season? Right now I am not convinced. WWE is entertaining but that doesn’t mean it’s good

        • Oh I download it every week and watch it at work since I have 12 hrs to kill… Otherwise I wouldn’t bother…

  8. I read the shield reviews every time…and every time i get the sense that the reviewer really doesn’t want to review it in the first place.
    This was a really good episode. What are you expecting..? Shakespeare..? Or more realistically..Arrow? I mean…this is a different show. Its slowing getting better….as alll Whedon creations….First there is moaning about how the show isn’t good enuf…then it starts to get really good..but gets cancelled because of peristance bad reviews from people refusing to change their earlier stance. And ends up on a list of “shows that were cancelled too early”.

    Skye is an 0-8-4. You didn’t find that important enuf ? Also, you may not care about coulson’s mystery…but i can assure you, quite a few people do. And its doing an okay job of telling that story. But by no means is that a central premise. Its just another mystery along with skye’s stuff.

    • All this post says “How dare not everyone share the same opinion as me! There is something wrong with them!”

      • Not really… I’m fine with people who don’t like the show. But a review surely has to be fairly unbiased. Each episode should be reviewed on its merits. All I can see is that even when they try to say something nice about the show…they kinda don’t.

        “Simply put: Marvel fans love Coulson, and the only people who really care about what brought him back to life are the show’s creators ”
        No…that’s just..why say that? That’s pointless. And Wrong.
        Now, if the line had been ” I don’t really care about what bought Coulson back to life”….that’s fair enuf.

        “As they’ve likely come to say at Marvel Television: Praise Odin for Fitz and Simmons!”
        Ya…..no one has ever said that.

        • “But a review surely has to be fairly unbiased.”

          See, this is where your thinking is off. What you want is inherently impossible. Reviews can only express opinion. That is all Anthony Ocasio is doing. You need to understand that he is not speaking on behalf of you.

          • Firstly..there’s a difference between opinion piece and review.
            And its not inherently impossible. Screen Rant does soo many reviews. I dont have any problem with any of them. But do try an follow screenrant’s coverage of shield. Its the same tone of review…never changing…always ignoring so many aspects of the show.

            And in any case..if the author’s view is that coulson should have remained dead. And the reason he’s popular is because “he doesn’t do much”. Really ?
            Then why are they reviewing something that stars coulson?

            • I’m starting to realise that unless its a procedural TV show like Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad with very little episodic content this site will point it out as a flaw. While I love the shows just mentioned sometimes I just want to watch an episodic series where i’m not having to constantly having to remember what happened in every episode.
              As long as the characters are interesting and good ideas are introduced I enjoy it. This show did not start off great but is gradually improving, but check the reviews for The Blacklist & Almost Human both are being criticised for not enough ofa procedural element.

              • ^^ I agree.. i hadn’t noticed that…

              • “a procedural TV show like Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad…”

                CSI: Westeros.

            • “Firstly..there’s a difference between opinion piece and review.”

              Except a review IS an opinion piece; it cannot be anything else. An argument could be made that an academic breakdown of an entertainment piece would count as an “unbiased review”, but that is not the point of the article. The article is suppose to tell you, according to the author’s opinion, whether or not the show would be worth your time. Something which is entirely a matter of opinion.

              • A good review would do exactly that. Except…this one doesn’t.

                And you’re missing the point. The very first thing I said is that the reviewer really doesn’t like to watch this show. Has never liked it.

                Read the article. The author thinks that Coulson should have remained dead. There is really no understanding shown on his part on the lead character of the show which he assumes is popular because “he doesn’t do much”. Why is such a person with these opinions doing reviews for a show that STARS Coulson ???

                This is what you keep missing——It’s like me writing a review for Walking Dead. I don’t like Zombies..I’ve never liked the concept..don’t care about the execution. Which is why if I reviewed the Walking Dead…the review would be unfair to the series. Which is why I don’t write reviews…having my personal opinions cloud the actual show essentially makes for crappy journalism.

                • So your argument is because he does not like the show he should review the show? Is that even worth a response? Reviewing the show is his job. You are applying rules to opinions which do not exist.

                  However, I can understand where you are coming from with the notion that if you despise the entire genre then maybe your opinion should not count. That is fair, however, Anthony Ocasio does enjoy plenty of superhero, sci-fi, and spy series. So, again, your opinions about opinions are just plain silly.

                  Also, as an aside, he gave this episode an overall positive opinion. Lighten up.

                  • *So your argument is because he does not like the show he should >not< review the show?

                    • Yup… I kinda am.
                      And his job isn’t really equivalent to coal mining.

                      And like I said.. If I don’t like zombies..i shdn’t be reviewing the walking dead… It not be suffient value and insight.

                      Just like various mentions (Barnes, Shield being created or consolidated after the defeat of Hydra…AIM reference to show that the organization is still deserving a mention after IM3…) all these slip by in this review. Just cuz the review doesn’t seem very interested.

                  • Anthony is only expressing HIS opinion. He is obviously biased against the show. That is Anim’s point. He saying a good review should view in his favor basically. But it won’t, sure he’s being OVERLY hating on the show. It’s not that bad. It’s a TV show…get over it. If you don’t like it you don’t like it, if you like it keep watching it. No need for the arguments over opinions of hate and discrimination on the show.

                    • Sounds like some people want a recap, not a review….

                • I’ve read some horribly biased reviews for AoS on ScreenRant. This was not one of them. Everything Anthony said was fair. Chill.

            • The show still stinks and will not make a 2nd season get over it! I have.

              We all gave it a chance and Whedon blew it. Hopefully the Netflix shows will be better.

              • It hasn’t even completed a season!
                Remember the gulf in quality b/w arrow’s first season and the second ?
                even if AOS achieves half that…it would be good enuf.

                • Arrow actually got a lot better mid-way through season 1 when Malcolm was introduced as the main villain. I watched the mid-season return of AoS and it was the biggest pile of bat guano I ever saw. Skye is the worse part of this show for me and the reviewer nailed it with Coulson. Coulson should have either stayed dead or Whedon should have had the balls to put him in the end credits waking up from surgery (since the movie alluded to the fact he wasn’t really dead from Maria Hill). Coulson can’t carry this show. He was fine as a bit player in Phase 1 but sucks as a team leader. Fury should have fired his whole team after the effed up his plane in the early episodes of this show.

                • Anim, I love you. Haha. You’ve got passion – passion is good!

                  • Thanks man…
                    Good to see you reading the comments…

                • Anim loves the show and it’s a good thing. I don’t hate. A lot of people love shows like WWE, Jersey Shore, The Real World, and it’s alright. I guess the brand will always be better than the quality

                  • Really..? AOS is as bad as Jersey Shore..?
                    Cmon… surely it doesn’t deserve THAT much hate…

  9. Bucky was name dropped as a fallen agent of shield in this episode! I wonder if that’s a clue for the Winter Soldier movie.

    • Which I don’t understand, wasn’t he KIA before SHIELD was formed?

      • I am a bit confused on when S.H.I.E.L.D. was formed in this movie timeline since Coulson made it seem like they were just getting everything finalized in Iron Man. For all intents and purposed Steve Rogers name could have been on there before they thawed him out then.

        • It is my understanding that the Avengers Initiative were just getting finalized in Iron Man – but S.H.I.E.L.D had been around for a while.

  10. This show isn’t bad considering it is Marvel’s first, IMO it’s just the need to compare it to Arrow that is bringing it down. DC certainly had some mediocre shows at first, by then came Smallville and Arrow, two really good quality shows. I think Daredevil and the whole Defenders project could really be Marvel’s Smallville, bringing it from ‘decent’ to ‘amazing’ in the television department.

    • I’m really hoping the Daredevil project on Netflix is amazing.

    • Arrow and smallville quality? Lol… Smallville was good until season 5 or so… Arrow is just retarded, but honestly it’s better than AoS…

  11. I agree with some of the other commenters. The reviewer hates this show so much. I’m not saying he needs to have the same opinion as I do. But it seems he feels obligated to watch a series he doesn’t enjoy as a whole and concentrates on that rather than the episode at hand.

    My opinion. This was the best episode in the series so far. I actually really like Skye and I’m kinda annoyed by May.

    I love Screenrant reviews but the way this series is been handle makes me want to avoid future AoS reviews. At least until they get someone that doesn’t hate this show to the core. Hey SC get someone that doesn’t think that Coulson is better off dead!

    • The reviewer does not hate show. Its his professional who writes reviews and articles for a living. Therefore, he views and has reviewed multiple movies and shows in the genre. He is providing a very fair and consensus review of AOS quality, production, writing, and characters. 80% of mainstream and independent reviewers agree with most of his AOS reviews. I am not a journalist, and even I can see Blacklist, Person of Interest, Nikita, Burn Notice, Arrow, Sleepy Hollow, Supernatural, The ORginals, and even ONce Upon A Time are superior genre shows with only a fraction of the budget of AOS. Its so obvious. Heck, even Intelligence blows SHIELD out of the water with productin values, acting, gadgets, plot, and characters.

  12. If Skye has powers, they may be based in her hacking skills. Perhaps if she trained she could “enter” a computer system with her mind. Perhaps she is an asgardian, but she seems physically human. An INHUMAN maybe? No, without the inhumans movie there would be no context. She may have an alien artifact in her, or she is an organic alien computer. This episode was an improvement, but I don’t know if the series can afford to convey the true power of graviton. Ice was fine, cheap… but lifting buildings, bridges, cars… that’s some expensive CG.

    • ” Perhaps if she trained she could “enter” a computer system with her mind.” I really like this idea. Kinda like Sherlock’s mind palace.

  13. Did no one catch that Bucky Barnes reference at the start of the episode. I think Skyy will be the character that links AoS to the Capt. America movie. This show is entertaining and interesting if you go in with an open mind.

    • I saw. And maybe she turns into Mockingbird. She needs a few acting lessons though imo. She my fav character by far tho.

      • AIM, Hydra, Bucky – all references that were skipped by the writer in favor of bashing the show. While unbiased may be impossible, having a writer who is at the very least open-minded would be nice. This is the last AoS “review” I will read on Screen Rant – if I want to listen to incessant whining I’ll take my kid’s iDevices away for a night.

        • I would like to add that what I enjoy about Arrow reviews on this site is that you usually mention all the easter eggs or new characters and talk about how they fit into the mythos. Not being a fan of the Green Arrow comics this is very helpful to enjoying the ride. Could Screen Rant not assign someone to AoS reviews that could do the same? There might not be as many but they seem to be rampning it up. I find more insight in the comments than the review.

  14. As a staunch defender of this show, I must say, this episode was like a slap in the face. There have been other lackluster episodes, but there was so much painfully forced exposition in this one that they didn’t even try to make the climax believable and just faded to music mid conversation. I’d like to see the editor working on that one “dude, we can’t leave this in, it’s so close to being a joke already, we can’t actually push people all the way to laughing at us” “ok, fine, just fade to music for the remainder of that conversation.”

    They could have picked up where last week left off, but instead they dropped the ball completely and spent 95% of the episode on something that could have been done in 5 minutes with less painful exposition.

  15. Screen Rant,

    Please stop bashing this show.

    We all know it’s not as good as it could be, but it’s still better than 90% of the other sci-fi TV shows out there.

    Surely we all want this show to be given the chance to get better, rather than it be cancelled before season 2….

    • Did the show improve? Yes, but is it better than 90% of the shows out there, within sci-fi? I would say it’s probably better than 60% of the shows out there but 90% is a little extreme. GOT, TWD, Arrow, Almost Human, Sleepy Hollow, Person of Interest, The Originals are much better. Dracula’s storytelling is a lot better but yet rumors have it as not being renewed for S2 because of ratings. The Tomorrow People has average writing but the way the storytelling is done makes it compelling and also better than AOS, IMO.
      The show improved but does it have the same level of excitement of Arrow during the half way point of season 1? No, not even close. Is the show entertaining? Yes, but so are a lot of other shows. Does it deserve a S2? Right now I don’t think it does

  16. The show is bad for marvel standards. If wasn’t Marvel you’d all be praising this show and kissing Coulson’s butt. I enjoy it others don’t because they expect to much. All of you that dislike the show. TELL us why…I’d like to know. If it involves story, tell us your version of how it should go.

    • You want a better SHIELD show? Okay, here we go!

      1) Coulson stays dead. Bringing an established character back to life has never worked since Jesus did it, and that was nearly two-thousand years ago. It cheapens death, ruins the character’s sacrifice, etc.

      2) Drop Skye. There is no such thing as a super-hacker and her arc from nobody to competent agent is unbelievable. Her ‘all I want to do is see my parents!’ is cliched nonsense nobody can relate to.

      3) Make Melinda May the team leader. Why not? She’s stoic and resolute yet far from boring. She’s a woman of action and doesn’t waste time with chit-chat.

      4) Ward has no character, so let’s fix that. Make him a transferred CIA agent who’s been given a new identity. He should contrast Melinda by being a loose cannon. In the pilot when the black guy goes berserk, have Melinda say ‘we need to take him in alive’ but have Ward shoot him dead for her safety (no hokey ‘night-night’ gun to save the day).

      5) Add a superpowered character to the team. An up-and-coming superhero SHIELD feels is too dangerous to leave on his own but sees potential in recruiting. Give him a degree of invulnerability and capable of fighting a lot of henchmen at once.

      6) The action should matter. If a character gets injured, it plays out realistically. Were you shot in the leg? Too bad; you are not walking on it for awhile.

      7) Get rid of the anti-technology team. Stop putting emphasis on technology ‘falling into the wrong hands’ and instead put emphasis on stopping bad guys period.

      8) Make the villains have goals that actually make sense. Centipede is an evil organization who kidnaps people for illegal experiments that they unleash on the populace? Are you kidding me? How about instead they stop black arms dealers from selling alien technology to Kim Jon Un?

      9) Stop forcing character development and make it come naturally by showing instead of telling.

      There. Nine ways the show could have (or even still can) improve.

  17. I don’t think the show is the greatest but I rather watch this than have no show at all. It explores the world enough to keep me interested and I really believe that its way better than Arrow and has way more potential if ABC keeps with it.

  18. I love how everyone is starting to mutiny against these recap/reviews/critiques/troll baiting sessions. The show is getting better. I think that the season should end with a reveal that they intended it to be a close ended story and next season will follow Agent Carter. Then a third season could follow a different team at a different point in the continuity. I really like the show and yeah it isn’t always the best but who effing cares? Stop acting like it’s Birds Of Prey.

  19. I think that this show is awesome, and I don’t get what everyone is saying when they talk trash about it. They say it needs to “speed up” or “get more interesting.” Um… hello!? In this episode, we found out Skye has a SUPERPOWER, that the Clear Buoyant (that’s the name, right?) has control over that Quinn character, and that Ward and May have a “thing” going on! I don’t think this show is anywhere near being cancelled, and I certainly think that the viewers will tune in to find out more secrets on Skye, Agent Coulson, and who the Clear Buoyant is. It’s just my opinion. No hate, please. Thanks. :)

    • Please tell me that English is not your first language. If not, heaven help our educational system.

      “Clear Buoyant.” Seriously? Try “Clairvoyant”. Now Google it to learn what it means.

      Also – we didn’t learn that Skye has “Superpowers”, only that she has an “unknown origin”. And we knew about May & Ward a few episodes ago…

  20. I have to disagree with the reviewer on this one. This was a great episode! The Coulson mystery is taking a new turn and he has found a kindred spirit in Skye and her mystery. Coulson now shares her drive to uncover their respective secrets. Mae was humanized a little and Fitz-Simmons gained some respect and identity as characters. We got a new super villian and there were some great Marvel references here like Bucky Barnes, Hydra and AIM. I’m genuinely looking forward to the next episode and I’m really expecting something great for the reveal of why Coulson is so important and what Skye is or what her powers are. You can almost guarantee that Coulson and Skye are linked somehow. Inhumans? Kree? Good stuff.

    The reviewers can’t expect this show to compare to the Marvel movies. Take it for what it is. A decent story, solid TV special effects, and a few satisfying Marvel references and Easter eggs. I’m betting that at the end of the first season when we find out about Skye and Coulson we will all be pleasantly surprised and satisfied. Wheadon doesn’t disappoint. The show creators have maintained a quiet confidence in the face of harsh criticisms. I have to believe that something great is in store.

    • I am not sure why everyone is saying the movies are so much better than the TV show.

      To be fair…in the movies Shield has consisted of Fury (i.e. Samuel Jackson ) acting like a typical Samuel Jackson character and Colby standing around looking serious. People keep saying that Shield is being portrayed so much better in the movies. Clearly Coulson is not really putting on a different act in the TV show that I can tell.

      So I am trying to figure out where the argument that the TV show should be better? There is nothing really for it to be better against.

      And with the Ant Man movie coming out which is basically going to contradict Shields assertion as being the number 1 spy organization ever by having a scientist running around under its now shrinking and talking to ants while fighting a second rate Fidel Castro for decades without apparently knowing about it, it seems like this is show is basically as good technically as the movies.

      *shrug* ( this is where I get yelled at LOL ).

      • Well, we are talking about Sam L. Jackson portraying a version of a character designed by its creators to resemble Sam L. Jackson in appearance and behavior. It’s the epitome of Jackson being asked to play himself.

        Ant-Man comment just was just pointless. When it’s really dry for a day, do you suddenly freak out that we’re all gonna die because the Earth is rapidly getting closer to the Sun? I’d say you just are not possibly able to know enough about either situation at the time to make such a broad assertion.

        • Thanks.

          Your right…I should not be freaking about the fact that I have experienced 2 years of established content that spans 7 movies and a dozen television shows as well as a confirmed statement that the movie is going to be partially set in the 60′s where Pym is fighting a character based on Fidel Castro.

          Not sure how I could have lost my head and screamed since clearly all of these facts have happened in less than 24 hours.

          Temporally speaking we are not speaking the same language dude. *shrug*.

        • And oh yeah…its getting colder so clearly we have broken orbit and are hurtling out into deep space!

    • Oh yeah…and I think/hope that the Clairvoyant is MODOK. It would be nice if AIM got a better showing than they did in Iron Man 3.

  21. Did anyone else notice that the Wall Of Valor had markers under the year 2015? Please tell me someone else saw that?

  22. I wanted to like this show, I really did, but after watching it, I could not find myself doing it. So don’t blame Screenrant for their negative reviews, blame AoS for being a terrible show.

    • Actually there is room to both. :)

      • Absolutely! :-)

  23. I understand In the timeline that MAOS is based after The Avengers but the Wall Of Valor shot would put it alot further along then he were meant to believe Yes?

  24. I’m not sure why I keep reading these reviews just like I’m not sure why Anthony keeps reviewing the show

    • Hope springs eternal and your a glass half full kind of guy?

      • At least Anthony could point out the obvious flaws of the episode…like Simmons diagnosing that guy while he’s still out of the plane. She’s giving the team orders and directions while he’s being carried up the ramp.

        I’m not an EMT, nurse, or doctor… but I do believe that a person should probably be looked at before being diagnosed. And for her to know it was an internal injury without even seeing what happened to the guy or checking his vitals. She’s amazing.

        • There is also the issue of how two trainees at S.H.I.E.L.D. training center knew what detail Fitz happened to be on and that he would be sent to facility to investigate. And how did they set up a drag net in the area when the two guys ran with their ice machine, yet they were sitting in a parking lot supposedly close enough for Ward to run to if not for the adverse weather.

          • “…issue of how two trainees at S.H.I.E.L.D. training center knew what detail Fitz happened to be on…” – The kid used tech developed by Fitz. That’s why they were deployed, but you’re right…how would the kid know that Fitz would actually be able to show up and not on some secret SHIELD mission. Lucky guess kid!

            Them being inside the containment area was annoying too. Fitz gets knocked out…cut away for commercial. Then, the show returns and they already have a perimeter set up and the perps are trapped inside the grid. How slow were they? Everyone else was in the boiler room when Fitz walked back up the stairs to the kid’s room. Instead of cutting away as he is knocked out…have the kids escaping as Ward comes in, see Fitz injured, and start barking orders for a perimeter to be made…then cut away for the commercial. They tried to build suspense, but all it did was confuse me to the amount of time passed and why those kids couldn’t escape.

            The weird thing is that I actually like the show and feel as if it improves each week…but these are the type of things that Anthony should be pointing out in his review instead of rehashing his hatred of the Coulson arc. Plenty of flawed writing/directing on this show that doesn’t pertain to the over-all plot.

            • Another odd thing is how a SHIELD facility would not have security of some type. It looked like a community college so they should have at least had retired agents going campus security.

              • SPIN-OFF!!

                • Maybe they will do that next season. And has anyone else noticed a majority of the would-be super villains are either ex-SHIELD or somehow connected to them? Their HR department is pretty lax…

  25. Did anyone catch that, when looking at the memorial plaque for the first time, Skye said the name “Bucky Barnes”? He just happens to be Captain Americas friend who ‘died’ in the movie?

    • he also just happens to be the Winter Solider…

      • I was trying to keep it spoiler free for those who don’t know bit yeah that is true as well :-)

  26. I gotta say, I am really confused by the amount of negative reviews I have seen about this show since it started. I think a lot of it comes from the fact that we expect so much of marvel due to their huge success in movies. We’ve put these large expectations for TV show, that were unfair earned. I think we can all agree that Marvel does a fantastic job with their movies, but that’s because we have given them time to build up that universe (Iron Man 2 was awful, yet it worked). By no means am I going to sit here and say that this is the best TV show ever, but there is no doubt it has gotten better over the season. Sure it has taken maybe too long for the reveal of Coulson’s survival, but with the way the episodes have been, it would just be awkward. That is not the MAIN story. The main story has become “who is the Clairvoyant? and how are we (The team) going to stop him/her/it?” I am very interested to see what direction they take Skye now that we know she may have some sort of powers (even if she doesn’t know, we don’t know if that was part of what Coulson told her). There is so much that this series can do, and if this run like a typical Joss Wedon series does, it will continue to get better (as it has).

  27. Another case of the dc fanboys bashing anything marvel because all warner bros can do is poop out meh mos movie and 1 good show and the guy doesnt even have powers.

    Anyways i am callinh it now skye is a alien or telepath or both. Thats why the claravoyant was after her to begin with

  28. Did you notice that when Sky was at the wall of Valor for the fallen SHIELD agents she said Bucky Barnes?, you did Good ,but did you also notice she was looking at the middle of the middle panel ? The panel that had the dates 1966 -1990 on it ? Nice throw out ,but Barnes should have been on the first panel the one dated 1941-1965 { Although Buckey is only a nick-name} ,so I’m calling it The Winter Soldier was part of SHIELD , {not the USSR as was in the comics} and he was active in the 1960′s when he was listed as lost,{really frozen} until the new Cap movie when he gets thawed .

    I said it before And I’ll say it again Sky is going to be the child of the Winter Soldier

  29. Ha! I barely skimmed the article. I know Anthony doesn’t care for AOS and while I’ve defended it before, I also said last week “I’m getting bored with it”. As soon as they found out about Skye (keeping it spoiler free, here) my first thought was “Great, we get to spend the next few weeks avoiding that and hiding it from her”. Imagine my relief when Coulson DIDN’T hide it from her. But again, like “Tahiti” they left it open-ended enough where it could be completely changed when needed. Skye could just as easily turn out to have been a decoy-baby.

    Fitz and Simmons are getting a tad more interesting. I thought “SHIELD Academy” would be lame but they managed it and it didn’t seem too hokey.

    Overall, this show does JUST ENOUGH to keep me coming back for another episode week after week. I want it to do BETTER. I do believe they can work with what they have in place, but it just needs that re-occurring threat. Centipede/extremis isn’t cutting it.

    • The show seems to live on a lot of misdirection & breadcrumbs left for comic book fans to fill in the blanks. Whether any of it turns into something tangible and/or interesting remains to be seen.